Greek Life Walkthroughs: Neptune

Hello There Clammers!

Week 3 of Greek Life has hit…and you know what that means.  Time for a brand new questline to work through!

Two new freemium characters (well costume and character) were introduced for this week. Neptune and Billy Finn.  They’ll popup with side quests once you’ve unlocked them….the side quests aren’t required to be completed to move onto week 3.  They’re just “filler” to keep you busy in the game.

We’ve already covered Billy Finn here, so now let’s take a look at Neptune’s questline…Neptune_

High Tide Approaching

Unlock Neptune 


Completed Task Earns 5Screenshot_20160512-202713 4Screenshot_20160512-202713

Sea No Evil Pt. 1

Have Neptune Groom Like a God- 4hrs, Earns 6Screenshot_20160512-202713, 1Screenshot_20160512-202713
Have Seamus Play “Go Fish” with Neptune- 6hrs, Earns 8Screenshot_20160512-202713, 1Screenshot_20160512-202713

Completed Task Earns 7Screenshot_20160512-202713, 4 Screenshot_20160512-202713

Sea No Evil Pt. 2

Have Neptune Order Italian- 4hrs, Earns 6Screenshot_20160512-202713, 1Screenshot_20160512-202713
Make Mayor West Make Dolphin Sounds- 2hrs, Earns 2Screenshot_20160512-202713, 1Screenshot_20160512-202713

Completed Task Earns 8Screenshot_20160512-202713, 4Screenshot_20160512-202713

Sea No Evil Pt. 3

Have Neptune Make a Splash- 2hrs, Earns 2Screenshot_20160512-202713, 1Screenshot_20160512-202713
Have Stewie Rule the Sandbox- 10hrs, Earns 10Screenshot_20160512-202713, 1Screenshot_20160512-202713

Completed Task Earns 8Screenshot_20160512-202713, 5Screenshot_20160512-202713

And there you have it my friends…the questlines for Neptune!

Are you enjoying Greek Life?  Have you unlocked Neptune?  Thoughts on his questline?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


3 responses to “Greek Life Walkthroughs: Neptune

  1. Same here! Neptune went AWOL while trying to get his character and hasn’t returned for over a week now! So Tinyco, how do you finish a task when the character doesn’t show up??


  2. I was delayed too much by Tri-Bri, as I did not have Brian in the first place. When I realized that the main quest line needed Tri-Bri, I almost gave up but just kept on playing. So halfway through Week 4, I have Tri-Bri and accumulated enough ambrosia to decide… enough is enough. Will just get what I can…. which means I got Neptune!

    I also have Zeus, and so far, their tasks look hilarious. I liked Zeus Facespace quotes, so hoping Neptune would be just as interesting. Reaching something attainable gives me more satisfaction than chasing something that is unattainable, like Billy. Just way too many items, and too short a time to get and progress.


  3. I’ve tried to not worry, but Neptune hasn’t returned for me after I completely defeated him. I need more shells and only about 14 more hours to go on my weekly challenge. Anybody else having that issue?


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