Boomsday 2016 Main Questline: Peterpocalypse Again (Phase 2)

It’s the End of the World as we know it… and I feel… TOTALLY FREAKED THE FRAK OUT!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Our town is now going to be overrun with Mutant Eggy Weggies, Mutant Stewies, Mutant Humans, and DARYL??!! Oh wait, no, that was the OTHER show. Get back in the house Carl! GET IN THE HOUSE!!

With the New Phases comes along a New Main Questline. One that will walk you through the different Main areas of the Event. For Phase/Week 2 the Questline is Peterpocalypse Again.

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Let’s take a look at Peterpocalypse Again and all you will encounter along the way.

For more information on Phase 1 of the Boomsday Event, go to the Main Event Page HERE.


Peterpocalypse Again Pt. 1
Peter Starts

Mutant Stewies Are Coming!: Tapping on “GO” will take you to the “Where There’s Smoke” Pop Up information area on the Mutant Stewies.
Have Clevemire Fold Their Weird Laundry: 6hrs, Earns 65 & 45xp
Clear 3 Mutant Eggs: Just tap on them to clear them and release up to 3 Mutant Stewies, Rewards +2CP for clearing each Egg Pile. 

Completed Task Reward: 1 Crisis PointCrisis Point & 1 Toilet PaperToilet Paper


Peterpocalypse Again Pt. 2
Peter Starts

Get 4 More Smoke Bombs: Clevemire Fold Their Weird Laundry OR Crater Warhead OR Buddy Cianci Junior High OR Furniture Store
Earn 3 More Cure Darts: Stan Burn Some Wood OR Peter Eat Other People’s Rations OR Neil Goldman Start Post-Apocalyptic A.V. Club OR Herbert Bathe in Dirty Puddles OR Sidewalk Joe Get Blocked OR Cure Dart Plant
Clear 4 Mutant Stewies: Depending on how many you release and corral, you need at least 1 Smoke Bomb to clear them.  

Completed Task Reward: 1Crisis Point Crisis Point & 1 Toilet PaperToilet Paper


Peterpocalypse Again Pt. 3
Mort Starts

Have Chris Squash Twinklies: 6hrs, Earns Family Guy Coin65 & 45xp
Create 3 Cure Guns: Requires 1 Cure Dart each and 45 minutes

Completed Task Reward: 1 Crisis PointCrisis Point & 1 Toilet PaperToilet Paper


Peterpocalypse Again Pt. 4
Peter Starts

Mutant Humans are Coming!: Tap on “GO” to be taken to the “MUTANTS ARE COMING” information pop up.
Save 3 Characters from Mutation: Takes 1 Cure Gun each (as soon as I triggered this Task, 3 Mutant Humans appeared on my Streets) 

Earn Cigarettes from Mutant Humans: Chance of +10 Per Mutant Human cleared (I got +10 from all 3 I cleared) 

Completed Task Reward: 3 Crisis PointCrisis Point & 2Toilet Paper Toilet Paper


Peterpocalypse Again Pt. 5
Lois Starts

Trade in Cigarettes for Twinklies: Tap on Twinkly Trading Post to see current trade options available to you 
Place the Build-A-Mutant- Bear Studio: Cost 26 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies  (Stockpile Tanker)

Completed Task Reward: 2 Crisis PointCrisis Point & 1Toilet Paper Toilet Paper


Peterpocalypse Again Pt. 6 
Peter Starts

Have Clevemire Become Body-Concious: 10hrs, Family Guy Coin90 & 59xp
Clear 4 Mutant Goldfish: Requires 1 Net Launcher each

Completed Task Reward: 2 Crisis PointCrisis Point & 1Toilet Paper Toilet Paper


Peterpocalypse Again Pt. 7
Peter Starts

Save 3 Characters from Mutation!: Requires 1 Cure Gun each
Place the Mayor Peter Statue: Cost 58 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies (Stockpile Tanker)

