Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Main Questline: Dream Again

Hey White Elephant Gifts!!

OOoooooooh Bubble Bop was a fun game for me. I spent days playing it while I was recovering. Dragons & Bubbles, how can you go wrong?

With the New Phase comes, of course, the New Main Questline that will take us along the next Phase of the Event. For Phase 2, the Main Questline is Dream Again.


Let’s take a look at the Main Questline and all you will encounter along the way. 

For all the Event information, go HERE.


Dream On Pt. 9
Chris Starts


Upgrade Your Portal: Reach Dream Level 5

Completed Task Rewards5 Stocking Stuffers & 5 Dream Points


Dream Again Pt. 1
Chris Starts

Drunk Wizards Are Here!: Tap on “GO” to see the details for them
Earn a Barrel Box: Herbert Work as Mall Elf OR Chris Buy Christmas Presents OR Q*bert Sneeze OR Baby Bobble Stewie Blow Bubbles OR Burping Dragon Belfry OR Christmas King Mystery Box
Open a Barrel Box: Go to the Present Plaza and tap on the Barrel Box to Open one

Completed Task Rewards: 8 Stocking Stuffers & 4 Dream Points

***Just Peachy Triggers (Peaches Questline)***


Dream Again Pt. 2
Chris Starts

Attack a Drunk Wizard: Tap on a Drunk Wizard, use Dragons to attack its Heart Points
Earn 1 Turtle Shell: Clear Drunk Wizard OR Barrel Box OR Carol Barrel OR Monkey Kong Arcade Machine OR Clear Turtle
Place Peaches in the Crowning Castle: Cost 100 Stocking Stuffers

Completed Task Rewards: 10 Stocking Stuffers & 6 Dream Points

***On Like Monkey Kong triggers (Monkey Kong Questline)***


Dream Again Pt. 3
Chris Starts

Turtles Are Here!: Tap on “GO” to see the details for them
Earn a Barrel: Christmas Morning Peter Wear Pajamas Outside OR Peaches Fight Like a Princess OR Jerome Put Up the Tree OR Princesses Against Kidnapping Club
Clear a Turtle: Tap on the Barrel Icon in the lower right corner, move around screen until as many Turtles as you can get are in the Target, launch a Barrel at Turtle(s)

Completed Task Rewards: 8 Stocking Stuffers & 5 Dream Points


Dream Again Pt. 4
Chris Starts

Place Peter’s Playhouse: Cost~ 2 Green Balls & 2 Turtle Shells
Have Q*bert Sneeze: 4hrs, Earns 6 Stocking Stuffers & 1 Dream Point
Place Monkey Kong in Scaffold Tower: Cost~ $1000 WARNING: PLACING TOWER STARTS HIS 7 DAY TIMER

Completed Task Rewards: 12 Stocking Stuffers & 8 Dream Points


Dream Again Pt. 5
Chris Starts

Clear a Drunk Wizard: Use Dragons to Attack a Drunk Wizard until his Heart Points are Zero
Clear Sam Twice: Use Sprites to Attack Sam until his Heart Points are Zero (Clear 2 of them)
Clear 6 Turtles: Use Barrels to Aim and Fire on as large a group of turtles as possible to Clear the most with 1 Barrel

Completed Task Rewards: 8 Stocking Stuffers & 4 Dream Points


Dream Again Pt. 6
Chris Starts

Have Bonnie Chug a Bottle of Wine: 1hrs, Earns $20 & 12xp
Have Lois Bake Christmas Cookies to Solve Problems: 6hrs, 8 Stocking Stuffers & 1 Dream Point
Place Shock’em Clock’em Robots: Cost ~ 350 Stocking Stuffers & 8 Green Balls & 8 Turtle Shells

Completed Task Rewards: 10 Stocking Stuffers & 5 Dream Points


Dream Again Pt. 7
Chris Starts

Clear 2 Drunk Wizards: Use Dragons to Attack a Drunk Wizard until his Heart Points are Zero, Twice
Place the Puzzle Cube Condo:
 Cost~ 9 Green Balls & 5 Turtle Shells
Have Joe Wear a Santa Suit:  4hrs, 6 Stocking Stuffers & 1 Dream Points

Completed Task Rewards: 15 Stocking Stuffers & 10 Dream Points


Dream Again Pt. 8
Chris Starts

Have Peaches Celebrate Christmas: (Peaches Level 3) 24hrs, 18 Stocking Stuffers & 3 Dream Points
Reach Dream Level 7:
 You can see your progress in the lower right corner of your game as well as in the Event Main Hub by tapping on the Dream Level Icon
Upgrade the Portal: As of right now, you need to be to Dream Level 7 to Upgrade when the Next Phase is launched


*** Here is where we will stop until the next phase comes out next week***


There you have it, the Main Questline that will take you along Phase 2 of the Holiday Event.

