Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Phase 5 Is LIVE!!

It’s beginning to look a lot like… 2017?

Phase 5 of the Christmas Event is now in our silly lil games and there’s lots more fun to have

Just what does the 5th and FINAL Phase have in store for us? Let’s dive on in and take a look at Quahog’s Not So Silent Night!!



First up, the Basics

  • Players need to complete Dream Come True Pt. 8 to advance and be to at least Dream Level 15
  • Players will need to be on the App Market Version 1.33.3 or higher in order to see the event.
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s complete.
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more

Back with more in a bit…



If you are having issues with the Present Plaza, please email me with a SCREENSHOT of your OPENING SPLASH SCREEN. familyguyaddicts@gmail.com

This is the one with the letters and numbers along the bottom left and right as soon as you try to open your game.



Essentially, what this glitch is, you will try to open one of the gifts in the Present Plaza, the game glitches you out, you try to return, it shows just some glowy dots from the Present Plaza,  but then kicks you back out. You try to repeat and kicks you out again. This loop continues over and over and over and over.

TinyCo is looking into it to locate cause, but not successful so far. If you are experiencing this, feel free to send me an image of your Opening Splash Screen ONLY (letters and numbers on bottom at each side) and I will forward the info to TinyCo to help you get back in your game. I MUST have that image to help or your Player ID if you have it saved elsewhere.





Super Robot Smashed Skyscraper: 900 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers, 8 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers every 6hrs


Turn Tile Tower: 175 Clam IconClams, 8 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers every 12hrs, Drops Giant Tissues, Toads, Pixel Wines, Bedtime Stories, Holiday Wreath Crowns



Catapultatron: 800 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers

Ice Slide: 150 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers

Cyberg District 1: 60 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers

Cyberg District 2: 90 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers

Cyberg District 3: 45 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers

Cyberg District 4: 50 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers



Toy Car Joe (Costume): 250Clam IconClams, Drops Pyramid Packs, Carol Barrels, Ghostly Gifts, Care Packages, Robo Receptacle

Onesie Mayor West (Costume):
8 Chocolate Chips (Common): Burger Factory
15 Warm Milk (Always): Attack Baby Heimlich
4 PAC Nightcaps (Rare): Sugar Plum Raceway
6 Bedtime Stories (Rare): Turn Tile Tower OR Blockzilla Disaster Scene


They will be the next Bad Guy to join the game. You will be using Convertatrons you get from the Present Plaza to attack them and get the Materials you need for the Event items.

Negatron: Each has a 70 Heart Health and requires Convertatrons (from Present Plaza) to attack them til their Health drops to Zero. (Similar to Sprites and Sams)

Convertatrons & Their Damage Ability
Rumblebee: 18 Damage
Optimus Primetime
: 25 Damage
Colossatron: 45 Damage

Chance Payout:
1 Robo Fuel
6 Stocking Stuffers




You will find this in the Event Area. It is the group of Toys with the floating ship hovering. This is where all the available Present Options are at.

This is what is new inside the Present Plaza for Phase 5. 

Robo Receptacles: Just like in the past Phase, you will collect these and open them in the Present Plaza to gain Materials for the Event.

Robo Receptacles (Rare): Christmas Morning Peter Ask For Toys OR Pixel Lois Tell Bedtime Stories OR Meg Play Spin the Bottle OR Toy Car Joe Sing Carols

Random Chance Payout of 3 of Following:
 (needed for Negatron)
(needed for Negatron)
Optimus Primetime (needed for Negatron)
1 Robo Fuel
1 Care Package
45 Stocking Stuffers



Core Cases:  Clam Icon125 Clams,  This again is a PREMIUM option you must decide if it is worth it to you to take a chance at the Random Prizes inside.

Random Chance Payout of 3 of Following:
Rumblebee (needed for Negatron)
Colassatron (needed for Negatron)
Optimus Primetime (needed for Negatron)
1 Beach Ball
1 Care Package
55 Stocking Stuffers





Here is your usual location where you can exchange Materials you collect during the Event for other Items.

