Death At The Drive-In Phase 4 LIVE!!

Hey there Psychos!!

And then there were TWO…

Phase 4 is in our games, which leaves us one more after this. So what goodies and new STUFF has TinyCo dropped into our silly lil games? More Friends, More Killers, More Ghosts, More… CAN’T SLEEP CRAZY CLOWNS WILL KILL ME!!!  hack hack hack hack chop chop chop chop kill kill kill kill….



Quagmire Meg Esther Patty Ruth

  • First up, you will have to be on Part 9 of Death at the Drive-in III
  • You will need to be at Scream Level 11 or Higher
  • Play the New Event Phase Questline to access ALL Content. With every new Event Phase there are “unlock points” for many items, so play through the Main Questline in order to see it all. I will Update Unlock points. if any, as I find them.

WARNING: There is another 24hr Timed Item in the Movie Projection Booth. This time it will be Rainbow Barf Creature. Same kind of trigger point that the items BEFORE it once created will make it so the timer will start on the next tap in Booth. 

Also, DO NOT REPAIR STOLEN BROWN CAR!! Not just yet anyway. It triggers Ruth‘s 7 Day Timer. So be prepared before jumping in.

Stolen Brown Car Ruth

Back with more in a bit…

Again. ..I’m on site so will update as I can. Hang in there with me.

FYI… random Bats spawning reported. I had about 6. UPDATE… as intended. It helped avoid an alternative issue. So this was a “patch” in a way 😉

Lois will start us off …


This seems to hit with a ! over Peter after Part 2 of Return of Death at the Drive-In. (Main Questline) You will need to Clear 10 Crazy Clowns in 3Days

See No Evil Part 4

See No Evil PT 4
Peter Starts

Check Out the Prize- Tapping on “GO” will take you to see the Prize for this Week
Clear 10 Crazy Clowns in 3 Days– Requires 3 Circus Cannons Each for a Total of 30



Butcher's ChamberButcher’s Chamber (Decoration): Sits on a 2×2 base. Animated, butcher starts laughing when tapped.



Red WhipRed Whip: 250 Clam IconClams, Earns $45 & 2Scream PointSP every 8hrs. ALWAYS drops 15 Licorice

Creepy Clown GateCreepy Clown Gate: 80 Clam IconClams, Earns $30 & 1Scream PointSP every 4hrs. ALWAYS drops 1 Gunpowder Barrel, Animated when tapped

Clown CarClown Car: 80 3D Glasses3D Glasses, Earnse $20 & 1Scream PointSp every 2hrs, Spawns 1 Clown



Scary VanScary Van: 200 Clam IconClams

Johnny WindchimesJohnny Windchimes: 20 3D Glasses3D Glasses

Killer Monster TruckKiller Monster Truck (Walking Decoration): 35 3D Glasses3D Glasses,

Dancing ConcessionsDancing Concessions: 40 3D Glasses3D Glasses

Killer StewieDemonic Stewie: 50 3D Glasses3D Glasses, Animated

Halloween Quahog Prison (Building Skin): 150 3D Glasses3D Glasses (go to Event Tab to find)



Ruth: To get Ruth, you will first have to Repair the Stolen Brown Car. CAUTION!! Repairing the Car will immediately start her 7 Day Timer. So make sure you are ready to start working on her before triggering this timer. Once repaired and timer running, you will see what she needs. This will start just after Return of Death at the Drive-In Part 2. The Hammer will appear. Part 3 will have you Search for her and take you to Repair the Car.


Medicated Shampoo15 Medicated Shampoos (Common):  Patty Be Ignored By Boys OR Slasher Cat Cave

French English Dictionary12 French/English Dictionaries (Uncommon):  Warded Bunker

Pink Headband5 Pink Headbands (Rare): World’s Largest Tumbleweed (Movie Projection Booth) OR Patrick Have Jackie Gleason Nightmares

Prosthetic Tongue5 Prosthetic Tongues (Rare): Worcestershire Mystery Mansion (Movie Projection Booth)

Meg RoachMeg Roach (Get from Movie Projection Booth)


Patrick PewterschmidtPatrick Pewterschmidt: In order to bring him into the game, you first have to get the Quahog Asylum from the Movie Projection Booth. Once built, you will then be able to see what he needs.


