Quahog Not So Silent Night 101: Holiday Blues

Howdy Roasted Chestnuts!

With all the New Items hitting our Event, it can be difficult to know where to start or where to go to gain the Items & Materials we need throughout the Event. That is where the 101’s come in.

In this post, I will be going over the “Bad Guy” the Holiday Blues and how to cure them.


Let’s take a closer look at these holiday blues!!!

For more information on the Event, go HERE. 


You will trigger them during Dream Come True Pt. 1. The Questline will direct you to them.


Well basically they just kind of possess Bonnie, Bruce or Lois. Where they come from, nobody knows, lol.


The Glee Bears are the cure.  if you look at the clouds above Bonnie, Bruce and Lois heads you will they are “supposed” to hint to which colour bear can cure their blues.

Bonnie – You need to hit with 3 Bauble Bears (Red)

Bruce – You need to hit with 2 Holly Jolly Bears (Yellow)

Lois – You need to hit with 1 Pepper Merry Bear (Green)

Basically, you attack them with the Bears until you have cured their Holiday Blues.


Here are each of the current 3 Glee Bears available and the amount of Damage each one does ton cure the Holiday Blues.

Bauble: 13 Damage
Holly Jolly: 21 Damage
Pepper Merry: 35 Damage



From the Care Packages you Open in the Present Plaza.


Now that you have the Basics of the Holiday Blues, let’s walk through actually curing them with the Glee Bears. You can’t choose your combinations like you did with Drunk Wizards and PAC-Carollers, only 1 kind of bear can cure 1 characters blues.



Basically you need to hit Bonnie 3 times with Bauble Bears to cure her.

I tap on the Bonnie when she’s wandering with the little red cloud above her head to bring up the Attack Screen, then I tap on the Bauble Bear at the bottom to place it in the path of the Bonnie.

I take the Bauble Bear  and drag it around my play screen until I can see the Bonnie walking INTO the “Kill Zone Circle” and the Bonnie has turned PURPLE. Once I am sure of this, I tap on the Check Mark. I then repeat this two more times to cure Bonnie.

Bonnie is now completely cured, having all of the 36 Heart Points taken away, I can then collect my Rewards. Now don’t tap Bonnie again until she returns to the location of her task before she caught the Holiday Blues, as doing so can cancel the task.


image image VS image

Basically you need to hit Bruce 2 times with Holly Jolly Bears to cure him. 



Basically you need to hit Lois just once with a Pepper Merry Bear to cure her.


Here are the Payouts for curing the Holiday Blues:
 +1 Power Pellet (Chance)
stocking-stuffer +1 Magical Triangle (Chance)


  • Collect various Glee Bear to have the cures needed.
  • Tap on Bonnie, Bruce or Lois to start cure
  • Wait for Character to be PURPLE and walking INTO Circle
  • Tap Check Mark
  • Collect Prizes

There you have the over Basics of the Holiday Blues, what is needed for them, and how to cure them.

How are you doing on the curing the Holiday Blues? How about the Glee Bears? Are they dropping for you? How are your Payouts so far? Tips for other Players? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


52 responses to “Quahog Not So Silent Night 101: Holiday Blues

  1. This event seems to be delivering the opposite of holiday cheer, just opened 3 care packages “woohoo” and received exactly zero bears??? Just stocking stuffers ( that are not needed ) and last weeks ” ghostly gifts” ( also not needed since last week, unless trying to get the impossible am out of power pills ) just counting down the next nine days till the next event. I normally enjoy most of the events but drops and difficulty % and crazy amounts have me feeling bah humbug to this one…….


  2. In my game, now matter where I am, it keeps jumping back to either Lois, Bruce, or Bonnie approximately every 20-30sec. Is this a bug? Also, just like everyone else, the returns for the care packages are horrible. Getting useless stuff.


  3. Having my fov pulled to blues-Bonny repeatedly when I have no ability to cure her is maddening! Sorry, this has been silly. Due to the holiday I’ve been able to reset tasks pretty much around the clock yet in four days I’ve only been able to attack Hiemlich TWO times!! 16 total robes.


