Where Are You NOW? Event Poll!

Hey there fellow Grinches!! Quite few of you are asking for a poll and for info to be fed back to TinyCo, so as always your wish is my command. So here I bouncing on by to see just where you all are as of now in this Christmas cracker of an event.

This information is very useful not only to Myself and the Addicts Helpers to see if there is anything else we need to focus on, but it also is information I do share with TinyCo so they can visually see as well just how the Players are getting along in the Event so far. If there are areas of improvement needed, areas working well, etc.

Main Questline requiring Brian to complete:

IfΒ you reach the point in Main Questline Keep Dreaming Pt. 8 where Brian is needed, but are new to the game so haven’t unlocked Brian in his District yet… please reach out to TinyCo and let them know.

Take a few minutes and fill out all the information that applies to you in the Poll. I will be closing it down in 24 hours. Also please note if you’re an IOS user who gets the scrolling issue when answering, ignore the poll here and instead use the direct link below it to answer.


Just in case the information above does not work, here is the direct link to the Poll:


Fill out the Poll & Let us know!!

~Russian Tigger


41 responses to “Where Are You NOW? Event Poll!

  1. It is the 26th and I am finishing up phase 2. Peaches is on what I think was a 24 hour task. I am just going with the flow at this point. I never make it far with all of the events. I tried to spend clams early on the Wizard of Oz event to get the green gems, but in the end I still only made it through part.


  2. I dread seeing rare items. In any quest, if there is a rare drop Imay as well quit there. My rare items seem to hardly drop which puts me a week behind. Now, I’m a full week and a half behind. I paid clams to unlock Monkey Kong and I lack lipstick and pills to unlock pixel Lois. I have the buildings that drop these items. There have been lipstick drops but zero pills. Now I’m stuck in the main quest line because I need Pixel Lois to progress. Not to mention that I purchased PacMan thinking it would help. I found out that he only drops ghostly boxes which are rare so I’m not getting much there either. Anyway, it’s just not that much fun when you’re this far behind. Is anyone else as far back as me?


    • Hi, right now I am as far behind as you are. I have plenty of stocking stuffers and had to unlock monkey kong with clams because time was running out and was still lacking 40 of the 100 required rare bananas. ridiculous, right? anyways, right now I’m just trying to get those ghostly gifts so I can get those pearls for the buildings that drop stuff for pixel Lois.


  3. Help please. I made it to level 30 in the dream points and now I can’t upgrade my clock to go to week 4 what do I’d o


  4. At this point I’ve unlocked everything I can (including gamer Brian) and finished phase 3 and am waiting for phase 4 to start. The timer expired, but it hasn’t started.


  5. I am semi-new to this game. I unlocked the 80’s outfit but haven’t even unlocked Brian yet. I just reached the point that I need Brian to complete the 80’s gamer thumb cramp task. I messaged Tiny numerous times and they didn’t even want to take care of the issue or listen to me. So my adventure ends there I guess. this game wasn’t what I thought it would be. Very disappointed.


    • I would message them again, make sure you put you have not reached the Distrct to unlock Brian, and hopefully they can help you. Have they responded they can’t help or have you not heard back from them yet.


  6. I’m 1 Pixel Wine & 8 Pixel pills from 8-Bit Lois. I’d only been getting 1 or 2 Gift Boxes a day via Seamus & Bonnie (sending them at LEAST 4 times a day, and that’s only on wicked busy days w/appts and/or TheKid, who’s just getting over a dbl ear infection, which she caught a week after getting over pneumonia… πŸ˜πŸ˜­πŸ˜·πŸ˜“) until the last 24hrs; they’ve both dropped nearly every time, but I can’t get a 4th Pixel Pellet to move along in the Ph3 Questline! (I still need to place the Theater, but I’m 1 Pixel Pellet short) I’ve been stuck here for 4 days now! Looks like I’m more than a week behind now, since Ph4 is supposed to drop today, right? *sigh*

    I got Pixel Pellets from the Ghostly Gift Boxes early on, but now I often get TWO Green Barrels in my Boxes! Which is even more frustrating than continuing to get TWO sets of BONGOS in my Green Barrels – Green Barrels have never been a problem for me (although they didn’t start dropping Bongos 97% of the time until my Monkey Kong timer expired, of course. Ha. Ha. Ha.)

