A Quahog Thanksgiving Part II

Hello There Clammers!

With Thanksgiving coming tomorrow….TinyCo as released another phase of Thanksgiving this evening!  What’s in store for us now?Happy Thanksgiving

Update from Bunny…

It looks like TinyCo has offered up a Thanksgiving Potluck Mystery Box for us. For the cost of 25 Clams, you can get a variety of cool items for your town and game. THIS IS LIMITED TIME!!! It will only be in the Menu to try your luck on until Dec 1st, approx 3PM PST. 

More Details Coming...

So you want to know just what you can get for 25 Clams worth? Let’s break it down. WAIT…FIND PETER FIRST WITH THE ! OVER HIS HEAD. GET THE FREE ONE FIRST (if you want, or try your luck and save it as an extra)!! 🙂

Gobbeldy FloatGobbeldy Float: Sits on a 4×4 Base. No animation.

Trip the TurkeyTrip the Turkey: Sits on a 1×1 Base. No animation

Forklift PeterForklift Peter: This Character Costume is required to be able to do the Raise the Roof 10hr task that drops Stuffing (Common) for Fat Lois. Takes 5 mins in Al’s to create.

Gluten Stalks5 Gluten Stalks: Sits on a 1×1 Base. No animation

Hayride WagonHayride Wagon: Sits on a 3×1 Base. No animation

Mayor West's Barrel of TweetsMayor West’s Barrel Of Tweets: Sits on a 1×1 Base. No animation

Turkey Leg5 Turkey Legs: For Fat Lois (this will only show if you need 5 or MORE of an item. Once down to less than 5 or already less than 5 needed and no option to win will show)

Pecan Pie5 Pecan Pie: For Fat Lois (this will only show if you need 5 or MORE of an item. Once down to less than 5 or already less than 5 needed and no option to win will show)Clams35 Clams

Clams50 Clams

The Materials and Clams will just be added to your counts once won. The Decorations will go to inventory. The Forklift Peter Costume will be put in Al’s and need to be created.

Forklift Peter Won Pop Up

Now the Decorations will NOT repeat, but the Material may (Like Turkey Legs and Pecan Pies). Clams too. There is a cool part to this though…and a WARNING…once you have ALL the Materials you need/can get, that item will disappear. Like if you only need 8 more Pecan Pies and you win the 5, that item will disappear from rotation. ALSO…once you have ALL the Materials needed for Lois, the Mystery Box goes away completely. (So if that is all you have left there is really no more need for it anyway. I personally won one of every item in the Mystery Box as well as 135 Clams. Than the extra 50 in Free one.) I’m seeing most seem to go after about 10 to 12 boxes opened. 


Once you win some of the items, you can buy MORE of them if you want for Clams.

Gobbeldy FloatGobbeldy Float: 50 Clams

Trip the TurkeyTrip the Turkey: 100 Clams

Gluten StalksGluten Stalks: 10 Clams (For one)

Hayride WagonHayride Wagon: 35 Clams

Mayor West's Barrel of TweetsMayor West’s Barrel of Tweets: 50 Clams


BUT WAIT…THERE’S EVEN MORE!!! TinyCo has chosen to be completely awesome for this and offered a FREE Mystery Box.Free Mystery Box Pop Up

Peter will trigger it. My prize was 50 Clams. WOOHOO!! (The other game won the Gobbeldy Float.)

Free Mystery Box


What do YOU think of the Thanksgiving Potluck Mystery Box? Tried your luck yet? What did YOU get for FREE??!!! Let us know in the comments below.


177 responses to “A Quahog Thanksgiving Part II

  1. I got forklift Peter on the free one thx God 😥😥😥👍


  2. What a big let down. I was hoping for a big black Friday sales in clams or even a little one would be awesome so we can start saving for Christmas events. Nothing….darn it tinyco, where’s my clams discount?


  3. Really like the forklift Peter!! That’s what you really want out of all this stuff. Trust me.


  4. My free prize was Forklift Peter!! Also, what happens when the American Dad event ends? Will the quests still continue on? Or will they leave? What about unlocking characters?


  5. Just wanted to say thanks for the info. I waited until I had only one stuffing left for Fat Lois, then tried my hand at the mystery box. As a Freemium player, clams are pretty precious to me. I decided to try once for Forklift Peter, and I got it on the first try (after the free chance). Eliminating items greatly increased the odds of getting the skin. I wouldn’t have known that had I not read it on your site. So, this Forklift Peter is dedicated to you. 🙂


  6. I got everything for 1 clam total. I didn’t need any ingredients, so it was just decorations, clams and forklift Peter left. I got all of the decorations first, then clams, clams, clams, forklift Peter, clams, clams, clams and the box was gone. I wasn’t going to do it, but this post convinced me to try. Yay!


    • I’m pretty sure after u get everything they let u get the 2 remaining prizes which is the 2 clams boxes so I don’t know where u get the 3rd clams from.


  7. to my unlucky brethren,
    first- get your fat lois items first before you even open a box.
    i wasnt super lucky with this- i had to open every single box before i got forklift peter, so, a lot of clams spent on wheat and hayride and peeps. however, with winning clams a few times, despite peter being my last prize, i only ended up spending 40 clams. i didn’t keep tally, but i probably won clam boxes 4 or 5 times. after i got peter i made sure to press the “try again” button because it was a sure bet for clams 🙂

    this is the only premium box i have ever played and don’t regret it at all!!!


  8. Discord the dragon

    This is truely awesome. By giving every player a free turn it creates a variety of outcomes. Some may luck out and get the main prize or clams, or some may get just a decoration. And those who didn’t get what they want can try again for clams. I’m not saying it’s better than coin or event currency mystery boxes, but it still is pretty awesome. I hope that future premium mystery boxes will have 1 freemium turn aswell.
    I myself won the turkey from the box and am feeling pretty happy about it. I’m struggling trying to decide whether to buy another box as the chances seem pretty good and this peter skin is awesome. On the other hand peter will probably have no time to use this costume as of his constant use and many great costumes. I’m a tottaly free player, never bought a single clam and around 600 clams. Should I try it?


  9. My wife got a glitch. There was no Forklift Peter in her prize list. I had her force restart. Still nothing. She ended up getting 50 clams three times and then 35 clams once before Rupert disappeared. She actually ended up with more clams than when she started. She doesn’t mind because now she can get the Braindamaged horse she has been wanting.


    • Let me ask this…is she creating anything ELSE in Al’s? Like another skin in progress at the same time? I ask due to if you win a costume that goes right to Al’s, it won’t show up if Al’s is already in use. It instead sits in Limbo until that one is done. Then it will pop up.


  10. Has anyone else been getting only coins from the turkeys? For 2 days now all I get from them is coins. Not one drop. And I only need 4 stuffing and 1 pie. And Chris, Meg, and Quagmire have been doing their tasks back to back for 2 days as well and not one pie.
    Are they forcing me to have to use clams to get these last drops? Like the final 2 muffins for Francine?? Same. Not one for the past 2 days of back to back 10-hr tasks. Getting a little annoyed. Was getting these rare drops pretty regular for a while and now…


  11. naahh, everything with this lil thing should have cost coins, instead of clams i mean ive seen ALOT of people saying they got over 2 milion coins! this would have been a very good way to spend some of their coins :/
    …just in my opinion :]


    • Yes!!! I am one of those who have virtually every building out all the time and all characters doing tasks (usually) so I am over 2 mil coins. It would be nice to be able to spend them. Or turn off the rent collection. Lol. I really only collect rents now just so I can see my town without all the bubbles over the buildings.


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