Smith’s, Mystery Box, & More!!!

Hey there Agent Smith!!

The rest of the Smith family has finally made a come back into our silly Lil Quahogs.

Introduced within a Mystery Box are the Characters, some Buildings, and more. Along with the Smith’s, a few more “Destroyed Building” skins have hit the game too.

Hayley SmithSteve SmithSmith House

Back with more in a bit.


Extinction Level Mystery Box

First up, the Brian Mystery Box that just hit our games. Keep in mind, for those of you that did play during the Original Smith Event you will NOT see anything at all if you already own all the items within the Mystery Box. Like my Main Game. I have all the following items, so I did not even see the Mystery Box in the Menu at all.

For everyone else, here is what you can find inside the Extinction Level Mystery Box. Each try for a Prize will cost you 125 Clam IconClams. NO REPEATS!

Francine SmithFrancine Smith (Character): Voiced, Fully tasked, 4hr Task to get Toilet Paper
Hayley SmithHayley Smith (Character): Voiced, Fully Tasked, 4hr Task to get Toilet Paper
Steve SmithSteve Smith (Character): Voiced, Fully Tasked, 4hr Task to get Toilet Paper
Hazmat TentHazmat Tent (Building): Earns 80 & 55xp every 20hrs
Smith HouseSmith House (Building): Earns $40 & 25xp every 6hrs
S.S. Bonnie RaittS.S. Bonnie Raitt (Building): Earns 50 & 30xp every 10hrs
Moon BounceMoon Bounce (Building): Earns $40 & 25xp every 6hrs (Required for Moon Bounce Task for Smith Family)
Sir Lancewarts Board GameSir Lanceawart’s Board Games (Building): Earns $120 & 80xp every 12hrs
Colonial Barn Under ConstructionColonial Barn (Building): Earns $30 & 20xp every 4hrs
Klaus 2Klaus HeisslerKlaus Heissler (Decoration- Animated)


NEW- Added 4/18/16 to the Shopping Cart Menu for $1500

Jeff's VanJeff’s Van (Building): Earns $40 & 25xp every 6hrs (required for Task with Hayley)

As I already do have all these items, I will not have new stats on them. I can verify what they are currently doing in my game however.



The additional items added to the drops into our games tonight are more “Destroyed” Building Skins for Toilet Paper.

Destroyed Buddy Cianci Jr HighDestroyed Buddy Cianci Jr High: 27 Toilet PaperToilet Paper, Earns $40 & 6CP every 24hrs. WARNING! This is a SKIN, as with any Skin it will change the payout. The regular Building drops Smoke Bombs, the Skin DOES NOT. I already made a suggestion to TinyCo about it. Until a change is made, keep the Building normal to get your Smoke Bomb drops.

Destroyed McBurgertownDestroyed McBurgertown: 32 Toilet PaperToilet Paper, Earns $10 & 1CP every 1hr

Destroyed Stop N ShopDestroyed Stop ‘N’ Shop: 25 Toilet PaperToilet Paper, Earns $20 & 2CP every 8hrs


There you go, a return of the beloved and long asked for Smith Family (Stan is already in the Stockpile Tanker for those that don’t have him) and some additional Building Skins to add to that already Apocalyptic look to our Quahog’s.

What are your thoughts on the New items? Glad to see the return of the Smith’s? Going to Chance your luck in the Mystery Box? How about the Building Skins? Looking to spend some Toilet Paper on them? Let us know.


39 responses to “Smith’s, Mystery Box, & More!!!

  1. Chris Servidio

    I don’t have 125 clams to get it but I really want Francine


  2. TC just added Jeff’s van!


  3. ohh noo.. there is only claim for one character… so sad… hope the events stay longer so that I can get all the American Dad


  4. I didn’t get the Smith family the first time around, but I have them now with this new questline (except Roger, unless he’s added later). Unfortunately, Hayley’s tasks are stuck now because I need Jeff’s Van, and…there is no Jeff’s Van (Truth, Justice and Whatever Pt. 3 task). Am I blind and not seeing it, or did TC overlook this?


  5. Bunny I have gotten to a task for Hayley called Truth, Justice and Whatever part 3 but I can’t do it cause it requires Jeff’s van. I messaged TC but haven’t heard back yet. Is this normal for TC to forget to add an item you need when characters are re-released? Thanks


  6. Geoffrey T Payne

    I got Lanceawarts board games, then Steve, then Francine… probably the luckiest I’ve been with a mystery box actually… I’m starting to really despise the mystery boxes, if this one had repeat items I would have passed.