Completed Task Reward: 2 Crisis PointCrisis Point & 1Toilet Paper Toilet Paper


Peterpocalypse Again Pt. 8
Clevemire Starts

Have Armageddon Stan Look Sharp:  8hrs, Earns Family Guy Coin80 & 50xp 
Have Clevemire Go For a Run: 5hrs, Earns Family Guy Coin60 & 38xp 

Completed Task Reward: 2 Crisis PointCrisis Point & 1Toilet Paper Toilet Paper


Peterpocalypse Again Pt. 9
Clevemire Starts

Reach Crisis Level 8: You can see what Crisis Level you are currently on by looking at the Crisis Level Icon in the lower right corner of your game. 
Fortify the Power Plant Gates: ***coming Thursday with Phase 3***

***This is where the Questline will stop. Nothing more until next Thurdsay Evening when Phase 3 hits the game. ***


There you have it. The Main Questline that will bring you to the end of Phase 2 of the Boomsday Event.

Where are you on the Main Questline? Liking it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Let us know.



92 responses to “Boomsday 2016 Main Questline: Peterpocalypse Again (Phase 2)

  1. Characters turning mutant is part of the strategy. Just write down who’s doing what and you can time the cure darts, complete tasks, and earn plenty of cigarettes, and Stewie bucks, and clams.


  2. Phase two was harder but still doable. I accidentally started Commander Jesus right at the start too. I’ve gotten Stan and just need to 12 hours to complete his 6 hour job twice to get Jesus. I’ll skip the war truck, but I’ve been able to still make it and get everything it seems. All as a free mum player. Haven’t spent any clamps yet. I’m sure I may in phase 3 or 4


  3. Hey guys, let me know how phase 2 is going for you. I’m stuck in part 7 and I only have 4 building. What about you guys, if your progress are fast, give me tips on how you get by on the game


  4. Boy did I make a mistake with Jesus haha.
    I was looking through the ways to get certain items in game and one of them said “commander jesus”. Me, being silly, thought “is that the football costume for Jesus?”. So I clicked on go… Boom 7day timer.
    I thought I had a chance of making it, but I’m probably going to need a day to do Stan’s tasks which means I had 6 days to unlock him. Not looking good, atm I have to collect 60twinkies for the egg pit thingy.
    Not sure if there’s a trick to getting twinkies quicker, but right now I have 200+ water (still from the first week) so I just keep buying the first one when I have enough cigarettes. The cures are hard to come by with 1 every 7 hours, but I have noticed 8 egg batches seem to spawn every 6-8hours, so I made the standard maze and click on 4 batches at a time, so I get 3 smoke bombs every 6-8hours and only use 2. (Use the extra one if more spawn early)
    Not sure if theres a better way to earn cigarettes but thats my way. About 2/3 mutants and 8/12 batches of mutant Stewies every 8 hours.

    I always wondered why you don’t get a warning when you press ‘go’ “watch out timer”, but it’s my own fault, I should have checked here first haha.

    Remember when fremium players could earn the characters within their 7 day timer?
    Pepperidge farm remembers. 😉


  5. Got all the cloaks for Commander Jesus. Mutant Stewie continues to drop them but at a MUCH higher rate with less cigs.

    Also after taking out a mutant, before the character goes back to its place of origin it immediately turns back into a mutant again not allowing me to collect any items which they may be dropping. Very strange…


  6. I’ve messaged them about it but it annoys me that the most needed characters are turning into mutants (sometimes 2 times during an assigned job) with very few arrows available such as:


    All of those are needed for drops, I think Mayor West is as well but I can’t remember (he may just be a key for tan lines)

    I wish that TinyCo would research these things.


    • Remember that most new players only have those main characters… so there’s the dilemma. Players need Mutants to clear to play. They also need Characters to drop items. Catch 22. Just know they essentially turn back it seems.

      In meantime I’m requesting possibly other buildings to help drop darts

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      • Hi Bunny,

        I’m having an issue in my game where the mutant stewies are not dropping any cigarettes when I bomb them. I have done it several times today and each time, no cigarettes. I messaged TinyCo about it; waiting on response. Have you heard of anyone else having this issue?

        side note: just an fyi, I have collected all the lambswool needed for Commander Jesus, so those are no longer dropping (but I know that’s fine because I collected all I need).

