Showoff’s Back – Back Again!!! Show Me Your Shoreline Showoff

Hey there fellow Quahog dwellers, thought I’d take a minute or two away from following all that Christmas spirit to Showoff a few of our fellow addicts towns.


Firstly I’d like to say a massive thank-you, a gigantic, humongous, monster of a thank-you even, to the fellow addicts that took the time to screenshot and share images of your towns. I’m hoping that’s something we can build on by bringing back the odd Showoff  post. I know memory issues are making it hard for many of you to Showoff your towns, but I hope you enjoy seeing a few of your fellow addicts efforts.

Before I shut-up and get on with things,  I want to set you a new task, yes this blog now comes with homework, but hey unlike school it’s optional, lol.

The task is an easy one, Well, actually there’s more than one… Firstly I’m looking for screenshots of what you’ve done with all the dinosaurs and prehistoric decorations you’ve got in your games, secondly I’d love to see your PAC-MAN mazes and finally some of you were disappointed you missed the general town Showoff, so I’m happy to do another if you want submit General screenshots of your town. As always I promise I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. This task should you choose to accept it will be open for submissions until 20th January. Please email your screenshots to along with your profile name and I will show them off next month.

If you want a guide to taking screenshots, look no further: Screenshots 101 ~ Click Here.

But now on with the Showoff and as promised I’ll show you mine. Please be gentle with me as I messed up, I took screenshots of my shoreline then put some of it in storage due to redesigning for some of my Oz goodies. All fine and dandy until my Iphone started being naughty, handily just in time for a Christmas gift replacement, but a pain in the backside for doing this post as I can’t get my screenshots. So I’ve not much show, and what I do is all wintery, sorreeee!!!

Firstly there’s my School for Fish, which as you can see I’ve had to extend as I have over 100 fish, here you can see a bunch of them bravely protecting their school from the monstrous Sea Serpent.

And secondly, a little bit of sentimental designing. One of my favourite cities to visit is Venice, so I decided to recreate a hotel on the water, well as close as, to remind me of my time there. Quite appropriate that I used the Hotel D’Italia. If only TinyCo gave us some bridges….Sighs!!! Bridge of Sighs – get it? No, ok I’ll move on.

And finally another of those fun Tan Lines captures, here you can see Olivia turning to the heavy artillery to take down the Giant Squid, whilst Tricia reports from the scene. But why’s Rick Astley there you ask, well if Olivia’s missile fails to deal with the Giant Squid I felt Rick Astleys singing would bring it down for sure. Lol.


Anyway that’s enough about my town, now here’s some of your fellow Addicts submissions. Please note there’s a couple of holiday designs in here as well.

Addict: andrwh1990
Looks like they’ve got Tan Lines surrounded, might be a good time for some characters to check out.

Addict:  Sammmck3
Loops like shoreline real estate is booming in this Quahog? But should that road really lead Into the sea, many a silly billy following their Sat-Nav could end up taking a very watery turn.

Addict:  sasquatch71089
A fantastic fountain of fish, and they can even spell, they obviously went to a better school than my lot.

Addict: Ellen
This Tan Lines is getting an extension with a dock made from is… that fish and messages in a bottle?  Yes I do believe it is. I’m beginning to feel my fish are wasted defending their school, lol.

Addict: Kimmo
A very busy shoreline, I guess all roads lead to the water or something? But wait there are no roads!!! Kimmo says: “No roads, no decorations, no “nonsense”, just efficiency…” 🙂

Addict: Sweettat
A fantastic Thanksgiving by the sea, I really want to visit there, presume my invitation for next year is in the post.

Addict: Rick
Rick is spoiling us since its Christmas, here we see where the rich folk live, where the rich go to have fun and hey just for good measure where the rich folk celebrate Christmas. Where’s the Grinch when you need him?


Addict: Florian
Another full town submission, always great to see these, when I see a town growing in such a tidy fashion, I look at mine and shudder, I think it’s lucky for you all I’m not a city developer moving in on your neighbourhood.


So there you have it, The Shoreline Showoff, hope you’ll join us or even join in next time.

~ Russian Tigger

One response to “Showoff’s Back – Back Again!!! Show Me Your Shoreline Showoff

  1. i had no idea the submitted screen-shots were posted Lol so i’m way late on this one! thanks guys for posting my Thanksgiving scenery!!🤗
    so the shoreline subjec is still the same for this next round up or what? because i’m about to bust out the good ol’pirate stuff i’ve collected from that particular event, probably some Hawaiian-sandy-beach type of stuff i can throw in too lol


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