Tips for Week 2

Special thanks to Jessica for putting together these tips for Greek Life!

Hidey Ho Clammers!

Are you enjoying your fraternity rush? As you play through the event, there are many little side quests, fun stuff to purchase/earn and many approaches to the event. No way is the “right” way to play, but here are a few suggestions to help make sure you complete the quests on time.

Greak Life Event Icon

First, play the game. Check in as often as you can and remember to keep a full que in the Campus Alter.  Speaking of the que, multiple gods demanding offerings has definitely complicated the Campus Alter que. They seem to be regenerating pretty quickly (maybe Alissa can confirm the god “rest” time).

Hades has a longer timer than Zeus, so planning is key. Remember that you only have 8 spaces and both Hades and Zeus will require 8 items at their top offering. I’ve been able to defeat both by preparing 2 Zeus offerings, then 2 Hades offerings, then 4 Zeus offerings, then 4 Hades offerings and so on.

For this event, Tinyco has given us a pass on some of the items in the University Store. Since I didn’t need to purchase everything to progress, I saved my precious Apples and Golden Fleece for the items I really wanted and needed.

I started week 2, with all possible characters working towards Tri-Bri items. The bottleneck right now (at least for me) is bones from offerings to Hades. My suggestion: The first week 2 items I purchased from the University Store were Hades’ Kitchen and the River Styx Boat Rental. Both of those buildings give you Soul Spells. Getting precious Soul Spells from the two buildings freed up the other characters to focus on other Tri-Bri items.

I am still finding myself budgeting my Soul Spells, but I should have Tri-Bri COMPLETELY FREMIUM by Tuesday night.

Finally, remember this is a game. The only “right” way to play is the way that is fun! Good luck and happy pledging!

Where are you with god offerings? Any other great playing tips? Feel free to share!

17 responses to “Tips for Week 2

  1. I’m working on getting Tri-Bri before Gift Baskets by Chronus, because once I have Tri-Bri he can help get Ambrosia. I already got Dionysus’ Theater, because it helps with Tri-Bri. I got one building (forgot the name) that didn’t cost any Ambrosia. It was 4 Golden Fleece, but it helps with Ambrosia. I could’ve gotten it days ago, but just realized it today. So I have about 3,000 Ambrosia ready for Tri-Bri. I just need 1 more bone and 1 more awful script. I’m waiting for Hades to return. Then I’ll need 1,200 for Gift Baskets by Chronus.

    I wish I could start today’s phase on time, but I’ve already done everything I can. I sent two in-game messages to Support complaining about the lack of Ambrosia. I check in every few hours and read this amazing website for tips. I’m working on clearing Minotaurs and Centaurs for Ambrosia.


  2. The game is getting really tedius and borning just waiting for ambrosia. TinyCo has to offer better freemium ways to get ambrosia. How about letting us buy some of the fountains using coins?? Or doubling/tripling the ambrosia payoffs from all of the other sources of ambrosia. I have everything done and am just waiting for enough ambrosia for BOTH TriBri and Gift Baskets. Any tips on whether it makes sense to get one before the others. That is literally all I am waiting for at this point is enough ambrosia for both


  3. Love that breakdown above about ambrosia. Love it!

    With that said.. it’s still a pain to get ambrosia. They require so much for these things – to progress you need to buy x and x from the store. These are mostly the pointless items, like the statue (gives nothing), and the theater (by the time you get to the quest, you’ll probably have all you need of what it drops). Annoying. It’s a bottle neck for freemium players for sure.


  4. And third; phase 2’s challenge can be planned around Apple and Bone drops. Did Zeus first for 6 Apples to place the Theater of Dionysus, now waiting on the last Fleece for the Gift Baskets, only to fully go for Hades then which will give me exactly the Bones for Tri-Bri and the challenge requirement.

    For reference, to get the requirements in one go:
    1) You need 9 hours to make 12 Lightning Offerings for 3x Zeus.
    2) You need 15 hours to make 12 Soul Offerings for 3x Hades.
    Not bad for a 72 hours challenge.


  5. Also I want to emphasize what PrecipiceC said: if you don’t care about the leaderboard, clearing is more efficient than offering for Ambrosia turnover of offerings.

    1) Minotaurs 24/hr.
    2) Centaurs: 10/hr.
    3) Zeus off.: 5.33/hr
    4) Hades off.: 4/hr.

    Of course, if you do care about the leaderboard Hades offerings are by far the most efficient method, yet I kind of doubt how people with hundreds of Styx Coins are going to progress in phase 3.

    I do somewhat hope that TinyCo extends the bonus to Styx Coins drops for Neptune and Athena, as they did with Zeus and Hades, to reward players planning for additional phases rather than farming Hades.


  6. Tri-Bri completely freemium? Are you still missing buildings in phase 2 that require Ambrosia (and I guess Hades as well)?

    The point I want to make is that for week two’s quest chain you need all buildings to proceed (sans the Workshop but it does not require Ambrosia) and I’m currently just over 500 Ambriosia over the requirement of my last building (which is ‘Gift Baskets of Chronos’ as it’s not dropping any items), which means I’m still missing 2500 for Tri. I’ll get most of that the last 36 hours, but likely not all.

    I’m still missing items for Tri-Bri as well, I kind of planned around unlocking most for Tri-Bri when my Ambrosia count is coming close as well.


  7. The awful scripts for tri-bri are my bottleneck. Have not got a single one in 5 days with 2 characters & university building on continuous crafting (and checking 2-4 hours).


