Where The Hell…? Predator

In this lil game of ours, it is easy to get lost and so focused into collecting items or unlocking characters that we tend to forget the lil things that make the game what it is. Like Where the HELL did these items come from and why are they in our games?

Well I am here to do just that for you. Let’s take a look at the Family Guy Series and find out just Where The HELL Did That Come From?


In this post, I will be covering the Origin of Predator. Why is he in our game? Was he actually in the Family Guy Series? What is a creature from some strange movies doing in our game? Let’s take a look at the TV Episodes to find out.

Season 4, Episode 8: 8 Simple Rules For Buying My Teenage Daughter
Peter has racked up a bill at Mort’s Pharmacy and ends up selling Meg to them. Neil ends up falling for another girl. Meg tries to make him jealous by dating Jake. His new girlfriend brags about the quality of film he gave to her when he secretly stalked her. The production quality was better than Kramer vs Predator. Cut scene to Kramer and the Predator sitting in a restaurant. He ends up shooting Kramer. Predator vs Kramer


Season 9, Episode 6 (or 7 depending on your system): Brian Writes a Bestseller
We only hear about Predator in this one during a cut scene of a Coma guy dreaming of writing a Batman vs Predator script. This is just after Brian tells Stewie he likes to write in solitude.


Season 11, Episode 17: Bigfat
Peter and the boys want to go to Canada so Quagmire can take them to Nudie Bars. Peter, being his usual self, decides to go out on the wing of the plane and causes them to crash. They end up stranded and no one knows where they are. After building shelter, Peter reminds them that all they have to do know is watch out for Predator as they are probably watching their body heat. Joe and Quagmire keep telling Peter it is only a movie, but Predator IS watching them and sees the heat of Peter’s fart. Lol.Predator Bigfat 1


Later after Peter goes for help, Quagmire and Joe realize that someone lives right by the crash and they yell for Peter to come back. Even Predator joins in. Predator Bigfat

In the Ghostbusters Quahog Halloween Event about a movie, a lot of cool movie Characters/Creatures made their way into our game.  What did YOU think of Predator? Are you glad they decided to bring him in? Did you purchase him during the event? Like the ***crackle crackle***? Got any favorite tasks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Til Next Time


13 responses to “Where The Hell…? Predator

  1. Did any one else notice “The Scary Guys” Disappeared from Face Space? Alien, Predator, Freddy, and Jason. They all had listing and have disappeared. Also American Dad characters have not been added into character totals.


  2. hey there bunny !! I know this is a little off topic form this post, but I was wondering. Do you think it is worth purchasing Buzz killington for 250 clams (then get back 100 clams for completing the character category). I was just wondering.

    thanks 🙂


    • For me…he is one character I actually hate. Lol. The only thing I liked about him is the building he came in. I don’t like his tasks…would rather store him away. I haven’t really seen him help as of yet. So…for me…it is a matter of looking at it as this. Would he make YOU happy. Are his tasks something you would like? Do you like the looks of his building? Will it add to the design of your town? Hope that kinda helps you out. 😉


  3. The best was on Predator facespace page. Almost everything in it is a predator noise except his like for Carl Weathers..instant laugh


  4. Does anyone seem to notice that the facespace page for predator, Jason and the others are missing or is it just me?


  5. I bought all the characters from the event. My favorite has to be the quest line for Alien though. Predator does have funny tasks though. “Talk it out” has to be one of my favorites.


  6. Actually I’m only missing 3 characters, Predator, Alien and Jason… that sucks -.- I love jason 😥


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