Boomsday Next Phase Coming Later

Hey there Mutants!

With the New Phase 3 set to hit our games later this evening, I just wanted to go over a few things really quickly to help you prepare.

Take a look below for some details.


Apocalypse Peter


Power Plant Gates

We left off on the Main Questline for Phase 2 by waiting for the ability to Fortify the Gates again. Sometime today, for those at Part 9 AND on Crisis Level 8, you will see an icon pop up over the Gates to complete out the Main Questline and wait for Phase 3 to launch.

Peterpocalypse Again Pt. 9
Clevemire Starts

Reach Crisis Level 8: You can see what Crisis Level you are currently on by looking at the Crisis Level Icon in the lower right corner of your game. 
Fortify the Power Plant Gates: ***coming Thursday with Phase 3***

Now just because you can fortify them does NOT mean Phase 3 is live. The two usually hit separately. Watch instead for a post here notating the New Phase has hit the games.



For those that have NOT triggered him, no worries. You have til the end of the Event (or end of his timer, whatever comes first)  to start his timer and complete gaining his items. Now for those that HAVE started his timer, you have until the timer runs out to collect the items for him and get him live in the game.

If you are not able to unlock him and the timer runs out, he will leave the game and not return.

FYI: For his requirement for Stan’s Task, the 75 Clams Buy out is to FULLY bypass the requirement. It means you pay the 75 Clams and that requirement is completed.

Commander JesusCommander Jesus: Fully tasked, Comes with a Questline, 6hrs Task for Ornamental Skulls, is NOT voiced
Holy Hand Grenade27 Holy Hand Grenades (Common): Build a Mutant Bear Studio (Stockpile Tanker OR Mort Obsessively Count Twinkies OR Neil Goldman Clean Retainer OR Joe Investigate Sources of Prank Calls OR Brian Fact-Check on the Internet
Beard Trimmers26 Beard Trimmers (Uncommon): Destroyed Library (Stockpile Tanker) OR Bruce Be a Leatherworker OR Carter Mistreat Minimum Wage Employees
Lambswool Cloak100 Lambswool Cloaks (Rare): Mutant Stewies
Armageddon StanHave Armageddon Stan Smith Carefully Go to the Bathroom (Twice): 6hrs




Mutant Stewie Egg PilesGiant Stewie


There was a change in the spawn to help Players get through the Weekly Challenge. This also impacted Cigarette drops for some. For those it did impact, please contact TinyCo.

For everyone else… I was told once the Weekly Challenge was over, the spawns go back to “Normal” as they were before. If you are not seeing this, please let me know and contact them too.




Mutant Human

Just a quick review on the Mutant Humans, they MUST be in the Kill Zone and MUST be purple before you launch that dart to take them out. Ensure they are walking INTO the Kill Zone and not out or you may miss. They must be purple and stay purple for the Cure Dart Guns to hit their target.

Mutant Human Kill Zone

Cure DartCure Dart: Stan Burn Some Wood OR Peter Eat Other People’s Rations OR Neil Goldman Start Post-Apocalyptic A.V. Club OR Herbert Bathe in Dirty Puddles OR Sidewalk Joe Get Blocked OR Cure Dart Plant



Alien Alien EggCure Dart

Also speaking of Cure Darts, it looks like Alien has been added as a drop point for Cure Darts. Stalk the Predator. For those that had Alien already, you may have sent them on the Toilet Paper Task.

For those that do not have Alien, let me know if you see Alien or other Alien items in your Shopping Cart menu (feel free to post or email me pics of Alien as I already have it).

Speaking of Alien, many of us (including me) also had his Questline restart, Man’s Best Friend. If you do not have the additional items for Alien and the questline stalls, let TinyCo know. Otherwise you may see some of the items pop up as you reach them in the Questline in your Shopping Cart Menu.

Items like the Nostromo.



UPDATE: Thanks everyone for the emails. I was able to forward the images to TinyCo. A patch was sent to ensure Nostromo was for coins as it was intended and NOT Twinklies. If you paid Twinklies for it, please message them right away. It SHOULD be $500.

Alien & the Egg are 200 Clams.



Neutralization Station

I am not sure yet WHAT if anything will be added here, but as soon as Phase 3 goes live I will update.




Twinkly Trading Post

A New item WILL be added to the Trading Post. I am assuming it is the next one in line.

