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Death At The Drive-In Walkthroughs: Patty, Lois, Connie, & Stewie

UPDATE: FYI in regards to the iOS App Market Update, here are the items it’ll help with…

iOS 9 Replay Kit and Apple Watch 2.0 support, along with various bug fixes.

So make sure you download the latest version to get the patches and support for your iOS products.


Hey there Scream Queens!!

I hope you all know where your Stuffed Animals & Dollies are as it is about to get a lil bit more KID SCARY IN HERE!!!

Phase 3 is now live in our games, and even MORE HORRORS are to be had. No I am not just talking about Movie Reels!! hack hack hack hack chop chop chop chop kill kill kill kill….

With this New Phase 3 for the Event, comes many New Questlines. Questlines like the ones for the New Characters/Costumes for our Event, like Slasher Bait Lois & Meg’s Friend Patty. Also some for Returning Costumes, like Sexy Witch Connie & Vampire Duck Stewie.

Sexy Witch Connie Vampire Duck Stewie 1 Slasher Bait Lois Patty in Nurse Costume

Let’s take a look at Meg Has A Friend, Running Scared, Scared Straight, & Double,Double, Toil and Trouble and all you will encounter along the way.  Continue reading


Death at the Drive-In 101: Snack Attack Mystery Box

UPDATE 10/24: (thought this was already here, but did not save to the post, Sorry) Got confirmation back from Tinyco… Due to a bug in this Mystery Box, TinyCo pulled it back from the game. For those of you wanting the rest of the items that were still remaining in the Snack Attack Mystery Box, I was told they may return via alternate methods and to just keep an eye out. You can always message TinyCo too your thoughts.

Hey there Slashers!

Many times with the New Events I see PANIC. Mostly due to everything is new and no one knows just yet how to get the hang of what is going on. Well, just as usual, here to help in anyway I can with some Basic 101 and detailed breakdown of HOW TO on the aspects of the Game Play.

For this post, I will be diving into all the Goodies stuffed inside the Snack Attack Mystery Box launched during Phase 2

Snack Attack Mystery Box Continue reading

Halloween Character Profiles: 2015 Reboot

Hey there Tribblemakers!

Bouncing by to bring you some details on the Character Profiles originally from Halloween 2014. Let’s take a look at Vampire Duck Stewie, Slutty Cat Meg, Sexy Witch Connie, and Pink Brian.

Vampire Duck Stewie 1Pink Brian 2Slutty Cat MegWitch Connie Continue reading

Return of Halloween Main Walkthrough: Supernatural Summer

Hey there Tribblemakers!

Are we getting tricked or just given a lot of treats lately? More re-released items are back into our Quahog’s and this time it is flashbacks to Halloween 2014.

With the New Returning Items we also have a New Walkthrough, Supernatural Summer.

Ghosts 2

Let’s take a look at all that is involved and just what you may run into along the way.

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Return of Halloween 2014!! UPDATED

Hey there Tribblemakers!

Looks like TinyCo is really on a roll with giving Players what they have been asking for. Especially when it comes to items that were previously released in the game. It’s time to bring back some MORE cool stuff.

This time around it is Characters/Costumes from around Halloween 2014. This will be a timed Mini Weekend Event.


Return Halloween 2014 2015

Let’s take a look at the returning items.

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Where The Hell…? Halloween Costumes, Items, Decorations, and MORE!!

In this lil game of ours, it is easy to get lost and so focused into collecting items or unlocking characters that we tend to forget the lil things that make the game what it is. Like Where the HELL did these items come from and why are they in our games?

Well I am here to do just that for you. Let’s take a look at the Family Guy Series and find out just Where The HELL Did That Come From?

Sexy Witch ConnieTrick or Treaters 1WWII Dive Bomber

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Halloween Character Profile: Vampire Duck Stewie

Well Hello There Clammers!

Ah Halloween in Quahog!  Where Dogs go pink, Peter ticks off the dead, Quagmire hits on dead chicks…and Stewie’s dressed up like a cute little duck…or is he?

With phase 4 of Halloween Stewie gets a brand new costume.  A costume so cute it’s scary!  Let’s break down the cute details of this Facebook envy costume…

Vampire Duck Stewie  2

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Witch’s Cauldron Brew Prizes Part 3

Hey there Trick or Treaters. Hopping by with another rundown of some of the cool new items you can Brew for this awesome Ghostbusters Quahog Halloween Event.

Witch's Cauldron

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