  7. I missed older characters and building


  8. I was curious, you have on here that Hayley is fully tasked. Doesn’t that mean that she is supposed to have a questline, like Francine and Steve did? I unlocked all three after I put them all out, and she was the only one that had no questline


    • It depends. Keep in mind these were originally released in an Event and many times the Questlines involved those Characters so it was an Event only created Questline, not alternate. It was not til recently they started dividing the Questlines out to indiviual Characters instead.

      Fully Tasked means just that… they have individual Tasks for their Character (usually 5 or more depending on Character and the Buildings you own with them needed for the Tasks, like the Moonbounce, they have a task there.)

      Then there is the second thing which is more an “issue”. If your task menu is stuffed full of 7-10 or MORE Tasks, it is filled and no more NEW Tasks can appear until you clear out some of the existing ones. In other words, if you have a lot of opened and unfinished Tasks hanging out, try to clear them out… see if more appear. 😉


  9. I got francine on my first try. Im not sure yet if im gonna go for it again. Id like to see more lists of who got what and in what order. The only one in the comments so far is halocrashing saying they got all the characters and no buildings. I doubt id have that luck.


  10. I got this but only found the rocket. I’ve never had the Smith family so I figured why not. Is this a glitch and how can I get what I was supposed to get? I did not get any of the characters 🙁


  11. Happy to see this since after the star trek characters the smiths were my top sorry I missed them from before I started the game.


  12. I got lucky with the Mystery Box this go around. I’ve been waiting for the return of the Smith family since I missed that event entirely. The box gave me Klaus, Steve, Francine, then Hayley in that order with no buildings. Now I just need to earn my way to Stan and hopefully see if they release Roger. If so, I can have the whole gang by the end of the event. Thank you TinyCo!


  13. Okay… I’m about to run through the deep trenches of my building inventory, but I am 99.9% sure I don’t have Lanceawart’s Board Games, uT its not showing me the Mystery Box… My GF was never a part of the original Smith Event and she didnt see this building in the mystrry box either. Was it maybe released at some other Event?


  14. While I like the characters, until there is more eland expansion, I do not need more buildings. Based on past boxes, the characters will probably be closest to the last thing awarded. If any of the items, other than characters, actually helped in the event, I might have tried a couple.


    • While you would like to place every building, that’s just unrealistic. Your phone would crash every time you opened a game with all available out and pounding on your processor. Also, if you could place every building, everyone’s places would look all the same. No one would have to pick favorites and display those, why have friends if you all have the same town?


  15. Why couldn’t it be just the characters I don’t have any of them and would of paid with clams, but I can see I will end up keep getting buildings and a stupid moon bounce. Shame.


  16. I want to get all the destroyed building skins, but my collection of toilet paper has slowed to a crawl because the collectors keep mutating… The acute syringe shortage means I’m having trouble even just keeping Bonnie unmutated to collect for Neil (she’s my only option for his knives). So the toilet paper collectors have low priority when I finally get a syringe. The ciggies are coming so slowly as a result of the syringe shortage also, since the mutants are a major source. If the situation doesn’t change then I’ll never get to Stan in time to unlock Commander Jesus, since he was accidentally triggered early. I’m generating smoke bombs all right thanks to Bonnie’s tip about extra furniture stores, but the rate-limiting step is now Stewie egg spawning.


  17. I have everything in there already, so it didn’t show up in my game. It is a little confusing, though, because I do get the messages announcing the mystery box, and when I couldn’t find it I thought my game was broken. Thanks for clearing up that mystery!


  18. Sorry, sidewalk Joe got expired… 😉

    Still need Stan and Roger though… Not sure it’s possible to get Stan in the upcoming weeks, when you play the event without spending clams…

    You would expect Roger to walk around those mutants somewhere soon… I hope… 🙂


  19. Great, I like American Dad and the characters…
    Are Roger and Stan also coming back to Quahog?
    Stan expired during this event 😦


  20. Too much needless junk. If they had all good prizes such as the Smith family and their house, I would go for it. But I don’t want to waste clams on the other stuff. Just not a gambler at heart. Why not at least make the house for game dollars?


  21. I am missing everything, as I only started playing the game during PeterPalooza. I am not that much into American Dad though, so I think I will just save my clams for something else.


  22. Thank you TC!!! I have been begging for the Smith family. Now just add Roger….lol.


  23. Boo, at TinyCo making the Smith’s House a Mystery Box prize. I want it, but I’m not going to chance 125 Clams on a 50/50 shot. The other prize is the Moon Bounce, but I don’t really want that.


  24. My mystery box shows one item available, The moon bounce. Guess that emphasizes a point I made the other day about how much easier events used to be for freemium players to complete lol

    Liked by 1 person

  25. I was so happy to see this!

    I got most of the stuff during the American Dad event, including the full Smith family. But I didn’t have their house, and it bugged me. So the box only had three prizes left in it, so I got $10 in clams, bought it twice, and got the house on my second try!


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