Gas Can? Gas Can

As there is no way of knowing just WHAT the exchange will be, use caution if you are hoarding Water Bottles or Cigarettes as I am not sure there exact “usefullness” until the Phase 3 content goes live. Once it does, I will do what I can to post what I see for exchanges as I go through it.

Water BottleWater Bottles (Always): Clear Mutant Goldfish OR Help Chris Recover from Radiation Sickeness (requires Clevemire) OR Endless Water Tower

CigarettesCigarettes: Bomb Mutant Stewies (Chance) OR Return a Mutant Human back to Normal (Always) OR Mr. Ciggy (Always)


Stockpile Tanker


With new items hitting and New Questlines, watch what they trigger… ANYTHING taking you to the Stockpile Tanker will start timers that are in there and at point of activation… so be VERY careful what you tap “GO” on.


There you have it, the Basics of things to look out for as we wait for Phase 3 to launch. Time wise? I do not know. Usually they hit between 6-9PM Pacific Time.

Looking forward to Phase 3? Any items you hope will release? Any Characters you really want? Let us know.


91 responses to “Boomsday Next Phase Coming Later

  1. I still haven’t gotten Apocalypse Peter yet due to the drop rate of motorcycle helmets, need 23 more, what’s up with that?!!!


  2. Ok so Iv got apocalypse Peter. I got Jesus. Iv got Neil. Iv got soooo many trash cans around the place. I have all the things in the Twinkie shop. Yet to get to the next phase I have to be at level 8. I’m only half way through level 7. By time I get to level 8 half of the week is going to be up. The timer on the new guy started all on ts own so that’s running down quickly where I won’t be able to get him. Any ideas on how to raise my level a bit quicker?


  3. Daniel Rodriguez

    There are thing im not liking sbout this event.
    First-too many charactets to unlock st the same time along eith all the characters quests.
    Second-some items are inly dropped by 1 character, ie. Helmets by neil goldman, this will take a while.
    Third-mutant dtewies dont always drop cigs, which takes longer to get twinklies.

    Looks like tiny tried to cram too many questlines into one event.
    Just saying


  4. I messaged tiny co..(no response), I don’t have the red van in my cart, any ideas?

    Do you know what the battle chicks are? Npc walking characters?
    Are the twinkies easier to get in phase 3, or should I hold off now that I have Stan & alien collecting darts?
    Thanks bunny


    • Van won’t show until Hayley needs it for her Questline

      I don’t have them yet. LOTS of Twinklies needed for them. Per others just a deco.

      Seems more options to trade to me in 3 then 2. But you will need Gasoline.


  5. Has anyone else seen this. I tapped on the mutant Stewie egg piles and no Stewies came out. I waited a few minutes and some more piles appeared. I opened all of them, but again, no Stewies. I did get the points, but no one to bomb and get cigs from. And there are very few around my town since I bomb them too. Any ideas?


    • Keep checking. They hide EVERY WHERE. Use the “go” option on Cigarettes drop down in TWINKLY TRADING POST to find all of them.

      30 max in game. If you max… no more show up


  6. Looks like the Cig drop rate from the Mutant Stewies is not quite back to what it was (currently about 1 out of 3, which is better than it was), however, each clutch of eggs now drops 6 Mutant Stewies rather than 3, so the overall Cig drop rate per clutch of eggs is pretty much back to normal. Have yet to actually start Phase III (managed to get Apocalypse Stan and am currently running his Commander Jesus tasks to get the speed up cost down before the timer runs out), so I guess I’ll see if this carries over to once the actually Phase starts.


  7. The mutant Stewie drops of ciggies seem to be back to normal for me now, knock on rotted wood. They had been close to zero since sometime this afternoon.

    I do see stray Stewies running around even though I always get three Stewies from the egg piles and there is no hint of an escapee. So maybe they are being released from the gate still. I finished the clear 150 mutant Stewies challenge long ago.

    I’m midway through level 7, only have about 30 Twinklies collected for Stan out of 120 needed. Have Neil, paid 75 clams for Commander Jesus. Not working on Peter’s ridiculous skin at the moment…. Using Neil for syringes instead.


  8. Am i reading this right? 32 rare motorcycle helmets that can only be gotten from Neal Goldman?


  9. I do not have Rupert…won him in that event but never got it. If I purchase Mutant Human Rupert, is it a skin awaiting purchase of Rupert, or is it the whole enchilada?


