Quahog Not So Silent Night 101: Drunk Wizards

Hey there Giddy Gamers!

With all the New Items hitting our Event, it can be difficult to know where to start or where to go to gain the Items & Materials we need throughout the Event. That is where the 101’s come in.

In this post, I will be going over the “Bad Guy” the Drunk Wizard. How to attack him, how to defeat him, and all you will need to know in between.

Let’s take a closer look at this boozed up lil bad buy!!!

For more information on the Event, go HERE. 



You will trigger them during Dream Again Pt. 1. The Questline will direct you to them.




They are released out of the Clock Tower in the Event Area. If you want to see when the next Spawn Time is for more to appear in your game, just tap on the Clock Tower.


In the lower half of the Pop Up from the Clock Tower you will see the countdown timer for the Drunk Wizard’s Spawn and a Clam Cost if you want to speed it up and make more appear right now.

Drunk Wizard Spawn Time/Amount: Per my game, it looks like 3 Drunk Wizards Spawn out of the Clock Tower on a countdown timer of 4 hrs when it is their turn to be released, remember they rotate with Sams and Turtles.



The Various Dragons do Damage to the Drunk Wizard Heart Meters with each Attack. Each Drunk Wizard hopping around your game starts out with a 22 Heart Meter. Drunk Wizard’s Heart Meter must be drained to Zero in order to completely Clear them. You can tap on them to find out what their current Heart Meter is at if you are unsure if you attacked them before.

Basically, you attack them with Dragons until you have attacked with a total of at least 22 Damage.


Here are each of the current 3 Dragons available and the amount of Damage each one does to Drunk Wizard’s.

Boba Dragon: 7 Damage
Bubba Dragon: 11 Damage
Blue Dragon: 22 Damage


WHERE DO I GET Dragons? 

From the Presents you Open in the Barrel Box in the Present PLanza.


Now that you have the Basics to get the Drunk Wizards, let’s walk through actually taking down one of the Drunk Wizards with the Dragons. You essentially want to use the best combination of Dragon(s) you have to do the most damage to the Drunken Wizard and take down as many Drunk Wizards as you can without wasting the Dragons Damage ability.


Drunk Wizard starts out at his 22 Heart Meter Points. I have multiple options of Dragons to attack with, but I want to take this Drunk Wizard down as fast as I can so I choose the option of the Blue Dragon. The Blue Dragon comes with a 22 Damage which will completely clear the 22 Heart Points on Drunk Wizard.

I tap on the Drunk Wizard to bring up the Attack Screen, then I tap on the Blue Dragon at the bottom to place it in the path of the Drunk Wizard

I take the Blue Dragon  and drag it around my play screen until I can see the Drunk Wizard I want to attack walking INTO the “Kill Zone Circle” and the Drunk Wizard has turned PURPLE. Once I am sure of this, I tap on the Check Mark.

A minus -22 appears as Blue Dragon Attacks the Drunk Wizard with his 22 Damage Points. (Be aware the Drunk Wizard will move out of the kill zone if you wait too long.)

The Drunk Wizard is now completely gone, having all of the 22 Heart Points taken away by the 22 Damage Blue Dragon. I can then collect my Rewards.



Knowing it is not that easy to get a Blue Dragon as they are not that common, the most common combination you will use is 2 Bubba Dragons which do 11 damage each, 2 x 11 = the 22 damage you need to defeat a Drunk Wizard.

Drunk Wizard starts out at his 22 Heart Meter Points. I select Bubba Dragon from the list of Dragons, moving him around til I know that Drunk Wizard is coming TOWARD him and wait till the Drunk Wizard turns PURPLE. Once he does, I tap the Check Mark to apply the Bubba Dragon 11 Damage to Drunk Wizard

The Drunk Wizard shows a -11 in Red on the Screen as it causes the 11 Damage to the Drunk Wizard. He is now down to 11 Heart Meter Points. So I basically repeat the aforementioned step with another Bubba Dragon to take him down to 0 Heart Meter Points.

As this completely drains what is left of Drunk Wizard’s Heart Meter, the Drunk Wizard disappears and the Rewards drop out on the Screen.


