Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Phase 4 Is LIVE!!

It’s time for some caring and sharing Russian Tigger style as Bunny takes a wee doctor ordered break from feeding you all the Live Phase info. Bare with me as I can’t verify things at the speed the Bunny can…. I’m the tortoise to her hare, lol. And please if you’ve any info I don’t share it in the comments.

Phase 4 of the Christmas Event is now in our silly lil games and there’s lots more crazy to come by the looks of it.

Just what does the 4th Phase have in store for us? Let’s dive on in and take a look at Quahog’s Not So Silent Night!!



First up, the Basics

  • Players need to complete  Keep Dreaming Pt. 9 to advance and be to at least Dream Level 11
  • Players will need to be on the App Market Version 1.33.3 or higher in order to see the event.
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s complete.
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more

Back with more in a bit…



Clam Icondream-pointstocking-stufferFamily Guy Coin

Galaxy Intruders Arcade Machine: 200 Clam IconClams, 8 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers & 15 dream-point Dream Points every 12hrs, Always Drops 1 Rainbow



stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers

Cloud Car with Rupert: 250stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers

Supersonic Loop-the-Loop: 200stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers

My Little Reindeer Farm: 125 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers

Jon Snowman: 100 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers

Toy Block Fence: 10 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers



Angel of Death: Character Costume is 270 Clam IconClams. If you don’t have the Death character you can get that and the character costume for 400 Clam Icon Clams. He will have a 4hr Action to Always drop 1 Care Package.


Rupert: You will trigger his unlock after Dream Come True Pt. 1.  You will start to unlock him once you place his Cloud Car in your game, this s available in the store for 250 stocking-stuffers Stocking Stuffers.
stocking-stuffer 1500 Stocking Stuffers
8 Rainbow Stuffing (Uncommon): Get from Care Package OR Find Christmas Smack a Shrew
15 Magical Triangles (Rare):
 Cure Bonnie, Bruce or Lois of the Holiday Blues
8 Fluffy Clouds (Rare):
 Get from Cube Craft Nativity Scene


Black Jesus: You will have to purchase the Black Jesus in the Cubecraft Nativity from the Toyland Puppet Theatre, this s available for 300 stocking-stuffers Stocking Stuffers. 2 image Power Pellets and 1 Rainbow.
stocking-stuffer 3000 Stocking Stuffers
36 Gucci Flip Flops (Uncommon): Get from Jesus Open Birthday Presents OR Classie Console Cemetary
255 Versace Robes (Rare):
 Attack Baby Heimlich
14 Holiday Wreath Crowns (Rare):
 Get from Festive Bunker


Blinky Thr Ghost: you can win him in the Nutcracker Mystery Box which is 130 Clam Icon Clams a try. (Full details under Nutcracker Mystery Box below) He has a 4hr task to always drop Beach Balls.




Much like past Events, you will be leveling up along the way while you play along with the event. For this Event that will be your Dream Level.

You will be able to increase your Dream Level by just playing along and earning Dream Points

dream-pointDream Points:  Questlines OR Character Tasks OR Event Buildings OR Other Event Tasks

Phase 4 will require you to be at dream-pointDream Level 15 to access the new content. Please note 30 is the maximum Dream Point level.



These appear right at start of Phase 4, with the side Questline Christmas Cheer

The 3 characters who can suffer from the holiday blues are:

Curing the Holiday Blues with Glee Bears:

Holiday Blues Bonnie (36 Heart Points)
Requires 3 Bauble Bears (13 hit points) to clear blues 
Holiday Blues Bruce
Requires 2 Holly Jolly Bears (21 hit points) to clear blues
Holiday Blues Lois
Requires 1 Pepper Merry Bear (35 hit points) to clear the blues

Glee Bears: Get  from opening Care Packages OR Cheer Crates (premium) in Thr Present Plaza

Chance Payout:
1 Magical Triange
1 Rainbow




You will find this in the Event Area. It is the group of Toys with the floating ship hovering. Here is where you can go to open Q*bert’s Pyramid Packs you earn as well as use the Premium Option, if you want, to gain more items.

You can see the information for the Present Plaza for Phase One HERE.

This is what is new inside the Present Plaza for Phase 4. 

Care Packages: Just like in the past Phase, you will collect these and open them in the Present Plaza to gain Materials for the Event.

