Peter’s Prehistoric Park 101: Velociraptor Training & Leveling Up


Once upon a time, TinyCo tested out their new Family Guy Game in a BETA version. At that time it had some cool looking Dinosaur Park Movie Themed items. However, once the game went live to all Players… the Dino Park was no more. But fear not, it looks like a bit over 2 years later the Dinosaur Park Theme is now live in our games once again in the form of an Event.

With the New Event of course comes many many Questions on just how to go through each area of the Event. One of those Areas will be the Dinosaurs you hatch from the Event Area and their Training to help you progress.

In this post I will be going over the FIRST of the Dinosaurs you will hatch, the Velociraptor.


Let’s take a look at just what all goes into the Velociraptor and how he will help you out for the Event. 

For the overall rundown of Phase One, go to the post HERE

For the Main Questline, go HERE. 



Over in the far right of your game in the Event Area, you will see a nest with 4 Eggs in it. Each one will release a Dinosaur during the Event.

Repair Nest Event Area

As you are going through the Main Questline, Fossil Fueled Pt. 4, you will be directed to locate the Nest and Egg and “Repair” the Velociraptor egg.

Repair Raptor Egg

You will need to use 10 Dinosaurs Claws to Repair the Egg. Once you do, you will see a small Unlock Icon with the Materials listing of what you will need to earn to Unlock the Velociraptor for use in the Event.



Velociraptor: Fully Tasked (as you level up and unlock), will help earn Raptor Leashes and Dinosaur Claws in Raptor Training Pen.
Dinosaur Claw 550 Dinosaur Claws: Questlines, Random Tasks, Velociraptor Training Pen
Raptor DNA11 Raptor DNA: Requires 1 Blue Amber and 30min each to create
Raptor Training PenBuild the Raptor Training Pen: Cost 116 Dinosuar Claws



Once you earn enough Materials and Unlock the Velociraptor, she will now be able to help you to earn Raptor Leashes and MORE Dinosaur Claws. How she does it will be a bit different than the Character Unlocks we are used to.

You Got Velociraptor

The Raptor will be a Tasked Character, but you must play along in the game to unlock all her Tasks.

Velociraptor Tasks




As this will take time and play to progress her far enough to unlock them all, I will note what I have so far and what Levels the further ones will unlock at.

Level 1- Start
Grow Up Fast, 2hrs, Earns $30
Be a Clever Girl, 8hrs, Earns $80

Level 2
Rage in the Kitchen, 4hrs, Earns $50

Level 3
Make Headlines, 6hrs, Earns $65

Level 4
Take a Lunch Break, 5hrs, Earns $60

Level 5
Eat Table Scraps

Level 7
Rip Up the Furniture

Requires Dino Tamer Peter
Walk a Dinosaur, 6hrs, Earns $65 & 45xp




Leveling up your Raptor will coincide with earning the Raptor Leashes and MORE Dinosaur Claws. All will be done in the Raptor Training Pen.

Raptor Training Pen Menu



Per MY Game, here is what I noted as the XP that triggered her to Level Up. Keep in mind I do not know the EXACT numbers, but it will help you get an idea of an overall amount you will need to earn.

Level 1- Start
Level 2- 5 Raptor XP earned
Level 3- 15 Raptor XP earned
Level 4- 25 Raptor XP earned


Raptor Training Pen

Now let’s take a bit closer look at the Raptor Training Pen.

To start, tap on the Pen. The Pop Up will appear for Fundamental Training.

Raptor Training Basics

You will see that in order to train you will need TWO Characters. In Phase 1, that is Peter and the Velociraptor. You will also see the Cost to Train is 3 Dinosaur Food. The Chance Payout is 5 Raptor Leashes OR 5 XP for your Raptor.

Once you have earned at least 3 Dinosaur Food, select the TWO Characters by tapping on there images in the Pop Up. The BEGIN Icon will then appear Green. Tap on it to start the Training. (Side Note: If you see a clock/timer over the Character Icon, it means they are currently on another Task and not available to use until they are done.)

Raptor Training Time & Chance

Now you will see the Two Characters in Training for 5hrs and 30mins. Of course, a Clam Buyout is optional, but you do NOT have to use it.

You will also see the Payout CHANCE off to the side. They all say high, but it is still just a chance that you will get any of them.

Once the timer is up, you will tap on the Raptor Training Pen to see what Payout you get. Again, this will vary but each time you should at least earn Dinosaur Claws.