Sugar Plum Raceway: 8 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers & 25 dream-pointDream Points every 6hrs, Chance Drops x2 PAC Nightcaps
stocking-stuffer 646 Stocking Stuffers
1 Robo Fuels

Blockzilla Disaster Scene: 8stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers & 20 dream-pointDream Points every 8hrs, Chance Drop x2 Bedtime Stories
stocking-stuffer 840 Stocking Stuffers
green-ball 22 Green Balls
3 Rainbows
2 Robo Fuels

Burger Factory: 8stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers & 25 dream-pointDream Points every 2hrs, Chance Drops x2 Chocolate Chip Cookies
stocking-stuffer 800 Stocking Stuffers
turtle-shell30 Turtle Shells
4 Rainbows
2 Robo Fuels

Star Strife Hangar: 8stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers & 15dream-pointDream Points every 12hrs
green-ball 28 Green Balls
turtle-shell67 Turtle Shells
6 Rainbows
3 Robo Fuels

Optimus Christmastime:
stocking-stuffer 920 Stocking Stuffers
turtle-shell50 Turtle Shells
10 Rainbows

Warship Waters
stocking-stuffer 2438 Stocking Stuffers
green-ball 117 Green Balls
turtle-shell220 Turtle Shells
14 Robo Fuels



stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers: Chance Drop from Q*bert’s Pyramid Pack OR Clear Sams OR Stocking Stuffer Shop OR Stocking Stuffer Station OR Questlines OR Character Tasks  **essentially all over the Event**

green-ballGreen Balls (Rare): Sams OR Chance Q*bert’s Pyramid Pack OR Q*bert’s Glowing Gift OR Q*bert Arcade Machine

turtle-shellTurtle Shells (Rare): Clear Drunk Wizard OR Barrel Box OR Carol Barrel OR Monkey Kong Arcade Machine OR Clear Turtle

imagePixel/Power Pellet (Rare): Clear Caroling PAC People OR Ghostly Gifts OR PAC-MAN Arcade

imageRainbows (Rare): Curing Bonnie OR Curing Bruce OR Curing Lois OR Care Pack OR Nutcracker Mystery Box OR Galaxy Intruders Arcade Machine

imageBeach Balls (Common): Bonnie Flirt with Santa OR Rupert Go Shopping OR Cheer Crate OR Buy from Store OR Nutcracker Mystery Box

Robo Fuel (Rare): Robo Receptacle


There you have the overall Basics of Phase 5 for Quahog’s Not So Silent Night.

What do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you are most excited for? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know.

71 responses to “Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Phase 5 Is LIVE!!

  1. Wow!! I was going to ask if others are having problems with this event. I have been stuck in week three since week three.
    Is anyone able to report a problem to TinyCo? When I have tried I get an error message that says, “Something went wrong! Please reload and try again. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.” This has bee happening for days.


  2. No so fun fact:
    Every character questline has a Bonnie task. So even if you don’t need her for beach balls anymore and are only waiting for buildings to drop items you still need to collect care packages and robo boxes (they sometimes contain care packages) to get red bears to cure Bonnie. 🙁😂🙁😂🙁😂 (Sad but you have to laugh at this point, right?)


  3. Is there a difference between chance and rare? My fluffy cloud building and the wreath building are marked chance, but on Rupert and Black Jesus the objects say rare.
    Not that either are dropping. Since placing both buildings all I’ve gotten are 2 fluffy clouds


    • Rare should be just that, but drops are all over the place this event. I honestly don’t know what’s happened, I had high hopes after the Oz event. So disappointing as the content and concept made for a perfect Christmas event, unfortunately the execution has not gone as intended in my opinion.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Finally got my first two wreaths this morning.
      Oz was a perfect pace for me.


  4. Ok, I can’t find the poor soul with the post about Bonnie getting bumped from her task anytime(which is all the time) she gets a cloud above her….But sadly now the same thing is happening to my Lois!!

    I send Lois on a 4 hour task to get the rare ROBO box, she gets the stupid cloud and now when I clear her she just stands there like a moron because she’s been bumped off her task?!? So that’s 4 hours WASTED, not to mention an ever so rare green bear WASTED, and yet another ROBO box I will never see.

    Is anyone else experiencing this glitch? Cause I’m freaking out on TinyCo via in game messages. SOO uncool that this is happening.
    I wanted to buy the 20% off clam box but now that this is happening I almost don’t want to buy/reward TinyCo ever again….Seems like everyone is falling out of love with the way TinyCo has decided to play dirty. But I’m sure it’s “as intended” (huge eye roll🙄)


    • I’m having them tied up with the blues but when I cure them as long as I wait they return to the task they were on, I wait until I know the task time is complete before curing them. Only issue I’ve had is minute I collect Lois gets the blues before I can reset her task.


    • I’m having the same issue. Wondering if it might be because it’s Pixel Lois that is related to the task but regular Lois that get the blues.