        Thanks for all your help,


    • The timer keeps going while they’re mutants, you just can’t collect. So if they turn into a mutant while completing a task, wait until the full time has passed before curing them. Then you can collect.


  7. just logging for the record, I missed out on sidewalk Joe as as it was technically impossible to get him without spending clams for fish, now I have a challenge “Too Much Mutant to Bear PT2” – that requires him, so what am I meant to do ? just ignore this challenge ?

    Also my Strewie Mutant Squids have stopped spawning for over 36 hours now, so I can’t get anything for Jesus, and I’m struggling to get Twinkies as I can no longer spent water bottles, I have to spend water bottles + cigarettes – which I can’t get as mutant Stewies are not there.

    My game is pretty much on the slowest possible situation, as almost all my characters are mutants,

    Mayor West,
    Michael Myers
    Bonnie Swanson
    Mort Goldman

    so thats a ton of people not able to participate in anything including tan lines hotel.

    I take all day to get the syringes to fix them, and 45 minutes later they are all back as zombies again.

    This event was a fun event on paper, nice to get some new characters, but it has to be possible,

    without mutant Stewie it’s hard to get cigarettes and impossible to get Jesus and as you can’t just spend water like you could in part one this means no twinkles, which means no stan, which means no jesus.

    The concept of having a timeout player with side walk joe – but making it technically impossible in the time limit is mental, to then follow on with a quest that depend on you having the character you can’t get is just a waste.

    Very disappointed with this event, which on paper looked fun.


    • I will let this slide this one time, but in future, please keep all venting to the what the deuce posts. 😉

      As for that “challenge” it’s just a Side Questline and not critical to game or event. You can message them about it if you’d like.

      As to “spawning”, Mutant Stewies don’t spawn, eggs do. You need to check ALL roads for piles of eggs. Hidden and obstructed roads too. Tap on eggs to release Mutant Stewies


  8. Phase 1 was so easy I thought I would cruise thru the event. But then I had the stupid idea to stockpile my water instead of trading them in for twinkling and now I’m screwed because I can’t earn enough cigarettes. Over 700 water and 12 cigs! Then I accidently triggered Jesus not realizing he had a timer. If only I traded my water before phase 1 ended I’d be golden right now with a huge head start on the buildings. …oh well


  9. So I don’t even remember triggering Commander Jesus, I just saw the unlock icon and thought that it was an automatic thing that appeared. The timer I do not think had appeared straight away. I am now between 5 and 6 days left on his timer and I don’t think I will be able to get all of the items in time. We’re you supposed to have to repair something to trigger him like usual or was it just automatic? Any suggestions?


  10. Geoffrey T Payne

    Can the mutant stewie eggs be places other than next to the street? Do they commonly hide behind buildings? I haven’t seen many lately, I’m wondering if I should delete most of my streets and make sure all the areas next to them are visable


    • I would suggest removing all roads you can’t see and keep only a small patch.

      For now, use your Road placement screen to see where your roads currently are and then exit out to see if eggs are there hidden nearby


  11. I seem to be getting an error that no one else has gotten. Every time I load the game about 30 seconds goes by and an error comes up saying “can’t save building in bad position”. The game then reloads and the same thing happens. The game is impossible to play for me at the moment and I have contacted tinyco about ten times asking for help. I’m missing out on the event and have been searching online for someone with the same issue and how to stop it but can’t find anything. Any known solutions would be very helpful!!


  12. Oh well, another event ruined due to them making things too hard. The first week was enjoyable (which is what games like this are meant to be about) and i spent some clams for the first time in a long time, but now I’m stuck at a really slow pace due to how they have set up week 2. For me it just discourages me to bother spending clams and inend up spending less time on the game. I know they need people to spend money to give us good content but I’m sure people would rather do that if the game is enjoyable and not grinding?


