Thanksgiving 2015 Main Walkthrough: Talking Turkey **UPDATED

Gobble Gobble!

It’s Turkey Season in our games and the Brown’s are back in town in a whole new way. Cleveland and his NEW Family have arrived and brought with them some Fat & Fit Thanksgiving Day Items for 2015.

With all this New Stuff, you just know there’s a New Main Questline, like Talking Turkey!

Trip the Turkey

Let’s take a look at Talking Turkey and all you will encounter along the way. 

For the Main Content post, go HERE!

The following is how the Questlines played out in MY Game. Yours may vary slightly. 

Talking Turkey Pt. 1
Peter Starts

Place Highland Park Market– Cost Family Guy Coin600, 10 sec Build
Have Lois Research Health Thanksgiving Options– 4hrs, Earns 50Family Guy Coin, 30xp

Have Peter Have a Thanksgiving Freakout 6hrs, Earns 65Family Guy Coin, 45xp

Completed Task Earns 50Family Guy Coin, 25Family Guy XP


Talking Turkey Pt. 2
Peter Starts

Place Lard Losers Compound8 Fit CoinFit Coins
Clear 4 Fit Protesters– Spawn about every 4hrs

Have Peter Have Dirty Thoughts About Turkey 8hrs, Earns 80Family Guy Coin, 50xp

Completed Task Earns 50Family Guy Coin, 25Family Guy XP


Talking Turkey Pt. 3
Peter Starts

Clear 4 Fat ProtestersSpawn about every 4hrs
Have Lois Look at Recipes– 4hrs, Earns 50Family Guy Coin, 30xp

Have Quagmire Sort Through Cookbook 4hrs, Earns 50Family Guy Coin, 30xp

Completed Task Earns 50Family Guy Coin, 25Family Guy XP


Talking Turkey Pt. 4
Peter Starts

Have Peter Organize a Fattie Strike24hrs, Earns 150Family Guy Coin, 100xp
Have Chris Rally the Fatties– 18hrs, Earns 115Family Guy Coin, 50xp

Completed Task Earns 50Family Guy Coin, 25Family Guy XP


Talking Turkey Pt. 5
Peter Starts

Have Lois Organize the Fit Foodies– 12hrs, Earns 100Family Guy Coin, 65xp
Have Quagmire Gawk at Yoga Ladies 10hrs, Earns 90Family Guy Coin, 59xp
Clear 10 Fit ProtestersSpawn about every 4-6hrs

Completed Task Earns 50Family Guy Coin, 25 Family Guy XP

***waiting on Fit/Fat Spawns to progress… will update as I do.

Talking Turkey Pt. 6
Peter Starts

Clear 12 Fat Protesters – Spawn about every 4-6hrs
Have Peter Eat a Stick of Butter 6hrs, Earns 65Family Guy Coin, 45xp
Have Lois Eat a Pound of Kale – 6hrs, Earns 65Family Guy Coin, 45xp

Completed Task Earns 50Family Guy Coin, 25Family Guy XP


Talking Turkey Pt. 7
Peter Starts

Place Juice Everything Juice Bar – 12 Fit CoinFit Coins & 7 Baby TShirtBaby T-Shirts
Have Chris Drink a Gallon of Gravy 2hrs, Earns 30Family Guy Coin, 20xp
Have Quagmire Sip Olive Oil – 2hrs, Earns 30Family Guy Coin, 20xp

Completed Task Earns 50Family Guy Coin, 25Family Guy XP


Talking Turkey Pt. 8
Peter Starts

Have Peter Lead a Fattie Parade – 12hrs, Earns 100Family Guy Coin, 65xp
Have Lois Lead a Fit Foodies Parade 8hrs, Earns 80Family Guy Coin, 50xp
Have Chris Watch Thanksgiving Parade – 8hrs, Earns 80Family Guy Coin, 50xp

Completed Task Earns 50Family Guy Coin, 25Family Guy XP


Talking Turkey Pt. 9
Peter Starts

Have Peter Cook Disgusting Vegetables 4hrs, Earns 50Family Guy Coin, 30xp
Have Lois Drink a Gravy Boat 8hrs, Earns 80Family Guy Coin, 50xp
Have Chris Chug Heartburn Medicine- 8hrs, Earns 80Family Guy Coin, 50xp

Completed Task Earns 225Family Guy Coin, 150Family Guy XP


And that’s the end of the Questline in my game. 🙂



Stay tuned for some additional Questline posts coming for the following…

After Talking Turkey Pt. 1
You Aren’t What You Don’t Eat 
Lois Starts

Have Your Turkey and Eat It Too 
Peter Starts


After Purchasing Rallo
Run, Rallo, Run 
Rallo Starts


After Unlocking Roberta
Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun
Roberta Starts


After Unlocking Donna
The Donna Show
Donna Starts


There you have it. The Main Questline taking you through the lil Mini Thanksgiving 2015 Event. More to come!

What do you think of the Questline? How far are you? How is your Fat/Fit Coin Collection going? What Prizes from the Market do you have so far? Let us know.


36 responses to “Thanksgiving 2015 Main Walkthrough: Talking Turkey **UPDATED

  1. Is there any prize for the main quests? I got fat stewie. Just wondering if I should bother with the main quests at all?


  2. The drop rates for the Common Fit and Fat Coins are just average imo. Drop rates on the baby t shirts are abysmal, and the lard drops aren’t much better. And can someone please explain to me why when I’m trying to unlock the 3rd top item that unlocks after u get the necessary coins and only 2 lard bowls why I have enough coins and 1/2 lard bowls the hurry up price is 103 clams??? Are u kidding me 1 uncommon drop and it’s 103 clams to rush, that is absurd. Really wish these things would be addressed before them doing it again, cuz we had the same issues in the Halloween Event.

