Happy Thanksgiving from the Addicts!

Hello There Clammers!

Woohoo, it’s finally Turkey Day here in the US! And you know what that means? Turkey, mashed potatoes, apple pie, pumpkin pie, football, stretchy pants and insane sales at the mall! You may notice things a little quiet around here today as Bunny and I take some time off to spend the day with our families.  (For some reason…they miss us!)

Trip the Turkey

However, we couldn’t let a day dedicated to being thankful go with out a special THANK YOU to all of our AMAZING readers! We are so thankful for each and every one of you taking the time to read our posts and comment! So from Bunny and I….THANK YOU!!!

You guys have made this site what it is today..and for that we are extremely grateful!  We love our little community (ok not so little as there are nearly 11 million of you that have checked out this site over the last 7 months!)…and are so grateful for each and every one of you making Family Guy Addicts what it is today!  So from Bunny and I…we hope you have a wonderful day & we’ll be back at it tomorrow! (assuming we survive the sales at the mall….)

What are YOU thankful for today?  Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you’re most thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday!

Oven Lovin Turkey

21 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving from the Addicts!

  1. It appears everyone is in agreement. We all appreciate the work of the addict’s staff in assisting us make the right choices and enhancing our game. You truly are a blessing and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say, thank you for all you do and hope you have a day that directly reflects the amount of joy you have brought us. Happy Thanksgiving and best wishes to all of you.

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  2. Thank you Bunny and Alissa, and have an amazing time with your family!


  3. Happy thanksgiving to the both of you, and to all the other family guy addicts out there. Hope you’ve all had a great day 🙂

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  4. Happy thanksgiving to you too Bunny & Alissa. May you refrain just enough from blimping up as big as Fat Lois.

    Things I am thankful for this year:

    This site, or else I’m sure I would have quit this game in frustration months ago.

    Francine who made it to Quahog just in time for the meal, even tho her parkour is not nearly as cool as Stan lee’s.

    Pumpkin roll, just because it’s yummy.

    & ninjas, for not sneaking into my house & killing me in my sleep last night.

    Happy turkey day all.

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  5. Um is anyone else having thanksgiving alone?…just me?…ok 😦

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  6. Margaret C. Williams

    Thank girls and Happy Thanksgiving to You Both and Your Families! God Bless You All! Enjoy your day.


  7. Happy Turkey Day, Bunny and Alissa!!!!
    XoXoXoXoXo 🙂


  8. Im thankful I wasn’t a 1st-Nations person during the days of the first thanksgiving(that must have hurt)and that im not a turkey today(that must still hurt)……..And im thankfull to Alissa and Bunny for reducing my stress levels on a weekly basis..


  9. Thank you, Bunny and Alissa! You ladies are awesome and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

    While unfortunately my family and I have to wait until tomorrow to celebrate the holiday, I personally am thankful for a few different things. I’m thankful for my family and the few good friends that have stayed with me throughout the years. They have to put up with a lot of crazy and they do it with grace. Lol. I’m thankful for my furkids, whom I love as if they were human and cherish more than anything. But this year I’m mostly thankful for finally being completely okay after a bad break-up nearly 2 years ago, from my girlfriend of 10 years. It’s been a great year of mending the wounds, releasing my bitterness, giving out sincere apologies where they were due and finding out exactly who I am as a person. I couldn’t ask for more than that! ^_^

    Finally, a happy Thanksgiving to all! May today and the rest of your year be great!

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  10. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Having chicken and wine instead of turkey. Mashed potatoes, brown gravy, deviled eggs, cheese ball, and pumpkin pie. Watching football, Go Bears. Just wanted to thank you ladies for the wonderful site, it makes my gaming life soooooo much easier and less confusing. Be safe and have a great holiday everyone. 🙂


  11. I’m most thankful for my friends, who help me get through some tough times & my daughter Michaela. Of course, I’m thankful for Family Guy Addicts for helping me make sense of FGTQFS.


  12. Why cant I see any more carl videos, its been like a week


  13. I am thankful for being alive and also my family

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  14. I’m thankful that here in the UK we still get amazing deals for Black Friday tomorrow. To be honest, I didn’t even know it was Thanksgiving today, but I Kew ages ago that tomorrow is Black Friday!

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  15. I’m not from the US, but still thanks Bunny and Alissa for making this great site, and helping us with this amazing game. Thank you


  16. Happy Happy Turkey Day from Addams Family Values
    “Happy Happy Turkey Day
    Hunger pains will go away
    When you hear the pilgrims say
    ‘It’s Happy Turkey Day!’

    Happy happy turkey day
    Let’s all eat the Indian way
    As Bastille and Cape Cod Day
    On Happy Turkey Day!”

    GARY GRANGER: Each summer we take this occasion to celebrate a seminal event
    in American history. This year, we depict perhaps the most important day in our shared past: the first Thanksgiving! A day for maize — the Native American word for corn — a terrific turkey dinner, and brotherhood! So, white meat, and dark meat, take it away!

    [Piano Plays, Children Sing]

    “Eat us!
    Hey, it’s Thanksgiving day
    Eat us!
    We make a nice buffet
    We lost the race with Farmer Ed
    Eat us, ’cause we’re good and dead

    White man or red man
    From East, North, or South
    Chop off our legs
    And put ’em in your mouth

    Eat me!
    Sauteed or barbecued
    Eat me!
    We once were pets, but now we’re food
    We won’t stay fresh for very long
    So eat us before we finish this song
    Eat us before we finish this song!”



  17. You’re welcome.


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