Topping Up Our Tan Lines – Who’s Next?!!! The Result!!!

Hi there again fellow sun worshippers!!!

So the votes are counted and the results are in from the Final Round of our quest to find out who we’d like to see as the next new character released in Tan Lines for us to buy with Stewie Bucks. Thanks to every addict that took the time to vote in every round, we had thousands of votes over the duration of these silly little polls. So who will be crowned the most wanted character?


And now on with the results you’ve been waiting for, the character we want to see wandering our Quahog’s is no other than Mickey McFinnigan. He was the clear winner.


Character                                            Percentage of Votes
Mickey McFinnigan 42.8%
Frank Sinatra Jr. 36.6%
Principal Shepherd 20.6%

So there you can see our 3 winners in order of 1st – Mickey McFinnigan, 2nd – Frank Sinatra Jr, and 3rd – Principal Shepherd.

So what now, well we try to sweet talk TinyCo into putting him into Tan Lines as our next top trade for Stewie Bucks. Bunny put on your most persuasive smile!!!

But please remember this was primarily just for our amusement, we can’t guarantee TinyCo will do what we ask, but it sure didn’t stop of us from having a little fun along the way did it.

Thanks once again for taking part and let us know in the comments if you picked the winner or did you back a loser?

~ Russian Tigger

7 responses to “Topping Up Our Tan Lines – Who’s Next?!!! The Result!!!

  1. And his Irish sidekick Brian as a sheep.
    Bunny, has The ‘Noid been made available in the game perchance?


  2. O’Brian, Mickey and his stubby shillelagh/shalaylee need to be in this game no later than St. Patrick’s Day 2017!! 🙂


  3. BOOM! The masses have spoken. Mickey!! I’d still like it if he’s more quickly attained than through tan lines through an event or district, but I’ll accept it either way. 🙂


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