Wild Winter 2021 Rerun – End of Event Feedback Page

Welcome to the latest new end of event feedback page. where today I’m asking you to tell me what you thought about the event, the characters, costumes, buildings, drops, questlines, glitches. Basically here’s the page where you can tell us everything and anything you want to feedback to Jam City, just keep it PG.  

***And remember the event is ending today, the 3rd February at 5am PST (UTC 1pm)***

***Also please note I’ll be putting up a separate post on Winter Meg as soon as the event ends***

Remember you can say more than you simply liked or disliked the event, such as commenting on the format, the content, what material drops held you back or irked you, what character or costume you’re mad you missed out on, or even which you weren’t fussed about getting. You can share with Jam City how glitches impacted your play, or even how support dealt with any issues you had, such as did they help you get back on track or did they fail to help you at all. Basically any thoughts you share here will be passed to Jam City. 

8 responses to “Wild Winter 2021 Rerun – End of Event Feedback Page

  1. I started the event but after a few days and reading on this site it was re-run and I already the main characters on offer i stopped playing. I didnt realise Winter Meg was unlockable until part way through week 3 but I don’t care that I missed out.
    Was nice to have a few weeks off from the game … but im finding it hard now to remember to play again as I managed to break the habitual cycle of opening the app every few hours since 2014!! :O


  2. Shame on you Jam City for replaying an event that the majority of players weren’t able to obtain the character custom the first time and making it just as difficult if not more so. Yes there was one required item reduced but there is also the fact that their events are ending 5-6 hours earlier.

    Also many players continued to have crashing issues and in my case I lost over a day not being able to access. This was an event with terrible drops for 8hr tasks and the 12hr yogurt building was just as bad.

    Purchasing the Yeti barely made a dent and then to have him be a character that collects 2 different items that are both 8hr and are resulting in awful drops is just so disrespectful to the players.

    I had a premium character (Yeti) and two freemium custume characters (Lois & Stewie) and struggled the last week of the event trying to collect every 8hr and 12hr tasks failing miserably.

    I could have purchased Winter Peter who also collected items but I will not pay 270 CLAMS ($9.99) for a custume that may or may not help complete the event.

    To sum: Event was a big fail, twice.


  3. I was disappointed at first that it was another repeat event, but I was ok with taking some time off to focus on medal collecting. Then suddenly there was a chance to unlock a new character, Meg. At that point I didn’t have enough time to unlock her. Disappointing.


  4. I’m not sure of the purpose of this return; whether it was released as a second chance to unlock stuff or as a filler for the developers to deal with stuff. My opinion is considering the first option; if the second is the real reason of the release, then I wouldn’t know what to say.
    I think that returning events should be a little easier considering that they’re meant to cover what people failed the first time. For example, using the buildings originally bought the first time should be possible instead of having to buy them again. After all, you’re trying to get exactly the same items as before, not other kinds of ‘sugar’, which is a usual requirement.
    They should also use the opportunity of a re-release to fix what didn’t work the first time (like the wrong math in this event) and consider the feedback received then, which wasn’t well done here.


  5. WTG jam city,worse event ever and you pulled it off twice!very disappointing,,,


  6. This rerun was as terrible as the first one. Until the last week it was way to simple, as I already unlocked all those characters. And the last was again impossible to complete, even with yeti unlocked now. The drops even looked lower than before and that was only to get a costume. I better hope next quest won’t be a rerun, as I have lost fun playing the game rapidly the last weeks. Very unfortunate


  7. A badly structured event. Nothing to do and nothing happening until last phase then an impossible task to both get winter meg and do other tasks. The tiny number of participating characters couldn’t do more than one required task at the same time. Ice fire always asleep during UK daytime. I only got 12 of the 25 and 14 of the 30 required objects so didn’t get meg. Didn’t get the last building as insufficient generation of the 15 required second objects, but huge surplus of 1st object. Unbalanced task allocations! I relentlessly used the advert accelerators to speed things up but the adverts ran out regularly so still not enough. Why was there no sidebar icon for winter meg to go straight there? This was a truly horrible event destined to make players give up in frustration.


  8. I get that they had to repeat an event to allow them to test the Season Pass. Maybe one older than 2020 would have been better though? Would have been good to be able to leap to the next week early too. I saw the requirements for Winter Meg and nope’d out like last time. Open game, collect the QHS medals and send them all back has been my last few days.


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