Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Phase 2 Is LIVE!!

Would you like to play… a Game?

Phase 2 of the Christmas Event is now in our silly lil games and there’s lots more fun to have

Just what does the 2nd Phase have in store for us? Let’s dive on in and take a look at Quahog’s Not So Silent Night!!



First up, the Basics

  • Players need to complete Dream On Pt. 9 to advance and be to at least Dream Level 5
  • Players will need to be on the App Market Version 1.33.3 or higher (Google was 1.33.5) in order to see the event.
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s complete.
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more

Back with more in a bit…




This popped up in my game as soon as I opened it.

Christmas Cubed
Peter Starts

Buy $9.99 USD Worth of Clams, Get 4 Q*bert’s Pyramid Packs for Free!

So if you purchase Clam Packs starting at Bin of 275 Clams on up, you can get the offer.



Clam Icondream-pointstocking-stufferFamily Guy Coin

Stocking Stuffer Hub: 600 Clam IconClams, 215 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers & 25 dream-pointDream Points every 5hrs

Monkey Kong Arcade Machine: 200 Clam IconClams, 8 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers & 30 dream-pointDream Points every 8hrs, Always Drops 1 Turtle Shell


Crowning Castle w/Peaches: 100 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers, 6 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers & 20 dream-pointDream Points every 4hrs


Scaffold Tower w/Monkey Kong: Family Guy Coin1000, 6 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers & 20 dream-pointDream Points every 4hrs. TIMER WARNING!!! Once placed, you have 7 days to unlock Monkey Kong



***Still no Decorations yet*** They showed up after I triggered Pt. 1

Beheaded Snowman: 50 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers
Freaky Furball: 100 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers
Fleeing Snowman: 50 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers
Mutant Snowman: 50 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers
Snackable Snowman: 50 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers
Spiked Snowman Heads: 50 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers



12 Barrels (for Turtles): 130 Clam IconClams
24 Barrels (for Turtles): 130 Clam IconClams
36 Barrels (for Turtles): 130 Clam IconClams



baby-bobble-stewieBaby Bobble Stewie (Costume): 275 Clam IconClams, Comes with Questline, Fully Tasked- all drop Stocking Stuffers and Dream Points, Always Drops Carol Barrels (4hrs)

Peaches: Triggers after you start Dream Again Pt. 1. You must first place the Crowning Castle into your game. Once placed, you can then start to earn the Materials needed for Peaches. She is Voiced
stocking-stuffer2400 Stocking Stuffers
20 Crowns (Always):
Clear Drunk Wizards
45 Parasols (Uncommon): Clear Turtle
9 Power Ups (Rare): Joe Investigate Source of Prank Calls OR Clock’em Sock’em Robots

8 Toads: (Rare): Peter’s Playhouse

Monkey Kong: Triggers after you start Dream Again Pt. 2. You must first place the Scaffold Tower. TIMER WARNING!!! Once placed, you have 7 days to unlock Monkey Kong. Once placed, you can then start to earn the Materials needed for Monkey Kong. He is voiced
40 Bongos (Uncommon): Barrel Box
100 Banana (Rare): Clear Turtles
6 Hammers (Common): Building Blocks Construction Site
10 Neck Tie (Rare): Bejeweled Troll House
TASK~ Have Peaches Fight Like a Princess: 4hrs


troll-doll-mortTroll Doll Mort (Costume): See info for the Christmas King Mystery Box Below.




Much like past Events, you will be leveling up along the way while you play along with the event. For this Event that will be your Dream Level.

You will be able to increase your Dream Level by just playing along and earning Dream Points

dream-pointDream Points:  Questlines OR Character Tasks OR Event Buildings OR Other Event Tasks

Phase 2 will require you to be at dream-pointDream Level 5 to access the new content.



little-wizard Drunk Wizard

These will start appearing right at the beginning of Phase 2, Dream Again Pt. 1. The Questline will direct you to them. These will be the new “Bad Guy” for Phase 2.