  13. Currently I have about 350 water bottles and 5 cigarettes. Trading is no fun at all when the options always require cigarettes… anyone else having this problem?


  14. I’m with everyone else on the poor darts-to-mutants ratio. I even bought two of the premium items that drop darts,but they’re an 8 hour drop. I skipped concrete Joe because I somehow unknowingly activated the commando jesus timer and thought a new character would be better than a skin. Don’t have Neil yet because those lotions won’t drop, so it’s pretty much Peter and Stan plus the premium tons for darts. It’s a good thing I’m sitting on over 200 waters, since everyone who makes nets is mutated.

    On the bright side, New Quahog has a whole lot of furniture stores, hehe.

    Hope your health is improving, Bunny!


    • So far, Quagmire can collect nets without getting mutated. I took him off smoke bomb duty once I built enough furniture stores to drop plenty of them and am letting him collect nets instead.

      Feel your pain about the premature trigger of the Commander’s timer. That must have happened to practically all of us, I don’t even remember how it happened to me but I probably did the same as you. The good news is that I just finished collecting all the cloaks, they drop pretty fast if you keep clearing mutant Stewies. It’s easy to get three at once by detonating the smoke bomb right after trapping a pile of eggs. TinyCo must have realized that people who play this kind of game may not have the greatest speed and eye-to-hand coordination… The smoke has a big range and the little mutants scurrying away from the broken eggs conveniently freeze until the cloud reaches them. We really don’t even have to aim, although I do make sure the sight is centered on the eggs more or less.


  15. Two things I would like to address with this second phase of this event:

    1) The motorcycle helmets needed to earn the Apocalypse Peter skin. They are “rare” and can only be earned by one character – Neil Goldman. He has one chance to drop one once every 4 hours. Since they are rare, they only drop ocassionally. You also need to collect 32 of them.

    2) The Mutant Stewie eggs. I am finding them to be very hard to spot. Some of them have even been hidden or obscured behind some of my decorations (including tall buildings). I don’t have decorations / stuff everywhere in my game. Still, the only way I have been able to find the eggs is by tapping randomly over the game play area and “listening” for the cracking sound that the eggs make. It would be easier if there was a button or something that could take you straight to the eggs (so you know that you have any).


  16. Is anyone close to unlocking commander Jesus yet? He has a lot to unlock him in 6 days. I don’t even have sidewalk Joe, Armageddon stan, apocalypse peter or even neil.


    • As of today… as I tried to see what I could get in a short amount of time… I was about 40-50% collection for the majority of his items (rare items I am closer to about 35%). I am not in my game all the time, I am only in a few times to verify stats and collect between work and doctors visits. With the Mutant Stewie drops, I am around 48 for the Cloaks.

      I see it being doable minus Apocalypse Stan. How fast you unlock him really will depend on how often you are in your game, your drops, and how fast you are clearing the items to get to Stan. I would suggest just keep trying and see how far you get.


      • Yah, doable. I just unlocked him after using clams for Stan’s job. It seemed to take forever to get all the sheepskins.


      • I agree about the cloaks, they’ve been coming fast. The syringe shortage is cutting into collection of holy grenades and beard trimmers, since my two of my collectors keep mutating and I only have enough syringes to cure one of them every six hours at best. I still might make it because so far two other collectors have been spared and there are building drops.

        I only get two syringes every six hours at most. I have to use them on Bonnie to get Neil (who will help) and Carter or Mort (to collect trimmers and grenades respectively for the Commander). Bonnie and Carter or Mort all get mutated again very fast – I keep track of when their tasks are finished and then cure them, otherwise I’ll waste a syringe (except for the ciggie yield). All my net collectors who can be spared for that task are mutated except Peter, who is needed to get syringes. So they are staying mutated, along with some toilet tissue collectors. I get enough water from Chris, but those mutated fish are annoying and I can’t get rid of them. I’m vegetarian and allergic to seafood, but I’m getting so tempted to have a city-wide fish fry….