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.


41 responses to “Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Main Questline: Dream Again

  1. This is a daunting event but I’m doing okayish…I have peter and qbert . I need 450 stuffers for peaches and then the 890 for the tie building. Being bold, or daft, I have placed Kong and started collection for him. I think its achievable by the end of the timer and do have some spare clams if needed. I’m lucky in that I work small odd houred shifts and can get on the game pretty often for collection and task setting, I imagine this is pretty impossible for those who have less time and no access whilst at work!


  2. Well, I finally have enough Stuffers to unlock Q-Bert OR Peaches. I still need five more power-ups for Peaches but I have to go with her first since I only have 3d18h left on Monkey Kong’s timer. Need both Q&P to advance to next phase anyway and I’ll be able to start her silly 24 hour task in advance of that step this way.


    • You need Level her up to Level 3 to get the task


      • Yeah, I’d seen that but didn’t think it too big a factor. However, after waiting 12 (freakin’) hours for the robots and Joe to get power-ups I only got one. I’m still two short and have to burn another 12 (gd) hours for another shot. It looks like I’ll most likely be held up a bit by that 24 hour task after all.


  3. The worst part that hasn’t been considered yet is with all these new characters is that they all have quest lines. We can only have 10 quest lines open at one time and currently 9 of them are being used for thus event. Some of the new character quest lines require a certain level to access that job which means it takes a few days to get there. And most of the jobs required for the other characters are all 12 hours or 24 hours. Even those who will get through phase 2 will have to clear a few of those quests completely to be able to access phase 3. I hope that makes sense!


    • I’ve had more than 10 open before, I don’t like it when that many build up but it’s happened couple times. but it’s a very good point and something we need be aware of as event goes on.


  4. Christopher Carter

    Whats the consensus? Should i get Qbert or peaches first? All of my buildings are done and i dropped monkey kong early this morn.. If I get qbert I can continue the questline for stuffers as well as 6 stuffers per 4 hr. job. If I do that I may run out the timer on kong. Im still about 700 stuffers away from peaches. Decide for me!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m in almost same position, I’ve enough to unlock Q*Bert and place all buildings, then will need about 1000 more stocking stuffers for Peaches. So I’m going place last buildings, unlock Q*Bert, place Monkey Kong and then start collecting the 1000 stocking stuffers for Peaches, I can do that hopefully in few days and not start Phase 3 too late.


    • I unlocked Qbert a soon as I could to get him earning stuff. Just unlocked peaches as she has 24 hour task and needs to be level 3 before advancing to next stage so wanted to get her going early.
      Will drop Monkey tomorrow and hopefully get 890 stuffers sooner rather than later as I reckon neckties will be a problem


  5. So I started monkey kong this morning. If things keep running the way they have been I will have peaches late Wednesday (unless I hit an extra bumper crop of stuffers) and monkey just shy of the seven day limit. Holding out on monkey surely makes the difference. I think I can get them totally as a free player.


  6. I’m only on part 4 of the questline. I only have 1400 stuffers and still haven’t unlocked Q-bert or Peaches. Then they tack a 24 hour task for Peaches at the end of the questline to advance!? Turtle shells don’t drop quickly either to burn on the worthless cube building… I have a feeling I’ll be falling behind… and fail to get Monkey Kong.


  7. Anyone get qbert? So far getting no drops from ice wall.


    • Some players reporting unlocking him,mothers delaying him to get Peaches. If you’ve had no drops from Ice Wall please send TinyCo an in game message explaining this.


  8. I hate the drop rate in this game. I’ve had mort Bonnie and peter going for tissues for about 4 days now for qbert, not a single dropped tissue.


  9. Finally got the last needed box of tissues only to find out that mort and Bonnie no longer have actions that yield stocking stuffers. It may have been better to not have gotten the tissues as relatively quick as I did to keep the extra stuffers coming. Can’t see how it’s possible to pick up the 3400+ stuffers needed to get peaches and all the building for monkey kong. Blah


    • Just a thought: Do you have the thrift shop, pharmacy, and junior high school out of inventory? That is where Bruce (Buy Santa suit), Bonnie (Put on Christmas pageant), and Mort (Celebrate Hanukkah) are doing their Stocking Stuffer tasks, in my game.


      • I have all of the buildings out all the time. It looks like the actions that were earning me the loot plus the stuffers are not available to do on my game. The one Christmas themed action for mort (light a menorah) only has a reward of Experience – no coins or stuffers. I sent in a question to tiny just now to see what’s up.