Drunk Wizards: Each has 22 Health and requires Dragons (from Present Plaza) to attack them til their Health drops to Zero. (Similar to Sprites and Sams)

Dragons & Their Damage Ability:
bubba-dragonBoba Dragon (needed for Drunk Wizards): 7 Damage
boba-dragon Bubba Dragon (needed for Drunk Wizards): 11 Damage
blue-dragonBlue Dragon (needed for Drunk Wizards): 22 Damage

Chance Payout:
+1 Turtle Shell
+1 Crown
stocking-stuffer +6 Stocking Stuffers
dream-pointDream Points




These will start appearing right at the beginning of Phase 2, Dream Again Pt. 3. The Questline will direct you to them. These guys will be more of the “Aim and Shoot” kind of Bad Guy.

Turtles: Require Barrel to clear (how many you take down depends on how many are close together… maze may come in handy)

barrel-for-turtlesBarrels (for Turtles- Always): Christmas Morning Peter Wear Pajamas Outside OR Peaches Fight Like a Princess OR Quagmire Open Sexy Presents OR Troll Doll Mort Fill Up On Jewels OR Jerome Put Up the Tree OR Princesses Against Kidnapping Club

Once you trigger the Turtles, you will see the Barrel Icon in the Lower Right Corner of your game screen. You will tap on this to start the Targeting Process to take out the Turtles. Once one or more is in the center of your Target, fire a Barrel at them.




You will find this in the Event Area. It is the group of Toys with the floating ship hovering. Here is where you can go to open Q*bert’s Pyramid Packs you earn as well as use the Premium Option, if you want, to gain more items.

You can see the information for the Present Plaza for Phase One HERE.

This is what is new inside the Present Plaza for Phase 2. (50 Clams Glowing Gift is no longer there.)

barrel-boxesBarrel Boxes: Just like in the past Phase, you will collect these and open them in the Present Plaza to gain Materials for the Event.

barrel-boxesBarrel Boxes (Common): Herbert Work as Mall Elf OR Chris Buy Christmas Presents OR Q*bert Sneeze OR Baby Bobble Stewie Blow Bubbles OR Burping Dragon Belfry OR Christmas King Mystery Box

Barrel Boxes Random Chance Payout of 3 of Following:
boba-dragonBoba Dragon (needed for Drunk Wizards)
bubba-dragonBubba Dragon (needed for Drunk Wizards)
blue-dragonBlue Dragon (needed for Drunk Wizards)
1 Q*bert’s Pyramid Pack
turtle-shell3 Turtle Shells
stocking-stuffer 21 Stocking Stuffers
1 Bongo


Carol Barrel Boxes: 60 Clam IconClams,  This again is a PREMIUM option you must decide if it is worth it to you to take a chance at the Random Prizes inside.

Carol Barrel Boxes Random Chance Payout of 3 of Following:
Boba Dragon (needed for Drunk Wizards)
bubba-dragonBubba Dragon (needed for Drunk Wizards)
blue-dragonBlue Dragon (needed for Drunk Wizards)
qzard-sprite-image2 Q*zard Sprites (needed for Sams)
1 Q*bert’s Pyramid Pack
turtle-shell5 Turtle Shells
Clam Icon5 Clams




Here is your usual location where you can exchange Materials you collect during the Event for other Items.

Peter’s Playhouse: 8 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers & 25 dream-pointDream Points every 6hrs, Chance drops x2 Toads
green-ball2 Green Balls
turtle-shell2 Turtle Shells

Burping Dragon Belfry: 8 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers & 20 dream-pointDream Points every 4hrs, Chance drops Barrel Box
stocking-stuffer50 Stocking Stuffers
turtle-shell6 Turtle Shells

Shock’em Clock’em Robots: 6 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers & 40 dream-pointDream Points every 4hrs, Chance drops x2 Power Ups
stocking-stuffer350 Stocking Stuffers
green-ball8 Green Balls
turtle-shell8 Turtle Shells