  4. Is the jumping to characters with the blues or a bug? It did the same thing with possessed Meg during the Halloween event and it was annoying then, but now there’s 3 people it jumps to causing me to tap in the wrong spot and misfire bears, ghosts, etc.

    It even does it in the middle of the video ads you can watch for clams. I hear Lois, Bonnie and Bruce talking during the ads.

    This really needs to be fixed if it’s a bug or removed if it’s not.

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  5. Just got zero for three care packages on this four hour go-round …


  6. wow i see alot of NegativeNancys ’round these parrts when imo i thought and i do STILL think they are doing a wonderful job with this year’s Christmas event! i took notice the last couple mini and longer events that they’re definitely putting in the changes that we keep sending complaint tickets in come on give ’em a break! i have once learned this along time ago when i began playing this game during the middle of ComicCon& +few months AFTER that if you are NOT enjoying, being entertained, laughing jus basically having fun because this is EXACTLY what it is!: you’re suppose to be having FUNN playing these games NOT stressing, getting mad, cussing flipping out&& may i might add getting your blood pressure up then you need to take some time for yourself and absolutely STEP AWAY from the game for a bit! and wanna know who told me this BEST advice you could ever get for this game?!…yuhp that’s right it was BUNNY! ever since i keep reminding myself of that and honestly& seriously it 100% works for me.
    well Happy Gaming Fellow FGTQFSaddicts && hope everyone has a nice holiday vacations, Christmas, and a wonderful New Years.(&& yes i admit i am now obsessed with these awesome newly-updated Emojis as you can most definitely tell!🤣😂🤗😋🤡🤠😊☺️😍😘😗😙😚



    We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you this important announcement from TinyCo.

    “Care Packages are dropping items as intended…”

    So, suck up all those Ghostly Gifts and other assorted worthless trinkets and have yourself a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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  8. So, I just logged into the game cuz the 4hrs was up to collect the care packages and I received a Holiday present from TinyCo. It was a care package. “Awesome” I said to myself. I proceeded to open it and I got 3 ghostly packages, what a joke. Please TinyCo, don’t do me any favors, LOLOLOL. I then collected 1 more care package from the possible 3 that were ready and opened that one to find another ghostly gift, some SS and 1 bear for Bonnie. So out of 6 possible bears, I got 1. And this is a pretty common result. I don’t expect to get a bear everytime but I shouldn’t get skunked 90% of the time either. I’ve managed to get 2 triangles, 2 rainbows and 0 beach balls so far and we’re basically 2 days into this phase. Up until this phase I was enjoying this event but it’s kinda losing its appeal. I’m still gonna continue (the addict in me has too 😉), I just hope something changes.

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  9. I agree that the drops with the Care packages, Glee Bears, rainbows, etc. have been TERRIBLE. Getting very frustrated.

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  10. Is the health here regenerating if you don’t shoot the characters at the right time? Was pretty sure I had Bonnie down to 13, 4 hours later, received 1 bear, shot expecting her to scurry away, health now at 26.

    It might just be me as it’s so hard to track amidst the ridiculous pulling but it felt off.


  11. I am having the same issue. I have barely been getting one Care package every 4 hours, hardly any bears, and (thanks to the jumping issue) I just misfired one of the rare Red Bears I needed for Bonnie who hasn’t been able to drop any beach balls as yet. I was on time for this phase to start, but this phase is of to a frustrating start, to be sure.


  12. Event started off pretty well but it’s gotten a bit drawn out, repetitive and boring. Haven’t even remotely gotten as far as you guys have. Think I may just take a break from the rest of this one and see what comes up in the next event.

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  13. I haven’t received any rainbows. Every time I open a care package I keep getting candy canes and ghost gifts. My biggest problem is every time I try to use a sprite, barrel bomb etc, my screen continues to jump to everyone with the blues. So I try to clear a Pac man group, I get the group in the circle and then they turn purple, then my screen jumps to Bonnie, then Bruce, then jumps to Lois. So I have to go back to the group I was trying to clear and start over. It’s the worst when using multiple sprites to get rid of one character because the game jumps to Bruce, Bonnie, and Lois every few seconds which causes me to waste sprites and barrels. I sent Tinyco a message, but they won’t respond so no surprise there. Can’t open packages because it keeps jumping to the three of them. I get it you have the blues and I need to clear them, but making my screen jump to all three every five seconds is stupid, ridiculous, aggravating, a time waster, and just an all around pain in the butt!!

