Alternate Quahogs: Warning

Hey there

I put this warning in the Alternate Quahogs Addicts Area post but wanted to put it up again so you all see it.

This new feature is current,y being tested in some Android players games, but even if you don’t have the feature fully activated in your game via the new Questline you may still see the Alternate Reality Portal available to buy in your game for 10,000 coins. Don’t buy it if you also plan to play on an IOS device as once you do so your IOS game won’t load. So hold off buying this until the feature is fully activated and the Questline directs you to buy it, ok!!!  

12 responses to “Alternate Quahogs: Warning

  1. I got the Alternate Reality Portal in the store on my iPad today to buy for coins. Is the glitch is you try to buy it on iOS, even if you only play on iOS, or just if you buy on Android, and then also play on iOS?

    Is there a new questline, unrelated to the current event, that just pops up one day and tells you to buy it? Is that what we should be waiting for? TIA.


  2. Cherry Bakewell

    I have this on iOS now too. Not sure what the point is… who wants an alternate empty Quahog? Well, maybe city designers do, but I don’t see this offers anything interesting in terms of actual game play, unless I missed something. I suppose this question is answered already somewhere, too…! 🙂


    • The game play will be unlocking land with old & new materials and then it’s mostly for designing. Players have been constantly asking for more space, so this is a stable way to do it. However if it proves stable, I can’t see why we couldn’t have alternate events bringing new town, or even an alternate town with districts to unlock, something else that’s been asked for. But time will tell, I’m just surprised that after 6 years they are putting so much into the game.


  3. The app reloaded and everything is still good. I also see a message in the splash screen about visiting alternate Quahogs, even though I don’t have the questiline.


  4. I bought and placed the building today and didn’t get an error, but I haven’t had the game reload yet. Should I move the building into my inventory or is the fact that I didn’t get an error means it’s okay now?


  5. I play on iOS, and it looks like the Alternate Universes feature just appeared here. Is it safe yet or should I still hold off buying the portal?


  6. Just dropped in iOS and working ok


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