Quahog Not So Silent Night 101: Sam’s

Hey there Hippity Hoppity’s!

With all the New Items hitting our Event, it can be difficult to know where to start or where to go to gain the Items & Materials we need throughout the Event. That is where the 101’s come in.

In this post, I will be going over the “Bad Guy” Sam. How to attack him, how to defeat him, and all you will need to know in between.


Let’s take a closer look at this cute lil hopping Green Guy.

For more information on the Event, go HERE. 




You will trigger them during Dream On Pt. 2. The Questline will direct you to them.




They are released out of the Clock Tower in the Event Area. If you want to see when the next Spawn Time is for more to appear in your game, just tap on the Clock Tower.



In the lower half of the Pop Up from the Clock Tower you will see the countdown timer for the Sam’s Spawn and a Clam Cost if you want to speed it up and make more appear right now.


Sam Spawn Time/Amount: Per my game, it looks like 3 Sam’s Spawn out of the Clock Tower every 2hrs.



qbert-sprite-imageqtee-sprite-image qzard-sprite-image

The Various Q* Sprites. Sprites do Damage to the Sam’s Heart Meters with each Attack. Each Sam hopping around your game start out with a 20 Heart Meter. Sam’s Heart Meter that must be drained to Zero in order to completely Clear them. You can tap on them to find out what their current Heart Meter is at if you are unsure if you attacked them before.


Basically, you attack them with Sprites until you have attacked with a total of at least 20 Damage.



Here are each of the current 3 Sprites available and the amount of Damage each one does to Sam’s.

qbert-spriteQ*bert: 8 Damage
qtee-spriteQ*tee: 12 Damage
qzard-spriteQ*zard: 20 Damage





From the Presents you Open in the Present Plaza (like the Pyramid Packs). You can find more information on the Present Plaza and Pyramid Packs HERE.



Now that you have the Basics to get the Sam’s, let’s walk through actually taking down one of the Sam’s with the Sprites. You essentially want to use the best combination of Sprite(s) you have to do the most damage to the Sam’s and take down as many Sam’s as you can without wasting the Sprites Damage ability.

qzard-sprite VS sam

Sam starts out at his 20 Heart Meter Points. I have multiple options of Sprites to attack, but I want to take this Sam down as fast as I can so I choose the option of the Q*zard. The Q*zard Sprite comes with a 20 Damage which will completely clear the 20 Heart Points on Sam.

I tap on Sam to bring up the Attack Screen, then I tap on the Q*zard Sprite at the bottom to place it in the path of the Sam.


I take the Q*zard and drag it around my play screen until I can see the Sam I want to attack walking INTO the “Kill Zone Circle” and Sam has turned PURPLE. Once I am sure of this, I tap on the Check Mark.


A red -20 appears as Q*zard Attacks Sam with his 20 Damage Points. (And yes, depending on the direction Sam is going, the number will show up backwards. LOL )


Sam is now completely gone, having all of the 20 Heart Points taken away by the 20 Damage Q*zard. I can then collect my Rewards.


qbert-sprite qtee-sprite VS sam

Knowing it is not that easy to get a Q*zard as they are not that common, I will give an example using a combination of the other 2 Sprites. Q*tee & Q*bert.

Sam starts out at his 20 Heart Meter Points. I first select Q*bert from the list of Sprites, moving him around til I know that Sam is coming TOWARD him and wait till the Sam turns PURPLE. Once he does, I tap the Check Mark to apply the Q*bert 8 Damage to Sam.


The Q*bert shows a -8 in Red on the Screen as it causes the 8 Damage to the Sam. (And yes, depending on the direction Sam is going, the number will show up backwards. LOL )


The Sam is now down to 12 Heart Points remaining. (If you are unsure, just tap on them til you see the one with the 12 remaining Hearts.)


Due to I only need 12 more Damage, I select Q*tee who happens to attack with 12 Damage to complete the process. I place her in the path of the 12 Heart Level Sam and wait til he turns PURPLE before tapping the Check Mark. Once Sam is PURPLE, I tap the Check Mark.