Shovel18 Shovels (Common): Make Esther Climb Into Lamp OR Jack-O-Lantern Moon Bounce

Pictures of Marian6 Pictures of Marian (Uncommon): Loony Room (Movie Projection Booth)

Rope5 Ropes (Rare): Quahog Asylum

Running Shoes2 Running Shoes (Extra Rare): Cyclop’s House (Movie Projection Booth)


GhostfaceGhostface: 275 Clam IconClams, Ghostface® and The Icon of Halloween® Fun World. All Rights Reserved. He IS Voiced, comes with Questline, Fully Tasked. 2hr Task immediately unlocked to earn 1 Barrel ALWAYS.



Crazy Clowns

These are the new Hollywood Horror you will see added into the game. They will begin to appear after Return of Death at the Drive-In Part 1.

Crazy ClownsCrazy Clowns: Require THREE Circus Cannons to kill them as they will have 150HP

Circus CannonCircus Cannons: Requires 1 Gunpowder Cannon & 1hr 15mins to create at the Concessions Stand. You will get 3 right away at end of part 1.

Gunpowder BarrelGunpowder Barrels: Patrick Pewterschmidt OR Ghostface OR Death’s Dog Bark at Ghost Mailman OR Death’s Mom’s House OR Creepy Clown Gate

Just like the Horsemen, do NOT waste Movie Props and use them wisely. Know what Crazy Clown you have attacked before. Tap on it first. Look up in the Right Top Corner. See what the HP Level says. If it is 150= no hits, 100= 1 Hit, 50= 2 hits.

Also like the Horsemen as well as the Unholy Nuns & Werewolves, PURPLE = GOOD, tap the Check Mark to fire. Normal=Bad, reposition the weapon to get the Horror into the Kill Zone Circle and turn Purple or X out and try again.

Payout of 15 Licorice on kill.LicoriceLicoriceLicorice



Concession Stand

Don’t stress. As you earn more, more options unlock. I’m getting Movie Reels FAST!!

Here are some of the results I have ran into so far. My amounts at the top. * next to option I took.

50 Pop  181 Soda 11 Chocolate 15 Licorice
LicoriceLicorice for 5 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels

50 Pop  181 Soda 11 Chocolate 8 Licorice
LicoriceLicorice for 5 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels
40 Chocolate BarChocolate Bars for Movie Reel 2Movie Reels
3 LicoriceLicorice & 50 SodaSoda for 22 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels*

50 Pop  131 Soda 11 Chocolate 8 Licorice
LicoriceLicorice for 5 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels
40 Chocolate BarChocolate Bars for 20 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels
50 SodaSodas for 20 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels*

As well as a few others I have seen as I have gone through and used some or earned more. Gives you an idea of all the possible variables… and then some. 

4 LicoriceLicorice & 70 PopcornPopcorn for 13 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels
70 PopcornPopcorn for 10 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels
100 SodaSoda for 40 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels
60 Chocolate BarChocolate Bars for 30 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels
3Licorice Licorice & 70 PopcornPopcorn for 13Movie Reel 2Movie Reels
3 LicoriceLicorice & 75 SodaSoda for 32 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels
20 PopcornPopcorn & 50 SodaSoda for 22 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels
40 Chocolate BarChocolate Bars & 10 PopcornPopcorn for 21 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels
5 Chocolate BarChocolate Bars & 50 SodaSodas for 23 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels
14 LicoriceLicorice & 35 PopcornPopcorn for 17 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels
35 PopcornPopcorn & 15 SodaSoda for 10 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels
20 Chocolate BarChocolate Bars for 10 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels
40Chocolate Bar Chocolate Bars & 10 SodaSoda for 23 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels
75 SodaSoda for 30 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels
21 LicoriceLicorice & 25 SodaSoda for 26 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels
25 SodaSoda for 10 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels
20 PopcornPopcorn & 50 SodaSoda for 22 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels



Movie Projection Booth

Just like every Phase, new items appear in the Booth to earn Movie Reels towards and put in your game. Here are the ones released with Phase 4.

Quahog Asylum GateQuahog Asylum Gate (Decoration): 30 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels
Quahog AsylumPatrick in Asylum (Building): 100 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels, +400 SP for Placement, Earns $45 & 2SP every 8hrs, Chance Rope
Loony RoomLoony Room (Building): 50 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels, Earns $55 & 3SP every 10hrs, Chance Pictures of Marian
Meg RoachMeg Roach (Walking Decoration): 80 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels
Cyclops HouseCyclop’s House (Building): 120 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels, Earns $20 & 1SP every 2hrs, Chance Running Shoes
World's Largest TumbleweedWorld’s Largest Tumbleweed (Building): 90 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels, Earns $20 & 1SP every 2hrs, Chance Pink Headbands
Worchestershire MansionWorcestershire Mystery Mansion: 130 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels, Earns $10 & 1SP every 1hr, Chance Prosthetic Tongues

7th item unlocked will then make it so the Next one, the Creature, will start its 24hr timer with ANY access from ANY point in game that takes you to the Booth. So be careful.

