Boomsday 2016 Side Questlines: Phase 1

It’s the End of the World as we know it… and I feel… TOTALLY FREAKED THE FRAK OUT!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Our town is now going to be overrun with Mutant Eggy Weggies, Mutant Stewies, Mutant Humans, and DARYL??!! Oh wait, no, that was the OTHER show. Get back in the house Carl! GET IN THE HOUSE!!

With the New Event comes along a lot of Side Questlines. Ones that will take you through the Crisis Levels or other random Tasks you complete just by playing the game. These are not Critical to finish and up to you to do at your own leisure. Questlines like Crisis Mode, Stayin Alive, and Trading with Twinkly.

Mutant GoldfishClamsTwinkly the Kid

Let’s take a look at Trading With Twinkly, Crisis Mode, Stayin Alive and all you will encounter along the way.

For more information on Phase 1 of the Boomsday Event, go to the Main Event Page HERE.




After Peterpocalypse Pt. 5
Crisis Mode Pt. 1
Peter Starts

Learn About Crisis Level: Tapping on “GO” will take you to “Crisis Level: High” Information Screen. 

Completed Task Reward:  2Crisis PointCrisis Point & 1Toilet Paper Toilet Paper


Crisis Mode Pt. 2
Peter Starts

Reach Crisis Level 2: You can see what Crisis Level you are currently on by looking at the Crisis Level Icon in the lower right corner of your game. 

Completed Task Reward:  1 Clam IconClam


Crisis Mode Pt. 3
Peter Starts

Reach Crisis Level 3: You can see what Crisis Level you are currently on by looking at the Crisis Level Icon in the lower right corner of your game. 

Completed Task Reward:  1 Clam IconClam


Crisis Mode Pt. 4
Peter Starts

Reach Crisis Level 4: You can see what Crisis Level you are currently on by looking at the Crisis Level Icon in the lower right corner of your game. 

Completed Task Reward:  1 Clam IconClam


Crisis Mode Pt. 5
Peter Starts

Reach Crisis Level 5: You can see what Crisis Level you are currently on by looking at the Crisis Level Icon in the lower right corner of your game. 

Completed Task Reward:  1 Clam IconClam


Crisis Mode Pt. 6
Peter Starts

Reach Crisis Level 6: You can see what Crisis Level you are currently on by looking at the Crisis Level Icon in the lower right corner of your game. 

Completed Task Reward:  1 Clam IconClam


Crisis Mode Pt. 7
Peter Starts

Reach Crisis Level 7: You can see what Crisis Level you are currently on by looking at the Crisis Level Icon in the lower right corner of your game. 

Completed Task Reward:  1 Clam IconClam

This Questline just continues on and on and on awarding Clams as you hit the New Crisis Levels. A great way to earn Free Clams while just playing the Event.


Twinkly the Kid

Trading With Twinkly Now Pt. 1
Peter Starts

Collect 90 Water Bottles: Clear Mutant Goldfish OR Help Chris Recover from Radiation Sickeness (requires Clevemire) OR Endless Water Tower
Have Bruce Search for a Job: 1min, Earns 5Family Guy Coin & 3xp
Have Bonnie Chug a Bottle of Wine: 1hr, Earns 20Family Guy Coin & 12xp

Completed Task Reward:  1Crisis PointCrisis Point & 3Toilet Paper Toilet Paper


Trading With Twinkly Now Pt. 2
Jerome Starts

Make 3 Trades at the Twinkly Trading Post: This can be ANY 3 Exchanges of ANY item for Twinklies at the Trading Post
Have Jerome Bake Sandy Scones: 8hrs, Earns 80Family Guy Coin & 50xp
Have Lois Bake Cookies to Solve Problems: 10hrs, Earns 90Family Guy Coin & 60xp

Completed Task Reward:  1Crisis PointCrisis Point & 2Toilet Paper Toilet Paper


Trading With Twinkly Now Pt. 3
Herbert Starts

Place the Moonshine Distillery: Cost 12 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies (Stockpile Tanker)
Have Herbert Buy Candy For Kids: 4hrs, Earns 50Family Guy Coin & 30xp

Completed Task Reward:  1Crisis PointCrisis Point & 2Water BottleWater Bottles


Mutant Goldfish

Stayin Alive
Clevemire Starts

Clear 42 Mutant Goldfish: Requires 1 Net Launcher Each, Tap on your Gates to see Spawn time and amounts
Have Clevemire Cure Chris of Radiation Sickness 6 Times: Just Tap on Radiation Chris to Have Clevemire Clear him
Collect from the Moonshine Distillery 4 Times: Collect every 2hrs
Place 8 Trashcan Fires: Cost 7 Toilet PaperToilet Paper each


Completed Task Reward: 3 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies & 20Crisis PointCrisis Point


There you have it. The Side Questlines from Phase 1 of the Boomsday Event.

Have you started any of these Questlines yet? Completed any? Like the Free Clams? Any tips for fellow Players? Let us know.