    • If you won him… check inventory for Buildings and Characters or even the ALL tab for him and his salon.

      As for this Event, Mutant is a new Character


  10. I’m still saving 4 the war truck…. It seems like a lot of Twinkies for a truck? Does anyone have it yet? If so is it just a moving decoration/decoration or does it actually do anything towards the game? Thank you.


  11. They have changed the cigarette payout to say “chance” now for mutant stewies. I messaged them this morning about it saying always and then not dropping many and instead of replying they deleted my conversation with them (which is frankly just rude) and now it’s updated to say chance.


    • Thing is… it has always been “chance” for the Mutants, hence why it is noted as such in my many posts on the site. At one time it did say it, I think they fixed something else and it caused it to go away so it no longer had the (chance) in the description.


    • If you go to the list for ciggies in the Twinkly Trading Post, it does not say ( chance) if you are just looking at the list AND no free Stewies are running around town. The (chance) after the Stewie clearing task (with no helpful indication of whether it’s common, uncommon, or rare anywhere there or elsewhere – I think it’s actually rare myself, fluctuating with uncommon depending on the phase of the moon) appears ONLY if there are free Stewies to clear. This is where the confusion comes from – usually when I looked at the list, (chance) was not there because I had already cleared all the Stewies. They should put that or better the rare designation after the task in the list all the time. People do check such lists to plan. And we really do need to know how much of a chance we have, so (chance) is pretty useless. We need to know common, uncommon, rare, extra-rare, forget-it-you’re-sunk…. They would save a lot of time on tech support for Stewie mutant issues if they did this.


  12. Question, is the alien a fully tasked character? I assumed it wasn’t because it says he drops money and experience every 8 hours. If it is, I want it!
    I am almost level 8, 101 twinklies into getting stan, got the challenge done this morning (phew!) And haven’t touched commander Jesus yet. All in all I feel pretty good about where I am in this one. Still grumbling about not getting giant chicken in the last event. Grr.


  13. I’m about 3/4 through level 7 (my guess as it is not a true reflective status bar) and have Stan & Cmdr Jesus and several buildings. I usually hit the required level by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. I have bought several dead trees & trash cans to help boost level. Haven’t focused much on side quests so that may be a factor with the slow level up.
    Gotta say I’m not fond of the changes made this week to mutant stewies. The eggs sometimes take several taps to release stewies and the payout has become terrible.

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    • For the Eggs, try tapping the TOPS of the smoke piles. That seems to help trigger them better for me.

      As for the Level, message them please. I did and asked them to look at adjustment, but players actually having the struggle messaging in will help too. 🙂

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      • This works well for me, too. One of the problems I’ve seen with tapping with too many eggs nearby is that the Stewies and the CP Token take precedence over the eggs, so you have to tap to clear/avoid those before you can open another set of eggs. Since both of those drop from the location of the eggs, tapping the plume above them helps to avoid it. Not completely, since there is a radius around your tap which will collect any dropped items or cash, but at least the Stewies don’t get in your way as much.


  14. I had 2.5 days left to get Commander Jesus with only Stan’s task left to unlock him. Since they don’t preview costs in tanker (I had to get the two items before Stan unlocked for purchase). It had taken about 1.5 days. I then did the math and realized there was no way to to get Stan’s skin and also do two tasks, so I dropped the 75 clams. I think this is because Peter’s numbers are too large for the resources to get him. I know Neil has a dart task, but I have had him on getting those helmets since last Thursday night and I only have 11 of the 32 needed (with Stan’s skin having the only other task) and I have been doing immediate turnover (collect and retask every 4 hrs.). The Mohawk wax is 0 for 8 ultra-rare and since I unlock building have been on 2hr. turnover. If I was able to send Neil on Darts task I think I would have had enough twinkies to have had CJ without a Clam layout. (I know I could have sent him, but I was operating on Peter being the key character for this phase).