        If I finally get Neil and he keeps getting mutated- I will be ticked. He can’t help if he’s a mutant all the time and I don’t have enough syringes to keep all the collectors going at a proper pace even once Bonnie is no longer needed.

        The real problem is getting Stan in time to be able to do his tasks to unlock the Commander, since we were lured into unintentionally triggering the timer prematurely (the root problem here). I only have three of the buildings on the phase 2 page that lead to Stan. Ciggies collection is slow (limited by mutant Stewie spawn rate and syringe collection rate) and the number needed for a paltry amount of Twinklies is high. Most of the time I have no launchers in the queue to be built. So my mutated collectors have to wait until a syringe is available so they can yield ciggies and deliver their collected items. Was it this bad with the werewolves? I seem to remember being able to turn them back to normal much more frequently. Or have I blocked out the traumatic memory? (Oh, the horror!)


        • My Neil hasn’t been mutated, but his drop rate is not very good for me. Stan can help with the helmets; I wish we had extra help for the codpieces.


    • I have just over 50% of all the materials for Jesus except Stan’s. It’s not going to be possible to get Stan for me as a free player nevermind have him do his job twice within the next 5 days, unless something changes.

      I’ve played hourly but still need another 250 twinkies (58 + 72 + 120 twinkies) to release Stan yet I can only generate around 40 per day due to slow progress on cigarettes from the cure dart bottleneck.

      I’ll eventually use my stockpile up and run low on bottles too since most of the characters that earn nets are trapped as mutants for the majority of the time. Thankfully I can now use Quagmire for nets as his smoke bomb duties have been replaced by a furniture store farm.


    • Russian Tigger

      I’ve got 18/27 Holy Hand Grenades, 18/26 Beard Trimmers, 100/100 lambswool. All the drops have been good for me on CommanderJesus. But you need get the buildings from the Stockpile Tanker to get their drops asap. However I do go in and out the game maybe more than others due to my insomnia. But even without going in that much I think all the drops are achievable, the only delay for me will be unlocking Stan, I’m maybe 2 days away from getting him.

      I think it’s worth remembering Commander Jesus not a skin but a full playable character, whereas Sidewalk Joe is a skin. Incase you’re trying decide between the 2.

      Good luck.


    • He’s definitely doable as long as you weren’t like me and tapped on him early. The only problem is unlocking Stan in time, which, with the slow Cigarette grind is going to take more than 7 days. I’m at or better than 50% on all of the items right now, and show about 4 1/2 days left out of the 7. Lambswool I’ll probably have late tomorrow or the next day, at the rate it’s dropping. Then maybe all those drops will turn into Cigs and I might actually have a chance at getting Armageddon Stan without using Clams. Hope so, because right now I’m about 2 or 3 Mutants away from buying the Mutant Egg Hatchery. Which is not close.

      If you wait to tap on Cmdr Jesus until you’re an item or two before Armageddon Stan, then he should actually be fairly easy.

      What’s been successful for me on bombing Stewies is to have a small patch of road (no bigger than 3×3) and remove all the rest of the roadway. All the eggs will form there, and when you’re ready to harvest, remove all that road and rebuild it several tiles away. Then you have all the eggs in one compact place and no Mutants or Goldfish in the way. Tap 3 or 4 at a time, immediately bomb, and rack up the Cigs and Lambswool.

      If you need to target a specific Mutant, just temporarily build a patch of roadway a short ways away. The Mutants and Goldfish (and Sick Chris) will start walking back and forth between the areas, and you can pick off individual Mutants with ease. Just wipe the newer roadway when done, or if you have a fair number of eggs on the old patch, wipe it instead.


    • 4 days, 4.5 hours left.
      17/27 grenades
      16/26 trimmers
      48/100 wool
      0/2 on Stan’s part.

      Going by what I have and how long I have left I should be able to get the grenades, trimmers, wool done in time. I’ll have to pay the clams for Stan’s part though. With the very slow cigs its taken me days to get to 40/60 twinkies for the egg hatchery. I’ll most likely still be working on Peter’s statue when Jesus’s timer is done.


