Hey there Gobbling Gobblers!

It is Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S.A. So what does that mean? Well for the most part, many of us have the day off of work to spend cooking, eating, and just hanging out with our families.


Us Addicts will be definitely observing this Holiday and taking some time off, so things around here may be a lil quiet. No worries, we will still keep an eye out for any surprises. Otherwise we will be back to the usual Friday (Or Black Friday as many call it, the day of SHOPPING TIL YOU DROP!)

Trip the Turkey Oven Lovin Turkey

While we are away in our Turkey Comas, figured it would be kind of fun to leave this as an Open Thread. Feel free to comment your thoughts below and share with others!

What do you do for Thanksgiving?

Have a Favorite dish?

Have a Favorite dessert?

Any fun Family Traditions you do on this day? (Like we go see the Christmas Lights go up at the City Square)

Do the usual “what are you thankful for” round the table?

Gonna go fight and pull hair with other Shoppers for those “special buy” items? You crazy nuts!!

Waiting for the Big Game on the TV? Rooting for a specific Team?

Wondering what that heck all these crazy Americans are celebrating? 😉


~Let us know,

15 responses to “HAPPY STUFF YOUR FACE DAY!!

  1. Went to my mom’s. We had relatives in from out of town so it was nice.

    Sweet potatoes with marshmellows on top.

    Dr. Pepper cake.

    Our family tradition is to nap together lol.

    Always thankful for family and health.

    Yes, the wife and I went shopping on thanksgiving evening. We were very lucky, we got the 2 things (laptop and nice camera), we were done in less than an hour. Wife went back out later and was gone for 6 hours then slept for 5 and back out again for another 5ish hours (no idea what all she got).

    My Bengals weren’t playing, but i did watch the games and eat some more. Haha.

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day.


  2. Did the black Friday thing this morning and picked up a 40″ TV for $150. Not bad, I’ve been rocking a tiny 27″ for too long, it was time. They only had 15 in the store so I was happy to get one. I got there at 5am and they were gone by the time I left around 6.


  3. I worked for thanksgiving and my favorite dish is cran turkey mashed potato gravy stuffing sandwich. Favorite dessert is pineapple sweet potato casserole with marshmallows on top. No traditions. Omit. Cyber Monday is my thing. Don’t like sports. N/a. And I live in america.


  4. Although Thanksgiving is an American celebration (and we don’t have it in Australia), it is nice that I still get to share it with you – in this game at least. I have been to America a few times now (I was actually there about 4 months ago) and I keep on wanting to come back, it has become one of my favourite places in the world to visit! 🙂


  5. Happy Thanksgiving!! Sorry it’s a bit late, had a long daddy at work yesterday and was tired lol. Hope y’all had lots of fun and Turkey. I’ve got my Christmas turkey ready in the freezer lol…


  6. About half hour to go before I can start stuffIng my face. Turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing with gravy, rolls with, you guessed it, gravy! Anyone see a trend here? I’m not the only one who puts gravy on everything, am I? Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! 🍗🍗🍗😀


  7. happy thanksgiving!!!


  8. Happy thanksgiving I am stuffed and hoping tiny co will stuff my tokens(fat/fit) because I cannot see a way to get everything 😦 but I am checking it every 2 hours 🙂 hope you have a good holiday off 🙂


  9. Happy thanksgiving all!


  10. Esther Rodríguez García

    I have a question about characters. How can I stop Lois doing an action without wasting clams? Thats because Pawtuccket Challenge 24 hours, and I need her doing something, but she’s doing a task 20h so I don’t want to spend 40 clams to finish her task.
    Thanks you a lot and Happy Thanksgivings to everyone!


  11. Unfortunately we don’t celebrate this in the UK. Shame really as its a fine idea. Turkey is traditional for our Christmas dinner although I just eat the veg and roast potatoes.

    They did Black Friday sales here last year but there was chaos, folk fighting over sale items, crushes when stores opened, so this year they have had Black Friday sales all week starting Monday to try stop the hysteria, some bigger stores even decided not to do it at all after what happened last year. Here Boxing Day (26th Dec) has big sales, but I’m usually still too stuffed from Christmas dinner to get up at a ungodly hour to grab a bargain. Plus our family do a second Christmas Day on 26th, more food and more gifts for the all the kids.

    Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks as always for your blogging.


  12. Happy Thanksgiving Addicts! I’m thankful for all the help I find on this site. Hope everyone had a happy and restful holiday.


  13. Happy Thanksgiving 🐔🍗 🐔🍗


  14. Happy Thanksgiving Addicts!!


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