Quahog’s Not So Silent Night 101: Turtles

It’s Turtle Time!!!

Our town is now going to be overrun, slowly of course, with turtles!! Not the mutant type, just your bog standard very sad looking turtles I’m afraid.

In this  post I will go over the Basics of Clearing Turtles.

Let’s take a closer look at these lil guys.

For more information on the Event, go to the Event Page HERE. 


Turtles will begin to appear in Quahog once you reach Pt. 3 of the Phase 2 Main Questline, Dream Again. I had a bunch of  them appear in my Quahog as soon as I hit that part. As you clear them new ones will be released from the Clock Tower, on a rotation with Sams and Drunk Wizards. When it’s turtles turn, they take 2 hours to be released, although you can speed them with clams if you wish.


In my game it looks like I had  a MAX of up to 18 in the game.


They appear on the Sidewalks/Edge of Sidewalks of the Quahog road patches, so look near all your roads to locate them. Keep in mind they any roads obstructed by buildings or decorations will make it hard to see turtles.  If you’ve only got a tiny bit of road like me you will see them all wander towards it and group together, which is a good thing as you can clear more than one at a time this way.

Now it is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL for you to remove your Roads from your town to keep the turtles to one area, just know that the less you have out in the open, the less time you will spend searching for turtles and the more you can hit with one barrel.


You will need to need  a barrel to drop on them.


Barrels (for Turtles- Always): Christmas Morning Peter Wear Pajamas Outside OR Peaches Fight Like a Princess OR Quagmire Open Sexy Presents OR Troll Doll Mort Fill Up On Jewels OR Jerome Put Up the Tree OR Princesses Against Kidnapping Club

You can spend Clams to purchase them from the Shopping Cart Menu…

12 Barrels: 130 Clam IconClams
24 Barrels: 245 Clam IconClams
36 Barrels: 340 Clam IconClams


First, you will need to collect the barrels so you have some ready. Once you have collected some barrels, locate some turtles, if they are all grouped on piece of road simply tap on the Barrel Icon in the lower right corner of your screen.

Tapping on the Barrel Icon will bring up the Targeting Screen for the turtles. In the center is the target itself, you want to ensure you have the turtles as close to this area as possible to get as many as you can. Move the screen around with your finger untill the Turtles  are in the Center.


TIf you have no turtles loose in the game, the screen will tell you “THERE ARE NO MORE TURTLES!”. If you have no barrels earned for them, the screen will tell you “BUY MORE“.

If you have Turtles running around town, you will see the screen show “SQUASH THOSE TURTLES”. If you have barrels you will see the screen trigger show “BARRELS AWAY“, you tap this to release the barrel on the target.



For me, I am using my single piece of road system again for this Event. As the Turtles are drawn to the roads, I have a 2×3 piece of road then once I’ve got a barrel, I reduce this down to 1 piece of road and wait for all the turtles to congregate on that one piece of road.

Again, OPTIONAL. It is completely up to you if you want to remove the roads in your town. 15 is the most I’ve cleared with one barrel.


Bunny uses the maze method and you’ll find information on creating mazes HERE.

Now for those that do NOT want to bother with removing roads or a maze, that is just fine. You can still try to keep several turtles in one area. Tapping on them will stop them temporarily. But they don’t stay frozen in place for long, so keep tapping them until you have a good number of them together and then quickly aim and launch a barrel.


This depends what you have placed in your game to unlock, crowns won’t drop until you’ve placed Peaches and bananas won’t drop until you’ve placed Monkey Kong.

image1 Crown (Chance)

image 1 Banana (Chance)

turtle-shell1 Turtle Shell (Chance)

stocking-stuffer 2 Stocking Stuffers


  • Earn Barrels
  • Locate Turtles on your Roads
  • Tap on Barrel Icon to access Target Screen
  • Center Target on Turtles
  • Tap Barrels Away to launch barrel
  • Get Reward(s)

There you have it, the overall idea of just how to find and clear the Turtles.

Did this help you to better understand how to get them? What methods are you using that are working for you? Any tips you want to share with fellow Players? How many total have you cleared with one Barrel? What kind of payouts are you seeing? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


8 responses to “Quahog’s Not So Silent Night 101: Turtles

  1. Can items be collected for monkey Kong before he’s actually released? Was thinking about getting the 2 buildings available and start stocking up before the timer begins.


  2. okay so if i remove all of my roading, the turtles that are already out walking around will get back on whatever patch of road i leave in correct?& that goes for the turtles coming out of the portal too they will all go straight to the patch of road? i have the Griffins’, Swansons’,, & Quagmire’s houses in the original places(from the beginning of the game lol)so i’m going to try& leave 2 or 3 blocks of road in front of those.


    • Yes, they will shuffle along to what little road you have. And just think how environmentally friendly our towns are with no roads for cars, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, Tigger’s technique is very effective especially as they will gather at whatever small bit of road you leave standing. (I’ve never tried removing all road, but I’m guessing they’ll just wander randomly with no common gathering place.) I’ve used Bunny’s maze technique as well – it was so effective during Boomtown to remove Mutant Stewies that, towards the end, I removed the maze just to give them a more sporting chance…This time, I’m just going with the ‘KISS’ method described by TIgger. I have one stretch of 1×4 road that I bring down to a 1×1, ‘barrel’ the turtles, then expand back to a 1×4 to battle Drunken Wizards and SAMS. You need a little space to battle them effectively – more than once, another has wondered in and I hit them rather than the intended (and usually) weakened one.

      And even though I received my graduate degree from a school whose mascot is a turtle, a state school from my home state of which I am a huge fan of their sports teams (OK, football and basketball), I have no problem wiping out as many as possible in a single hit…my PR is 16 so far…barrels away!


  3. Am I the only one that can’t use the barrel launcher. It zooms in and freezes. I know this function has done this in other events in the beginning and gets fixed. But since I first tried yesterday it just messes up. The characters still move just no barrels get launched so have to force close the game.


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