There’s No Place Like Quahog 101: Wicked Wishlist

Hey there Munchkins!!!

Fancy having your very own mean, green, flying machine in Quahog? Well you’d better start stocking up your towns water supplies as that’s exactly what’s going to happen if you complete The Wicked Wishlist. TinyCo really should have called it The Wicked Witchlist don’t you think, lol. But whatever you want to call it, complete it and The Wicked Witch of the West is yours forever.

But what’s the Wicked Wishlist, well let’s take a closer look and see exactly what you have to do.

For those of you who aren’t afraid of a few fire balls and want the Wicked Witch as a Character in your game, well TinyCo has made our nightmares come true as after you get to There’s No Place Like Oz Pt. 3, you will trigger Wicked Wishes– Wicked Witch’s Wish List. image

Tapping Go will take you into the The Wicked Wishlist.


You can see the full list of tasks and items you will need to purchase by scrolling down, but I’ve put them all together here for you to see.


As you can see there are 8 wishes on the list and the following is a break down of them, including the character task times and item costs:

Have Scarecrow Peter Ease on Down The Road: 6hrs Task
Have Dorothy Lois Make Frenemies With Witches: 4hrs Task
Have Tin Woodsman Quagmire Have a Heart: 6hrs Task
Have Cowardly Lion Joe Be Regal: 8hrs Task
Have Glinda Wave Her Wand: 4hrs Task
Place the Spiraled Road: 150 Emeralds
Place the Wizard’s Hot Air Balloon: 400 Emeralds
Place the Fortune Teller’s Wagon: 350 Emeralds, 5 Straw and 4 Oil

Once you have the triggered the list you can check it anytime by clicking on the Wicked Witch icon in your Taskbar and tapping Go like we did above or you can tap on the Wicked Witch in your shopping cart.


Once you’ve completed all the 8 wishes on the list,  you will see a you’ve completed the task box and be awarded 1 Broomstick.

At this point you can go back to the Shopping Cart Menu and you will see the Wicked Witch is now available to buy for the cost of 1 Broomstick. Just tap on her to pull her into the game and you will instantly unlock her.


There you have it. The Wicked Wishlist to unlock the Character Wicked Witch of the West. Guess it’s true what my mum says, that we really should be careful what we wish for!!!

Are you trying to unlock the character? If so, how far into the WIsh List are you? Liking it so far?  Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


13 responses to “There’s No Place Like Quahog 101: Wicked Wishlist

  1. I just pushed some finishing times with freemium clams (2 wine bottles and a hair dryer) and got Cowardly Lion Joe cheap. “Happy Dance” As long as I remember to click on his 8 hour task before 6 pm my time, then I should get the Witch. I’ll have all the free characters plus Toto.

    Challenges were easy for me this round. I like the final decoration. I didn’t realize it was MJ from The Wiz and he does a dance move


  2. Just unlocked the WW of the W although with poor hay bundle drops I’m likely to not be able to obtain Tik-Tok and complete the main quest line. That’s fine, I was able to unlock all of the available characters and even purchased Toto Brian. (I don’t do Mystery Boxes – rarely a good deal, IMHO.)

    In general, I’m all about the characters when it comes to events – required decos just get moved to my inventory quickly. (OK, OK, yes, I used emeralds to purchase a bunch of Yellow Brick Road which will probably remain in Quahog, so it’s not a hard and fast rule…)

    The drop rates were, as always, spotty and inconsistent, and that’s not likely to change as it’s all about the algorithms – sometimes you win the algorithm lottery, sometimes you don’t.

    I generally also don’t pay too much attention to the weekly challenge – if I get it, fine, if not, no problem. I’d pay more attention if the prizes were more meaningful (characters, for example…) This event certainly provided very obtainable

    I do wish TinyCo would provide some mechanism at the end of the events to allow us to spend the excess currency – a random mystery box ala the Boomtown event. It bugs me that we collect all this specific currency that becomes immediately useless as soon as the event ends – I have over 6000 emeralds that will be digitally wiped in about 20 hours…

    Overall, I liked this event as the concentration was on the characters, not skins or decos.


  3. I…AM….LOVING…these type of events from TC. I’ve been playing for over two years now and was frustrated as the events got harder and with lots of drop rate issues. I feel TC has answered our concerns about some events…thus making these little events, i call them little as they don’t contain as much stuff as the big, main events. These little events are fun, easily obtainable without spending clams…just requires the time, as do all the events.
    Thanks TC!!!


  4. I don’t think I’m going to get the wicked witch, I still need Glenda (120) crowns, and a lot of stuff for lion joe plus the little robot. Hay bunches have a terrible drop rate. I don’t get why I’m having trouble, I bought toto brian and wizard of oz stewie, and the emerald mine. At the rate I’m going, unless everything drops what it’s supposed to, (the wicked witches castle isn’t dropping the blow dryer…) I won’t complete the event. I wouldn’t mind, if I hadn’t spent actual money on it. Very frustrated, my only hope is an extension.


  5. Got held up by the woodsman and his lube. Still need 9 booze, 1 medal, 5 pieces of meat, all 5 hairdryers (just placed the building) and 24 combs. Then I finally have my cowardly lion. Glinda needs 60 more of the last item. It is going to be hard to unlock the witch but I will try my best


  6. Just have the Glinda and Cowardly Joe tasks to do once I unlock them.


  7. Just need three items for Cowardly Lion and then he get run off on his eight hour task and earn me the witch. Will have all the characters I want from this event. Not bad for a freemium player, I think.


    • Fantastic haul, I’m just waiting for Cowardly Lion Joe to finish his regal task then I’m done character wise, full set apart from Munchkin Mayor West


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