Rainbow Barf Creature: 600 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels (Per FAQ, this is a Deco) **I am going to skip this one as I just don’t want it and would rather save my Reels for the final stage. If you have it and would like to submit info about it, feel free to. 


I will keep editing this post as I can. It just hit at a VERY bad time. No worries. I will have it all for you by this afternoon.  🙂

What do you think of it so far? Any particular item that you were hoping to get in your game? Moving along a lil quicker? Let us know?


194 responses to “Death At The Drive-In Phase 4 LIVE!!

  1. Hi All. I am having some problems with Patrick in quahog asylum. I’ve already unlocked him, but then some glitch won’t let me take him out of the stored inventory? I keep clicking him but it won’t let him appear in my game. I’m already up to unlocking Meg Roach, but I can’t advance past ‘Bring the movies to life pt 22’ without Patrick. I’ve emailed Tiny co but haven’t heard back. Anyone else have this issue?


  2. I’m sorry but I don’t get the part that the event ends on the 5th what does it means?
    I’m still trying to get Ruth and I have another 5 days .
    Does it means that on the 5th she’ll be gone regardless of having more days ?
    Sorry about my grammar btw I’m still trying to learn English 😓


    • The Event ends on the 12th. But for a timed Character like Ruth, you only have 7 Days no matter what to get her once the car is repaired. If you are not successful she will be gone for good


  3. Hello,
    I apologize for asking what I consider to be a silly question, but I would like your opinion. I am screen level 11 1/2, I only have up to the shopping district open it, I have not yet purchased the black clam, I have 180 reels saved, And I have purchased one each of the concession generating decorations (mr salty etc..), and all of the premium characters except Satan. I play 24/7.. And I would really like that Peterguist skin. So the question is this; in your expert opinion, do you think I have a chance of finishing with all of the characters , or do I need to forgo the skin? Thank you very much for your time.


    • No questions are silly, just my sense of humor 😉 😛

      My honest opinion… that Building Skin was “meh” in my opinion. If I didn’t need it to pull site info, I would have passed on it.


  4. Has anyone had issues with getting shovels from the moon bounce? I haven’t received one. I keep getting cannon balls which is an always drop.


    • Hi Bunny,

      Do you know if I need to change anything with my moon bounce to start getting shovels? I’ve looked all over this site and the Facebook page and no one has commented about not getting shovels from the moon bounce so I’m wondering if it is just a bug within my game. Thank you for your help.


      • You can store it and put it back, but unless it’s tagged as an always drop… you’re just going to have to wait til it drops at the rate it’s tagged. In the meantime let TinyCo know how long it’s taking.


  5. Kinda sucks you need slasher cat or Patty to get Ruth. I made the mistake of not checking here first to see if they had timers so I did not have time to get either of them. Any chance they could make Ruth possible to get for people like me?


  6. Finally getting caught up to this phase just now. Had to wait a bit grinding scream level since I was avoiding collecting them earlier. On the bright side I have built up 250 popcorn, 140 candy bars, and about 140 sodas. Sadly the second I went to the new phase, the ONLY turn in option is for liquorice now. What a pain in the ***


    • Look at details above in this very post you’re commenting on for concessions and the clowns. They’ll gift you 3 Cannons. You use licorice… ton more options open back up.


  7. im sort of disappointed with this phase. I worked really hard to keep up with this event. Started phase 4 on time. Spent a bunch of clams. Now I don’t think I’ll even get to phase 5 before the event ends. They made the conversion rates better for reels, but made way less ways to get the materials to convert. I have had no werewolves all day and cleared my last unholy nun and headless horseman an hour ago. 1 clown is the only monster in my game and the next thing out of the screen will be 4 swirling ghosts in 3 hours. Is that normal for this phase? I still need well over 200 reels. Minimal ways to get them & can’t start the timer on Ruth’s car to move on in the Quest line. I’ve just totally stalled out in this phase . 😔


    • Don’t focus on being done the moment new stuff hits. I feel this is why the extra week dropped too. Many feel behind. Just go at a pace that works for you. Werewolves slowed down but still appear 1 about every 6 to 8 hours. Enough time to make needed Prop item. Clowns will help as licorice is a good boost to Reels. Let concessions build up and open as many trade options as possible… then spend on best option.