A Red -12 shows on the screen as Q*tee does the remaining Damage to Sam. (And yes, depending on the direction Sam is going, the number will show up backwards. LOL )


As this completely drains what is left of Sam’s Heart Meter, the Sam disappears and the Rewards drop out on the Screen.



EXAMPLE #3 & #4
This is honestly options I would try and avoid. I will not go into much detail. In short, I feel it is a waste as you are losing valuable Damage that can be just saved for another time.

qbert-spriteqbert-spriteqbert-sprite  vs sam

You CAN use 3 Q*bert Sprites to attack (8+8+8= 24), but you will lose 4 Damage by doing so.

qtee-spriteqtee-sprite  vs sam

You CAN use 2 Q*tee Sprites (12-12 = 24), but again… you will lose 4 Damage by doing so.


Your BEST results will happen if you instead just keep collecting Sprites and use these two options:

  1. 1 Q*zard= 20 Damage and Sam is instantly taken out (20-20=0)
  2. 1 Q*bert= 8 Damage, leaves 12 remaining on Sam. Then attack a second time with 1 Q*tee= 12 Damage to completely take out Sam (20-8-12=0)



The Rewards you will see/get will vary depending on what Characters you are currently earning for. The Extra Materials are all Chance. Only Stocking Stuffers and Dream Points dropped every single time.

Here are the Payouts for Sam:
joystick +1 Joysticks (Chance)
green-ball+2 Green Balls (Chance)
stocking-stuffer +5 Stocking Stuffers
dream-point+2 Dream Points



  • Collect various Sprites to have best options of Attack
  • Tap on Sam to start Attack
  • Wait for Sam to be PURPLE and walking INTO Circle
  • Tap Check Mark
  • Collect Prizes


There you have the over Basics of Sam, what is needed for him, and how to best take them out.

How are you doing on the Sam Battles? How about the Sprites? Have a combination of Sprites you usually go for? How are your Payouts so far? Tips for other Players? Let us know.



37 responses to “Quahog Not So Silent Night 101: Sam’s

  1. I have cleared at least 15 Sams. Not 1 green ball. This is the lowest drop rate I have ever seen. Starting to lose interest in this event.


  2. When Sam finally stops jumping and I tap him to bring up the Sprites .. it takes at least 4-5 seconds to respond and he’s jumping again … is this a common issue or just for me ?


  3. I’ve got good drop rates for the ones that do 20 damage (must have had about five by now) – BUT I have now got a stockpile of six of the ones that do 12 damage because I’ve not received one that does 8 damage ever after the first one or two, and I don’t want to waste two of the 12s to clear a Sam. Strange because the 8 ones are supposedly much more common than the 12 ones… I’ll just keep stockpiling them for the big clearout I guess as I’m sure eventually they will come by brute force 😉


    • wildthornberry88

      I’m also waiting to clear a sam until I have both the 8 & 12 Qs; seems to be a good way forward.


      • Well I knew it! The last three boxes were filled with the 8 damage ones so I can now finally start clearing Sams. I’m so happy I didn’t waste the 12 damage ones 🙂


  4. johnjohnsonjones

    Im stuck on “Dream on pt 6” the Q*zard will not drop. 8 tries and no Q*zard. I got 2 yesterday before dream on pt 6 started. T


  5. Sadly, I haven’t even been able to battle one of these guys yet since my game was broken! I wasn’t able to open up any new quests earlier than today, so I’ll be behind this week, then next week and the week after! Oh, well. 😦


    • Just keep playing and fingers crossed you’ll make up a little time. Other players such as those on ?Kindles etc are all going to be playing catch up.