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  3. Talking Turkey Pt. 6

    Have Lois Eat a Pound of Kale– 6hrs, Earns 65 Coins, 45 XP
    Have Peter Eat a Stick of Butter– 6hrs, Earns 65 Coins, 45 XP
    Clear 12 Fat Protesters– Spawn about every 4hrs


  4. This event hasn’t really hooked me in. Which actually, is kind of nice to have the break. Rollo is awesome and i purchased him for the clams, but other than that…i’m just kind of playing along at a leisurely pace. If i get stuff i get stuff, if not, no worries. I’m saving my clams for CHRISTMAS!!!


  5. I am working on my fourth fat and third fit prizes, I am ignoring the timed challenges but doing the main quest, another enjoyable little event. Although more fit protestors would be helpful I think.


  6. Just to make it less stressful remember fat stewie is just a skin and after you earn him they will never use him again in the game so Ill just be satisfied when i get Roberta and Dona 🙂


    • Yep, he is just a skin, but as soon as you get Roberta and Donna, you will get Stewie! *chuckle* Apparently, the only materials or items you need to craft him are both Roberta and Donna!


  7. Don’t bother skipping the questlines, you will get most of your coins from the protesters and I’m finding they are not what is limiting my forward motion. I keep getting to a point where I have enough coins but I still need the items to finish the building.

    And I’m finding this is true while doing the quests and the bonus stuff and I did not buy the two rooms that pay fat/fit coins.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. not related to Thanks Giving, but it’s about Mr Weed have you notice that he’s stuck for me on LVL 14 half way thru LVL 15, even if he’s “grinding” 24/7 anything he don’t budge or barely move, anyone else have report or can confirm this

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  9. Well, I’m up to 2 fat prizes and 1 fit. The timed challenges aren’t for me, so I’ve decided to skip them and the main quest lines and just aim for both prize characters as a goal.

    Not a bad idea for the event. I just tried tap out again and my old account was saved on my origins account, so I got to start playing again at level 38 and have to say I’m surprised how much better they made events. Overall good thanksgiving events for both franchises!

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  10. Do we have to do the main quest? I really need to collect coins so don’t really want to send Chris & Peter off for 24 & 18 hrs. What happens if I don’t do it?

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  11. Just a few things to add:

    1) Seems like the Fat ones come every 4 hours and the fit every 8 hours.

    2) Did anyone else notice the oddity that the Lard Losers Weigh Station needs Baby T-shirts AND is what its drop is? Still trying to figure out how that makes sense to anyone?

    3) If the coin price goes up incrementally on the items, is this still possible given the numbers? The mentioned strategy of bypassing the questline looks good; but, in the end, what are we payimg them for? I hate being on the fence 😛


  12. is it just me but my fat tokens counter says i only have 5. yet when you look in the items menu it shows that i have collected more than 5 which i know i did. my counter isn’t showing the correct amount


    • They’re like money. They get used and go away when used. Did you buy something yet?

      Also… there’s always a delay in counters syncing up. Go with amount it shows in the Markets


  13. Are you supposed to get Cleveland Jr when purchasing the brass knuckle emporium? I purchased it (Cleveland Jr in Brass Knuckle Emporium), but Cleveland Jr is still available for purchase for 150 clams and is not in my game. 😦


  14. This is not intended to be a rant but an overview of strategy as it relates to the main quest line ….

    Unless something pops up later in the main quest line that makes it mandatory, I can’t see the value in losing Peter and Chris each for 18+ hour tasks when they are two of the few people who can collect fat coins. With an additional number potentially needed for Fat Stewie yet to be determined, all of the items to craft require 140 fat coins and the tasks are six hours. For me, I can only collect three times daily (don’t collect when I sleep) so that is nine chances a day from Peter, Chris and Cleveland which is 63 chances over seven days for a “common” drop (I have had a couple of empty drops already). I know the protesters will need to do a lot to assist, but losing six drops for those two tasks is too much for me to lose, especially early in the event. It is a one-week event, so doing the main quest line doesn’t need to be completed to get additional future content. If the protesters start contributing greatly to the yield, I will reevaluate, but doing tasks to collect regular coins that take away from collecting the event currency is going to have to be on hold for me until I get more info.

    I hope this “game strategy” helps someone and allows them to complete the event rather than falling a couple fat coins short.

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    • In my opinion, avoid completing this quest line. It doesn’t seem to help you and given how important getting fit/fat coins are, to send characters on these pointless tasks is obscene.

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    • Hey bud, I’m JS, but, I’ve gotten a lot more coins than I’ve needed since about the time I got my 1st ballon, that’s to say , I’ve had enough coins for each “prize” as soon as the next 1 became available. I mean how can u not? The fat & fit protesters pop up 6 times a day , I believe that equals about, 24 Fat coins & 18 Fit coins DAILY!! Then on top of that you can add whomever get them from doing quests, so you should always have more than enough, & that’s still me playing freemium. Either way… GOOD LUCK PAL!!!!!


  15. Wondering if everyone else is only getting fat protesters all day today? Since logging in 8 hours ago I’ve had two protester spawns and both of them were just 3 fat protesters. I messaged tiny Co about this but no response as of yet. If we only have a week to get through everything and I’m stuck on the second item because of spawn problems that’s going to stink! Hopefully it’s corrected soon. I’m currently collecting for mashed potato volcano and the other second item. Have 11 fat coins and just 5 fit coins from yesterday and character actions. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


    • Like notated in the Main post… they vary. I did get two spawns of just Fat… but then more Fit came along later. It seems you need more Fat Coins this Event overall.


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