      The Movie Screen Horrors vary on your game. That time is normal.


  8. So I haven’t been able to clear any clowns. When I try to use the barrels the game freezes and kicks me out. I tried reporting it but the support staff hasn’t replied yet and it’s been about 2 and a half days. Any suggestions?


  9. Hello Bunny, I hope you and your mom are doing well. Thank you for all of your work, you do so much. Because of that i hope that i didnt missed this in your posts so you have to answer this again. I purchased ghostface but i dont have a mission for barrels. I thought at first where i wasnt on phase 4 where the barrels are in, that could be the reason but became confused when i received barrels for the clam offer of buying 9.99 or more and you get movie props. So do you know if i should have the mission or not until im in 4?


    • Clown don’t trigger til Phase 4 is triggered. So Barrels won’t “exist” til then in Character tasks. Once triggered, you’ll see the Characters drops show up.

      They’re all 2hr tasks. Including his. No level up in him required


      • Thank you. That makes sense. It was when i received them in the offer i wondered if they are there in the game than could something be wonky with my ghostface. Thanks again. Your help is truly appreciated.


  10. Silly question… But where can I see how many 3D glasses I have total?


    • Not silly. Been asked since launch. 😉

      Basically there isn’t one. The best I’ve found is if you have the bigger item still in the menu, tap on the info “i” to see the approximate count.


  11. Does anybody know if the Cyclops House drops the Shoes for Patrick one at a time or two at once? Just wondering since most of the other stuff in the event has dropped two at a time when it dropped its droppable item.


  12. Just now entered this phase. I’m so far behind it’s not even funny any more…
    Death’s Dog tripped me up, he’s needed to progress in the quest but it took forever to get enough reels for the ship that drops the last item needed to unlock the mongrel.
    Zapped my first clown and am valiantly soldiering on 🙂


  13. Hey bunny two questions? What is a good point to start repairing ruths car? And, in your opinion what do you think is the best way to earn reels? I was up to date last thursday but now im stuck on pt 3 because i dont want to repair the car yet and im working on getting patrick.( currently at 30 reels) I hope that im not too much trouble and that you can help. Thanks, your the best.


    • After getting most of the buildings out of Booth and close to all as you need those drops.

      Mainly… kill kill kill. Lol. Get items, craft the Shack Weapons, and kill Horrors as fast as you can and as often as you can. I notice if I allow amounts to “collect” it seems I get MORE options of trade. Like let the amounts hit 50 ish


  14. I finished all the items for phase 4 reel collection (excluding freakin hard) early this morning. Started Ruth. I completed the weekly challenge over the weekend. So now I’m just waiting on running shoes to drop from the cyclops house (not 1 has dropped in 2 days of trying) and collecting for Ruth. I did miss out on Lois’s costune but I have all the clam characters except Chucky, all the weekly challenges done… I am feeling solid about the event.


  15. I agree with the others harder to get reels in phase 4 so much more needed like 40 candies that will take forever and licorice needed with most options but once u work thru the harder ones so easier ones appear. Also not liking the fact u need everything but the timed item in the projection booth to open Ruth( well if u wish to have a chance of getting her ) to progress to the next mission makes it kinda hard . Still working on Ester but my Sand dollar rarely kicks out the Fan needed very low ratio on drops. But just got patrick and working to unlock him but again u need most the stuff from the booth plus Ester to help get him, your normal free characters dont help . I love this game n play for free with a few purchased characters had to have Micheal Myers but this phase doesnt seem very enjoyable hopefully phase 5 will end with tons of fun and alittle easier. Thanks bunny for all your info during events I’m a regular on your page and wouldn’t do half as well as I do nor my husband cause he plays also n I relay all info to him so your greatly appreciated!!! Have a awesome week! 🙂


  16. I just placed the asylum gate, does the next click on Peter ! start the weekly challenge? For week four


  17. I see that the Halloween Prison is a skin. What district is the prison building unlocked? (Currently in district 6).


  18. Anyone got a partial walkthrough for Week 4 yet? Been a few days and I’m about to finally make it to Week 4. Would like to maybe get a start with characters before jumping in feet first. Any help is appreciated.


  19. Nice! This phase seems to be so much better in terms of nearly everything. The exchange options for soda / popcorn is much better and I have been able to use up most of my stockpile. The werewolves also seem to no longer be constantly spawning (meaning I don’t have to always keep changing characters such as Quagmire back every single time I look). I am liking this event so much more now. It seems like TinyCo really listened to us! I hope it stays this way.