  8. I’m opened all the things in the University Store. Now I collect items for the Tri-Bri (2,5k Ambrosia and 4 Awful Scipts). I have time. But… On where to get 8k Ambrosia for Hades (apples&fleece already have)?


  9. Since so many people are having issues trying to earn Ambrosia. I thought I’d do some FGMath to examine our Altar crafting options and determine the “optimal” Ambrosia Earning:

    So, with the crafted items we have basically 4 options for how to proceed. I’m only going to deal with Ambrosia, not earning Styx Coins or unlock items. But those 4 options are:

    1. Craft Ambrosia Offerings to use to clear Centaurs. These cost us 15 Ambrosia and return 25 Ambrosia and require 1 hours time. Net rate: 10 Ambrosia / hour.

    2. Craft Lightning Offerings to Offer to Zeus. A complete run-through of Zeus requires 20 Lightning Offerings and 45 minutes each or 15 hours of crafting. This, in turn, yields 80 Ambrosia. Net rate: 5.3 Ambrosia / hour.

    3. Craft Soul Offerings to Offer to Hades. A complete run-through of Hades requires 20 Soul Offerings and 75 minutes each or 25 hours of crafting. The return on the run-through is 100 Ambrosia. Net rate: 4 Ambrosia / hour.

    4. Craft Soul Offerings and use to clear Minotaurs. This yields 30 Ambrosia for 75 minutes. Net rate: 24 Ambrosia / hour.

    So, it seems that Option 4 is the optimal method. But Freemium players will likely only be crafting faster than they can create Soul Spells. So, their “downtime” could be filled by one of Option 1.


  10. Am I right that you have to own Hades to be able to offer to him?
    I really don’t think I can get enough ambrosia in time to get him as a freemium player. Right now I’m stock piling my ambrosia, apples and golden fleeces and hoping that the next character released is attainable.


    • That’s my understanding as well. I can’t seem to offer anything to Hades at this point. It looks like an impossible feat to get 8000 ambrosia in time.


    • No, you are allowed to offer to Hades at Part 3.


    • NO! You do not have to own Hades to make the offers. It is the same as with Zeus, you need to collect the souls, and use the boxes to make the offerings to Hades (2 boxes, 4 boxes, 6 boxes, 8 boxes) The main difference is you can either use the boxes to create fleeces by getting rid of Minotaurs or use them in the battle.


    • Not the case. It’s just like with Zeus Offerings. You have to wait for the giant animated Hades to appear at the top of the event section. He’ll have a timer over his head that starts at 1 day, 12 hours (36hr). You can only offer to him during that time, but you can create the Offerings beforehand if you like. He takes them in quantities of 2, 4, 6, and 8, just like Zeus did. Ambrosia return is a bit higher per tier (but not enough to make up for the longer crafting time), you get one Bone per Offering until you get all you need, and the Styx coins payouts are doubled over Zeus. Once you’ve gotten all the Bones and/or Apples you need, you can either continue to make Offerings to Hades and/or Zeus when they reappear, which will help you on the leaderboard and potentially get you Hercules, or you can farm Centaurs and Minotaurs, which will get you the Ambrosia needed to get Tri-Bri and all the useless Store items needed solely to advance to Phase III.

      Seriously, I think the only items I was forced to buy this time that I did need were the two Soul Spell buildings.

      Cyclops Statue? I don’t need that, it’s just a deco.
      –Nope. Got to get it to advance.

      Gift Baskets by Chronos? Why? At 24 every 16hr, it will take me nearly 5 weeks for it to make back the Ambrosia I’d have to spend on that, and that’s all it gives. No thanks.
      –Nope. Got to get it to advance.

      Well how about making me get Hephestus’s Workshop? It helps me out, since the only way I have to get those Collars is Bruce, and they’re just not dropping. It doesn’t even cost Ambrosia.
      –Oh, feel free, but we’re not going to require you to. To help out, we’ll add in a method to get them from a completely unrelated Joe skin which you may or may not have, but which we’re offering again in a premium mystery box.

      Wait, what’s this I hear about needing to buy the Theatre of Dionysus? I don’t even have enough Ambrosia yet to get Tri-Bri, which I would have to get before that, and I don’t even need it any more, since, like in every event, the Extra Rare items (the Scripts) drop a lot faster than the Uncommon items (the Collars), and I was able to get them from Jerome alone.
      –Nope. Got to get it to advance.

      *Sound of pulling hair out*

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      • I wholeheartedly agree with you.

        It’s SO annoying to be forced to buy useless items like that stupid statue that I put straight into my overloaded inventory.

        I bought Chronos for the fleeces and Hades Kitchen for the scrolls (and Tartarus but i cant remembet why now) thinking the Ambrosia would drop at a reasonable rate and I’d therefore be able to get Hades but alas, I was wrong.

        The 1800 clams for Hades or fountain for 950 is beyond outrageous. I can play huge MMORPG’s for way less than this game. So greedy – I don’t see why they don’t drastically reduce the cost of things and I’m certain that far more people would buy.

        So, I’m a paying customer but I still lose out on Hades.


  11. TC may have given us a “pass” during week one on the items in the store, but that’s certainly not the case in week 2 if you want to get to week 3. It’s drained all my Ambrosia which is needed for TriBri. Congrats on getting him so quickly.


  12. I’m keeping my altar full of “what” as suggested. Teasing 🙂
    I actually feel pretty good about this event so far. I won’t get Hades but I did get Zeus during week 1 so that’s okay. I’ve gotten the rest of the week two items in the university store and should be very close on Tri-Bri by Thursday. Getting back up to 3k Ambrosia will take the longest.


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