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Baby Stewie Mystery Box!

Hey there Thumb Suckers!

TinyCo decided to drop a Mystery Box into our games stuffed full of Costumes for our lil Baby of Mystery, Stewie. Many of these are ones Players have requested make a return.

Vampire Duck Stewie 5Bad Trip StewieStewie Iron Baby 15

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Comic Con Results and a New Poll About Sexy Stewie

Hello There Clammers!

It’s been 2 weeks since Comic-Con left our games.  Hard to believe it was just 3 weeks ago, feels like a lifetime ago!  Probably because it’s been so busy in the streets of our tiny Quahogs!  Comic-Con ended, District 9 started right up, followed by Sexy Time and now Halloween is looming!  It’s a busy time to be a magic finger!

Anyway…shortly after Comic-Con ended we asked you guys to take part in our Ultimate Comic-Con poll and you didn’t disappoint!  You guys LOVE sharing your thoughts and opinions on events/updates in our polls and we love sharing YOUR thoughts with TinyCo!  So now, after a crazy weekend, we feel like it’s time to share the results of Comic-Con 2014 with you as well as take a new poll about Sexy Stewie!  (since something is always going on in Quahog!)

So first, let’s get the new stuff out of the way.  I know Sexy Stewie quest isn’t quite over yet, BUT let us know in the poll below if you’ve unlocked him in your Quahog!  If you don’t see your answer in the poll, feel free to mention it down in the comments below:

Oh and feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comments as well…

Now let’s get to the results of the Comic-Con Poll…

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Hello Clammers!

IMPORTANT (and breaking) NEWS:

Sexy Stewie and Rupert have BOTH been extended!

TinyCo JUST announced to us that they’re extending BOTH Sexy Stewie and Rupert until 3pm (PDT) on Wednesday 9/24.

The extension is a direct result of a timing glitch in their system.  The Addicts pointed out this glitch.  Apparently, the clock for Rupert was set incorrectly, which caused players to see different times from each other in their games.  As a result of THIS glitch they’re extending it.  The extension is for no other reason, other than this timing glitch that’s confused some players.

So…now you have 2 extra days to get Sexy Stewie…go out and collect, collect collect!

Sexy Girls 2




UPDATE BUNNY 615PM EST 9-22…Here is the clarification on the following …

Per TinyCo…The following decorations are ALL tied to the Sexy Stewie Event, so they will go when the Sexy Stewie ends Wednesday. 

Extravegant FountainExtravagant Fountain, $5000, It is animated. (Must have District 8 Unlocked to see it.)

Elegant FountainElegant Fountain, $1000, It is animated.(Must have District 8 Unlocked to see it.)

You can buy as many of both as you want. They do look cool with the water spouting out as animation. I also like they are for coins.


Champagne PyramidChampagne Pyramid, $3000. (Must have District 8 Unlocked to see it.)


The following items will unlock when District 9 is unlocked

Doody DropoffDoody Dropoff, $1000

EscashadyEscashady, $2500



The Sexy Girls now show up once you start the Sexy Stewie quest. 

Sexy Party GirlsSexy Party Girls, 150 Clams, they dance in place. (FYI, these are NOT the same ones used in Sexy Stewie’s task to dance with girls. THESE are just decorations. Nothing more. The others only show for his task, then leave again.)


In order to start the Sexy Party Planning Sidequest, you will need to unlock Sexy Stewie. This side quest will trigger during “Time for a Sexy Party Part 2”.

Sexy Party Planning Task List

You will also have ANOTHER Limited Time option in your game. The Sexy Party Planning. Once triggered, you have 3 days to do the following…

Sexy Time StewieCreate Sexy Stewie

decoration_lawntiger_thumbnailPlace Lawn Tiger, 50 Clams

High Heel BoutiqueBuild High Heel Boutique, $5000, $70 & 45XP every 12hrs

Once completed, you get this as a Free Reward…

Sexy Stewie Robe StationSexy Stewie Robe Station

Sexy Party Planning TimerAgain, you only have 3 days to do this once you trigger it.


Rupert’s new questline “Bad Bromance” will trigger AFTER you unlock Sexy Stewie and during “Time for a Sexy Party Part 3” 


Human Rupert


ALL questlines associated with this… Bad Bromance, Sexy Stewie, Sexy Party Planning…will go when the event ends at 3PM Wednesday


Hope all this info helps to clarify those questions you had. If not, let us know. We love to hear from yah.

Quick Walkthrough: Party Time with Sexy Stewie and Rupert

Hello There Clammers!

It’s Sexy Time in Quahog!  For this weekend only TinyCo has released a limited-time Sexy Stewie costume!  Now’s your chance to get one of the most coveted costumes in Quahog…AND get your hands on Rupert, if you missed out during the Tea Party.

Stewie gets things rolling in Quahog with his 5 part Sexy Party Questline AND the 4 part Bad Bromance questline, if you have Rupert.  So yes, unfortunately, you do have to have Stewie in order to unlock the costume in your Quahog.

So now let’s take a look at what’s required to get this sexy show on the road, shall we?

Sexy Girls 1

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Limited Time Event Update: Sexy Stewie & Human Rupert (COMPLETE)

Hey there Clammers. Here we are on Thursday and new content just hit our games. WOOHOO! So let’s jump right in. This IS a timed event. That means you have until Monday September 22nd, 3PM PDT.  UPDATE 9-22: This has been extended to WEDNESDAY, September 24th 3PM PDT.

Sexy Party

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