Bejeweled Troll House: 9 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers & 30 dream-pointDream Points every 4hrs, Chance Drops x2 Neck Ties
stocking-stuffer890 Stocking Stuffers
green-ball3 Green Balls

Building Blocks Construction Site: 8 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers & 15 dream-pointDream Points every 4hrs, Chance drops x2 Hammers
stocking-stuffer120 Stocking Stuffers
turtle-shell12 Turtle Shells

Puzzle Cube Condo
green-ball9 Green Balls
turtle-shell5 Turtle Shells



stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers: Chance Drop from Q*bert’s Pyramid Pack OR Clear Sams OR Stocking Stuffer Shop OR Stocking Stuffer Station OR Questlines OR Character Tasks  **essentially all over the Event**

green-ballGreen Balls (Rare): Sams OR Chance Q*bert’s Pyramid Pack OR Q*bert’s Glowing Gift OR Q*bert Arcade Machine

turtle-shellTurtle Shells (Rare): Clear Drunk Wizard OR Barrel Box OR Carol Barrel OR Monkey Kong Arcade Machine OR Clear Turtle



There is a Mystery Box in the game stuffed full of some random goodies. Remember, these are complete Chance drops and it is completely up to you to decide if it is worth it to spend your precious Clams and risk each Chance to get what you want out of the Mystery Box.

Just what all is inside for the cost of 130 Clam IconClams a try? 

New Items
Troll Doll Mort (Costume):
Comes with Questline, Fully Tasked- all tasks drop Dream Points and Stocking Stuffers, Always Drops 1 Barrel (for Turtles) 6hrs
Life Size Dollhouse (Animated Deco)
Clams155 Clams
Clams140 Clams

Returning Items
Jingle JoeJingle Joe (Costume)
Angel BruceAngel Bruce (Costume)

Repeatable Items
qberts-pyramid-pack5 Q*bert’s Pyramid Packs
barrel-boxes3 Barrel Boxes


There you have the overall Basics of Phase 2 for Quahog’s Not So Silent Night.

What do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you are most excited for? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know.


62 responses to “Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Phase 2 Is LIVE!!

  1. i didnt check here and placed Monkey Kong 😦 now im left with like 2days to unlock him and im still working on peaches and i cant afford 120 + 860 stuffers to get his 2 buildings cuz then i wont get Peaches in time for him either .. its a lose-lose situation for me i guess … but i dont like him anyway , he is mean and wont ever leave my Tan Lines


    • I made the same “mistake.” And have now officially crossed the “time to give up” line. I spent the stuffers needed for the two buildings to earn the Hammers and Neckties. But on top of everything else, the Neckties are a Rare drop. And in my time remaining, I can only collect Neckties 4 more times. So, even if they dropped on all 4 of those attempts, the best I can achieve is 8 out of 10 Neckties.

      For those who haven’t unlocked Monkey Kong yet…I wish you good luck. And with the suggestion that you build “Bejewelled Troll House” BEFORE you place Monkey Kong. It’s an 8 hour task, so you’ll need to successfully pick up Neckties 5 out of the 20 attempts that you will get.


  2. First; I couldn’t find the posting again that told me that Kevin and Snake have stocking stuffer tasks. Thanks for that tidbit. I now keep them busy since I am still 700+ from getting Qbert. It’s a bummer that I didn’t read this before placing the monkey king. Unless a major change happens to boost my earnings without paying clams I can kiss him goodbye now. It’s a little disappointing but such is life.

    Second I hope I can help others who are struggling with barrels. Maximize your turtle smashing power by having only one square of street. All of your turtles will crowd to this square and you can blast them all with one barrel. Mine seems to max at 15/18 kills at once. If there are less than 15 they all die. If the crowding bugs you then destroy any existing streets and wait for the turtles to find the new square you use to replace what you took out. Fire when the turtles are all on the new square for the same effect. Rebuild what you had and your other characters will have space to roam. This method is more time consuming but you can have a pretty Quahog between kills.

    Good luck.