EXAMPLE #3 & #4
This is honestly options I would try and avoid. I will not go into much detail. In short, I feel it is a waste as you are losing valuable Damage that can be just saved for another time.


You CAN use 1 Bubba Dragon and 2 Boba Dragins to attack (11+7+7= 25), but you will lose 3 Damage by doing so.

 imageimage vs 

You CAN use 4 Boba Dragons (7+7+7+7 = 28), but you will lose 6 Damage by doing so.


Your BEST results will happen if you instead just keep collecting Dragonss and use these two options:

  1. 1 Blue Dragon with 22 Damage and Drunk Wizard is instantly taken out.
  2. 1 Bubba Dragon with 11 Damage, leaves 11 remaining on the Drunk Wizard. Then attack a second time with 1 Bubba Dragon with 11 Damage to completely take out the Drunk Wizard.



The Rewards you will see/get will vary depending on what Characters you are currently earning for. The Extra Materials are all Chance. Only Stocking Stuffers and Dream Points dropped every single time.

Here are the Payouts for Drunk Wizard:
 +1 Turtle Shell (Chance)

+1 Crown  (Chance)
stocking-stuffer +6 Stocking Stuffers
dream-point+1 Dream Point



  • Collect various Dragons to have best options of Attack
  • Tap on Drunk Wizard to start Attack
  • Wait for Drunk Wizard to be PURPLE and walking INTO Circle
  • Tap Check Mark
  • Collect Prizes


There you have the over Basics of the Drunk Wizards, what is needed for him, and how to best take them out.

How are you doing on the Drunk Wizard Battles? How about the Dragons? Have a combination of Dragons you usually go for? How are your Payouts so far? Tips for other Players? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


19 responses to “Quahog Not So Silent Night 101: Drunk Wizards

  1. I have way more dragons than drunk wizards, seems the spawn rate is so much less than it is for the Sams.


  2. What is the frequency of shell dropping from wizard have knocked out five or six but still no shell?


  3. They really are having a laugh at us by setting the wizard strength to 22 and making the yellow dragons only hit 7. Obviously nearly all the dragons I’ve won are yellow and so far not a single one has been blue.


  4. I really don’t understand why we have to do maths just to do these attacks, and why they had to have such random *** numbers. Why the heck aren’t 3 yellows enough to clear it? Making it 22 instead of 21 is just mean. It would’ve been a lot more straightforward to just have them 1,2,3 damage and they have 3 health. Or 1,2,4 if they really want us to waste more low-level ones.


  5. Sigh, I think it’s time for a WTD post. Lol


  6. Bubble Bobble was my FAVORITE NES game as a kid – I still have it! 😊 I was so excited when I saw the Drunks show up, and the Bub & Bob Dragons are cute too! I wish I could buy these at the end of the event, even as a NPC or statue/decoration! *lol*

    I just unlocked CM Peter early this morning (spent 40 clams instead of waiting another 8hrs to see if I got another drop – they’re only freemium clams, at least!), so I havent gotten too far into Phase 2 just yet, but my first couple Drunk drops were ok…


  7. Tissue boxes to unlock Q-Bert are impossible to get.


  8. Just thought I should point out that, if you attack with 7+7+11, you do indeed waste 3 Damage points, but if you don’t use those two 7s eventually, you waste 14 points! I was saving up Q*Berts, hoping for more Q*Tees, but eventually I had to use 3 Q*Berts (24 total), more than once, to kill some Sams, or they would have gone to waste.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I have a problem in my game: it crashed while I was opening a Q*bert’s pyranid pack, and now every time I try to open the game it loads, It shows the “opening pack” screen and it crashes after a few seconds. I even tried to restart the game but the problem hasn’t disappeared. Does anyone else have this problem?


  10. Well done TinyCo, an already annoyed player base and you put those figures in! Straight up trolling or bad at maths?
    PREDICTION – We get mostly 7 hit BB guys….
    PS Tigger u made slight error (11+7+7=25) but don’t worry ur not as bad as them lol

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Accept for the fact that the barrels opening now seem to not produce any dragons in which case the correct combo to use is Credit Card – $$$ = buy clams x (over and over) x (see if you get dragons yet) + [frustration] ((x furious in game message to TC))


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