There’s No Place Like Quahog Weekly Challenge – Week 2 – If I Only Had Another Wizard

Look out as something wicked this way comes, but what, but what?  It’s the  Weekly Challenge!  Yes week 2’s challenge is hurtling upon us like an out of control tornado….Help!!!

Now in the last couple of events TinyCo seemed to be making these challenges just an eensy weensy teensy bit easier and we were seeing a flourish of happy comments, but then they upped the stakes again in the final challenge of The Hauntening, so it’s hard to predict what we will get in this events set of challenges.

They could revert to their original form of being extremely difficult to complete, especially for freemium players. If that’s the case just try to see these for premium players, but hey that doesn’t mean a freemium player can’t do it, it just depends where you are in the game and sometimes a lucky guess at what items to stockpile whilst you wait for the challenges to drop. The prizes to date have always been decorations, with the odd building as a Grand Prize, so I wouldn’t advocate spending clams on these, but as always the choice is yours.

Anyway this week’s challenge, if you should choose to accept it, seems a little less daunting than the first weeks, if you’ve some protein powder in the bank and some Buff Munchkins trained and ready to go, then I can’t see any reason why both freemium and premium players can’t do this as it should work in tandem with what a lot of us will be doing right now, clearing Falling Houses, if you do manage to complete it you will be rewarded the Winkie Guard decoration.

What do you need to do to complete it, well here’s the deal, you will need to complete the If I Only Had Another Wizard  task which consists of:

Peter  Starts

Check out the prize
Clear  14 Falling Houses


So there you have it the second of this events weekly challenges. If you need help clearing Falling Houses you will find details in this post.

Falling Houses

Good luck and let us know in the comments if you completed the challenge.

~ Russian Tigger


11 responses to “There’s No Place Like Quahog Weekly Challenge – Week 2 – If I Only Had Another Wizard

  1. Week 3 is up!


  2. Christopher Carter

    Where is week 3?
    Could you someway redesign your site. I can NEVER find what im looking for and your search brings up old quests. Very annoying. You took up a whole section on thanksgiving that had nothing to do with the game, which is ok, but it makes it harder to find game related content. It seems these kind of posts are happeneing more frequently. More game content less personal stuff, or at least put it in a seperate section.


    • You won’t find a post on Week 3 of the weekly challenges as the challenge isn’t in our games yet, once it is, a post will go up.


  3. Hi,

    I completed this challenge and got the prize and it got checked off where it shows the three prizes and grand prize. However, when I looked today, there is a check and a big X as if I didn’t get it. Does anyone else show this in their game? Think it will affect getting grand prize?


  4. Is it me or with every new event drops are getting rarer and less characters are actually useful.. or the same character is used for different drops..
    honestly getting tired of it.. hope they make the game fun again without the need to pay on every single event.


  5. I delayed the storyline to make sure I had 8 Buff Munchkins ready, so back to making them to get the oil cans for the emerald gate. Had plenty of stuff to make them since wasn’t able to make any more once had the first 8 waiting for the challenge to hit.


  6. yes indeed, only left 3 Munchkins in production until i get the weekly, even better in less than 24 hours 😀


  7. Annoying that there is no way to opt out from weekly challenges (you often have to perform same actions for other game purposes and win the prize involuntarily). I could care less about tons of decorations: they just end up in my inventory anyway.


  8. This is an easy one. Hopefully most of us knew to have as many Buff Munchkins as possible available (before the challenge hit). I did, I had 8. 😀
    It is still easy and doable though, even if you didn’t have any. Only 28 hours needed to create 14 Buff Munchkins. 👍


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