    • I don’t see how everyone is geting reels so easy in this new update can someone help me please I am struggling to get reels I got plenty of things to make whatever I need for reels but can’t seem to collect them like I was before this update please help me


      • I’m having the same trouble, Eric. I keep seeing people talking about how much easier this phase is for them, but its the opposite for me. I’m collecting reels at an alarmingly low rate. It’s never been easy, but I’ve managed. Until this phase. I barely have any werewolves to get sodas and the only other options are like 40 chocolates AND 35 sodas for 20 reels.. It takes FOREVER to to craft that many pumpkin/water balloon launchers just to get 20 reels (Aside from the 7 licorice for 5 reels) So it takes like 16 hours just to craft the stuff to get 20 reels! The conversion rates aren’t as good for me as I’ve seen some others… I’m just hoping it will get better. Really wish they hadn’t gone from one extreme to the other with the werewolves though because my soda conversion rates aren’t too bad, but I never have enough wolves to get the sodas so… I’m really struggling with this phase.


        • What Phase are you in? That will make a difference. Phase 3 got better, then Phase 4. But that means your questline needs to match the Phase too in order to actually be IN that Phase. It is more than just updating the Movie Screen.


          • Bunny, I’m still having a hard time getting reels as well. I’m in phase 3, trying to craft reels to get the twins. I am so far behind. Yes, the conversion rates that I am seeing is really bad. Some of the conversions that I have now are: 15 chocolates for 5 reels, or 45 popcorns and 27 sodas for 10, or 30 sodas for 10. And to top it off, my garlic bombs aren’t being added to my total every time. I’m just like, meh, it’s just a game, not gonna give myself a coronary over it!


  20. A bit annoying that you have to trigger Ruth’s timer to get past part 3 of the main story. And that you need the mystery mansion and roach meg to be able to start collecting one of the items. So basically cannot even move the story along until a few hundred reels have been collected without making ruth difficult. Would be fine if I had a big stock of cannonballs etc!


  21. Loving Phase 4 so far. 🙂


  22. I now have 998 Reels banked, and can get all of this weeks prizes as soon as I want, I’m passing on the 600 Reel prize as it’s just a deco, and will keep stocking up on Reels, plus with next week being the last phase and 3 Characters left to go, I have a feeling one if those characters will be next weeks big reel prize.


  23. Well, I’m now earning a LOT of Movie Reels, and have got 998 at the moment, so I’ve got more than enough to get all the main prizes this week already! I’m not going to bother with the 600 Reel prize, even though I know I’ll definitely be able to get more than enough, but as it’s just an animated decoration and not a character, I’m going to pass. Another reason I’m passing is because with next week being the final phase, and 3 more characters to come, I have a feeling that the ‘big reel’ will be one of the characters, either Deaths Mom or Hook Hand Albert, I could be wrong, but I’m going to stick up as many Reels as I can until Wednesday, then bank as many Materials as I can for trading in on Phase 5.


    • I don’t see how u can get feels so fast in this new update they want so much stuff to just get 20 reels and it changes all the time so u don’t know what u collect to keep getting reels how are U doing it


    • How are you doing that? I’m still trying to get enough reels for the twins. Some of my conversion rates are: 15 chocolates for 5 reels, 30 sodas for 10 reels, 27 sodas and 45 pop corns for 10 reels. How do you do it?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve reached a point where the conversion rate has stuck, and haven’t changed since Saturday, I have the options of;

        60 Chocolate for 30 Reels
        75 Soda for 30 Reels
        105 a Popcorn for 15 Reels
        7 Licorice for 5 Reels

        I have 2 Melted Choc, 2 Poppy the Salted, 2 Mr High Fructose, and 2 Red Whips, and I cycle through each Prop, I clear 6 Unholy Nuns, then 6 Werewolfs, 3 Headless Horseman, then 3 Clowns. So I end up earning a lot of each materials a day, then trade them in, using this method I now have all of Phase 4 prizes, apart from the Rainbow Barf Creature, and have 888 Reels banked. So I’ve found that Phase 4 has given me the best conversion options so far, hope your having better luck as you progress.


  24. Anyone’s clown car disappear?

    I placed it and it is definitely causing clowns to spawn, but it isn’t where I placed it. If I wanted to stop clowns from spawning so much I can’t store it.


    • Mines still there. Hmm. Try a restart and see if it comes back. Let me know.


    • I’ve noticed in my game that I usually only have one clown walking around, but as soon as I launch him into the invisible licorice pinata (at least that’s what happens in my head, lol) another appears immediately…


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