  17. Can’t believe that with the massive need for stewies to drop lambswool or cigarettes that they’re even allowed to drop NOTHING


    • I only get “nothing” once in a great while and usually only with just one or two being taken out. Otherwise it seems SOMETHING always drops from them.


    • Mutant Stewies are not the primary source of Cigs. That would be the Mutants, at 10 a pop. As for the Lambswool, that’s easier to farm than you would think. Just look for my earlier comment on farming Stewies.


  18. Bunny,
    I know this question has nothing to do with the Event, but I have a question about the Tan Lines Daily Quest pay out. Is the daily prize random for each player or all the same? If its random I’ve been doing great so far. I’ve gotten: 2 Clams (one a day), 1 Green Stewie Buck, and 1 Pink Stewie Buck.

    I would also love to see a thread for players to post their results so far for comparison.


  19. So my Build-A-Mutant- Bear Studio is not dropping the grenades for Jesus, not even showing that it drops them by chance. Is that suppose to be like that before triggering the timer on Commander Jesus or is it a bug? I already message Tiny Co ingame but i am still waiting for an answer. I’ve done the math and if the drop fails only once we’re done 😦 we have to start gathering before the timer gets triggered to stand a chance. Anyway thanks for this site and all the hard work, Bunny.


    • No. As your Character that needs them essentially does NOT exist in the game until you trigger him to activate, that Material essentially does not exist either. The Mutant Stewies are a bit different as I believe they coded them to always drop the items until you got them all, so some are reporting seeing the Cloaks prior to his activation. Make Sense?


      • Yes it does. So i’m going to wait a little more to get more close to stan and have more cloacks and then cross my fingers and hope the drops don’t fail. Thx again for the help. 🙂


    • If you have other characters farming the Cmdr Jesus items, then the buildings are sufficient. I unlocked both buildings after tapping CJ, and am well above pace to have all the items in that time (over half on most, over 2/3 on Lambswool, with 4 1/2 days left). Armageddon Stan is the only kicker. If you want to get a bit of a headstart, I would suggest sending the farming characters on those tasks, and waiting until all those tasks and both buildings are ready to collect before tapping him. Then you can immediately collect from the tasks and buildings, which will now be dropping the items.

      Just make sure you heal Mort and Carter when they get mutated. They seem to be the only ones susceptible who can drop CJ items.


  20. I got the Build-a-mutant but it won’t let me put ithe in my game. It’s in my inventory but anytime I try to place it my game crashes. Any suggestions. I have messaged support but haven’t heard back yet.


  21. It is going to take a whole lot of twinkles to get through to Stan and hence progress with the event! In phase 1 they were easy to get but not so anymore 😦 I assume as well as the teinkies wr then need collect stuff to get him. To get Commander Jesus we need to do all that and then have time left for a couple of tasks.

    Step up in difficulty from phase 1 is monumental! Just when we thought tinyCo had got the message about challenge/fun balance!


    • It will take getting a lil more used to, but I am finding that the Mutants and the Goldfish if I can get 2 of each every time they spawn, I can trade for at least one batch of twinklies. It is a bit more slow going it seems, but seeing how it plays out. Also watching the Mutants for bottlenecking and reporting all back to them.


  22. I’m having a hard time finding Stewie egg clusters; I’ve found only 5 total since update. Is a respawn rate available? Also could they be hiding behin tall buildings?


    • Check by any and all roads. Waiting on update on if spawns are specific


    • They form on roads, so remove any roadways that are blocked by buildings or decos. Ideally, you want to trim down the amount of roadway so that all the eggs form near each other. Then you can nail 9, 12, even 15 Stewies at a time (3 per egg clutch) if you’re lucky.

      Note that removing the roadway will not remove or move the eggs, so you may need to also remove some buildings to get to eggs that have already formed.


  23. Hello. I’m new to the game (I just started playing last month) and I just wanted to say thank you for this site. It’s been very helpful!

    I do have one question. I was really enjoying the game until yesterday, when most of my characters turned into mutants and became unplayable. I earned a few darts and cured two of them but those two just became mutants again a few hours later.