Care Packages (Uncommon): Q’Bert Be Misunderstood OR Make Peaches Resist Kidnapping Or Make 80’s Brian Get Thumb Cramp OR Angel of Death Play Video Games OR Nutcracker Mystery Box

Random Chance Payout of 3 of Following:
1 Bauble Bear
 (needed for curing Bonnie)
1 Holly Bear
 (needed for curing Bruce)
1 Pepper Merry (needed for curing Lois)
1 Rainbow
1 Rainbow Stuffing
1 Ghostly Gift
45 Stocking Stuffers


Cheer Crate:  Clam Icon125 Clams,  This again is a PREMIUM option you must decide if it is worth it to you to take a chance at the Random Prizes inside.
Random Chance Payout of 3 of Following:
1 Bauble Bear (
needed for curing Bonnie)
1 Holly Bear (
needed for curing Bruce)
1 Pepper Merry (
needed for curing Lois)
1 Ghostly Gift

5 Clams
45 Stocking Stuffers
1 Beach Ball




Here is your usual location where you can exchange Materials you collect during the Event for other Items.

Black Jesus in the Cubeland Nativity Scene 8stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers & 25dream-pointDream Points every 6hrs, Chance Drops 2x Fluffy Clouds
Cost~ 300 Stocking Stuffers, 2 Power Pellets & 1 Rainbow

Festive FPS Bunker: 8stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers & 25dream-pointDream Points every 6hrs, Chance Drop x2 Holiday Wreaths
Cost~ 426 Stocking Stuffers, 26 Turtle Shells, 5 Rainbows

Classie Console Cemetery: 8stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers & 20dream-pointDream Points every 4hrs, Chance Drops x2 Gucci Flip Flops
Cost~ 900 Stocking Stuffers, 4 Power Pellets, 5 Rainbows

Christmas Herbert’s House:
Cost~ 220 Stocking Stuffers, 10 Turtle Shells, 2 Rainbows

Christmas Smack-A-Shrew: 8stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers & 20dream-pointDream Points every 4hrs, Chance Drops x2 Rainbow Stuffing
Cost~ 700 Stocking Stuffers, 22 Green Balls, 3 Power Pellets

Extra terrestrial Holiday Hijackers:  4stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers & 15dream-pointDream Points every 2hrs
Cost~ 6000 Stocking Stuffers, 180 Power Pellets, 5 Rainbows



stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers: Chance Drop from Q*bert’s Pyramid Pack OR Clear Sams OR Stocking Stuffer Shop OR Stocking Stuffer Station OR Questlines OR Character Tasks  **essentially all over the Event**

green-ballGreen Balls (Rare): Sams OR Chance Q*bert’s Pyramid Pack OR Q*bert’s Glowing Gift OR Q*bert Arcade Machine

turtle-shellTurtle Shells (Rare): Clear Drunk Wizard OR Barrel Box OR Carol Barrel OR Monkey Kong Arcade Machine OR Clear Turtle

imagePixel/Power Pellet (Rare): Clear Caroling PAC People OR Ghostly Gifts OR PAC-MAN Arcade

imageRainbows (Rare): Curing Bonnie OR Curing Bruce OR Curing Lois OR Care Pack OR Nutcracker Mystery Box OR Galaxy Intruders Arcade Machine

imageBeach Balls (Common): Bonnie Flirt with Santa OR Rupert Go Shopping OR Cheer Crate OR Buy from Store OR Nutcracker Mystery Box



Here is the new boss battle, it appears at Pt. 3 of the main Questline Dream Come True, as usual you have a 24hr timed period to defeat the boss up to Level 5X. I’m still verifying this in my game but here are the details of what you will need for 1X and 2X at the moment, I will update as info is verified in game.

1X You need 1 Beach Ball to defeat at this level. The rewards are 30 Stocking Stuffers, 1 Rainbow and 8 Versace Robes.

2X You need 2 Beach Balls to defeat at this level. The rewards are 40 Stocking Stuffers, 2 Rainbows and 16 Versace Robes.