  3. Peaches requirements are missing toads that drop from Peter’s Playhouse.

    Great work, love the site! 🙂


  4. Should be saving SS for Peaches but i got that building that costs 120 SS cos it drops 8ss every 2 hours so will make a lot in the long run.

    I paid 96 clams to get Qbert quick as i didnt wanna wait to earn another 1000 SS (NOTE – its less clams if you select 1 way vs the other – i forget which), il make clams back off the retro xmas tree anyways, now im kinda on track but no way il finish week 2 on time, who will? super premiums only…


  5. I basically agree with everything everyone said.
    All I have to add is that I have to keep at least 250 candy canes for the end of the game, because I NEED those new Snackable Snowmen decorations. It’s like something Calvin from Calvin and Hobbs would make in his yard!


  6. Whenever I try to open the barrel box- the app closes no matter how mamy times I restart the hame ir my phone it wont stop. I was in the middle of opening one and nefore O got to see what the prizes were- it suddenly closed. Now whenever I open the game again as soon as it loads the game automatically opens the barrel off its own,i was in the middle of it opening it, then closes everytime its in the process of revealing the prizes. Need help… thank you


  7. they have a dragon worth 7 hits and takes 22 to take out wizard? either tiny is a tad evil or the same person who figured this is the one who figures how many drops to make common, uncommon, rare etc.


  8. I guess TinyCo had no permission from Nintendo to use the actual names.


  9. I agree with the others. I’m 2 days in on phase 2 and Christmas peter still isn’t unlocked. The night caps just don’t spawn enough. They set unrealistic goals. I literally check the game every 2 hours (recently had a baby) so I’m not lacking on keeping up. I’m getting tired of this. In 1 year of no life (pregnancy) I haven’t completed an event yet. And I literally stay on the game about every hour or two.


  10. Ok wtf. For a common drop I’m hardly getting any barrel boxes, I’ve only had 2 all day despite having all possible characters constantly on the actions to drop them. And I’m 0/2 for turtle shells too.


  11. I placed Peter’s room. But when I opened my game again and the quest wanted me to place it I saw that it was gone and that I have to purchase it again. Allready messaged Tinyco but thought that you should know aswell


    • Are you missing your items too? Or did it appear as though the game did not sync your progress prior to you leaving?


      • Well I had 1 turtle shell. Got a second one and instantly bought the playhouse. I start my game again. Have only one shell and no playhouse. It is like the game did not save me getting the second shell and buying the building

        Just a quick question if I hold of on placing the tower for the monkey can I still collect items for him (such as ties and hammers). How long can I put it off placing his building as it would be wise to get the (difficult) princess first


        • You need to message TinyCo about the turtle shell. Monkey Kong buildings don’t drop until you’ve placed him I’m afraid. And he long you delay is a tough one as it holds up Questline progres. I’m going see where I m Monday then decide what to about placing him.


      • Am missing a turtle shell that I received (immediately purchased the playhouse after earning the second one)

        Quick question about monkey. How long can I wait before placing the scaffold as I need the princess first because she needs to do a task but I don’t want to be late with the rest of the questline and miss out on other costumes and characters


  12. I have no problem with the timer on Donkey Kong, as a timed character was expected, but 100 rare bananas? Really? I know there are always a rare item or two, but 100?? That’s a bit silly!


  13. Turtles are not dropping turtle shells. I’m 0 for 27. That’s not just bad luck, right? Could you use your superpowers and let TinyCo know? I’ve in-game messaged them as well. Thank you, ladies!


    • Lol. Already done. We put a poll up too for players to give us info on their progress


    • Update – I am now getting turtle shells from turtles. This started about the time I finished collecting all of the parasols. So, that may be the trigger or perhaps TinyCo pushed through a fix. Anyway, happy now. Thanks y’all.


  14. Right now just looking at all the requirements, week 2 content will probably take a couple weeks to finish, still need a couple more days at least for Q*bert most likely, but I don’t mind, there’s time. We will need to be strategic about preparing to begin Donkey Kongs timer. Any ideas so far? Once the main quest line is up it’ll help too.