    Will it stay like this for the rest of the event? Do I have to wait 3 weeks for the event to end before I can start playing the game again?


    • I’m currently addressing issue with TinyCo of critical Characters changing. After the event they will stop… but I want to make sure game play isn’t impacted too much.


      • Exact same issue as the drive in event. But since each event is just a new skin of the previous event, I doubt they even think about the negative impact of the previous event’s workings before rehashing it as a new event.


        • So far… it is actually a lot more smoothly thought out than the past. Still a few hiccups, but here is the thing… Players ASKED for more Mutants. Asking for more they released more, then it backfires creating a bottleneck. I see this time and again, there may be times that making changes per Players requests actually hurt Players in long run more than help them.

          I can say this though, they are watching it closely as well as me. Players asked for more and got more Mutants. Now Players are bottlenecking and asking for more Dart options or other items to be relocated. It will be interesting to see what happens next. Overall, a much better Event even with the “same but new skin” idea on it. It’s impossible to know how something will play out until you actually have a million players in the midst of it. 🙂


  24. I think the mutated characters turn themselves back after an undetermined while… leastways, have noticed it happening…???…


  25. Just wanted to know if I buy mutant human Rupert do I get the original character or is this a separate character?


  26. Looks like the mutants are following the same pattern as the werewolves did. Yesterday i missed sidewalk Joe because I couldn’t find any to turn back so no cigs to use with my 200+ water for twinkies. Today I have about 10 of them wandering around that I can’t turn back because it takes forever to get a syringe.


    • Which also slows down everything depending on the mutated characters, such as getting Neil, Commander Jesus, and Stan….

      At least building more furniture stores as Bunny suggested is letting me easily pick off the mutant Stewies, since I can afford to use a smoke bomb on one or two mutants instead of waiting for a better chance. So I have more than 30 cloaks for the Commander. That is a stress reliever. I have five days left on Commander Jesus’ timer. Am nowhere near Stan…. And it might take a couple of days to get Neil (who can help with syringes) even though I only have a few items left to collect. Bonnie keeps mutating on me and she’s crucial for Neil. For one horrible moment when I couldn’t locate Herbert, I thought the TinyCo gods were cruel enough to mutate the one out of two characters who can collect syringes to cure the mutation! No, I found him.


  27. Question about the moonshine distillery. What’s the drop rate suppose to be? I’ve had it in game about 4 days now and checked my game non stop. I’ve had ONE shampoo drop last night (it says x2) and in games messaged them about not getting any for days +only getting one when I did and they’ve pretty much ignored it. At this rate I’m not even going to get Neil.


  28. Sweet Jesus.. almost ALL of my characters are mutant humans now and as getting darts is really limited I am progressing painfully slow… :/
    Anyone else has this problem?

    Als o I need some advice. I’ve got about 260 clams earned here and there my question is – which character should I buy?
    combo of Brain Damaged Horde – Tim Tucker or Rupert or maybe collect come more and get Consuela? Which characters tesnd to be more useful in the game?


  29. Any idea about when the Mutant Stewies will respawn? I’ve been sitting waiting for more for about 12 hours. Thanks


    • I don’t have a spawn time s it seems to vary. First response seemed forever… but then next seemed within 4 to 6 hrs. Seeing if I can get clarification


    • If it’s like previous events, then if you have a lot of Mutant Stewies running around, it might inhibit the spawning of new eggs, since there is bound to be an upper end to how many Mutant Stewies are possible, and the eggs seem to pretty consistently drop three at a time. Try to pick off some of the solitary Mutant Stewies and see if that helps to form more eggs. Keep in mind that you can corral them by tapping on them until they move in the direction you want.


  30. Hi

    Same problem as the last time characters turned into something. More and more of my chartacer a I need to gather items to unlock new chartacers are turning into mutants.

    I cannot remeber the last event that did this, but it is the same thing all over again. it just seems like they do not learn.


    • List names of one’s the are Critical drops for you that turned please.