21 responses to “Boomsday 2016 Side Questlines: Phase 1

  1. Never mind found it


  2. Why am I not seeing this furniture you speak of??

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  3. Why do I not see this furniture store you speak of?


  4. Any idea why my mutants aren’t appearing in the town? The gates are upgraded, tasks are cleared…? I have like 5 of the needle things used to clear them waiting to be used and now they’re preventing me from making more nets… It sucks. Any suggestions??


    • Mutant Humans? They are set to DEFINITELY spawn around Part 4… but may show up sooner.


      • Part 4 of which quest, though? I’ve beaten Crisis Mode part 4, and upgraded the powerplant gates, but I’m still getting only goldfish.


      • Stupid mutants popped up as I let everyone out this morning. Only got one smoke bomb. And only had two cure darts so couldn’t kill enough mutant Stewies to get cigarettes to trade cause now Twinkly only has combo options when I’ve got 250 water bottles and 2 twinklies short of the Mutant Bear store.

        Wouldn’t be huge but I’m down to 3 times a day max I can check in. Sometimes 2. Just a it frustrating after starting the Jesus counter. I missed out on him during the Football event



    really they cost 1000 coins and payout 1 gasbomb thingy every 6hours. Great for getting more currency and stuff. Especially if you accidentally started the commander Jesus character like I did.


  6. Is it just me, or affecting everybody, but I have not been able to watch a video for a free claim in over a day now. It was good for a bit, and I’m only a couple clams away from getting the building that spawns zombies… now, I’m SOL.


    • Do you mean the one that gives extra Mutants? If so… no worries. You still get them after part 4 and at times TOO many are a bad thing


    • Exactly like Bunny said. This Event… it’s basically the Halloween Event with different images and such. Literally, a re-skin of what they already programmed. They do it a LOT. Heck, they have a proprietary company coding engine that was used not just on this game, but Avengers Academy as well. Very programming efficient and financially savvy on TinyCo’s side. A MAJOR clue to us in how to play the Event you’ve basically already done before with slight tweaks due to player feedback and likely financial goals.

      Re,member werewolfs from the Halloween Event? This event, they are called Mutants. They will start slow, but eventually, when you go to phase 3 and on… you end up having way more than you can handle without clams. So, if you were to buy the mutant spawn building, you have to see it as basically temporary help for when it’s hard to progress AND you get a new building in the run of it. It’s kind of a, is it worth paying this much clams to not stress NOW and get what I want with less effort, kind of mentality.

      The 12 hour, 6 Clam spawn buildings for initial investment though… I refuse to buy them on an individual basis. It just adds a stress to yourself for no seriously good reason. Rather not try for the 30 ish clams that can be earned for the month, than stress about it an entire month to be there every 12 hours on the clock. 😛

      However, if you had $100 to buy just those buildings with, your capital, the net gain from running, say approximately 15 of those for the month, 15×30= 450 clams per initial $100 investment. If you capital more, 200 = 900 clams, 300 = 1,350 clams, 400 = 1,800 clams, 500 = 2,250 clams, 600 = 2,700 clams, and finally, $700 initial capital investment in a mobile game = 3,250 clams or the basic estimation of $100 worth of free clams.

      Consuela would be earning those clams with her 12 hour cleaning service of 115 buildings every 12 hours instantly in this $700 capital investment, net gain scenario, for a constant influx of 690 clams back into your clam greedy hands. If you can’t find something to do with (APPROXIMATELY!) 1,380 clams per day($35-40 worth) other than saving it for pretty much an entire years worth of TinyCo events, you have a SERIOUS, SERIOUS Addicts issue.. Seek help. 😉

      Imagine if you could capital $1,400. What a TRUE PREMIUM player can, could, and would spend in a year on this game. That becomes 2,760 clams per day. If you’re Bunny-esque and REALLY want to save on all the Clams you spend, $2,100 capital one time investment, the approximate math comes to 4,140 clams per day. ~$130 worth of clams per day or a ~27 day event total net gain of $3,510 worth of clams. Which is $1,410 worth of FREE clams. Roughly

      You can put $100 worth of clams into the game a month and still not spend it all in a YEAR for your initial one time capital investment. Let alone the fact that this sum is ONLY the PROFIT/net gain. At the end of this event, your $2,100 capital investment would leave you with ~111,780 Clams. Spent wisely back at around $100 worth of clams a month going forward, let’s say exactly 3,600 clams per month, you would last 31 months before needing to buy ANY clams again.

      Were you to double that to a pretty standard small bank loan of $4,200 (Good luck convincing them you want that sum for a mobile game to decrease your stress level in life, but it it’s do-able playing the life stress card!!! I’ve done it before and could probably do it again!) or you just plain have the money handy to invest, you could play this game pretty much entirely stress free for the next 62 months – more than FIVE YEARS!!!! With your $2,800 worth net gain of FREE CLAMS!!!!!!!