  15. Hi,

    Thought I’d put my take on this out there, might help other addicts. This is in no way meant to be a WTD, only my plan here.

    It seems that this event will take a lot of time and/or clams to get through week 4. So I have decided to spread out week two over the remainder of the event time. It will give me tons of time to collect the rest of what I need for qbert, collect everything for peaches, and have all the buildings needed for monkey Kong items before placing his actual building and starting the timer. It gives me the best chance of getting theses three characters and for me takes the stress out of the game, making it more fun. I’ll have time to work on Christmas morning peter’s questline, and then hopefully the other three characters questlines. As long as I don’t place monkey kongs building, no new content will drop as that’s part of the phase two main questline.

    I’m also still working on district 9, when I get Tom tucker I can finish the little green man questline. And I can have three weeks to work on the district, maybe even getting through to mayor west. And keep a floor filled in tan lines and do the daily quest for stuff so I get more stewie bucks.

    If I take a few days off to hang out with family and friends and enjoy the season, no biggie. Of course I will make every attempt to get in once a day to collect clams from the tree.

    Yep, this is what I’m going with. And totally happy about it. As I might not be checking this site for a few weeks I’d like to give a big shout out to Bonnie, Lotty and Russian Tigger for this amazing site! Thank you!!! And I wish everyone good luck in your quest for stuff, as well as a very happy holiday and new year!


  16. Getting a lot of Q*berts but few Q*tees. Wind up using some *berts to take Sam out instead of just waiting for more *tees to show up and equal out. Should I just hold on to my Q*zards for a while or go on and use them?


  17. Well I knew better but stupidly placed the Kong ladder before checking here….. shame on me. Guess I will let this one go…. Does anyone know what he would have contributed to the event? Also the barrels are NOT a always drop…. fyi just sayin. Also, the clam deal is LAME; really 3 presents??? Wow Tiny co aren’t you making it worth while to purchase clams now. NOT!


    • I’m not getting barrels either, think we’re all kind of stuck. Hopefully the data from the poll will see TinyCo send us some help.


    • Red, What device do you play on? iOS?

      I am asking as I just checked my game again after verifying last night, and today… I am still getting Always drops for every Character/Building that should Drop Barrels for the Turtles. So I am trying to find out who is being impacted by “not always” drops as only you and RT have noted it so far.

      Normally I would say it is just visual, but if the counts on the target icon are not going up either… I want to have TinyCo look into it.


  18. I wish that I would have purchased a stocking stuffer machine dropper thingie. It’s worth it to me, but now it’s a little late in the event. I missed the tree dropping clams until Dec 5 (D’oh!)…. man I’m so fired! Hope others are doing much better than me. This event is too hard for me, but I love it! Tiny Co rox….not NEARLY as much as Bunny & Russian Tigger…but still….much love!


  19. Went through all my characters again and, randomly, Kevin Swanson and Snake Plisken both have tasks to get stocking stuffers. Probably a mistake that will get fixed, but thought it was worth sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. In my game it seems like they added more challenges, it was 3 or 4 before now it’s 5


  21. Usually, I come to this website BEFORE playing the game after a new event/phase drops. Event dropped overnight. Timed characters have been infrequent of late. In my excitement of being on time in the event and having new stuff to do, I forgot to check the site as soon as I woke up and worked through the game to the point where I placed the Monkey and now the timer has started.


    You have all been alerted. (Thanks Bunny & Tigger for all you do! :))


  22. I ran into Monkey Kong’s timer without seeing a warning, thanks to the questline directing me to place him. So no chance whatsoever of unlocking him – still need over 4000 stocking stuffers for Q*bert and Princess Peaches but only earn a few hundred each day. Sad to see TinyCo back to these tricks.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Hiya Bunny and Russian Tigger, do you have any idea what pressing the uptick box on the event clock does? Many thanks in advance of your response. 😉


  24. Are Sams still in game in Phase2 it they are gone?


  25. I’m frustrated, I’ve only had one tissue box drop in a week of sending out characters on that 8 hour job. So, I still need 3 of them for qbert. Other than that I was caught up before the new phase, so that’s good at least. Hoping to get him and the princess by the end of the event. Thanks for the heads up on donkey kong! Much preparation will be required. 💜 you guys and your work. 😉


  26. Are they kidding with these stocking prices.. 2000, 2400 Etc.. Etc.. Maybe it’s just now, but sweet jebus, these are too high!


