Well Hello There…

Hello There Clammers!

So if you’re seeing me you know hell must have frozen over right?


Either that or something terribly bad happened to Bunny…like a tribble take over…

Tribbles and Bunny

Well lucky for you….neither of those things have actually happened.  It was actually quite balmy in Hell yesterday & luckily Bunny’s going to live!

However, I have put Bunny on “Don’t touch the site or i’ll hurt you” leave for a little while.  I’ve told her once, I’ve told her twice, I’ve told her about a thousand times…her health is more important.  So while yes, she’s going to live and be ok. (well as ok as she ever was)…she does need some time to rest, recover and listen to me for a change.

So what does that mean for you?  Well that means you get ME.  For however long it takes.  Don’t you feel special?

I’ll be here to push some posts, moderate comments, keep the riff raff out…and more or less make really cheesy jokes about the whole process.

Now i’ll be 100% honest with you.  I’m not playing Family Guy.  I haven’t touched the game since the last time I helped out.  Nor do I really care to.  I got enough stress in my life without the added stress of this game.  However, I will do so for you guys.  Again, don’t you feel special?

But I’m going to need your help…since you know I have 2 other sites to run (well really 1, as Pimp does a GREAT job with the Disney site), a full time job, a new house to move into, oh and a 6 month old….

So what am I asking for here?  Geez Alissa can you just get to the point?!

I’m asking for those of you that volunteered as helpers to help.  We’ll be sending y’all emails later today (hopefully) with some “assignments”.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

Also, because I’m not playing the game I’m looking for a few good people to help us out in the comments.  No this doesn’t mean full site access..not yet anyway.  What this means is I’m going to push comments I have no idea how to answer…and I’m hoping you, as a community, can help each other out & answer them.

Of course I’ll be kicking in some information…I’m not just here to collect a paycheck.  Actually, now that I think about it….I’ve never gotten a paycheck from any of these sites…what the hell?

Anyway…do y’all think this is something you can do?  Pitch in and help out?  Because the other option is….well we don’t want to talk about the other option.  Bunny loves this site and you guys (but she loves me more so ha.ha.ha 😉 )…so let’s all make it work and see if we can make Family Guy Great Again!

I hope I’ve inspired you…and I’ll finally stop my post or rambling thoughts.

And now I’ll just sit back and wait for Donald Trump to sue me….

29 responses to “Well Hello There…

  1. Thanks to all help.
    But mostly a shout out to Bunny to feel better.


  2. When does zeus come back if the timer for making him offers runs out.


  3. Get better Bunny! Rest up and take it easy.


  4. Wishing you all the best 🐰 Bunny 🐇 for a quick and speedy recovery! We care about you! ~ Jayne


  5. Heather Jordan

    Bunny will be missed, as we all rely on her to help us through this game. But that being said, I hope she takes her time needed to get better! We miss you Bunny, but make sure you put your health first!


  6. It’s a game… and as someone who also runs a large gaming community, I can tell you our #1 rule is, “real life comes first”

    Get well… and if there is anything I can do, lemme know


  7. I’d love to help. I’ve got a two week old so whenever I nurse i’m playing.


  8. Bunny has my email about doing freemium perspective stuff again. I suppose she’s passed that onto you. If there’s anything else I can help with while she recovers, let me know and I’ll try my best!


  9. Any help you need from the UK I’m here carry on family guy gamers


  10. Bunny’s posts have been very helpful, I was able to obtain Zeus last night by following her suggestions. I have looked to this site several times over the last few months of playing the game and have found it very useful. I hope that Bunny takes it easy and fully recovers from whatever is afflicting her, and in the meantime, I’m sure that she will be missed.


  11. Get well soon Bunny!

    Thanks to your hard work FGA is the best and now only source of help for this game since the FHQFS- Tips crew all quit.

    Rest up and recharge then bounce back.
    Beaming positive healing vibes from England.


  12. Hey Alissa Tell Hunny Bunny to take as long as she needs and then some! Wish I could help but truth be said I suck at this game lol. Thanks for giving your valuable time to keep us in the game. Ignore posts like the above. Let the “rabbit” rest!


  13. First I come back (I actually quit for awhile) and now you’re back, too? Well, since I’m in hell, glad to have you here with me. 😈


  14. Welcome back!

    For those trying to get Zeus, TC threw a wrinkle in the process by forcing you to spend your hard-earned apples/ambrosia on the Pantheon in order to advance to next week.

    So much for picking and chosing the items YOU want…


    • Was this changed recently? I have obtained Zeus without having to buy the Pantheon. But that was a day or two ago


    • Actually, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem, at least for me. I’ve got both Lightning Spell buildings up and churning, Bruce on point with a third Spell every six hours, six Lightning Offerings made, and a growing backstock of spells (well, three). At this point I’m just waiting for Zeus to show up again and I should have him. Then I’ll be able to get the Parthenon and the Wine Shoppe the next time, assuming I don’t get Toga Peter in the meantime, in which case I’ll probably only have enough Ambrosia for one of them.

      And there he is… If my math is right I should have Zeus in about 22hr.


  15. Whistlin Willie

    Damn this site is really going down hill. What could be so harmful that you can’t even run a site you created. Smh. You have a lot of people counting on you and you’re being very selfish. Smdh


    • I’m sorry are you intentionally trying to be an asshole or does it just come natural to you?

      Yes, we’re being selfish. Because you come here for FREE. To get information for FREE. You don’t pay for information, we willingly put it out there for you to read. FOR FREE. So you come here and selfishly take information…FOR FREE. And then have the nerve to say we’re selfish?

      You wanna fight buddy you picked the wrong girl…

      (my apologies to anyone offended by that…but it just needed to be said)

      Liked by 6 people

    • Really buddy? A whole lot can be harmful to you in this lovely little world of ours. In fact there are actually diseases out there that can kill you since you seem to be so unaware. Health is of utmost importance to every person. I find it to be absurdly ironic you are the one using the word selfish. That comment may be the most selfish one I’ve ever seen on here. Respect the site runners or GTFO no one wants that attitude here. I hope what you wrote was a joke even if it was a horrible one.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Wow. Just wow. It’s Bunny’s HEALTH we are talking about here! You know…real life?? Not whether or not whiney jerks, such as yourself, get all the prizes in a GAME event. Grow up. You’re lucky Alissa is as nice as she is. I’d have moderated your butt right out of the comments.


    • Obvious troll is obvious… Do you really have nothing better to do?


    • I know better than to feed trolls but it’s hard for me to read a comment implying that someone is lazy and not react when said comment includes abbreviations. In other words, if you can’t type out your whole thought maybe it doesn’t need to be shared, especially since predictive text exists in many devices making it really easy to type a whole word.

      We have freedom of speech and the technology to make that freedom meaningful, and this is what we do? Lame.


  16. wildthornberry88

    Hey Alissa,
    I emailed bunny before too but I’d like to keep trying to help with profile posts and things like that. Thanks for your help coming back to the site whilst bunny rests up – bet she’s glad of a friend like you! Will look out for your email and try to help on comments as best I can.


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