Pac-Man… FOR SALE!!!

Hey there Gamers! NO… this is not me parting with my Old School Game Systems, or my Arcade Game, or… Lol. This is a really cool sale on a New Character for the Event!!

With all this really cool Arcade type stuff hitting our games, TinyCo has decided to throw in a Special Promotional Price for the Newest Character to hit our Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff Games… that cool lil round ball of a guy… Β Pac-Man!! YAYYYY!!!

Pac-Man will be dropped into our Silly Lil Games for the 3rd Phase of the Quahog Not So Silent Night Event 2016. Pac-Man will be available for Clams, but during the Promotional Limited Time Offer, you will be able to pick him up for your game at a 20% Off price. WOOHOO!!


You will see the offer pop up in your game once you start to see all the New Phase 3 Content hit. The Offer will only be valid until Thursday, December 15th, until 11:59PM Pacific. At that time he will go back to his Original Clam Price for the remainder of the Event.

Pac-Man: 250 Clams (Promotional Offer of 200 Clams until 12/15/16 @ 11:59PM Pacific). He will have a 2hr Action to Always drop 1 Ghostly Gift. He Completes the Pixel Pals Clam Collection for 15 Clams, He does make the noises from his game.

***more details coming as I go through the Live Details***


Remember that he is on a Timer for the lowered price. You will also have an icon in the lower right corner of the game screen letting you know about the offer time left. Β Β 


What do you think of Pac-Man? Are you going to pick him up? Did you already? If so, thoughts on him? Let us know.



14 responses to “Pac-Man… FOR SALE!!!

  1. First premium character I’ve gotten since the black Knight. Used clams I’ve been saving for something cool. Also got the little deco that was only 2 clams.


  2. Waiting on your assessment, Bunny! (no rush. . . ) (well. . . at least by the end of the day? hahaha)


  3. his net price will be 185 because of the 15 clam “rebate” for completing the set.

    a rare must buy if you ask me


  4. Ah! PAC-MAN! Had to be bought as I currently had the necessary 200 clams, he adds some value to this weeks tasks with his drop, and the 20% off is a nice little incentive.
    Also, if you already have Q-Bert, Peaches & Donkey Kong then PAC-MAN completes the set earning you a bonus 15 clams in return so he feels more like 185 clams! Nice!


  5. If only I didn’t have to already blow 200 clams in Donkey King because the neckties wouldn’t drop……


  6. I am going to pick him up…for me, it’s all about the characters within reason, i.e., I won’t overpay, certainly not for skins, I pretty much passed on Monkey Kong as he was going to be onerous, but, being a bit of a premium player, he’s worth it IMHO…I spend 600 – 800 clams per event, yes, I do purchase occasionally, but I always purchase the clam-dropping items as soon as available (typically, a 20 – 25% return), I watch clam video every day and I click on the otherverse when it’s time, so to me, it’s about trying to buy on value…yes, he’s going to help with the event, and when it’s over, he’s going to Tan Lines where I need characters to collect for the ever-elusive Evil Monkey, so 200 clams, again, IMHO, is not a bad price…Bunny and Tigger are very wise in their advice in spending clams for characters, i.e., better want it as buyers remorse is real and all sales are final, but this isn’t one I’ll agonizing over…again, just my humble opinion…


    • Thanks for giving us your side too. Much appreciated. πŸ™‚

      And you are right, people need to really think about these Premiums. Is it worth it to YOU to invest. 200 is a pretty good cost IMHO too. For me, a gamer girl, this was an impulse I WANT IT NOW kind of buy… but… in the long run… months from now… I will still be happy, so I went for it. That is what it is really about. πŸ™‚


  7. Does he complete the set currently available that includes Peach, Monkey Kong…?


  8. For 20%…..and a kid of the 80’s… could I not buy the PAC? Got him working already. . Thanks for the discount Tiny Co!


    • Yeah, I couldn’t resist either and I’m a child of the 50s…. But still wasted many hours of my misspent adulthood on the ridiculous attempt to save this guy from ghosts!

      I still need a few hundred candy canes for Peaches before I can move on to the next phase and get ghostly gifts from his two-hour task, but he’s quite the candy cane generator in the meantime. His 4-hour task seemed the highest candy canes/hour to me.


  9. This was one of those rare situations where I purchase a premium character. He was a big part of my misspent youth! *chuckle*


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