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    • It’s happening in many of our games unfortunately. And like you I’m getting Ghostky Gift after Ghost Gift from Care Packages. I’m at a standstill due to it.


      • Speaking ad a programmer, this jumping is crappy programming.

        We need another option for beach balls. I’m only managing to free Bonnie about once a day between the bad drops for the packages and then not getting bears. That’s keeping Bonnie from getting beach balls and keeping me from getting Rupert, and there is no other way to get the balls without clams.


        • 100 x agreed. Every time it jumps to Bonnie and she says ‘That’s silly!’, I’m like ‘YOU ARE SO @@##! RIGHT!’ (to quote Q-bert).


          • Hahaha, Velvet and Joe are so on the money! But I don’t like giving my money to TinyCo for poor planning with only Bonnie able to get beach balls…It’s just what they want you you to do lol. Only coal in their stockings, not my clams!


    • I know! This upgrade is horrendous. The constant jumping to characters with the blues is aggravating, but this phase is so convoluted. We need 255 Versace robes to get Black Jesus but need beach balls to get Baby Heimlich to drop them & unless you have Rupert unlocked or spend clams Bonnie is the only character who drops balls and she’s had the blues for over 24hrs in my game because I can’t get red Bauble bears in my care packages. Ugggh!


    • Preach!! You are so correct I don’t even need to post my comment, it would say the exact same thing!!! The rare bears are horrible, Bonnie is the only one to get beach balls and I have yet to clear her once due to the stocking stuffers and ghost boxes ruining any chance of getting bears……🙁


  14. Oh god, this thing where it’s jumping to the people with the blues every few seconds why I’m trying to click on buildings, open boxes, clear other npcs (which I have to hit the same one several times)….it’s going to drive me insane. And on top of that the character has to say their chat Every. Single. Time. to taunt you, at least I can mute that, but the jumping to them is making this way too much of a chore to get anything done.


  15. I’ve cleared Bonnie of Holiday Blues 3 times now, Bruce 3 times, and Lois 5 times, and haven’t had a single Rainbow drop yet so I can’t make any progress at all, that’s beyond ridiculous.


  16. So far I’ve gotten one blue box in every care package. A few have even had nothing but stocking stuffers. Because of this Bonnie has had the blues for nearly the entire first day of Baby Heimlich running around. I hope TinyCo adjusts something. Between that, now needing 180 Power Pellets and my screen randomly jumping back to wherever Heimlich is, I’m really frustrated at the game right now.

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  17. I also wish the reminder quote for people with the blues was set a little longer. I hate trying to open packages or destroy some villians, when Lois decide I haven’t paid her enough attention in the last minute and drags me halfway cross town so I know where she is. I like ‘yeah, you moved like half a block, still don’t have a bear for you and I won’t for at least another 4 hrs. So I don’t need to be updated where you are every minute.

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  18. I wish they’d just stuck with the same system as previous weeks. Each Bear does a certain amount of damage and each person has a certain amount of health why can’t we just use whichever Bear we want to cure people.

    Or at least make Bonnie the easiest to clear since she’s the only one dropping anything for this week and the only freemium way to get that item.

    So far I’ve cleared Bruce and Lois twice each and Bonnie only once. It’s 16 hours now since I sent her to get Balls for the first time but she’s stuck with the blues so I can’t collect.

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    • I agree, 1 Bauble bear for Bonnie since she’s needed for Beach Balls, or give a different character the Beach Ball drop. I’m in exact same position as many of you.

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      • I just cleared Bonnie and sent her to flirt with Santa, 10 minutes later she has the blues again. Can we verify if this is intended? That’s really going to cause problems if she can’t ever complete the task needed to attack Heimlich


        • That’s what happened in my game also and she’s been stuck with Hoilday blues since yesterday as all I’m getting is Ghostly Gufts from Care packages. I’ve fed my thoughts to Bunny hopefully she can pass on to TinyCo.