    No 80s Gamer Brian, either. I’m kind of aghast that it’s a skin, and not a separate character, since he’s required to move through the questline! Yikes! I’d consider spending Clams on a premium Gift Box in hopes of getting him on the 1st box, like many have reported, but not sure since HIS Ghostly Gift Box task seems to be missing?? I dunno.

    I’d been having a decent time with this event until now. Now I’m just frustrated. And I even send my characters on task during the night once or twice too! ARGH!!!

    Here’s hoping I can catch up really soon and play Ph4 at least a little…

    Thanks again for all you folks do to help us players along (even if sometimes that’s just letting us vent a little, hahaha! πŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„)

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    • I’m stuck because of Brian! I’m so mad they they did this, I will never spend another dime on this game. I feel your frustration. Messaging them does no good.

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      • Did you get him yet?


        • I just spent 40 clams to get 8-bit Lois, rather than wait another 8hrs to see if the building would drop them. Then I opened 2 Boxes & thankfully got 80s Gamer Brian in one them. Here’s hoping I’ll actually be able to start Phase 4 soon!

          (btw, I’ve knocked down 10 Pac Carolers & only received 1 Pixel Pellet, & I haven’t gotten any from Boxes in days. I’ve gotten 5 Pixel Pellets in total.)

          It’s a SERIOUS mess for TinyCo to have made only 2 ppl available to get a ‘rare’ item, which itself then drops ‘rare’ items! It’s not even a matter of choosing which things you want to go for – I was stuck 4 or 5 days, needing just ONE pellet to continue the Questline! Meh. Sorry. *lol*

          I hope everyone who still needs Brian gets him ASAP!! I just sent 8-Bit Lois on her 2hr Questline task, so I’ll be moving forward shortly! Woohoo! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„


          • I’m glad you’re joining us in Phase 4, shame was so hard for you get there, but I’m being honest when I tell you Phase 4 looks tough, so prepare yourself.


            • Actually, it looks like I’m stalled out again, because I need Pixel Pellets to buy Tap This to move on again. *sigh*

              Well, here’s hoping having Lois working on Gift Boxes too boosts things enough, and that my darn Pac Carolers start dropping some Pellets!! πŸ˜‰

              Thanks. 😊


  7. I completed the survey, but just to elaborate from my perspective:

    I am having a lot of trouble getting ghostly gifts, and when I do get them, I have trouble getting enough of anything to attack the PAC carolers, and even more trouble getting any pellets. I think I’ve only been able to bring down 2 of the carolers (I only have one completed towards the challenge), and I know I’ve only gotten one pellet.

    Full disclosure: I am not going at the ghostly gifts tasks every two hours. I just don’t check my game that often, and I am not willing to slave myself to a two hour timer for a game. I manage to cycle the tasks maybe 3 times a day. I can accept that I am not going to complete the challenge, and probably not going to get all the buildings at this rate, but even so, the resources in this phase seem so scarce as to make it not fun at all. I have only gotten the haunted house and the board game real estate (because that didn’t need pellets) so far.

    1. There are only two non-premium characters that have a task to drop a rare item. (And I guess Monkey Kong should make three, but I haven’t been able to see a task for that under him. I see him in the list of possible tasks when I tap on ghostly gifts, but I haven’t seen a task with ghostly gifts come up when I tap on him. Is it a level thing? I’ve only seen a green barrel reward task at the top of the list. Maybe I need to level him up more? Which also seems to be slow going. I just now got him high enough to send on the go caroling task for his quest line.)

    2. The rare item (ghostly gifts) has to contain other (apparently) rare items (the ghosts), of which you generally need at least three of the right kind of ghosts to defeat the carolers unless you are lucky enough to get the one that does all 32 damage in one.