More details to come……


From Bunny’s Game
1X Level~ 1 Beach Ball
30 Stocking Stuffers
1 Rainbow
8 Versace Robes

2X Level~ 2 Beach Balls
40 Stocking Stuffers
2 Rainbows
16 Versace Robes

3X Level~ 4 Beach Balls
50 Stocking Stuffers
3 Rainbow
24 Versace Robes

4X Level~ 8 Beach Balls
60 Stocking Stuffers
4 Rainbow
36 Versace Robes

5X Level~ 12 Beach Balls
70 Stocking Stuffers
5 Rainbow
50 Versace Robes


This costs 130 Clam Icon Clams per try. The top prize is Blinky the Ghost. Good luck if you try for it. The full contents are:

Blinky the Ghost (full character)
Heckling Hunting Hound (decoration)
2 Care Packages
14 Beach Balls
1 Rainbow
3 Ghostly Gifts
140 Clams
150 Stocking Stuffers

Remember event materials can be won multiple times.

There you have the overall Basics of Phase 4 for Quahog’s Not So Silent Night. Sorry it’s not the usual Bunny work of art but I’ve limited time and wanted get as much verified info out to you as possible.

What do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you are most excited for? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


78 responses to “Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Phase 4 Is LIVE!!

  1. I’m so bored of seeing comments from freemium players about their lack of progress in events. Why should it be straightforward for people who don’t pay for it? How do you think TinyCo can survive as a business without making enough money to pay its staff, along with all of the other overheads involved? Be grateful that so much of the main part of the game is playable without spending a single dollar, rather than complaining about what you’re not able to do for free.


    • I think in this event it’s more frustration at not being able to progress, and some of that has come from preemium players as well. It’s the game mechanics that seem be causing most of the upset. But always good hear different opinions.


  2. Post if you are not even close to getting to phase 5, but in phase 4. Who is getting nothing from the cube craft navity.


  3. Is black Jesus a character or a skin?


  4. I may be missing it, but is there a “phase 4 Questline walkthrough?”/ I try to check the site each week and I haven’t seen it yet.



  5. I’m just not getting pixel pills for Pixel Lois… I’ve been waiting on the last 4 of them for 4 days now, it’s really boring as I have nothing else left to do in the game. I’ve accumulated over 6,000 stocking suffers and countless pellets even after buying all the drop buildings. Please TinyCo, can there not be at least a max waiting period to trump the drop rates if need be?

    I stopped buying clams when it became obvious it was useless if not in the hundred dollars, so I won’t spend the 90 clams required to circumvent these and now I’m falling behind for no reason. 😥

    Thanks for this guys, at least once I’m done I’ll know what to do to make up as much of the lost time as possible.


  6. still need 4 pills to unlock pixel lois, will just be checking the clam building and not even try for phase 4, big 700 pacman maze here i come


  7. This has been one of the worst events imo. The low random chance to get the ghost boxes (and yes i did get donkey king so i have a 3 chance), then coupled with the fact that power pellets drop less than 50% of the time when you do get enough items to kill the pack-men, couple with me spending 7 power pellets to get the weekly special (dumb call!) meant that i only today was able to place the building that gives pixel lois’s pills, so i still can’t even start the next week as i’m still not done with pixel lois. Very disheartening.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have two buildings that I can get pills with, one of which I’ve had for at least two days now and they have yet to drop the pills. Even with the terrible drop rate of everything else, I have everything I need for pixel Lois except pills. I have none.


  8. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Well, frankly I’ve had better things to do with my time but I felt the need to share my own experience thus far. The event started off a bit rough but had stabilized and the first 2 weeks went by with only minor issues. Then came the pill bottles for Lois. In the end I spent 50 clams to speed up that process and get the last 2 I needed so that I could be on time for this week. The issue there was horrible drop rate as I had both of the buildings placed the first day and didn’t miss any check times.

    So it’s been a few days now since week 4 started and there’s issues with the cloud boxes (uncommon – ~50%) dropping as if they’re rare (~33%). TinyCo’s one trick pony of making the game more difficult to force clams expenditure is to play with the drop rates. Time and time again we’ve noticed “bad math” in that the take away has been simply blowing off the final week’s content as a coping mechanism. We know going into any event that we won’t get everything (characters, buildings, decos, etc.) unless we spend a ton of clams in doing so. So why even try. This doesn’t bother me so much as I long since gave up on arguing poor drop rates with them. But the real issues are newly added “functions” that simply make the game unplayable.