      And you thought this game was just expensive Clam grabs and TinyCo didn’t help you out. They TRY. They REALLY, REALLY do. They clearly just want capital investment and trust(financial trust) for what they do. Which is to provide a high quality, dynamic, far-reaching mobile game to an extremely large premade fan base that can, due to base human nature, be extremely demanding with the “I want it NOW” mentality that 1st world countries have created.

      In the “long term grand scheme of things” viewpoint that anything financial HAS to rely on long term success and not short term immediate gain, TinyCo pretty much is forced in to this situation on a Freemium/Premium mobile game. Even though it’s actually a good one for them in this specific case because they profit the MOST by those long term investments with the interest on their corporate scale, the short term, now group ends up paying the bills more for FAR LESS actual content.

      Which gives TinyCo the fluid cash to provide BETTER content (TAN LINES!!!) that in all actuality, if you play it the long term way NON-EVENTS are designed to be played, they really don’t WANT people to spend clams on them. They are just trying to meet and please both player bases described above which they try and succeed at pretty well in my opinion.

      This is all so that they can profit and invest and grow as a company like any other major or minor coorporate company in this country. Or any individual with the drive to do pretty much anything they set their kinds to. It’s kinda why I love the name of their company so much. It’s just so intelligently oxymoronic. They really are a pretty small company. Compare them to like Blizzard, Gameloft, Bethseda, Square Enix, Zynga… Get the scope of things here? Mega millions companies with a “toddler” company in their midst playing with the big guys.

      They are a REALLY small company in a HUGE company country and their model is paying off in major ways for them. They were going nowhere as a company before this game. Now they got MARVEL(DISNEY!) under their license belt as a whole company. To have licenses with both a Fox subsidiary and A Disney subsidiary… (MY ONLY HOPE EVER for a Blue Harvest Event… though extremely unlikely… ) There are multi-BILLION dollar companies that have constant contract and licensing disputes between these 2 companies. Netflix, for one, is going through some MAJOR issues right now regarding this exact issue point of fact. TinyCo is handling it with almost no employees and THRIVING WILDLY!!!

      The fact Tan Lines(and really pretty much anything long term after about District 8…) exists proves this. That Consuela’s vacuum thing exists.These DO NOT REALLY profit them financially long term when you play them as designed and don’t rush them like an Event generated.for the short term, now and new group of player base. Only long term player base loyalty is generated when content isn’t NECESSARY for theiir financial gain.

      I really see their brilliancy shine that they have so well designed a game that so fluidly fits both player bases and can still claim the middle ground of semi-Premium players like myself that without a large capital investment, try to make the game as Freemium as possible. All the time still realizing that it pretty much NEVER will be ENTIRELY Freemium to do EVERYTHING because the game and TinyCo, as small and yet profitable as they are due in large part to the majority player base being the “NEW, NOW Crowd” type, can’t exist long term without the people willing to put forth these large amounts of capital investment for long term gain and profit. Even though the actual numbers that this game presented to TinyCo blew even them away since the beginning. They know what they have and it’s a INCREDIBLY good thing.

      So, with all that presented and in their minds and business model, they can provide more Freemium content lIke districts that dont rely on that serious ever present NECESSITY of, “How does this benefit us and not hurt us economically?” All they are really truly asking of us is to support them as they grow for the product that they provide and we want and enjoy. Simple as that.

      American Social Economics played out at its’ best when you attach the numbers to an extremely brilliant and ever changing and evolving fluid idea that requires so few people on their side to play out on a GLOBAL scale. Minimal effort and size involvement with maximum gain, scope, and long term potential. Beautiful. Strictly beautiful. 🙂

      **Note to Bunny: I’m really sorry for the sheer length of this post. Apparently, I had a soap box to climb on for a while… Ty for reading all of this. I wish I could share it with people as a composed guest post to the site about TinyCo’s financial model as a whole and the Capital Investment Value of clam buildings… I would sit down and get the EXACT numbers instead of low estimates if I had the opportunity so that people here could get a TRUE idea of what TinyCo is ofreeing them with this.

      I for one appreciate TinyCo and this Addicts Site and what they and you willingly provide. You ARE a hole filler Bunny and I seriously appreciate that. I really feel TinyCo needs an Anti-What the Duece type post to go against all the negativity they get displayed publicly when they do an incredible amount for so many people with so few people… At least this comment is here. 🙂

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      • Enough clams for five years? Wow. Two words… Tiny Village.


      • Thanks for taking the time to expose this primarily freemium player to the possible investment made by premium players.
        I also appreciate the positive comments about TinyCo.
        Personally, every time I contacted them with an issue their response was immediate and helpful.
        I find the hate mongering I see on this games Facebook page quite distasteful, considering this is a free game!
        [BTW, I read your complete post, nice job.]


  7. Stayin Alive earns you 3 Twinklies and 20CP. Just finished it this morning.


  8. IIRC, Stayin Alive paid out a clam after finishing it this morning. It’s just the one part.


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