Alternate Quahogs – Just a heads up that the feature is going live…

The feature is being released to all players over the next week. You’ll know it’s fully live when Peter triggers the short Learn About Alternate Quahogs Questline. it’s just a short Questline and you’ll find a breakdown of it HERE.

2 responses to “Alternate Quahogs – Just a heads up that the feature is going live…

  1. Hi RT, you might want a screaming loud post about Winterland that some of the land is obtained thru item collection, but some is by Clam (100 of em!) and there is only an OK button after clicking the build. If you tap OK thinking it will close the pop up and have 100 clams available, they are gone, gone, gone, no “are you sure?”.
    Also an issue with the way the items are collected, if you tap the info on the item to see who is used and tap one of the characters, you have to go back to Quahog if that character is in Tan Lines so you can get them out… it’s painful. Added to the fact that my game has been “unexpectedly closing” (that is developer-speak for “crashing”, we hate to say something “crashed”) when attempting to navigate the backs and forths in the link that used to just be Ollieland (which for me has always frozen for about 7 seconds just after opening and still does).


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