Topping Up Our Tan Lines – Who’s Next?!!! Poll

Hi there fellow sun worshippers!!!

A few weeks ago I chatted to you about Tan Lines and in it I shared my progress towards unlocking that cheeky little chappy, Evil Monkey. Well I’m happy to announce I was wrong when I said I’d hopefully have him for Christmas, as I only went and unlocked him at Halloween.

Yes, after months of earning Stewie Bucks, the evil one is mine, and he was certainly worth the wait. So anyone still earning Stewie Bucks to buy him, I urge you don’t give up, keep working on your tan lines until he’s yours as his animated tasks are totally bananas.


But now I’ve got the monkey of my dreams I thought, what now for Tan Lines?  Yes I can keep collecting Stewie Bucks, but for what? I want a new challenge and I thought I’d ask my fellow addicts to join in on a little fun to help decide exactly who we’d like to see as the next long term unlockable character to buy with Stewie bucks.

To do this I made a list of some characters who’ve yet to hit the game, and I thought we’d pitch them against each other in a series of battle polls until we get a winner. This is more exciting than the other vote looming in the U.S. on Tuesday isn’t it, lol.


Remember this is just a bit of fun, I’ve not applied my masters in mathematics to this, instead I’ve just picked a selection of mostly reoccuring characters and pitted them against each other in 12 sectioned polls. Sorry if I’ve pitched anyone’s favourites against each other.

So here’s how it will go, you choose your favourite in each section numbered 1 to 12. Then in the next round the winner of Section 1 will be pitched against the winner of Section 2, winner of Section 3 against Section 4 and so on until we find the most wanted character, and then we try to sweet talk TinyCo into putting him or her into Tan Lines as our next top trade for Stewie Bucks.

But please remember this is primarily just for our amusement, we can’t guarantee TinyCo will do what we ask, but it sure won’t stop of us from having a little fun along the way will it. So let’s get on with Round 1. Let the voting begin.

And for those who can’t see the poll, or who have had issues with the post poll jumping to the comments when trying to select answers, here’s the link to the Google version where this issue doesn’t occur. Thanks to regular reader  sasquatch71089 for sharing that tip.

Link to Poll

Thanks in advance for taking part and we’ll bring you the results and Round 2 next week.

~ Russian Tigger

26 responses to “Topping Up Our Tan Lines – Who’s Next?!!! Poll

  1. I, also, unlocked Evil Monkey at roughly the same time.

    How far have you reached in his questline? I got to Pt.4, where the requirement is for Evil Monkey needs to be Level 7. I’ve pretty much had him working non-stop since he was unlocked and I’m only at Level 4, so did they intend to create this bottleneck in his questline? At the current rate, it’s going to be a week or two until I advance him enough to be able to complete this task.


  2. it took me several months to unlock Babs .. and only just recently i filled the first Blue floor (btw the blue cash pay out is very rare i get it in 1 out of 5 collects, the rest is all blue) anyway i may not unlock him before the New Year …

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  3. I’m sad. I’m not even close to unlocking evil monkey. I have so many blue stewie bucks, but so far away from ever getting a gold one.


  4. I think Tan Lines would be a great place to earn event skins and buildings once the event is over (thinking of Halloween as an example, I wasn’t prepared to use keys for the haunted mausoleum, but I did like it).


  5. They could do mystery box’s, one box for characters, another box for skins, another box for buildings, and so on and so forth.


  6. I got evil monkey a couple of weeks ago and just earned enough to get Barbara Pewterschmidt this weekend. I was kind of bumming that she didn’t come with a quest line…..


  7. All premium characters should migrate to tan lines, its took nearly 6 months to get evil monkey, that way you could earn the ones you really want, without ever being able to own them all for free. I’m still mad about carl and that stupid act 2 starting

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  8. I finally unlocked him last week!


  9. I want all of these characters.

    There are also some other characters hat come to mind when I think of new characters..

    *All the ones listed above
    *The Simpsons whole family
    *The rest of the cast from the cleveland show
    *Extended amount of characters from American dad such as Jeff, cia director, othe agents, etc.
    *Cheesie Charlie
    *Dog Peter, Dog Lois, Dog Stewie, Dog Cleveland, Dog Tom Tucker
    *Baby Joe, Baby Quagmire, Baby Mort, Baby Cleveland, Baby Brian (not costume)
    *The other 2 members of KISS that haven’t been introdiced in the game as characters
    *The other 2 Ghost busters that were not introduced in the game
    *The female ghost busters and the new male one
    *Some of the kids who attend the highschool, such as the popular kids, etc.
    *Star wars event Characters
    *Disney characters, such as mickey, minnie, donald, etc.
    *Some famous actors, actresses, singers previously affiliated with FG. like MC hammer, brittany spears, Justin Timberlake, the beatles Etc.
    *Perhaps Tinyco staff and FG Addicts for your hard work in this site

    The only thing that annoys me is when characters are added in the game and have never been in the show or if they have a set such as like how KISS, the ghostbusters, the baby set from multi verse, and the dog srt from multiverse was presented they don’t send all but just some.

    Just some more suggestions to add in.



  10. I unlocked evil Monkey and Meg’s gorilla. They need to add new items to make Tan Lines keep my attention now….


  11. Well, why not put all the characters you list for sale for Stewie bucks, let the players select! Ok, all might be too many, maybe put four or five of them?


  12. Can you suggest an option to trade backwards? I have red bucks and I need blue ones.


  13. It’s going to be a while for me – I got Tan Lines early (I think) due to my device, but it’s only good if you have characters. I only started in February, so even though I’ve unlocked a bunch of floors (I have the characters who drop keys constantly on task unless they are needed for an event, a quest line or the daily challenge), so I actually have two floors open above the maximum characters that I could add. I need about 8 more characters to fill the first blue Stewie buck floor, so I’m still only collecting green ones. Oh well, it’s fine, in it for the long haul!

    I love the concept of Tan Lines – I never had to put characters into inventory which would be a pain when they are needed. This way, they are out of the way and earning a little something until needed.


    • I’ve just imagined how it woud be if we get Fouad and get to hear Oooooo every time we select him, and I kind of need that guy now.
      I’ve just reached the number of characters to keep the 4th floor permanently full (unless big events require too many characters). I can finally start collecting blue bucks, so it should be faster now. I I got my second gold buck and I have 2 pink ones. Almost there, Evil Monkey. Maybe next halloween 😛


  14. I already have the 3 gold Stewie bucks needed for Evil Monkey. I just need 29 more blue Stewie bucks.
    I got Tan Lines in my game when it officially opened to players. I heard that a lucky few were able to get Tan Lines earlier in their game than the majority of us. That may be one of the reasons why some us will take a little longer to unlock him.


    • I got the bata testing version Tan Lines and that’s me just got Evil Monkey so you’re not far behind at all, I think what makes difference is some players have lot more characters and that let them fill up more floors. But I like Tan Lines, no pressure or rush.


  15. I unlocked the Evil Monkey before Halloween as well!

    Hardest choices to make imho, Susie vs. Joyce and Jim Kaplan vs. Frank Sinatra Jr.


  16. I am still in the long slog for that monkey, though I did finally get my 3rd Gold Stewie Buck a few weeks ago. Only 222 more Blue ones to go!

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  17. I’ve been whining for Mickey McFinnigan and O’Brien from the very beginning. Why or how they haven’t shown up yet when so many lesser characters have is beyond me. The way things have gone I wouldn’t be surprised to get Todd the chicken-belching fat guy as a playable character first.


  18. i unlocked him about the same time


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