Return of Halloween 2014!! UPDATED

Hey there Tribblemakers!

Looks like TinyCo is really on a roll with giving Players what they have been asking for. Especially when it comes to items that were previously released in the game. It’s time to bring back some MORE cool stuff.

This time around it is Characters/Costumes from around Halloween 2014. This will be a timed Mini Weekend Event.


Return Halloween 2014 2015

Let’s take a look at the returning items.

Just like before, it will all depend on WHO you already have in your game on what you will see with this release.

Most of these Characters we already own, so feel free to share your info with others too. You will need to be in at LEAST District 3 with Al’s completely built/repaired in order to see this content.

Also, you CAN still purchase/earn these even if you do not have the Character unlocked in your game yet. They will just wait in the Inventory/Al’s until you unlock the Character they go on.

UPDATE: The information provided was incorrect. You WILL have had to reach the District these Characters are Unlocked in the game and have them walking your Quahog Streets in order to have access to the Costumes and collection. Sorry.

If you do NOT have the Characters in your game yet, you will see the images “Locked”. They will remain locked until you have the Character that the Costume goes to in your game or until the Event does. Whatever comes first. 



Slutty Cat MegSlutty Cat Meg


Short Skirt15 Short Skirts (ALWAYS): Quagmire Fornicate With Giraffes OR Lois Teach Piano OR Used Clothing Store OR Macabre Curiosities

Slutty Cat Ears8 Slutty Cats Ears (Uncommon): Mort Swallow Jewels OR Quahog Mini Mart

Human Hairs8 Human Hairs (Uncommon): Herbert Take Gross Old Man Bath OR Madeleine’s Boutique

Souls in a Jar15 Souls in a Jar (ALWAYS): Ghost Squatters


Sexy Witch ConnieSexy Witch Connie


VooDoo Doll25 Voodoo Dolls (ALWAYS): Bonnie Twerk It OR Founding Father OR Tiny Tots Preschool

***In regards to the Founding Father Voodoo Doll, we were already aware the item image did not show up and still waiting for confirmation if the option was pulled/changed from TinyCo. In the meantime, do not count on it as a drop site.  This should have been fixed and they should be dropping now as intended. 

Cauldron4 Cauldrons (Rare): Jerome Be a Superior Athlete OR Bruce Make Bathtub Gin

Fungal Spores8 Fungal Spores (Uncommon): Joe Raid Personal Weapons Stash OR Chris Enjoy Private Time OR Emo-Globin Night Club

Souls in a Jar25 Souls in a Jar (ALWAYS): Ghost Squatters


Pink Brian 2Pink Brian: 75 ClamsClam Icon

Vampire Duck StewieVampire Duck Stewie: 225 ClamsClam Icon

ALL Costumes not Unlocked/Purchased by the time the Event Ends will go with the Event.

UPDATE: Per TinyCo, these Costumes will not trigger any additional questlines. 



Emo Globin Night ClubEmo-Globin Night Club: 100 ClamsClam Icon, $40 & 25XP every 6hrs, ALWAYS drops Fungal SporesFungal Spores

Macabre CuriositiesMacabre Curiosities: 50 ClamsClam Icon, $30& 20XP every 4hrs, ALWAYS drops Short SkirtsShort Skirt

Madame Google's FortunesMadame Google’s Fortunes: 100 ClamsClam Icon, $40 & 25XP every 6hrs


Quahog CanneryQuahog Cannery: $1500, 12hrs Build time, $60 & 40XP every 12hrs


spidersanctuarytreeSpider’s Sanctuary Tree: $750

Buddy the GargoyleBuddy the Gargoyle: $1250

scary tombScary Tomb: $500 (this is the generic tomb you dug Diane and Francis out of during Halloween 2014)



Ghosts 1 Ghosts 2

The Ghost Squatters will help you to earn Souls in a Jar for both Connie and Meg. They can be found wandering your Quahog Streets. Just tap on them to clear them.

For each Ghost Squatter tapped, you will get one Souls in a Jar.

1Ghosts 3 = 1 Souls in a Jar

SPAWN: 2 every 2hrs for a MAX of 6 in your town at a time.

The Ghost Squatters did not appear until after I completed Supernatural Summer Part 1. As soon as I completed it, 6 ***poofed*** into my game on the sidewalks.


There you go. Some more spooky fun items to add to the already macabre theme going on in our games right now.

What do you think of these items? Have them already? Missed some the first time round and glad it has returned? Let us know.


142 responses to “Return of Halloween 2014!! UPDATED

  1. This was the shortest and most irritating Event of all!!!
    No Chance of getting costumes…


  2. I saw the pop up a few days ago but nothing today. Was hoping to get all the things for Connie and buy Brian and Stewie. Missed out 😞 Do you think TinyCo will possibly put a count down clock on the last day of the rereleases?


  3. I wish I had read your post first. I paid clams for whatever I needed clams for, and I earned the rest. What a waste of money to just buy the costumes/buildings and not be able to use any of them.


  4. What time do the costumes get pulled? It says date but not time.


  5. I think it’d be nice if the rewards for quests were clams, for those of us who already have this stuff. That would help me offset what I spent during the event when everything was sold as limited time only.


  6. So i got slutty Meg’s costume last night and disappointed it didn’t strike a task for her on my clipboard. It’s cool I have her costume but at least prompt a task for us to do with her. And my founding day building has never dropped the dolls and today is Sunday and I just checked again and all it gave me was coins and xp. I’m upset today is Sunday and I only have 12 dolls out of 25. The dolls is all I need to acquire Connie. I am most likely tomorrow around noon, going to have to pay clams to just to get those last dolls. Although I’m not thrilled to do so because once I get the costume it won’t promt my game to do any required task for her.


    • Do you have a skin on it? Make sure it’s just the building and no skins.


      • Well I am was a bit eager this morning lol my apologies, I was able to get the voodoo dolls from all three sources. The founding father building finally started dropping items for me. In two days I was able to get both skins. I like to come here and read other addicts post and thanks for allowing me to post and vent lol


  7. wildthornberry88

    Just to meet you know the founding father is now showing that it will drop dolls (finally!) I just unlocked meg so fingers crossed now for Connie 🙂


  8. So glad my Founding Father is now dropping dolls. I was a little worried about those, but now I can relax and be sure I’ll have both costumes by the end of the event.


  9. Before this event started, I was working on unlocking Paddy. Jerome earns stuff for Paddy and Connie. Since Paddy’s golf clubs are an always drop, that means Jerome won’t be earning stuff for Connie, right?


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