    3. The power pellets seem to be a rare-ish drop from the group of carolers, and you need a bunch of them overall to get all the buildings.

    4. All of that is needed to get enough drops for 8-bit Lois. (Yes, most of her items can be gotten from character tasks, but that also seems pretty slow in my experience.)

    If they want to make some things unobtainable unless you go at it hard core or go premium, that’s one thing, but as a more casual gamer, the progress in this phase has seemed so slow as to be non-existent.

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  8. So I got up to the part in the main quest line in week 3 where I have to open a barrel box but when I did the game froze on the opening animation. I tried all the normal ways to fix it, restarting the app, restarting my phone and even deleting the app and reinstalling it but nothing works. Whenever I re open the app it tries to open the barrel box without me doing anything and just freezes. I can’t remember how to contact tiny co so I came here.


  9. I’m barely into the drunk wizards part at this point, really, so answering this survey is difficult.


  10. so since i was drowning in stocking stuffers and just got the last pellet i needed i bought everything from the store and placed all the buildings except the froggy freeway, not enough pellets for that yet..


  11. I get plenty of ghostly boxes and clear around 15-20 PAC carolers per day, I did the 11 for the weekly challenge in just about four hours. But I’ve only had two power pellets drop in about the last 50 or so chances from carolers or boxes. And don’t have gamer Brian either. But I’ve got about 7000 candy canes.


  12. I’m always getting 10+ Ghostly Gifts per day (probably somewhere between 20 and 30), and clearing 10+ Pac carol singers (got the 11 needed for the weekly challenge in about 17 hours), All the same, Power Pellet drops are between 1 and 2 per day. I can’t buy the Froggy Freeway yet.

    That’s probably about right as far the Power Pellet drop rate should be, as the total number needed for the week is just about covered by two a day. But the gift opening and creature attacking is getting very repetitive. I’ve got 86 Boba Dragons now that I’m never going to use!


    • 10 per day? Do you have premium items that drop it? I only have Bonnie and Seamus working on Gifts, and I got exactly 5 today – that’s setting a timer to check in every 2 hours. Of course half of the junk in them are green barrels, which I definitely don’t need. I can usually manage 1-2 attacks per day, but I did 7 today as I have been saving up ghosts for the past few days.
      And yeah, I have 182 dragons, and 89 sprites I doubt I’ll use as the fighting is so tedious

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      • Yes, I have Monkey Kong and Pac Man, and as of earlier today I got 8-bit Lois also.

        I’m curious as to whether this ultimately makes any difference to the Power Pellet drop rate, or if it has just made me deal with more repetitive battles


        • I have Monkey Kong, but only levelled him up enough today to start working on gifts. So now I have 3 working on them – but they still seem to be dropping at most 1 every 2 hours, sometimes nothing at all. I wanted to buy PacMan, but I’ve never had more than 150 clams (I’ve never bought anything with them, I only use them to complete events, as otherwise I fall too far behind). Even when I open the gifts I often get junk (green barrels etc) instead of ghosts… so I usually manage 2-3 battles per day at the absolute most. I’m sure that does have an impact on the Pellet drops


  13. I feel like TinyCo is playing the part of Scrooge in this “Christmas” event
    there is no “spirt of giving” in this event.
    shame on you TinyCo.
    (and yeah I know you won’t post this…..)

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  14. ’80s Brian’s task for a blue present has vanished in both games I play and I am at significantly different points in the game for both. Is this in error or should it have never been there to begin with? Has there been any word? Thanks.


  15. Took me around 100 Boxes to finally get Brian yesterday.

    Pills were the biggest hold up for Lois even with both buildings I only got the final ones yesterday evening.

    Working on part 8 of the quest now while trying to clear some of the back log of character quests.


  16. I think only 2 characters to drop rare ghostly gifts is a little ridiculous. And then trying to get enough ghosts to even kill a pac man. I have a headache! πŸ˜€

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  17. Has anyone one loss the 12hr task to bet the box for 80s Brian? It is no longer listed and like most I got him the premium box on first try. Keep up the great work Bunny And Trigger.


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