      • For me, the crucial mutants are Bonnie (for Neil), Carter and Mort (for the Commander). I have only been able to keep Bonnie unmutated, but I finally have two syringes brewing. Getting Neil is important because he can help with syringes and the Commander. Who would have thought Neil would be so indispensable, he’s so full of himself.

        This wouldn’t be so aggravating if Commander Jesus’ timer hadn’t been so easy to trigger accidentally. I would have waited until I had Stan before triggering if I had a choice. Then it would have been feasible to collect the other things in a week. I have five days left on that stupid timer and the only items I’ve been able to get on the journey toward Stan were the first two, bought with the Twinklies I collected in Phase 1 (I skipped Joe). I’m getting close to buying the city hall, but it’s hard to imagine I can get to Stan in time to get the Commander.

        So far Brian and Bruce (needed for the Commander) and Joe (needed for Neil and the Commander) have been left unscathed. Knock on radiation-exposed wood…

        Toilet paper is in short supply due to the collectors all mutated except for the 24 hour taskers, but I suppose I can live without the building skins I need them for. Not as much fun that way, though.


      • Also I have a nagging feeling that Seamus is important for something, but he’s been a mutant so long I forget what it is…. Don’t know if it is related to this event. Can’t locate anything about any tasks for him.

        Wish it was easier to just find out who does what in a single simple list of all characters and buildings used for each event. I can’t easily search in pages on the phone. TinyCo really should put a list like that in their in-game faqs for each event especially if they are making them inaccessible by turning them into mutants or werewolves… They want to encourage people to store things to make the game run better, but then we need to know who/what to pull out for an event and shouldn’t have to try to find the info outside the game.


        • Seamus only helps with Tan Lines Keys… so not critical as Tan Lines is a permanent District.

          Are you saying you want me to make a list of all the drops? Lol 😉


          • No, you have enough to do! That kind of a master list for each event is something TinyCo really should do as a routine part of their in-game faq. The info and advice you provide is great, but the game should be able to stand alone without the need to visit sites like this. At the moment, their faq often does not even indicate who can collect items when answering a question. They’ve been improving, but a centralized list would help a lot and would be easy to update as they make changes. They must have one somewhere (such as for tech support), they just need to share.


  31. I noticed something with this Questline worth noting… Part 3 requires 3 cure guns to be made, but mutants don’t start showing til Part 4. I had made 4 Cure guns BEFORE part 3 srarted. If I had made 6 or more, making it impossible to make 3 more without using at least 1 of them due to the 8 limit, I would have been forced to buy the stans RV thing to expand my neutralization stand. The 4 I already created had not counted toward the questline. Basically, I almost “quest-locked” myself! Bad loop quest coding TinyCo. 😛


  32. Mutants make the game almost unplayable since they prevent characters from paying out until you dart them. I’ve got 8 mutants running around, and can make maybe 3 dart launchers in 4 hours. You can never get ahead since as soon as you dart one, one of your other characters will turn. Almost impossible to get Neil Goldman, Commander Jesus, and Apocalypse Peter now since too many characters are mutated.


  33. I desperately need more ways to get cure darts. With only Peter and Herbert able to help, it’s the warewolf problem all over again. I have 8 characters stuck as mutants, so hardly ever getting any drops from them as it’s not possible to make anywhere near enough cure guns. The only way I have any hope of making up for this bottleneck is going to be a huge furniture store farm.


  34. Another Questline that so far for me is running concurrent with my other tasks. Liking this change in way they are doing main Questlines. It’s great when you know our feedback, comments and this blog see positive changes made to the game. I hope it also gives you encouragement to keep the posts coming Bunny as I knows it’s tough for you health wise just now


    • Doing my best to keep up. I feel awful I’m not on it as much as I used to be, but I know people will need/want the details to help them… so working as much as I can when I can. 🙂


      • Don’t worry about us. We’ll survive… Your health is much higher priority. I’m amazed at how much you manage to do, now and before.

        Does your doc have wifi? 🙂


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