Thank You Veterans!!!

Hey there all. Wanted to drop on in today to offer a special thanks from Alissa and Bunny (myself) on this important day. To some it is Veterans Day, others Remembrance Day, or even Armistice Day. No matter the name, the thought is still the same.

Veterans Day Thank You

We know this is just a silly lil blog about a silly lil game, but we are all human too. The real world is always around us and small things like this game are a way for us to step away now and then from that world and just have some fun. We love and adore our readers. You amaze us every day. We really do think of all of you as a part of our lil blog family as we have grown to know so many of you (and you us).

I personally have many family and friends that have served, are serving, or gave all while serving. So I have much respect for anyone doing so in many ways, so I say this from my very heart…

To all the Men and Women who have sacrificed for their country in any part, those holding down the “fort” back home, and those that have given all in the name of their country…THANK YOU!!! You are very much appreciated and loved by us!! We are honored to have you as a member of our lil community!! 🙂


10 responses to “Thank You Veterans!!!

  1. Thanks vets you all are awesome


  2. I like to say it was an honor to server my nation.


  3. Thanks you so much! And thank YOU for all the hard work you do as well!


  4. I appreciate being appreciated. Thanks for the thanks 🙂


  5. Thanks to all here who are serving or have served.


  6. Your all welcome.As I have served 20yrs,mostly in Iraq and Afganastan.And I thank all who served before and along side of me,our quest for freedom will never be done.Thank to you girls for all the help you provide in this game.We all love the both of you.


  7. Thanks for doing this, Bunny (and Alissa)! I have a number of friends and family in or previously in the military as well. Much respect and appreciation to all of those who serve and have served, as well as their families.


  8. Just that you remembered today whether it be rememberance day or veterans day is a tribute to you’re self and this site!!thank you to all that gave there life for us and those that are serving today so that we can live in a free world,once again THANK YOU.


  9. In honor of veterans the flag pole should be free today. I know it’s just a silly game, but it would be a cool gesture.


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