Quahog American Dad Walkthrough Part 3: You Are Being Watched

Hello There Clammers!

Phase 3 of American Dad hit our Tiny Quahogs late last week…and with it Francine Smith Arrived to town & Roger is still up to no good, but the CIA is hot on his trail!

So now let’s take a look at how Stan tries to hide Roger this time…and what happens when the CIA decides to setup shop in Quahog!

CIA Squatter

Remember, the walkthrough pop ups will depend on where YOU are in the quests and if you have room in your task bar for the new ones to pop up. If you do not see one showing, try clearing out a few others. Give them time to show up.

You Are Being Watched Pt. 1
Stan starts

Build CIA Headquarters- $2,000, 8hr Build

Completed Task Earns $100,75xp

You Are Being Watched Pt. 2
Stan starts

Have Quagmire Giggity Strut- 2hrs, Earns $30, 20xp
Clear CIA Squatters- x3

Completed Task Earns $100,75xp

You Are Being Watched Pt. 3
Stan starts

Have Stan Sneak Around Labs at CIA Headquarters- 24hrs, Earns $150, 100xp
Have Peter Dance the Shipoopi- 8hrs, Earns $80, 50xp

Completed Task Earns $100,75xp

You Are Being Watched Pt. 4
Stan starts

Hide Roger 3 Times- x3.

Completed Task Earns $100,75xp

You Are Being Watched Pt. 5
Quagmire starts

Have Quagmire Look for Alien Life at CIA Headquarters- 4hrs, Earns $50, 30xp

Completed Task Earns $100,75xp

You Are Being Watched Pt. 6
Stan starts

Hide Roger 5 Times- x5

Completed Task Earns $200,100xp


That completes the main questline for Phase 3 of American Dad!  We’ll cover Francine’s questline in another post…but this is what should be completed in order to start Phase 4 when it hits.

What do YOU think of the American Dad Event so far?  Which characters have you unlocked?  Thoughts on the questlines?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

31 responses to “Quahog American Dad Walkthrough Part 3: You Are Being Watched

  1. I was on part 5 hide Roger 5 times hid him twice then put Stan on a task to unlock Fran and just logged into my game and suddenly the American flag task for hide Roger 5 times has changed into roger symbol hide Roger one more time. Never had a task do that guess this is Roger now cannot start Stan on a 8 hour task.


  2. I think the new Roger content just hit. There’s new stuff in the store too. Yay!!


  3. Soooo…if the event ends on December 4, when does the last phase start? I unlocked Forklift Peter and Fat Lois, and Francine before that, and Stan’s just chilling with the kids. I guess I’m getting antsy because I’ll be in a dead zone from Saturday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. I know: The Horror, right?


  4. will we need Francine unlocked before Roger becomes available ?
    cant get any muffins after 3 days of nothing but lois and bonnie tasks without any success….


  5. Roger isn’t reappearing anymore. I need him for the quest. It’s been like 4 hours since I’ve cleared him last


  6. Any hope on Klaus? I hate to admit it but I ❤ him!


  7. Hi Addicts!

    Noticed that some characters have tasks inside of the smith house, geoff colledge ect. Is any of it animated and worth the purchase?

    Cheers 🙂


    • Smith’s house I got mainly due to it was the Smith’s home. No animation on Stan’s task there. No animation that I saw in the College for Hayley too. I do not know if they will add some after the event due to all the people/animals running around. You never know. For now, it just adds more tasks for the characters to have them.


  8. There’s too much timed stuff happening at once. I’ve been working on Francine almost a week and still not close. Nothing is dropping. All the people I need for her all are needed in other quests and now thanksgiving. Not gonna happen. Too many of the people do nothing. I just toss them aside making them do the longest tasks they can to keep them away. I don’t need coins. I won’t spend $$$. Why are so many people in the game useless now.


  9. These muffins will be the death of new!! 2 is all i have to show for the last almost three days


  10. I like this quest line and the American dad characters but I don’t think i’m gonna get Francine in time so as to get Roger. Her items just aren’t dropping enough.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. It’s hard to have Peter do an 8-hour shipoopi when he’s needed for Intimate Apparel tasks and also needed to earn turkey legs.

    Liked by 2 people

  12. That image at the end is a lie, Stan never has things under control! He usual ends up making things worse, like when he stabbed Francine with his old college javelin!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Nice! I only have to hide Roger 4 more times to be finished. Unfortunately I accidentally put Stan in an 8 hr activity (and I never do this when clearing Roger), for whatever reason the hide Roger task wasn’t at the top of the list like usual. Oh well, at least I may get a romance novel out of it. Plus it appears I am a bit ahead of the curve, so one 8 hour task isn’t stressing me too much.


  14. Will roger ever be available as a permanent character? He is by far my favorite and I would definitely spend clams to get him.


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