        • Was going to ask the same thing as that happened with Bruce, as soon as I cured him 3 minutes later he had the blues again.


          • At least it’s not as bad as the werewolves. So many times I’d finally manage to cure someone so I collect from a task only to have them turn back into a werewolf before they even made it back to the building the task was done in.


        • Whereas during Halloween, we couldn’t get Meg to be Possessed often enough!

          Sometimes it seems they put some actions on a dart board & go with whatever gets hit, rather than think the entire process through & how it’ll affect the game as a whole.

          Wish I had Clams to unlock Rupert outright – he’s very cute!


  19. To quote a Simpsons character – worst phase ever. 4 hour wait for an occasional drop only to get garbage that was only useful two phases ago. Can’t get Lois’s quest done because she’s blue and haven’t got a single green care bear drop. Rainbows are extremely rare drops, I’ve got two so far. Impossible to get any traction. And Bonnie is always blue so it’s impossible to collect beach balls. What a joke. They find new ways to ruin what used to be a fun pasttime. I’m appalled by this new phase, I don’t see any chance of getting through it. And has anyone checked out the last item in the parlour? You need 180 power pellets for it. 180? That will take like 700 or more blue boxes and then hope and pray you’re lucky to get one to drop from a box or from the paceman group. Brutal.

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  20. This is going to be a miserably slow event week. Bears aren’t coming in the gifts. Triangles are really poor to drop. Gotta clear the blues for bonnie to get the beach balls to attack the baby.
    I’d happily purchase death for 270 clams but being forced to pay for a costume as well is just mean. Thanks TinyCo. This is turning into a terrible Christmas special 😦

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  21. Okay, how do you report a fault with your game to Tinyco if you can’t get into it and you’re based outside the US?


  22. Yeah these holiday blues suck if I’m tryna clear Bruce it will jump to lois and I end up wasting a bear

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  23. Of course we have an over abundance of blues NOW. Go figure. This is why I stopped buying special buildings. They are good really for only that week. Later the item they drop usually stack up.

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  24. normally I would spend clams to finish getting a character or whatever, but with Christmas coming, I really dont have any extra money, so i decided to do an experiment and see just how bad it is to be a freemium player. Well it sucks ! Drop rates are inconsistent to say the least and it is impossible for me to begin phase 4 since pixel Lois is just beyond my reach even with 2 buildings dropping pills. First 10 dropped normally, but those last 2? 3 days of faithfully hitting those buildings every 6 hours and nothing… Is this as intended? If so, its very misleading, frustrating, and unfair,just to get me to drop 45 clams?

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  25. I couldn’t get a bear if I tried. Firstly the blue packages that drop bears are barely dropping even though I’ve had every possible character going on them since the new phase started. So far I’ve opened 3 blue packs from week 4 so far. And out of those 3 week 4 packs I’ve managed to come up with one yellow bear for Bruce, lots of ghost boxes I don’t want or need at this point and stocking stuffers. At this rate I will never progress past part two of the new quest line where it is required to clear bonnie of her Christmas blues! Let’s hope there is a Christmas miracle and tiny Co reconfigures the drop rates soon!

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  26. Looks like the rainbow drop rate is my enemy right now. I’m stuck on part two. And I’ve not seen a Pepper Merry Bear yet either so I guess 8-bit Lois won’t be of any use, so soon after unlocking her!

    Has the videogames aspect of this event come to an end? If so, maybe I’ll just buy an army of the Calvin & Hobbes grotesque snowmen and take a break until the new year. But I do want to see the robots in week five…


  27. Yeah this sucks


  28. The bears are “barely” dropping! I am getting a lot of green barrels and Stuffers, and I don’t really need those right now, I need bears! *chuckle*


  29. It looks like it’s trying to do too much all at the same time. On my game at least it looks like it’s trying to follow a character, show me Q*Berts Pyramid Pack, and give me three drops all at the same time and can’t cope with it all.


  30. Is anyone elses game continually crashing after it loads up?


  31. It’s too bad that every time I open a week 3 care package, I get 2 blue boxes from week 2, so I have yet to clear the “blues” from any of my characters…


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