    These issues slowly seeped into the game over the year and have finally come to head as a culmination of oddities that, in effect, break the game. First of which is the delay given to the squatters when attacking them. This serves little purpose other than to annoy. It was working fine before and at some point this year it started happening. Second is the change of focus. This one was apparent during the Halloween event in which a hijacked character has some strange refresh timer on the animation that moves focus from whatever you’re doing to that character. When you have 3 characters doing this, it is a huge distraction and can cause mis-taps. Finally, the removal of targeted character clearing. In the past, we used to be able to click on a quest line to take us to a character and then pull that specific character off of a task without clearing any other characters that happened to be in the building. That function has sadly been removed and we’re left with having to clear a building to drill down to the character we need. Gone are the days of speeding up a specific character without clearing the building of others first. Sad indeed.

    Now I’m not as concerned with drop rate, as I had stated before; however, I’m personally stuck at part 2 of this week’s quest line as I haven’t received a single Rainbow in the 7 or 8 clears of the clouded characters. This means that I can’t even begin to collect on Black Jesus. Of course up until their recent patch, I had the same issue as others with getting blue boxes instead of bears, but that seems to have been worked out.

    I wouldn’t be so concerned if it hadn’t been for the about 500 clams I’ve spent so far this event. I’m at about 10,000 stocking stuffers (already paid for Rupert), was maxed out at level 30 on the holiday meter level about a week ago, and have kept pace with the game starting each week on time (even if it meant paying clams to do so). I missed Monkey Kong due to the lack of knowledge about the timer and bongos not dropping until after he was no longer available; however, I felt that this was more of a premium character and didn’t need to put much effort into trying for him (as he simply was a make it or break it on the drop rates). While I’m less concerned about obtaining Black Jesus, as he’s not needed for the quest line this week, I simply cannot move forward without the Rainbows dropping as the main quest line demands it. This has prevented me from getting to Baby Heimlich. As such, I cannot collect beach balls to take him out. And of course the issue that I’ve also been hearing about how Bonnie and Rupert are the only 2 characters that produce the beach balls is a bit disheartening. One that isn’t available until you collect from the other on a rare drop. The other being a hijacked character that you can’t unhijack without getting the right contents from a box. And a box that only 3 characters drop as an uncommon/rare. A rock and a hard place to be sure.

    With all of these issues, I’m starting to wonder if I should continue to play this event at this point. I’ve messaged TinyCo on each of these issues and have been told the new blanket statement of “We’ll look into your game and send your concerns to the development team”. It’s nicer that saying “functioning as intended” but I still feel that there are issues that aren’t be addressed. The game has become virtually unplayable with all these issues and I now have to think about whether or not I want to continue. Not exactly the Christmas present I was hoping for considering I’ve spent about 500 clams to get to this point. Hope they can fix these issues. Merry Christmas all.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. The character God is free in the store.


  10. While I would personally rather not get so many ghostly gifts in my care packages, I can see that if you are a completionist they would be helpful toward collecting the 180 power pellets needed for the extra terrestrial holiday hijackers building.


  11. after placing the cloud with Rupert bear is there going to be a timer with it? i have finally made it to phase4 stuff and jus double checking before i get it lmao


    • No timer on Rupert or Black Jesus


      • awesome! i appreciate it thank ya!!♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️


        • But I have had mine craft nativity since the phase started and it’s nearly been a week… Not a single cloud drop yet so Rupert is looking impossible as that’s the only way to get clouds. So if no Rupert, Bonnie is locked with Xmas blues and poor drop rate to save her, and she is the only other character to get beach balls for killing the baby….. Poor drop rates “snowball” to prevent other characters…..


  12. I’m def not making it to phase 4. I’m on part 4 of the main week 3 quest line and can’t progress because I’ve not only gotten just 6 ghostly gifts in the past 5 days (working as intended according to them btw) only one power pellet towards the 4 I need to get the building to progress. Pretty much calling it quits for the rest of the event. I’ll get pacman from my free clams tomorrow after videos and be done with it. Such a shame they’ve progressively made it harder and harder for freemium players to progress in events.

    Liked by 2 people

  13. This phase is a joke. 10 care packages and no bears. 3 characters locked up and no way to progress. I thought this game was supposed to be fun? They won’t be getting any more cash from me.


  14. Who starts part 2 of week 4? because I have all of the main guys done with there quest and not one of them has the mark for the next quest to continue on week 4.