  10. Given the small amount of Stocking Stuffers that can be obtained clamlessly, the smart move would be to skip Monkey Kong.

    The questline must take priority during an event, and he is completely optional. Okay, so we need to place his building for part 4, but it is only 1000 coins – so big whoop. Place it and move on…

    I opted out of the weekly challenge due to Stocking Stuffers, and I imagine that this will probably happen a few more times before the event is over. It is simply not worth digging a hole for myself because of a timed item.

    Maybe it would be a different story if the event currency was more plentiful, but right now there is just not enough to go around for everything being offered (and in the time available).

    Besides, Monkey Kong appears to be nothing more than Meg’s Evil Monkey with a bowtie, and I cannot justify making a ton of effort for something so lazily slapped together. The Overlords will have to try harder if they want me to jump through hoops for something…


    • You sounds like you’ve a strategy. And it could be a wise move. I’m going see how long takes get closer Peaches before I decide on Monkey Kong.


  11. too many stocking stuffers required to get these characters.


  12. Totally agree I am more or less equal with patience and that if constancy everything is possible always positive


  13. Even though I am on every couple of hours and can collect items as soon as they become available I am still 500 stocking stuffers and a tissue box away from qbert and can’t even imagine getting Peaches anytime soon. I’m just kind of hanging out at Dream Again part 4 until I get both of those characters and then I’ll drop Monkey Kong. Turtle shells seem to be super slow in dropping too. No stresses though. I believe that if I remain consistent I will probably be able to pull them all off just before I run out of time.


  14. anyone got info on what is needed to get or tried to place monkey kong? I’m still working on qbert and princess.


  15. So sorry for my impatience!!!
    But am I missing where it says what it takes to unlock Monkey Kong?? I’ve read some people say 100 rare bananas but idk what you’ve gotta do to get them as I am waiting to get the 2 buildings for him:neck ties(want to know how many) and the hammer(would like to know how many there too) also, peaches has a task?
    Looking forward to reading your upcoming posts!!


  16. {Slaps head with open hand) Once again, I failed to read FGA BEFORE I acted, and I quote, “WARNING: PLACING TOWER STARTS HIS 7 DAY TIMER…” Do-oh! I’ve actually been doing pretty well in this one, just moving right along, I should have been reading the posts before I tapped, tapped, tapped…


  17. Peaches and Q’bert for this quest line? Wow, I am hoping TCo seriously ups the amount of stocking stuffers…i still need 800 for Q’bert! This is where I will get way behind….BTW, Santa has a task now for stuffers. any others?

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Hahaha haha, this seems laughable impossible! But I’ve said that before and gotten the characters I was striving for(namely Carl in the most recent Halloween event), So! I’m going to strategize my little heart out and do the best I can to get all three characters before the end of week 2. It’s the fun of the game right? Lol.

    Sooooooooooooooo, please someone tell me if I’m crazy here: I’m thinking about using my 1157 stocking stuffers gathered so far toward Peaches first! In hopes of having even a chance at the timed Monkey Kong character. Then I’ll hope to gather enough stuffers again by the end of the week to get Q*bert, zoom through the main questline and have Peaches doing her 24hr task while everyone else does there small 4-6hr tasks…Do I sound like a woman gone crazy or could that just be crazy enough to make sense?!?!?

    Bunny, Tiger, Lotty, I’d love to here your expertise!!! And anyone else who has any thoughts let me know!!


    • I’m delaying Monkey Kong, and now debating Q*Bert or Peaches first, will decide over the weekend once see how drops go. But I really want Q*Bert so that maybe tells you what way I will swing, lol. Good luck!!!


    • I unlocked Qbert and burping dragon belfry coz they drop barrels for presents and stuffers and I need a heap of both, particularly barrels as they can give 12 or 20 stuffers. Got 400 stuffers now and won’t spend anymore until I’m over 2000 when I might get bejewelled troll house, drop monkey kong at that point and hopefully get everything coming together around the same time.


  19. So to finish week 2 we have to unlock both qbert and peaches, so that is 4400 stocking stuffers, with the drop rate as it currently stands this is going to be impossible.


  20. We need Q*bert and Peaches to clear phase 2? Wow. With drops for Q*bert being so rare, I thought maybe we’re not expected to unlock him until nearer the end of the event.

    What’s involved in unlocking Monkey Kong? Whatever it is, he can join the back of the line!


  21. Christopher Carter

    I had koolaid man drop unexpectedly, but i already had him. Is he used for this event?


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