  6. How did you get pictures of me when I am ill, dressing up and playing wizard. If you don’t it: my name is Sam


    • Lol. Santa’s elf sent us the photos, those elves see everything

      Liked by 1 person

    • I had 2 Q-Tee’s in my inventory waiting to get two of the Q-Berts, but then they disappeared? Has anyone else had this happen to them? I sent TinyCo an e-mail about already, hopefully I can get them back 😦
      Other then that, not too bad so far…


  7. For me so far to date I’ve been awarded a whopping 4 gift packs to open and out of those 4 gift packs I’ve gotten blankets and one time I did manage to get 2 balls from the one 20 point qbert thing I did win in the prize pack. Other than that just blankets and stocking stuffers are all I have gotten. At this rate it seems I will be very slow progressing unless later in the quest line they add more characters to obtain prize packs or increase the drops on them. Of course it is still early but I’m just placing qbert so not sure if that is where they wanted us by now or not. Seems a bit behind considering how many prizes are on the board for ‘week 1’ just my progress so far and I play minimum every 2 hours at least 16 hours per day!


    • I’ve already been messaging them on it… just collecting data now as we progress a few more days in. Please message them this issue from your game. 🙂


  8. Yeah I’m having a hard time getting the green balls also thinking about buying the arcade that drops them but I’ll have to time it right since they drop every 8hrs if I purchase it at 7am I can collect twice at 3pm and 11pm


    • Side note… you can always reset it to your time after purchasing… you may miss a collection, but if it helps it may be good.

      Just store it and then replace it the time YOU want it to pay out. The timer will restart at that point, then you can collect when you want. 🙂


      • Great advice do you know if the green balls with play a major part for the whole event if they do I’ll definitely buy the arcade


        • That I can’t be sure of as we are only in Phase one. The only item I do know for sure is the Stocking Stuffers. The Green Balls may still be used here and there in the Toyland Puppet Theater for other Phases.


  9. My game keeps getting stuck on trying to open a pyramid pack. You see a few of the animations but it freezes before the presents are even displayed. Restarting the game or playing on facebook doesn’t help. It keeps trying to open the pack as soon as the game restarts. Anyone else having this issue? I’m literally stuck since I can’t get past this screen to play any of the game.


    • How much Memory draining items do you have in your play area right now? I notice there is a slight delay for me on the Sam’s as well as at times the Openings. I stored some items I still had out from last Event, sent all my Characters off to indoor Tasks… then tried again. It went quicker.

      Here are some tips to help you during REALLY active and high memory draining Events like this very one.



      • Thanks for the tips. I try to keep my town pretty bare bones, so hopefully that’s not it. In this case I’m truly stuck since I can’t get to any part of the town since the pyramid pack pop up just sits there. Both my computer and phone have waited for a looooong time and are still stuck. I want to contact tinyco, but can’t get to the help screen. Lol


        • You can always email them too. 🙂


          • Yep. Looks like I’ll have to, a restore didn’t help either. I was hoping others were having this issue and it would “solve itself” eventually. Thanks for your help, Bunny!


            • Just wanted to say that I’m having the exact same problem. My town is already bare bones, so I’m not sure what the issue is. I haven’t been able to play all day due to the frozen pyramid pack! I was hoping it was a universal issue that would get fixed soon too. 😦


  10. Can anyone tell me how to contact tiny co . I am still having problems with connection , I could not play the last event it was so bad .


  11. I haven’t collected any from Qberts pyramid pack yet but figured maybe they would start resurfacing once I get all the joysticks? Btw I love this event, my favorite holiday and time of the year! I missed last Christmas event and can’t wait to get Christmas morning Peter. Do you think he will have a task of delivering his patent static shocks?! That would be fantastic and hilarious 😂


  12. Since the event started I got 1 pyramid pack despite close to 20 tries. Yes I know event just started but Why would this be rare drop? So dumb


    • I am keeping my eye on them and sending feedback. I know it does seem slow at first, but as we progress it may pick up more and more. I just do not have enough data just yet to give them an accurate feedback on the drops, but as usual… always watching. 😉


  13. I know it’s early but is anyone else having problems with getting green balls? I have cleared over 20 sams and only collected green balls once (2). The drop seems more like epic rather than rare or chance.


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