  15. just to tell you that today i’ll complete part 8 of the week 2, so i am a full week behind and i don’t think so i’ll be able to complete week 3 before the end of the event, so sad that now TinyCo have made event that are tied to specific costumes that are nearly so hard to get unless shelling a lot of clams

    Liked by 1 person

  16. I don’t think I’m going to get this phase, I’ve been on task and on part getting everyone but can’t get gamer Brian. I’m beginning to think he’s a myth. I even let 17 of those blue boxes build and opened every single one. Nothing. And I even get up through the night to play. I’m done.


  17. just clicked on two buildings that had a chance to get pills for louis skin. of course nothing. now another 6 hour wait. messaged tiny yesterday and got same ‘nothing wrong’ reply. Russian hackers? I’m at level 30 in the game and sick of opening packages. of course I still do like the dutiful quester. got 80s brian a couple of days ago so I guess we all have different problems. and at least I haven’t had the crashing thing at all.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. The care packages are a joke. I got 3 of them then took a turn in the exchange place. Got 45 stocking stuffers, ghostly box, and ghostly box with the first. Got 45 stocking stuffers, 45 stocking stuffers, and ghostly box with the second. Got 45 stocking stuffers, ghostly box, and a red bear with the third. Bonnie turns into the blues and can’t drop beach balls to fight the baby. Can’t get bears to change to change her back in order to drop beach balls. When I finally get enough beats to change her back I get stocking stuffers and no beach ball. The baby has been walking around for almost 24 hrs, the timer is almost up on her, and I haven’t been able to attack her because of tinyCo’s absurd drop rates and even more ridiculous game of chance giving me what I need. This is beyond ludicrous. They need to fix this crap ASAP, or they are going to lose a player.

    I messaged them and the response I got was “everything is dropping accordingly” Balderdash. How can things be dropping According when so many can’t get the items they need to advance in the game?


  19. Way too many ghostly gifts being doled out in Care Package. Opened 6 and got 9 of them. Seriously?!?


  20. Finally got the third bear to clear Bonnie’s blues, and she dropped stocking stuffers and dream points – Argh!
    At least Bruce dropped a triangle, but I need a rainbow to move on – maybe in four hours…
    BTW – is it Lois or Pixel Lois who will catch the blues? I have only seen Bruce and Bonnie so far.


  21. According to the menu on rupert, you can also earn magic triangles from curing lois and bruce as well as bonnie


  22. Probably done with this event. I messaged tinyco asking them to remove 80s Brian as a requirement for main quest line progression (they did it with Cleveland Jr back during that event) but they said no, and all I’ve done the past several days is open Ghostly Gifts. I have four characters earning the boxes (I unlocked Monkey Kong and springboard for PacMan) and have a massive stockpile of materials I can’t use now because I can’t progress in the event.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You and me both. This event had me so excited, with the video game stuff, but has quickly become trash. I even spent the 70 clams on a premium box and didn’t get him.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Since 80s Brian drops care packages, I can see why they can’t remove him. That being said, he took forever, and I had Pac Man!


  23. I’m tired of every event being the same when it comes to drop rates. They always reply it’s “dropping as intended.” Yet there are too many players that struggle to get items. This happens every single event. Does anyone at TinyCo even play the game as a Freemium player? If they did, I feel like we would see a significant increase in drops. Stuck on 8 Bit Lois because I can’t get Pixel Pills.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Same. I haven’t had a Pixel Pill in 2 full days (48 hours). I’m stuck on 6/12 and TinyCo don’t care. I’m hoping I’ll get another 2 today, and with the way it’s going I’ll get the final two on Sunday. I’ll probably get 80’s Brian just in time for Week 6, so I’ll be 2 weeks behind despite running my game like a well-oiled machine.


  24. thanks, great article – btW, under the heading “Materials, you wrote Connie when it should be Bonnie. Cheers


  25. Yes a Merry Christmas gift to their players bag humbug on this event


  26. I’m still waiting for pill bottles for 8 bit Lois. The Death skin is cool but I’m short on clams lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. I am really hating this piecemeal task/quest ladder. I got 3 care packages, but I cashed them all in at once. Apparently, you are supposed to cash in one, then finish quest, then cash in another to do next quest as even though I have the bear, it wouldn’t give me credit and I need to get another. It wouldn’t be so bad if the drops were more forcoming. It feels like having to get an extra rare item on any task over 8 hours.


