Quahog Halloween Walkthrough: Sexy Witch Connie is Double Double Trouble

Hello There Clammers!

Halloween has arrived in Quahog!  And Peter, in typical Peter fashion, has decided to tick off the dead.  In doing so Peter accidentally opens a dark portal in the Quahog cemetery and unleashes all manner of ghosts and goblins on the city…your job is to help round up these ghost, goblins and ghouls!  And of course Halloween isn’t Halloween with out the costumes!  One of the costumes you can earn during this event is Sexy Witch Connie

Of course to enjoy all Sexy Witch Connie has to offer Quahog you’ll have to unlock her.  Fortunately, her costume is available to brew in the Cauldron…and won’t take you nearly as long as you might think!

Whether you brew Sexy Witch Connie first…or just wait, a questline for her will popup during the main Halloween Questline (Phase 5).    It’s a decent length questline..and one that involves the Griffins.  So now, let’s take a look at see just what happens when Sexy Witch Connie brews up trouble in your TinyQuahog….

Sexy Witch Connie 1

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble Pt. 1
Connie starts

Take Selfies- 2hrs, Earns $30, 20xp
Brew Sexy Witch Connie Outfit-
Collect jars and Spirit Vials to Brew herin the Cauldron.  Here’s what’s needed:

Spirit Vial5,000 Spirit Vials
Banshee Tears12 Banshee Tears
Candy Corn20 Candy Corn
Poltergeist Claws10 Latcher Talons
Marshamallow Goop 110 Marshmallow Goop

Completed Task Earns 25 Vials and 5 FP

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble Pt. 2
Connie starts

Have Connie Make Witch’s Brew- 4hrs, Earns 25 Spirit Vials, 5 FP

Completed Task Earns 25 Spirit Vials and 5 FP

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble Pt. 3
Connie starts

Have Connie Pass Out Treats at the high school- 2hrs, Earns 10 Spirit Vials, 2FP

Completed Task Earns 25 Spirit Vials and 5 FP

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble Pt. 4
Connie Starts

Have Connie Prank Students at high school- 4hrs, Earns 15 Spirit Vials, 3Fp

Completed Task Earns 25 Spirit Vials and 5 FP

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble Pt. 5
Connie starts

Have Connie Conjure a Love Potion at McBurgertown- 1hr, Earns 5 Spirit Vials, 1FP
Have Peter Drink Love Potion at Mcburgertown- 1hr, Earns 5 Spirit Vials, 1 FP

Completed Task Earns 25 Spirit Vials and 5FP

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble Pt. 6
Connie starts

Have Connie Make Some Magic at Anal Point- 20hrs, Earns 45 Spirit vials and 9FP
Have Peter Get Some Action at Anal Point- 1hr, Earns 5 Spirit Vials and 1FP
Have Lois Break Up Lovebirds at Anal Point-
1hr, Earns 5 Spirit Vials and 1 FP

And that completes Sexy Witch Connie’s Questline!  It a decent sized questline… pretty funny!

Also…if you don’t currently have Connie you can brew Sexy Witch Connie and she’ll remain in your inventory until you unlock Connie.  Once you unlock Connie, her witch costume will move from your inventory to Al Harrington’s.  You’ll also be able to complete her questline even after the event is over.  BUT you MUST brew her BEFORE Halloween is over….

What do YOU think of Sexy Witch Connie?  Have you unlocked her yet?  Are you close?  Thoughts on her questline?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

26 responses to “Quahog Halloween Walkthrough: Sexy Witch Connie is Double Double Trouble

  1. did this questline disappear when halloween ended? the post says you’d be able to complete the questline after the event ends, but this one and stewie’s scared straight disappeared with the rest of halloween for me.


  2. Could you consider doing dialogue walkthroughs? I find I often skip lines of text by clicking too quickly.


    • This is our struggle with this game, in order to protect our site and keep it from getting flagged…the content HAS to stay PG. A lot of the dialog is risque and may get our site in trouble. We are still discussing ways around this and will see what we can do. I love the dialog as it is hilarious and cracks me up to read…just…gotta protect our site too.


      • Links to pastebins? I don’t know. I was not even aware that sites could get flagged for things like that.


        • We will get a Mature rating. Force our site to be “adult only”. It would create issues with the ads shown…on n on. We just don’t want to go into that realm. Much easier and more user friendly where we are. We will keep pondering it over.


          • And here I thought that only applied to porn.
            You learn something every day.


            • Lol…have you read some of the dialog? Heheheh


              • Well, yeah, it is not exactly “kid-friendly,” but its Play Store rating is only “medium maturity,” which is roughly translates to T by ESRB standards. I would think that that would make it, you know, safe?
                But then, I have no idea how website content regulation works. I guess it is different than game content regulation.
                I wouldn’t want anything to inadvertently happen to this site.

                I am curious now; what regulatory agency polices your content? I’d love to read the policies.


  3. Sooo does anyone else get the impression that the app writers are making Peter a pedophile in this quest line? I guess Family Guy already has a resident pedophile with Herbert, but for some reason it’s very weird to me for them to go this direction with Peter.


    • You haven’t really watched the TV series, have you? Lol. Especially the uncensored uncut ones.


      • Oh don’t get me wrong. I’m quite familiar with the edgy material – Death being a necrophiliac, prom night dumpster babies (great that’s gonna be stuck in my head all night now). Something’s just weird about it. Maybe has something to do with you actually making him do the act. Don’t know. Guess it’s just me.


  4. I got the outfit, but have never seen the questline. Is there a pre-requisite for it?


  5. Tadmire Giggity

    I love that you can finish the questline after the event! I already finished them all and got to max fright levels, but last event, I didn’t finish questlines for Stripper Bonnie and some others and feel it would have been nice to play them out, after the event ended, just for fun. TinyCo keeps improving the game, with these adjustments. : ) Keep up the great posts!


  6. Just a note, if you’re in a crunch for vials and smore rockets (like I am!), Connie’s last task (make some magic at anal point) is a bit long and lacking in rewards to be worth doing. Better off on her 4 hour quest to earn more vials per hour and get a rocket out of the deal!


  7. I already completed this quest. I did run into a glitch during the “Have Connie Make Some Magic at Anal Point” task. The “occupied” graphics for the building were missing so it only showed as black. Not a big deal as it didn’t affect gameplay. But I do wonder what it was.


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