Greek Life: Characters That Drop Stuff

Lotty is AWESOME for putting this together!  Special thanks also to Chris K for sending a compiled list along as well.
Seriously though, give it up to Lotty for putting together this masterful list!  -Alissa

Hey there, Clammers!

Greek Life Phase 2 is now live in our games and some MORE characters are getting tasks to help get STUFF for your games! So let’s try and keep track of them here 🙂

 Icon doober eventcurrency mythFg materials mythWk2 soulSpellGreeklife lightningspell

A few characters in Quahog have tasks to help you earn stuff for Toga Peter, Tri-Bri and spells for offerings …and of course you want to know which ones earn what, how often & how many. So…without further ado let’s cover the who, what, where, when and how of Greek Life tasks to earn you more stuff!

Here is the list as of this post. Take a peak below to see what ones apply to you and will help you during Greek Life.






Anger the Gods

4 hrs

Togapeter paddle

 (Toga) Peter
 Dodge Lightning Bolts  4 hrs  Fg materials mythWk2 soulSpell
 Go Commando  4 hrs Greeklife lightningspell
 Bonnie  Ride a Centaur  4 hrs 6Icon doober eventcurrency myth1Icon doober xp myth
 Make a Laurel Wreath 8 hrs  Togapeter laurelcrowns
 Bruce Make Bathtub Ambrosia 6 hrs Greeklife lightningspell
Enjoy the Greek Life 8 hrs  Tribri giantcollar
 Chris Perform Overly Elaborate Rituals 2 hrs  Tribri awfulscripts
 Clean Up Creature Poop  4 hrs Fg materials mythWk2 soulSpell
 Make a Laurel Wreath  8 hrs  Togapeter laurelcrowns
Chronos Watch Time Fly 10 hrs  Fg materials MythWk2 PrizeCatalog Fleece
 Hades  Make the Elderly Nervous 8 hrs  Fg materials mythWk2 styxCoins
 Herbert  Make an Offering to the Gods  4 hrs  6Icon doober eventcurrency myth1Icon doober xp myth
 Shop for Ambrosia 2 hrs Tribri awfulscripts
 Grow His Fro 4 hrs Greeklife lightningspell
 Play Beer Pong 4 hrs Togapeter paddle
 (Centaur) Joe
Hang Like a Horse 8 hrs  Greeklife apple
 Lois Buy New Sheets 4 hrs  6Icon doober eventcurrency myth1Icon doober xp myth
 Confuse Satyrs with Seders 8 hrs 9Icon doober eventcurrency myth1Icon doober xp myth
 Mayor West
Offer Oranges to the Gods 12 hrs 12Icon doober eventcurrency myth2Icon doober xp myth
 Mort Swallow Jewels 4 hrs  Greeklife lightningspell
Make a Laurel Crown 8 hrs Togapeter laurelcrowns
 Quagmire Enjoy Getting Paddled 2 hrs 2Icon doober eventcurrency myth1Icon doober xp myth
 Zeus Take Aim 8 hrs  Greeklife lightningspell

Here are all the items again grouped along with the other places you can earn them besides Characters.

Icon doober eventcurrency mythAmbrosia: Have Peter Anger the Gods OR Have Quagmire Enjoy Getting Paddled OR Have Lois Confuse Satrys with Seders OR Have Mayor West Offer Oranges to the Gods OR Have Bonnie Ride a Centaur OR Have Herbert Make an Offering to the Gods (Ambrosia is also dropped by ALL Toga Peter, Centaur Joe, Zeus, Tri-Bri, Hades & Chronos’ tasks as well as ALL event buildings)
Greeklife lightningspellLightning Spell: Make Zeus Take Aim OR Make Mort Swallow Jewels OR Make Peter Go Commando OR Make Bruce Make Bathtub Ambrosia OR Make Jerome Grow His Fro OR Get from Pottery 101 OR Get from Greek Gazebo OR Get from Zeus’ Fraternity House

Togapeter laceupsandalsLace-Up Sandals: Get by clearing Centaurs

Togapeter laurelcrowns Laurel Crowns: Make Mort Make a Laurel Wreath OR Make Bonnie Make a Laurel Wreath OR Make Chris Make a Laurel Wreath OR Get from Dionysus’ Wine Shoppe in the University Store OR Get from Greek Chic

Togapeter paddle Paddles: Make Jerome Play Beer Pong OR Make Peter Anger the Gods OR Get from the Parthenon in the University Store

Greeklife appleGolden Apple: Appease Zeus by offering him Lightning! OR Make Joe Hang Like a Horse

Fg materials mythWk2 soulSpell Soul Spell: Make Peter Dodge Lightning Bolts OR Make Chris Clean Up Creature Poop OR Get from Hades’ Kitchen OR Get from River Styx Boat Rental OR Get from Hades’ Fraternity House

Tribri bones Dead Man’s Bones: Appease Hades by offering him Souls!

Tribri giantcollar Giant Dog Collar: Make Bruce Enjoy the Greek Life OR Get from Hephaestus’ Workshop OR Get from Tartarus

Tribri awfulscripts Awful Scripts: Make Jerome Shop for Ambrosia OR Make Chris Perform Overly Elaborate Rituals OR Find Theater of Dionysus in the University Store

Fg materials MythWk2 PrizeCatalog Fleece Golden Fleece: Get by clearing Minotaur OR Make Chronos Watch Time Fly

Fg materials mythWk2 styxCoins Styx Coin: Hades Make the Elderly Nervous OR Make an offering to Zeus OR Make an offering to Hades


What do YOU think of the Greek Life so far? Do you have all the characters that can earn stuff? Any tasks available that you didn’t realize were there? How’s your collecting going? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


6 responses to “Greek Life: Characters That Drop Stuff

  1. Connie now drops bottles too


  2. Seamus drops bottles too


  3. Stewie drops those bottles too 🙂


  4. wildthornberry88

    Apparently Rollocop Joe also drops collars for Tri-Brian, apologies for missing that.
    Also apparently if you get Hades, there is a quest for Meg which stays after you do his questline 🙂


  5. It’s nice to have a list to refer to. Thanks!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. wildthornberry88

    Thanks Alissa! I hope it’s helpful for someone! 😀


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