  28. Of course they would use a character (Bonnie) that is used to get drops already for their “take a character out of commission”

    Liked by 1 person

  29. still on week 2 despite playing hourly 😦


    • ERM how can that be true? I’m fremmium mostly and not playing while I sleep, started week 4 on time…. U must be doing something wrong id guess


      • It all depends on the drops. I’m stuck on Pixel Lois (Pixel Pills aren’t dropping) and there isn’t anything I can do about it. However, I did find week 1 & 2 quite easy so I’m not sure what the hold up could be


  30. I’m not sure I’m going to get to this phase. I haven’t received a single Ghostly Gifts since yesterday and I’ll still don’t have 80’s Gamer Brian. I collect every 2 hours and nothing. It’s frustrating, I’m Dream Level 27 but only at Keep on Dreaming #8


    • Please send an in game message to TinyCo regarding your low drops for Ghostly Gifts


      • I sent the message and they replied that the drop rate is fine. So this is how they want it to play.


        • I got the same reply. *sigh*

          I *did* finally manage to get to Phase 4 today, but I’m not going to get very far with so few Pixel Pellet drops. I’m going to send Bonnie (& Lois & Seamus, of course) out for boxes a few more times before I trigger the Holiday Blues & lose Bonnie for a few days (weeks?).

          *sigh* I was really enjoying this Event until Phase 3 appeared. 😭


    • Yeah, same here… sending Bonnie and Seamus to fail at getting Ghostly Gifts over and over and over again has become pretty boring. Mort’s inability to drop enough pixel lipsticks is almost as tedious; just needed the last 2 to unlock 8-Bit Lois for a few days now. In the meantime, I seem to have accumulated 6000 more stocking stuffers than necessary… :-/


  31. I don’t already have death so the cost for angel of death is 400 clams which gives death character plus angel of death skin.


  32. Opened 4 care packages and no bears yet.


  33. My screen keeps jumping to focus on holiday blues bonnie lois or Bruce its costing me stuff if I’m trying clear a Sam wizard or some pac carolers or bomb some turtles anyone have that issue


    • Yes my game is doing the same.


      • The same thing happened in the Halloween event. This is particularly frustrating since you are trying to keep moving characters in a purple circle and then the game jumps. Is there any way in addition to in-game messaging that TinyCo can politely be asked to curtail that affect? I am not sure the purpose other than to draw attention to these characters being available. The risk of having a missed shot because of the jumping is a very uncomfortable feeling as difficult as these items are to collect.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I am definitely paying attention to things like this and passing them along whenever I can to TinyCo. Thanks for letting us know what you are going through.


        • During Halloween, my game would jump to Possessed Meg…while I was in Quahog. It was the oddest thing; I’d be trying to clear my buildings/characters, and I’d hear Meg speak & have my screen jump to some random spot. Even though I was in Quahog & she was at the Rocky Point Hotel. She wasn’t visible, I’d just heat her voice & get a screen jump. Over and over. Wicked bizarre.


    • It’s super annoying.


    • Yeah, I have lost a couple opportunities. Hell, I was aiming at Lois, and it jumped to Bonnie, which made me misfire and waste a hard earned bear. The bears are not dropping, and are way to expensive to purchase!


    • Ditto here. I have had a number of instances where I lined up a shot, and the “poof” action of the blues characters relocated my screen – causing the tap to register elsewhere and wasting my resources. To top it off, it happens once per minute to each character (not an exaggeration, I timed it).

      Things were already sketchy with the huge delay in pulling up the ammo screen (much worse than any previous event) and typically needing multiple hits. This alone saw my game crashing more times than ever before. But now with the screen jumping constantly (and even more stuff happening all at once), it is bordering on being unplayable – I can’t even begin to imagine the chaotic mess that awaits us in Phase 5.

      This event feels like it is currently being held together by scotch tape and a prayer. Maybe the Overlords have never heard about “Quality over Quantity”…


    • same here, real annoying


    • Totally agree and it seems to be every few minutes when it focuses on them, so if you are collecting stuff, the screen goes to them and is super annoying as you then have to scroll back to the area you were collecting from, especially when you have all 3 with clouds above them.


  34. I never purchased/won Rupert. Is this a different character from the one available for clams in my store? I am guessing it is not a skin since it is not being crafted in Al’s. Thanks!


  35. This event is next to impossible to progress if you are a free player! I sitting at level 25 yet I was never able to unlock donkey kong, just unlocked peaches and I am seriously struggling to get any good drops to help along with progression. Think I am done with this event.

    Liked by 1 person

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