Do I Want That? PAC-MAN

So you think you’re as rich at Carter Pewterschmidt? Own a fancy house like Buzz Killington? You sure gotta lot of clams there, whatcha gonna do with them?



Now hold on there a minute. Are you SURE you want that? With all these cool Quahog’s Not So Silent Night limited time event items in the game, it is very easy to get carried away. Before you know it, Clamshell Shock! All gone!

So before you go ahead and buy PAC-MAN with your hard earned Clams, here’s a few things you might want to know about him.

Character: Yes
Clam Price: 250 Clam IconClams – However buy before 12/15 11.59pm Pacific and you will get a 25% discount! therefore you will get him for 200 Clam Icon clams
Unique: Yes


  • A classic arcade character. A full character with 7 Tasks.
  • Task to always drop 1  Ghostly Gift.
  • Every task drops double Stocking Stuffers & Dream Points needed throughout the duration of the Event.
  • Fully tasked with Questline.
  • Short task time for Ghostly Gifts, only 2hrs.
  • Gifts are an always drop.
  • 2 fun animated tasks, and whereas they might not be as lavish as Monkey Kong’s or Peaches” – they are classic Pac-Man actions.
  • Makes class Pac-Man game noises.
  • Has appeared in the Family Guy TV Show
  • If you buy him quick you will get a 20% discount, saving you 50 clams.
  • Completes the Pixel Pals FaceSpace set, worth 15 clams.


  • Won’t be useful after the Event

Just a quick reminder too of all the other places you will be able to get GHOSTLY GIFTS beside this premium character.

Ghostly Gifts (Rare): Seamus Whittle Gifts OR Bonnie Wrap Secret Santa Gift Or Monkey Kong Be a Bad Monkey OR Lois Get a High Def Makeover OR 80s Brian Add to Tshirt Collection

Final Thought:

Personally, I love PAC-MAN, and at the discounted price of 200 clams I think he’s a bargain, especially with the 2hr Ghostly Gift drop. Think on this, he’s a full character and available for less clams than the premium character costumes released during the event so far.   Personally I think PAC-MAN is worth buying, even at his full price, as the more Ghostly Gifts you open at the present plaza, the more chance you have of winning the 80’s Gamer Brian character costume.

With it being part of a Limited Time Event, just make sure you make up your mind as once the event is over it is most likely they will be gone. In the end it’s your call.  What you buy and what you don’t buy is your own personal choice we can only guide you on the facts and let you know what we did and what we think.  But don’t purchase it until YOU are sure. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

~ Russian Tigger


7 responses to “Do I Want That? PAC-MAN

  1. I don’t normally buy premium characters. They have to be special, e.g. Spock. But, after reading this write-up, I had to get him. You should talk to TinyCo about a sales commission.


  2. Got him last night 🙂


  3. What exactly is a ghostly gift?


  4. Actually, it costs 185, as you will only get the 15 clam reward if you have Pac-Man. Cheaper than any carachter


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