    • I risked the opposite and had Neil on Dart duty, and was able to get Apocalypse Stan this afternoon (with about 10hr left on the timer). Ran Stan’s CJ task once already and am running it one more time right now, fully intending to speed it up about 20-30 min before the timer runs out. I’ve made my peace with the idea that Apocalypse Peter might be more helpful next Phase, but to be honest, the Mohawk Wax drop rate is so abysmal (I have *one* after buying the building late night before last) that I’ll probably have the Helmets done first. With Alien now another option for Darts, and them likely not being quite as important next Phase (much like Nets this Phase), I’ve moved Neil over to Helmet duty, and will be adding Stan once his quest progression task is done.


  15. I’m still stuck at crisis level 7, a few items off getting stanew and got 500 odd water store which is useless without matches to go with it. I’m kicking myself for not trading it all in during phase 1 😭


    • Message them please where you are.


    • To be honest, you probably didn’t miss too much unless you had most of those stockpiled before Phase II. I used up nearly all of mine before the Phase hit, enough to be one trade away from the second item in the list, and I don’t think I’ve been below 150 Water Bottles at any point in the last four or five days, even with ignoring the mutated Lois and Jerome and sending Mort and Quagmire on other tasks for most of that time.


  16. I wish there was a way to keep the ground appearance from changing back after the event. I kinda want to keep my quahog in apocalypse mode.


    • Lol. Me too. I am REALLY liking the look. Would prefer it, then “grass” patches to add if I want as my town is destroyed looking most the time. 🙂


  17. I love that they brought the Xenomorph back now since he was released long before I started the game. I was doubting whether to get Human Rupert or the Brain Damaged Horse with my visit clams but I’m glad I didn’t. 🙂


    • If you were to come back to having the choice, get Human Rupert. He has been used in many events. The horse quickly loses its appeal.


  18. Been playing religiously as normal, collecting regularly and currently,trying to unlock the building just before Stan…..but only two thirds the way through level 6. Been in this level forever it seems. Barely moves. How,the heck I’ll get to level 8 Imahve no idea. Nothing more I can do!


  19. If you cannot go to the stockpile tanker when phase 3 starts without possibly activating another of those annoying ‘no warning timers’ (that basically turn something into a premium unlock), how can you unlock Stan once you eventually get enough darts/twinkles??


    • If you are unlocking Stan, why would you have a timer? Stan isn’t timed, only the item after him. I am regarding items that ARE timed. So if someone is still on Joe, or the War Truck and waiting to start the timer THOSE are the ones that need to use caution in case something takes them there. Make sense?


      • Only thing I can think of is that he might mean the way you mentioned in the previous post how some people were accidentally starting the time on Cmdr Jesus by inadvertently selecting his task to drop items for Apocalypse Peter. That’s not in the Stockpile Tanker though, but in Al’s. Stockpile Tanker should be safe to visit unless you’ve just unlocked the item before a “Freaking Hard” item.

        Though I did notice that the War Truck has a completion task this time. Clicking on it takes you to the Tanker and starts the clock. Don’t know what bypassing it does, though I imagine it doesn’t start the clock. Good thing I didn’t want it, eh? ^_^


  20. 10h left on the clock for commander Jesus. Really should have had a warning. I want tinyco to fix this! If I knew it had a timer I would have started it later and I could have gotten it. Don’t feel like spending 75 clams on a character just because I got screwed over by the game.


    • Sorry. You should know by now those “warnings” are in their FAQs and not in the active game. Or from me here.


      • There is no warning about how easy it is to trigger Commander Jesus’ timer in the in-game faq. I don’t recall even seeing any hint in the area, which is not really where I would have been poking around independently.

        The game should be completely playable without visiting third-party sites long enough after the start so someone can warn you about such things.

        All they need to do is put a buffer between the actual start of a timer and any action that sends you to the place. They do this with using clams for speeding up tasks or putting items in inventory. They can do it for timers, and they did it for Meg’s friends trapped in cars in the horror movie event (they also had an exclamation point above them; in contrast, there was no hint at the Commander’s site, he just popped up after being invisible and the timer started). They just have to understand how demoralizing it is to feel tricked into starting a timer without being prepared for it. Once they give priority to actually fixing the problem, it will be fixed. But first they have to believe that it is a serious problem that affects how people feel about playing the game. I’m still ticked about it and I’m a Pollyanna by nature.



          I think the only “downside” is we as players have it ingrained in our heads to Tap first, ask questions later. So…. many just blindly tap tap tap. I know this one would’ve been nice to know, but it was much like the Stockpile Tanker in that you can tap and trigger something right away, unless you saw the stats in the game FAQ.