  5. well the idea obviously is for tinyco to make as much money as possible, and I get that, so I spent 20 hard earned bucks to get rupert a little earlier, and bought a ton of the elusive beach balls so I can have black jesus ride my mommas ass for 2 clams… in return by the end of the event I will have onesie west also… so money well spent in my opinion


  6. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the characters that drop the triangles for Rupert keep changing. First it was Bonnie, Lois and Bruce. Then it changed to just Bonnie and then back to all three. Now when I look it says only Lois drops the triangles. Can they just keep it consistant? Very frustrating. I was ahead going into Phase 4 just for it all to be ruined by this week.


  7. Does TinyCo actually test the drop rates vs time allotted for chat ER to perform task vs how many tries vs the number of items needed? I see it echoed in these threads. For this event, the drops are horrible. My drops have been good except for items marked Rare or the care packages. Forget getting a beach ball from Bonnie. I’ve contacted them about the Rare drop and their response was that everything is working correctly. Why have an event if you can’t even complete it? I’m a week and a half behind and just dropped clams to finish Rupert. My building for the wreaths for Black Jesus just dropped earlier and I’ve had this building for 4 days. Anyway, ugh!


  8. Just like 2016, I’ll be partying tonight to celebrate the death of this event!
    After 2 weeks of trying to get 2 characters and watching any efforts being destroyed by poor drops rates (something TinyCo’s help desk has stated repeatedly this event to be “as intended” meaning intentional, and overly complicated drop rates; I’ll certainly be glad to be done and over with this event. I’ve given up on trying to obtain Black Jesus as it’s obvious this character, as was Monkey Kong, was meant to be a premium character while dangling the Freemium carrot in front of our collective noses. The worse part is I spent over 500 clams this event, 50 of which was to be able to move on to Week 4 content on time. I started the Week on time only to find I now can’t complete it because of “bad luck” that is intended?
    The issue here is that Week 4 was the pay wall. In particular, Rupert. Black Jesus is an unlikely grab as a freemium and they insured that would be the case by making Rupert the hard stop, leaving only Bonnie to get beach balls as a hijacked character next to impossible. Then skewering the drops on both the cloud packages and their respective drops of bears. This isn’t rocket science. They never had the intention to allow the majority of players to even make it to the final week. I usually don’t complain about drop rates and hardly ever give a second glance to the final week (the coping mechanism toward their creation of a pay-wall in events); however, now we’re looking at a scenario where we possibly should be ignoring the final 2 weeks? Seems like they won’t be stopping there either as I suspect this is the beginning of the end of this game. I suspect in the new year that the game may be approaching the age in which all content becomes premium. Should that be the case, you can bet that people will be about the mass exodus.
    Other causes to celebrate the death of this event may be short lived however, as a new batch of poor coding came this year and may become part of the norm. Such elements now exist such as random drops controlling moving forward in the storyline (cost me 5 days without a single Rainbow drop in Week 3 but TinyCo support stated this was just “bad luck”), hijacked characters stealing focus in order to trigger mis-taps (jury is still out as to whether or not this has been fixed permanently), the delay given to the squatters when attacking them (this serves little purpose other than to annoy as tt was working fine before and at some point this year it started happening), and the removal of targeted character clearing (in the past, we used to be able to click on a quest line to take us to a character and then pull that specific character off of a task without clearing any other characters that happened to be in the building so now we’re left with having to clear a building to drill down to the character we need). These are just a few issues of the myriad of bad things TinyCo has done to us fans this year.
    I’ve seriously given thought to boycotting the games events for this purpose; however, what would be left? With only the annual release of new content outside of pay-walled events, there’s little left to be desired about this game. Any comedy element of fun left in the game has been offset by frustrating game play and poor customer service. When you approach them, “we know and it’s on purpose” shouldn’t be the answer to any given problem the players have. I certainly wouldn’t pay employees or outsourced staff to do something you can just put in the FAQ. But this is the issue with ALL mobile games these days. They haven’t been around long enough to know that all of the above behaviors are turn offs to players and once you’ve gotten a black eye on a product, your game house itself is suffering the consequences.
    So celebrate the departure of the cruel mistress 2016 and the death of this event we shall, and hopefully the powers that be will take heed to these fleeting final warnings and fix things before they simply are all out of work. Happy New Years!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Outstanding comment you’ve summed up the trajectory of this game perfectly