Raptor Training Payout 2

Raptor Training Payout



Characters That Train: (Phase One)

Training Cost:
Raptor Food Meat3 Dinosaur FoodJoe Raid Personal Weapons Stash OR Quagmire Google “Erotic Dinosaurs” OR Bonnie Go to Ladies Night OR Dinomeat Smokehouse OR Dino Lab OR Clear Crestosaurus

Training Time:
5hrs 30mins

Payout Chance:
5 Dino XP5 Raptor XP
Raptor Leashes5 Raptor Leashes
Dinosaur Claw11 Dinosaur Claws



Raptor Leashes 5 Dino XPDinosaur Claw

To give you an idea of the Payouts, I will list what MY game rewarded me. Again, this will not be what YOU get… YOURS will vary. But this will at least show you possible payouts you could see.

  1. 5 Raptor Leashes & 11 Dinosaur Claws
  2. 5 Raptor Leashes & 11 Dinosaur Claws
  3. 5 Raptor XP & 11 Dinosaur Claws
  4. 5 Raptor XP & 11 Dinosaur Claws
  5. 5 Raptor XP & 11 Dinosaur Claws
  6. 5 Raptor Leashes & 11 Dinosaur Claws (after this the icon left the “CHANCE” area as Payout)
  7. 5 Raptor XP & 11 Dinosaur Claws
  8. 5 Raptor XP & 11 Dinosaur Claws
  9. 5 Raptor XP & 11 Dinosaur Claws
  10. 5 Raptor XP & 11 Dinosaur Claws




My suggestion would be to get the Velociraptor unlocked as fast as you can. Then you can focus on getting more Claws using the Raptor. Also, since she is required to get the Raptor Leashes, you will need her to get Dino Tamer Peter as well as move on in the Main Questline.

Dinosaur Food seems to drop best from the Crestosuaruses, so clear them as often as you can. I usually got 1 or 2 Dinosaur Food out of the 3 I cleared.

Don’t stress. This one seems to be REALLY slow going at first to get the Claws earned. Once you get the Raptor, it starts to pick up from there.


There you have it, the Basics of the Raptor, the Training Pen, and how to help you get more items like the Dinosaur Claws to progress in the Event.

Where are you at so far? Have the Raptor yet? If not, how close? If you have the Raptor, what kind of payouts have you been seeing? Any tips for fellow Players? Let us know.


33 responses to “Peter’s Prehistoric Park 101: Velociraptor Training & Leveling Up

  1. Just curious, now that we have these dinosaurs playable, are any of yours leveling up? Mine seem to be stuck at the level they were when the event was over. Going to just park them in the hotel if they won’t max out.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi well after three days of training my raptor I have 0 and I mean 0 leashes. Absolutely poor planning. Mir seems like every event we have a new tuba, for those that remeber that disaster.

    My raptor will be level 5 tomorrow and nothing.

    Glad to see you felling better Bunny. Hope every goes well for you and sorry about being negative here. But it is the same each and every and every event. Starts out fairly well then one item you need never ever drops.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Will the dinosaurs we unlock be playable characters after the event ends?


  4. Bunny! Been reading your post along time. Aswesome job. I can Not locate the training pen.. Any help please 🙂


  5. i have one egg that i cannot hatch because it wont turn purple. also, i am only getting like one other egg every few hours. is that right?


    • um i just figured out why my egg wouldnt turn purple. there was another egg right behind it that WAS purple but it was almost impossible to see. that was weird. also,now im getting lots of eggs… hmmm


  6. Finally got my first raptor leashes. Then two hours later they were gone and the training was still running. Completed again and got nothing. Wasted clams in frustration rushing another attempt and still no. Usually if the game doesn’t save, any drops you got come again (assume it is predetermined each time whether there is a drop or not).



    • I’ve sent the raptor and peter 5x and NO leashes! my 3rd try, I got 5 leashes and my game crashed. I reloaded game, and I had to tap on the pen again (everything sets back when I crash/reload) and guess what? no freaky leashes. what the hey? I really want to get trainer Peter, but he’s being very difficult.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I hate training the raptor :/ done it 8 times and havent gotten a single raptor leash to drop…. really unlucky (T_T)

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Yay, finally unlocked my velociraptor! I can see her when playing on Android but on Facebook she’s invisible! lol


  9. I hope we get a pterodactyl, decided to spell it with the silent p for Neil Goldman!


  10. in the challenge, the task is be a good girl. do i need to train and level up my raptor?


  11. Is the glitch still happening that when you train your Velociraptor crestosaurus eggs stop spawning? I have enough dino claws and DNA to get the Velociraptor, but have held off since I heard of the glitch. I still need to build the training pen.


  12. Strangevisitor7

    I must be very unlucky because I have a level 5 raptor and no leashes


  13. Is the raptor a permanent character? I hope so


  14. So, when is Brian getting his Dino Flintstone skin?


  15. It’s good to see you back and active, Bunny.
    When I pour DNA on an egg sometimes I get what looks like plastic dinosaurs that to up to the upper right corner like a quest item. I just got about 100 of them from one egg. They don’t accumulate and I don’t have any idea what they’re for. Do you know?


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