          I get it is not ideal, but “surprises” have been in games since games existed. At least now we have the option to actually save our games so we can start where we left off, but many elements of gaming are still around. Not just this game either.

          All these Game Houses in the end are a Business and like a Business they must function on surviving and providing to keep the company alive, so those “panic” options and “teasers” of premium elements will always be there. Each does it a lil different, but in the end… all the same purpose… making money to keep the game going and the Game House alive.

          I myself play games without tutorials or manuals, I play by learning, by just jumping in. I like those “hidden elements” as I have dealt with them for so many years in gaming they have become expected. I play this game by learning. TinyCo does not have a complete breakdown of everything like I post on the site, but I know many do like the “help and tutorials” and seek it out. You can still find basics from TinyCo, just not as in depth.

          This has not nor ever will be an easy game. It will always be challenging. I for one appreciate they even offer all the inside info they do. The OTHER game we write on does NOTHING like it at all and many players without that site of ours would be clueless of all the ins and outs.

          It’s about choice, choose to play and know surprises WILL be there. Or choose to let someone else play it first and report. 🙂


          • I doubt that the timer for Commander Jesus was intended to be such a complete surprise that it would prevent freemium players from getting him. Although the effect is to feel tricked (they did set things up to lure you into doing what would trigger the timer, removing real choice), since I have some programming experience I feel it really is just poor programming. They’ve learned not to trick people into paying clams unaware, so they’ve incorporated buffers. They can and should do it with any timers as well. They want playing the game to be a pleasant experience, and people get really cranky if they feel tricked out of an opportunity to do something that they could have managed with a little warning. The fact that they did take the trouble to put a buffer into the game for the Meg’s friends timers means they know how to do it and somebody thought it was important in that event. They just need to make it routine so no timer gets coded without an appropriate way to cancel if not ready or if the cat or two year old human tapped something. This is basically a town-building game and not a game amenable to those kinds of “surprises”, no matter how much you yourself like them. Many of us obviously dislike them intensely and it interferes with our enjoyment of the game.


            • I struggle to comprehend this discussion to be honest. Surely the timer is there exactly for this reason- to make it very difficult/impossible to get the character! So why would TinyCo want to warn everybody about it? The whole purpose of the timer is not that people don’t click on it until the last day, but that they trigger it early and are under pressure to complete before the timer runs out.


    • TBH, I’m sure it is technically possible to get CJ even if you started his task early. I started it a little after 11pm last Thursday, and am currently on the second run of the Apocalypse Stan task and will be speeding it up for the last 3hr or so in order to get CJ in time. Had all the other items days ago. I think I probably could have picked up at least an extra 3hr of time in the last week without too much trouble (and saved myself 6 or 7 Clams) if I’d been a little more diligent with my Bomb and Dart pickups. And that’s with 6 or 7 hours of sleep each night.

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  21. I’m behind, won’t see this for awhile.

    Do ash cans and trees (for toilet paper) still give CP? The last ones I placed didn’t seem to do anything.


    • Make sure that you don’t have ANY in storage. It always pulls from Inventory first to avoid buying items you already have. Pull them all out… THEN get more.


  22. Hey Bunny,

    I’m super behind. I’m stuck on pt 7, I’m now working on the 4th building before I get Peter status to move on. I’m stuck in getting Neil. I need one last item and Joe barely drop that item. Now I can’t even finish the 2nd challenge because stewie eggs doesn’t have any stewie mutants. I don’t know what else to do. I was doing great on phase one and never stop playing on phase 2. I play more than 5 times a day and I just don’t understand why im so being in the game.


  23. Hey Bunny,

    I’ve noticed that the stewie eggs stopped to produce stewie mutant. That happened in 3 differents occasion which is messing up my chance to win the 2nd challenge. I contacted Tiny Co. Still haven’t heard from them yet.


  24. Going to be a while before I see phase 3 since I’m only halfway through the twinkies to get the building before Stan.


  25. It looks like Mutant Stewie drop rates have changed yet again. For me there is now zero cigarette payout if I kill less than four, I get around one-two for four, and from there on the numbers go up. I just got six packs for killing ten. I have tried this with about fifteen bombs at all sorts of Stewie numbers throughout the last few hours (I had huge amounts of bombs from my ten furniture stores to play with).

