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Family Guy Addicts Helpers??

Hey there Clammers!

I am running into some hurdles with my health and really don’t want to have to shut the site down. I know it helps a lot of people and would hate to see it go.

I am once again reaching out to any of our Readers that are interested in “helping” out with the Posts on the sites. More details to follow after the break.

Bunny Device
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Return to Jolly Farm Questlines: Main, Maggie, Penelope, & Mary Sunflower


The team discovered a crash in the Facebook version for 1.22.0, and they have been working to fix it before it is released. It should be available soon!

The team just pushed a fix for the materials that continued to drop.


Hey there Kiddos!

Ever wonder what it would REALLY be like to meet the TV obsession Actor/Actress in person? To see what really goes on behind the scenes to make paradise look and feel like paradise? To have all your thoughts and dreams smashed in an instant? The newest Mini Event is now live in our games. Return to Jolly Farm.

With a New Event comes along a New Questlines. Like the Main One, Back to Jolly Farm. Then the Side Questlines, like Farmed Out, Return of Mrs. Stewie, Mother’s Day, & Little Miss Sunflower. Now since these are really not “Critical Questlines” to complete, I have been taking my time to do them. You can as well as the Event is only one week long.


Jolly Farm Barn

Let’s take a look at Back to Jolly Farm, Farmed Out, Return of Mrs. Stewie, Mother’s Day, & Little Miss Sunflower and all you will encounter along the way.
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Baby Stewie Mystery Box!

Hey there Thumb Suckers!

TinyCo decided to drop a Mystery Box into our games stuffed full of Costumes for our lil Baby of Mystery, Stewie. Many of these are ones Players have requested make a return.

Vampire Duck Stewie 5Bad Trip StewieStewie Iron Baby 15

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