Present Plaza Glitched!!!


Hey there Clammers!!

Bouncing by really quick with a known issue starting to spread to Players games with the Present Plaza.


What SHOULD happen is that you tap the area and the Pop Up appears showing you the Present Options inside…


Instead it is ONLY showing the tap and the Present Plaza will not open.


No worries though, I was in my game when this happened and am already working with TinyCo to fix it ASAP. Hang in there. 🙂



On a side note, there is a SEPARATE issue impacting Players with the Present Plaza. This one is completely different.

This other issue is that a Player has already opened a Gift, but then the screen freezes on attempting to get that Reward. Player is than put into a vicious cycle of trying to open game and kicked back to the game trying over n over to open the gift.

If this has happened to you and you are still in this loop of the game trying to open the gift, please email me a Screenshot of your opening Splash Screen and I will get it to tech to help you resolve it.

Again, this is ONLY for those stuck in the loop, not issue above. 🙂


32 responses to “Present Plaza Glitched!!!

  1. Game freezes while loading. I’ve been trying to load ten times, and on the 3rd attempt, I got in, only to have the game freeze up. Issue isn’t with Sprint or my phone (plenty of memory and ram available). Thank you for responding to the issues that are plaguing this game, and hope to get to play the game again soon.


  2. Every time I click a thing on stewie to unlock him it keeps freezing the game


  3. Can’t screen shot because it crashes as soon as i open. Was opening a green barrel when it happened and haven’t been able to get back in for 3 days. Uninstalled and d/l again only to stillk have the same problem


  4. My game still won’t open, it crashes from when I got a power pacc


  5. I’ve just got the repeating crash. Can’t use the game because it tries to open a present and crashes every time 😦
    Can’t in game massage tiny co so I’ve emailed bunny.
    Need help because the game is stuck for me now.


    • I am sending them all over as I get them. Then tech is going into each one individually to repair. It will take a bit, but they are getting through them as they can. Once you are back in, you can message them from your game with any questions about items missed or time without. 🙂


  6. I have a different question about the Present Plaza. I’d been hoarding Green Barrels until Monkey Kong’s timer had finished, since there was NO way I was going to get him, since I unlocked Peaches with only 24 hrs left on my timer (she’s finally on her 24hr task so I can progress to Phase 3 tomorrow!). So I didnt want to waste the resources, since I wouldnt need Bongos anymore.

    Except…Bongos are still dropping, even though MK’s been gone for 2 days…??? Anyone else having this problem??


  7. My game is frozen for the second time. I have emailed but gotten no reply. I am going to miss my monkey if it isn’t resolved soon. This is my loading screen.

    Oops, except I can’t figure out a way to post s photo.


  8. my game crashes everytime i open it and the same thing on facebook is this a known thing going on its stuck opening a barrel and then crashes


  9. Help! I am still stuck in the Vicious Cycle Freeze! I’ve been locked out for about a 3/4 of a day now and Monkey Kong’s timer is ticking away. Any idea on how long it takes the issue to get resolved? I sent a splash screen image to last night.


    • TinyCo has to fix each game individually, hope you’re back in soon.

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      • Thanks everyone for your help! I finally just became unlocked. Lost a whole day and I play this game religiously (set my timer to go off every two hours).

        If you sit down and think about all the things we lost due to these malfunctions, you can imagine it’s quite a lot. Stewie Bucks, Clams, player’s tasks, stocking stuffers, etc. How do you think TinyCo. will compensate us for this loss? I mean this in not just a satisfactory “Sorry about the inconvience” type of response needed here and an extension of play time is not sufficient, cause I lost Stewie Bucks and clam drops that I can’t get back.


  10. Same here. Issue now resoved. Thanks!


  11. Totally different issue, but when I try to visit friends’ towns, I get Ollie popping up telling me I’ve levelled up to Level 87, then the game crashes. Repeatable every time.


  12. the plaza issue was resolved, but all the boxes I had saved up were gone!


  13. Is there any known issue about power ups drops for peaches? Its been over a week since any of them have dropped in my game.


  14. Not in mine


  15. The plaza issue is now resolved in my game.


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