    • So Jake you obviously had the same support staff respond to you that I did. I got the “i am sorry for your bad luck” response as well. This is unfortunate. I truly loved this game and now it just seems like we don’t matter. I hate feeling this way but it seems like All tiny co needs are the new players, because till they realize how it seems this game is run, the money comes in. When those players get fed up and they leave it’s OK cause a new group of players come in. Its so disheartening. Yes it’s only a game, but it was a fun release from the daily crap. Silly and fresh at times i just keep hoping it will be back to how it was before.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I agree! I was laughing cause this is the same way I feel about extreme couponing. I used to do it and they changed it so much that is is no longer as easy. Whenever something is going great, you can guarantee there will be changes! My family begs me to go back to EC, they hated it as kids, but now in their 20’s, love it. It may not worth it anymore, and this game is following the same way. So sad.


  9. Ah Week 5. Also known as ‘the drops are so bad you will never get enough triangles for Rupert or beach balls for Black Jesus robes, but at least we will give you anither week so you can feel better about trying’

    If I do manage to get 5 more triangles for Rupert, is it worth doing the questline task to advance to week 5, or will that just make the beach balls that much more difficult to get?


    • I’d prioritise getting Beach Balls for Black Jesus over moving into Phase 5 as it is, Black
      Jesus is a character with a rare clam drop opposed to Phase 5 unlock which Onesie Mayor West. I’m saying this based on what’s been released, I don’t know if anything else will drop. And there’s the last Weekly Challenge which needs you to be in Phase 5 usually, but if you’re not bothered with that then keeping Rupert on beach balls is a good plan.


  10. Got the mayor onesie this morning. Will get him working on beach balls this afternoon and then all that’s left is half dozen wreaths and 45 or so robes which should be easy enough between Rupert and the mayor even if Bonnie is stuck under a cloud. The last days of this challenge will be ignoring everything but black Jesus and focus on the Lazarus portal characters. Let’s get this over with.


  11. Christopher Carter

    I MIGHT get Rupert by Sunday. At least the last phase dosent have characters, only costumes I will never use. I’m just going to concentrate on black jesus for tan lines. Sick of the glitches and poor drop rates!


  12. This was a clusterf*ck of an event. Having bonnie the only player who can get beach balls makes ZERO sense as she is ALWAYS having a red cloud above her head since I rarely get enough red bears to clear her! Along with the fact that everything for Rupert is a rare drop, I don’t think i’ll even make it to Phase 5. So very disgruntled, I’ve never had an event where I felt it was necessary to spend to clams to complete it.

    The stacking of quests that give a change to get a care package, which in turn gives a “chance of getting this” killed this event. To many times where I couldn’t get a care package to drop, and then when I did, opening it led to something extremely un-needed instead of those items I did need. Super frustrating and just not fun.

    Liked by 3 people

  13. Well, in the last 48 hours I’ve been swamped with Pick drops… getting 2 of them!! I just need 2 more to get Rupert and continue. So maybe by Sunday I’ll accomplish that. On the “bright side” I have plenty of stuffers and ghost boxes now. :/


    • You are luckier than me! All I keep getting are rainbows or nothing but candy canes. I still need 5 picks to unlock Rupert, and with my drop rates, I doubt I will even get him before this event is over. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m actually pretty close to Black Jesus, just need those Robes (I’ll probably finish his other drops by tomorrow morning).

        But for the Robes I need Bonnie (perpetually under a cloud) or Rupert (8 more Triangles) to get Beach Balls. To get Rupert’s Triangles, I need Care Packages to drop Bears to remove the clouds, with the Triangles being a Rare drop after already waiting for the Rarely dropped Care Packages! *sob sob*

        I don’t think I’ll see Phase 5 either. I was pretty hopeful, since even though I was way behind starting Phase 4, I zoomed right through once I got here…until needing Rupert to progress.

        Alas. *sigh*


  14. Back in the game today, but only got one bear for Bonnie. Have never gotten one for Lois and the cubecraft nativity has never dropped a cloud yet for unlocking Rupert.

    This is the strangest game yet for drops. Somehow I at the Max level 30 though and have my clock tower maxed at week 5, but I’m stuck at week 4, part 7 without Rupert.


    • I’ve had the nativity in place for 3-4 days and gotten exactly one drop of clouds. At this rate, I won’t finish phase 4, much less get to phase 5.


  15. Is anyone getting Rupert? I got the nativity (the only source of fluffy clouds) about 4 days ago and as of yet have had zero drops. I’m hoping something happens so I can get him without having to spend clams, but this non-drop is sure discouraging.


