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Greek Life: The Freemium Perspective

Hello There Clammers One and all!  Today’s very special Helper post comes to us from Cassandra.  Cassandra has in the past written posts about the Freemium perspective of the game…and we thought, “what the hell, let’s do it again!” So here you go you crazy rascals…enjoy!
(Oh and P.S Thanks Cassandra for the post!)

If you’ve pledged the house of Phi Beta Freemium like me, you haven’t spent any clams on this event yet. But we’re still having fun!
I jumped right in when I saw the update. I love that this event uses one thing for all tasks. Needing just Ambrosia and having lots of options to get it is really helpful. I didn’t feel confused at the start this time wondering where all the pieces to collect would be coming from and worrying about how to go about putting things together. Thanks, TinyCo!
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Well Hello There…

Hello There Clammers!

So if you’re seeing me you know hell must have frozen over right?


Either that or something terribly bad happened to Bunny…like a tribble take over…

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