    I think what they have done is stop people from simply tapping an egg nest and immediately bombing it which is why three or four (or less than that) Stewies don’t give a payout. So this makes it a little more difficult to get something from the Stewies.

    But that’s fine for me, I’m currently 18 twinkies away from Stan and have only triggered Jesus yesterday so I should easily get him.

    BUT I’m also only halfway through CP level seven, although this is a good thing as it will prevent week three to hit (and make twinkie gaining more difficult I’m sure!) before I complete getting Stan and Jesus…


    • I think it’s just that they glitched the drop rate again. The drop rates were normal for me this morning. Slow but normal. Checked in just now and six piles of eggs produced a grand total of 2 packs of ciggies. Both came from single piles of eggs, so I think it was just a coincidence that you were getting only from multiple piles. I detonated two piles at once with nothing (six Stewies).

      Fortunately I did the math this morning and realized getting Stan in time to get Jesus was impossible (timer triggered prematurely thanks to being lured to go to the area with no warning). I wanted the character so I paid the 75 clams to bypass Stan’s task. I’ll keep smoke bombing Stewies and turning mutants and saving Chris for fun periodically, but won’t care if I get any further in this event and won’t bother checking except to get free clams from my beloved clam TV. The drop rates for essential items are just too low for me, and for the ciggies, they are actually likely to decrease even further with no warning, don’t know why but there must be some major glitch in the programming somewhere. I don’t think it’s intentional. The ciggie drops have apparently been improperly linked to other things happening in the game and not really “dropping as intended”. The numbers don’t add up for that. But I think TinyCo must have its hands full already focusing on problems that are preventing some people from playing the game (I’ve had no trouble on iOS), so they are just not giving priority to dealing with the ciggie problem. They do listen and try to improve things, though, so it’s worth messaging them about such observations. If they don’t know about it then they really can’t be expected to fix it.


  26. The Problem Child

    Nostromo now shows up at 500 coins.


  27. This extra game is lame I hate it when they take players away and make it tough to get them back. I had to reset my game and lost several extra people I had like Alice Cooper and Death, Had to start over. Spent over $100 and Tiny Co never replied to any of my 7 emails

    Love the game but please help your players out


    • ??? Not sure as to what you are trying to get to here.

      Just an FYI, this site is from the Addicts. HI! 🙂

      If you lost a game, usually TinyCo can try to recover it (that of course also depends on whether or not you had it saved to an email or Facebook. If not, it can take an extended time to sift through over a million games to locate yours). Best method is to email them or message them from the newer game to see if they can recover the old. But again, it will take time. Anything you can send them will help. Like screenshots of your Player ID or opening Splash Screen. Level, Current COin & Clam Count, etc. ANYTHING that would signify it as YOUR game.


  28. Nostromo is showing in my cart as 500 Twinklys. Hope that’s an error and they change it, I haven’t even got halfway through screen 2 of goodies haha!


  29. Commander Jesus not being voiced was kind of a deal breaker for me. I was unaware of the timer until it started, and I only yesterday got the mutant stockpile of eggs, so I’m not going to spend the clams for him.

    It’s was also a struggle to get Neil unlocked and it’s turning out to be more difficult to get Armaggedon Peter , unless he is supposed to take a lot of time/effort to get? Not worried, just wondering.

    Not really liking the mutant Stewies this time around, and I definitely wish the darts had 4 hour tasks, but oh well.

    Otherwise, an okay event.

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    • All good feedback I will pass on. I see Peter as something taking a bit. Especially since Stan drops an item for him. It’s like Stan was meant to get first, then Peter.


  30. Fat Guy Strangler

    Alien with Alien Egg is available to buy for 200 clams if you don’t have it.

    I’m about 30 clams away so I might buy it if I can save up enough by the end of the event. Is it voiced?


