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Family Guy Addicts Helpers??

Hey there Clammers!

I am running into some hurdles with my health and really don’t want to have to shut the site down. I know it helps a lot of people and would hate to see it go.

I am once again reaching out to any of our Readers that are interested in “helping” out with the Posts on the sites. More details to follow after the break.

Bunny Device
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Future of Family Guy Addicts

Hey there Clammers!

I am almost through with Training. Final stuff happening Tomorrow. However, there will be another hurdle ahead… Alissa will be giving birth soon.

This means that I may need to start limiting the posts on this site even more (unless more really active Addicts Helpers want to assist with Main Posts, Questlines, Etc too). Due to this, I am curious as to what posts you mainly are wanting to see on the site, so I can focus on putting those up first.

Bunny Device

Here are the Basic Posts I normally focus on:

Main Breakdown of Released Items (like Phase launches, Start of Event)
Main Questlines
101/Help Posts

Are there other ones as well you would like me to focus on? Let me know. In the meantime hang in there with me while a lil mini Addicts is about to join the crew and I will be running both sites Solo until Alissa’s recouped enough to return. 🙂


Android Lockout Help!

UPDATE 7/15: Try your games again!!! 



Hey there Tribblemakers!

I know that you Android Addicts locked out are really being pushed to the limits and we completely get it. Feel free to use our What The Deuce post to vent if you need it. That is what it is there for. Just please be respectful and keep it off our helpful posts, like this one. 😉

Otherwise I wanted to put together a post to try and help all you Android Users still locked out while TinyCo attempts to recreate the issue in house so the triggers of the cause can be found and patched. So please take a look below and some helpful tips you’re welcome to try if you would like.

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App Store Update: Possible Glitch Fix?

Update: This update is for Android users only.  And we’re hearing word that it is in fact the Chris’ Socks glitch many users were experiencing yesterday.  They’re still working on the Bruce taking over the world glitch, so it’s important that if you’re experiencing the glitch to send them your info.  Check out Bunny’s post here for what to send them and how to send it.  

UPDATE 4-12 11PM EST from Bunny
Just got word from TinyCo that they are still hard at work on Chris’ Socks issue for iOS players. Hang in there while they complete the process and get a Patch out. 

Hello there Clammers!

This morning I noticed a little update in our App Stores for TQFS!  Check your app stores for an update, perhaps this is a glitch fix for Bruce?  Waiting for confirmation from our Friends at TinyCo, but check out the update and see if it cures any of the glitchs you’ve been experiencing!

app store update 1 glitch fix

We know they were working on a patch for the Chris’ Socks glitch…so perhaps this is the patch?  Check it out and let us know!

Remember this is an APP STORE update, so check out your Google Play Store for the update.

Happy Questing!