  27. I don’t know about anybody else but the drop rate has really really been poor for me. I still only have 3 of 12 santa hats going on 4 days since I got the building that allegedly drops them and I’m still trying to get one more tissue box. So I won’t be able to advance to phase 2 , till they drop these items for me. Oh well.


  28. Am I allowed to complain here? Not sure if it’s only allowed in WTD.

    I’m really thinking of quitting this event. I love the challenge of this game. Love the art work and the event themes. What I’m really upset about is the amount of event currency needed right now! So many stocking stuffers! I have like 750/2000 saved for q-bert, but now I need over 2400 for princess. Plus, the buildings and I’m sure monkey kong will need many of them. I love love love the lil snowmen, but not sure I’ll ever be able to afford them! Lmbo. This ruining stocking stuffers for me. I so love filling stockings at x-mas time. I’ve always sided with the game makers, we don’t have to buy premium items. Always hate when I see people complain about them being greedy. They are selling a product, I get it totally. But now seeing how many SS are needed, and the fact you can buy a building to drop over 200 for$20, because otherwise getting all those SS seems impossible. I could be wrong and it plays out in the end. I’m just so sad.


    • We prefer it kept on WTD… but I wanted to address a few of your concerns. Myself, I ALWAYS leave decorations til the end. By then there is usually something that has come along creating a huge boost in collecting them. So… I wait and get all those goodies at the end.

      As to Characters, this is where it becomes a point of WHO should you focus on. Princess is gonna take a bit to earn for anyway… so focus on Q*bert while in meantime trying to gain as many Stocking Stuffers as you can. Collect constantly from Buildings. Send Characters on Tasks to earn them as much as possible. Try to open as many Boxes as you can. In the meantime… I will be compiling a Poll and gathering some details from players to see where everyone is. Maybe it will help a change come sooner for those still struggling. I updated the post… but Monkey Kong will NOT need them and he is timed… so take your time with him.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Cathy! I agree with what you’re saying about the stocking stuffers!! And I also 100% understand where bunny is coming from!! But I am constantly checking my game every 2-3 hours(even in the middle of the night, I’m 8 months pregnant so i get up to pee ALOT lol) and am still struggling BIG time with the 2000 for the Q*man…I am strangely at dream level 10 but still feel at least half a week behind because of the stuffers.

      Oh and Miss Bunny:Thanks for all your help!!! I know your always updating TinyCo, and we all very much appreciate it!!!! You’re the BEST!!


      • Just minutes after my tantrum, I was hit with the MONKEY KONG timer. I just about screamed. Hee hee. Was thinking, ok, wait on princess, get him first. Impossible of course. Lol I realize we may not get everything, so I’ll relax, some. I’m an insomniac with a failed neck fusion, so I also check game every 1-3 hours. Usually hourly, so I know it’s not inattention on my part. Shoot there should be prizes for most actual play time. Lol. Congrats on the baby that’s about to bless your life! I really miss those days! Enjoy it!

        And yes 🐇 and Russian Tigger and the rest are awesome. Had I waited instead of opening MK, they would have warned me of the timer. Sometimes I don’t want to know tho! Lol
        Good luck!


        • And good luck to you as well!!! I have yet to place the Kong building and am working my hardest to get all 3 characters….hoping TinyCo will hear our Christmas wishes and send more stocking stuffers, lol. Sry to hear about your sleepless nights/neck troubles. And thanks a ton, this baby thing is CrAzY! I miss rolling over-lol, and cant wait til shes here!!
          This game is awesome, but not as awesome as the people on this site! Thanks to all for this much needed little community!!


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