    • Can you email me an image of it for the site?

      it does “screech”


    • It might not be there at the end of the event – I’m assuming the Alien-related stuff is leading up to “Alien Day” on 26 April (4/26), so I doubt it’s tied in to the main event. This is obviously just speculation on my part, for the Alien Questline I need to buy the Nostromo for 500 Twinklys rather than cash or clams, so maybe they’ll stick around for people to spend any “spare” (hahahahaha) Twinklys on…


    • It appears the Nostromo error has been corrected. Still, if you want The Alien, personally I would pick it up before next Tuesday, even if you have to drop a couple of bits on a small box of clams. Of course, personal choice and all that. The decision is yours 🙂


  31. Bunny, I have the main quest completed, have Clevemire, Neil, Commander Jesus and Apocalypse Stan, have all the building skins and have spent all my toilet paper on ash cans and I am still only part way through level seven on the meter. Am I missing something very obvious? There is no way I will be at level 8 tonight. I have every building up through both phases from the tanker so I think I have everything in the game that will increase my crisis level, yet I am still short as the third phase approaches. Are others lagging behind as well?


    • Hmmmm not sure, but if many of you are still behind… please let me know so I can pass it on. I have not seen any at all complain of the CP Levels.

      For now, decorations help give a boost. Other than that… the higher boosts are the Clam Buildings. Mainly I have been getting mine from Mutant Stewie/Eggs, Character Tasks, Questlines, and Buildings outside the Decorations.


      • Thanks. I always seem to lag a little behind but I don’t think I should have to spend clams just to advance in a phase when I am playing right along and progressing to the max level. I have not done much with character tasks since they all are so busy with other tasks to keep the production of twinklies going so maybe that is where I am falling behind.


        • I agree, do NOT spend Clams unless you want. Find other ways to “boost” instead or wait and see with Phase 3 if TinyCo adjusts it automatically.


          • I don’t have the clams to really spend. I am spending the toilet paper as quickly as I get it to help which I usually wouldn’t do but after getting banned from the Christmas leaderboard for spending all my event currency at the end and getting flagged and banned for everything since, I am now meting it out gradually in case a leaderboard pops up during one of these phases and the ban has been removed.


            • This is one of the best ideas I have seen but I think it is ridiculous that we have to “mete” out our spending of event currency so we don’t get banned from the game. We all know that there is a possibility of mystery boxes and I don’t want to have to spend all my toilet paper and miss out on that just so I don’t remain banned. Makes me mad that I remain banned and TinyCo has nothing to acknowledge that perhaps it made an error and rushed to judgment and has never even reviewed my account. That last post hasn’t been updated in more than a month so I am guessing it is just a dead issue and we as players have no more say about it. We just have to suck it up even though more of us were in the right than the wrong.


              • Totally a trust issue — Tinyco lost it in the player base a long time ago and now the players have no trust in Tinyco because of the way this has been handled. I know we are all supposed to be quiet about it since it was four months ago and there are many in decision-making positions who want it to all go away, but a lot of us haven’t forgotten. The fact that Tinyco has never even responded to many about the requests for a review of player’s games speaks volumes. There was some hope after Russian Tiger got her game restored, but has one other person received the same courtesy?


                • Same here, they falsely banned me during the Star Trek return event and never responded to any of my messages or awarded the prizes that I legitimately won. I would’ve been placed approx 250 on the leaderboard.

                  I consider it ironic that they push players so very hard to spend clams to achieve goals in the game, yet personally I would regard that as cheating as for me the sense of achievement comes from playing the game as-is rather than simply paying to progress. They’re not getting 75 of my clams for Commander Jesus; they get a disgruntled player instead.

                  It makes me sad that much of the game is no longer achievable without paying, even with intensive and disciplined grinding; sooner or later the frustration with the impossible goals will simply make me give up and stop playing.


      • I’m also at halfway through Level 7. I have all the buildings and working on Stan.


  32. Is Commander Jesus worth the 75 Clams? Only task I have left. Still a bit to go before I can get Stan. Stupid timers.


    • I think he’s a pleasant-looking character and does have a very nice visual task to collect skulls for Peter. It’s some kind of acrobatic maneuver (martial arts or something?). So I did want him in my game while I don’t find the apocalyptic skins for Peter and Joe and Stan appealing at all, although I’m hoping Stan the character also comes with a normal skin (Consuela did when I won her in mobster event, her mob kingpin costume plus her normal costume).

      So it was worth 75 clams to me to get the Commander. But I’m also swimming in clams thanks to clam TV, have close to 800 now. Dunno how I would feel if I were still struggling to keep even 100 earned clams in stock (I won’t pay realspace money). But I usually did spend my meager stock when I saw a character I liked for a price I could manage. I would never have paid anything for someone like Stan, for instance, but I might have gotten the Commander because 75 clams is pretty much a bargain for a new character.


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