Where The Hell…? Halloween Costumes, Items, Decorations, and MORE!!

In this lil game of ours, it is easy to get lost and so focused into collecting items or unlocking characters that we tend to forget the lil things that make the game what it is. Like Where the HELL did these items come from and why are they in our games?

Well I am here to do just that for you. Let’s take a look at the Family Guy Series and find out just Where The HELL Did That Come From?

Sexy Witch ConnieTrick or Treaters 1WWII Dive Bomber

In this post, I will be covering the Origin of all these Halloween Costumes, Item, Decorations, and more. Why are they in our game? Where did he show up in the Family Guy Series? What on earth are these two girls trying to prove? Let’s take a look at the TV Episodes to find out.

Season 9, Episode 4: Halloween on Spooner Street
It is Halloween in Quahog and from the start, you can see the Halloween Decorations on the Griffins House.Halloween Griffin House

We find Stewie coloring in his room but distracted by all the noises outside. He is confused by all the costumes and tries to kill the attacking ghouls, ghosts, and…hey…Trick or Treater Devil and Witches? Brian comes in to stop him and explain what Halloween is.

Later, Meg is on her way to her first Highschool party. When Lois asks just what it is she is going as, Slutty Cat of course.Slutty Cat Meg

Following shortly after Meg leaves, we see  Stewie come down the stairs. “Quack Quaaaaack”. Looks like Brian has convinced him to take up the Halloween tradition. Lois loves his Duck costume, but Stewie is quick to point out the Vampire bite on his neck. He is a Vampire Duck. He goes on to explain True Blood, but Brian points out no one gets it. Lol.Vampire Duck Stewie

While Stewie is out Trick or Treating, Brian temporarily leaves him alone. Bigger kid bullies show up and take Stewie’s candy. Brian goes with him to try and get it back. When Brian confronts the kids, they tell him the candy is around the corner. But instead they end up tricking Brian and spray paint him Pink. Pink Brian and Vampire Duck Stewie


Meanwhile at the Halloween High School Party, a game of spin the bottle in in full swing with Sexy Witch Connie running the show. Sexy Witch Connie


Slutty Cat Meg gets a chance to make out with a Transformer, who ends up being Chris. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Meg n Chris kissing


Meanwhile Quagmire, Peter, and Joe are hanging out at an old Military Air Force Graveyard after Joe gets off work. Quagmire points out an old airplane that his grandfather used to fly in World War II (Quagmire is part Japanese…or is he?). A Japanese Zero. They end up taking it out for a joy ride. World War II Plane


In the end Stewie cries for his Mommy and gets his candy back. Hey…some of those candies look familiar. 🙂 Candy Time Candy



In the span of an episode about Halloween, you get to see where a lot of items came from (we also see a bit of Cop Joe and Mort hiding like a turtle in this one). What do YOU think of them? Are you glad they decided to bring them in to the game? Got any favorite tasks? Witch girl is YOUR favorite, LOL? SHUT UP MEG! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Til Next Time


22 responses to “Where The Hell…? Halloween Costumes, Items, Decorations, and MORE!!

  1. Well after finally getting Mr Weed hes gone. I placed it and came back to the game and poof nowhere. HELP!!


  2. I do think that as long as they were bringing in ghosts of characters, aliens and murderers, they could have at least given us a decoration of the Biscuit table with a broken tail. 🙂


  3. Who should I buy predator or Alien


  4. Well, it looks like TinyCo has lost me as a customer. After sending them numerous messages, in-game and through email, and being ignored I don’t think I can support their company any longer. Thanks Bunny and Alissa for being awesome, I hope they don’t screw you two over some day like they did to me.


    • TinyCo actually stepped up immensely for me (finally). They weren’t clear as to why I was affected (as I know I never cheated) and have credited my account with the clams they removed, and then some. Thanks for listening to the little guy TinyCo!


    • ? Didn’t you just send the message last night? It can take up to at least 3 business days for them to get to a comment on average. If you allow them the proper time, they are pretty good at getting you taken care of. It all depends on the amount of messages being sent in. Would be sorry to see you go. You are always welcome back here regardless.


      • It was more because of their constant ignoring of my questions on Facebook, and them only responding to those who were kissing up to them on said page. Luckily they stepped up for me, which does make me happier, but I’m still a little leery after this whole situation. Hopefully in the future they’ll be more careful about who’s affected by this stuff. And if I ever did quit playing, I’d still come here. You and Alissa can’t get rid of me that easily! 🙂


        • Lol. OK good. FYI…Facebook is the WORST place to try and communicate with them on anything tech. It is mainly ran via promotions and community group. They will avoid anything technical as…well…they are not techs and are not equipped to handle those. So it will be more for what Facebook is, just social interaction mainly.

          Only ever use your in game contact or their help email to reach out for technical things otherwise you will just get lost over their in a sea of trolls. Seriously. 😉

          Then of course you always got us. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

  5. Nothing to do with this post.. But.. When i go to ollie william’s town. In the down right corner there is a open spot, while in my town there are trees :o. Is this the new district? Or maybe just some more space?? What do you guys and galls think??


    • They might be starting to actually update poor Ollie’s land. It hasn’t really been touched since the game launched.


      • Well.. That could be. But why not give ollie chinatown and the other districts.. Seems kinda odd to me lol. Still hoping for a ollie williams character in my town btw haha 😀


  6. I messed up royally on Mr Weed. Started selling off items for vials to reach 17,500, but forgot I needed bones and eyeballs, of which I had plenty. Sold all of my eyeballs and have no chance of getting 35 of them now to hit 40. So mad at myself. Geez. Can I please get a mulligan TinyCo? I was the guy who won the Dope A** hoodie at SF event in trivia contest. Pleeeease!


  7. So when do we get Transformer Chris?!?


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