    • Think I’m on day 7 now. Finally got my first drop a couple of days ago but still awaiting my second. It drops clouds in pairs, so still need 3 more.


      • Had a much better 36 hours – just collected the remaining clouds and unlocked Rupert. Now to let him stare for 8 hours to complete ‘Dream Come True Pt. 8’ and advance to phase 5 or just keep him on non-stop beach ball duty for the remainder of the event…?


        • Depends if you want a shot at Onesie Mayor West, or anything else they might drop in, although I’d hope they won’t drop any last minutes surprises. I’m in Phase 5 but I’m not that fussed by Onesie Mayor West, maybe I’ve hit event fatigue, or just tired from the holidays. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


          • Thanks for the reply. I’m not really fussed with Onesie Mayor West but decided to progress into the next phase anyway to keep the game interesting. My remaining goal now is to unlock Black Jesus; the biggest difficulty being those versace robes. Have 72 out of 255 so still a long way to go!


            • Once you get his other items they clam unlock cost plummets. I need 31 robes and he’s down to just 63 clams to unlock. So the 25 clams per robe cost is misleading.


  16. I’m still in the fight two days I think of the last week but I’ll give it hard if there is a final surprise


  17. I had the gift box glitch which kept me from my game for 26 hrs. After no response from anyone I tried this not thinking it could possibly work…I very quickly tapped the snowy gift cylinders (in the half second) before if closed my game and it worked to clear the gift. I was back in my game but had to return to my low graphic settings from uninstalling/reinstalling. It may have been a fluke but anyone with the glitch should try it. I hope it works for you!!! Now on to Negatron!!!


  18. The cloud drop for Rupert was the sticking point for me. As Rupert doesn’t get bad moods, he’s so much better than Bonnie at getting beach balls to attack the baby to get robes for Black Jesus. So I decided to spend the 50 clams to get the last two clouds. Not a bad investment if I’m successful. 😀 Wishing everyone good drops in the last phase!

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  19. It’s obvious TC isn’t listening to our pleas about drop rates. Every time I get junk from Care Package I take a screenshot and send to them via in game contact. Perhaps if enough do this things may change.


  20. Could not figure out why Bruce wasn’t getting hit with the cloud; had Bonnie and Lois almost constantly with the clouds. Then I figured out that because he was put away in the inventory – he didn’t have a task to do for the event – that he could not be clouded. When I put him on the kitten task, get started getting clouded. Boy, do I feel like an idiot.


  21. Ok .. so I’m not the only one! Still waiting on clouds for rupert and black Jesus only knows how many more robes I need!! Lol .. but yeah beach balls, bears, clouds, pellets, robes, bears… week 4 really stalled my game :/

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Doubt I will make it to stage 5. Still need 5 triangles and 4 clouds for Rupert. Liked the flow of this event in the beginning, but right now it sucks! I am glad that my screen doesn’t jump to Bonnie, Bruce, and Lois every 10 seconds. However, not happy with the end of the event and I know I am not the only one!

    Liked by 3 people

  23. I was keeping up with the event til now but I’m not sure I have any shot of making it to phase 5. Six days now and only two fluffy clouds for Rupert have dropped and I’m at week four stage where I need him.

    No shot at Black Jesus either due to Bonnie / Beach Ball issues. I’ll send her off on a job to get a beach ball. During that job she’ll get the red cloud over her head. After about 7 or 8 care packages I’ll finally have three red bears (along with six yellow ones for Bruce who isn’t needed). I get rid of the Cloud and Bonnie will be waiting to be assigned a job even though I’d assigned it to her already. Thus no beach ball. Happens about 4 out of every five times. I tried contacting Tinyco and got a response saying the drop rates were correct which isn’t even remotely what I was asking about. I’ve gotten a beach ball nearly every time Bonnie has actually been able to finish the job, the problem is that she keeps getting unassigned from the job due to the red cloud.

    I’m glad I didn’t spend any clams on this event beyond getting the building that drops clams. I’m up to nearly 800 now for some future event.

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  24. Like many others it seems like i’ve got no chance of reaching Phase 5 before the end of the event. Bear drops from the cloud care packages have been close to none existent for me – I’ve messaged TinyCo for the 5th time to complain about drop rates and got the stock ‘drop rates are correct’ reply. I sent them another message with screenshots where, out of 3 packages, i got 8 ghostly gifts and 1 lot of stocking stuffers. Then sent a further s/shot where all i got was stocking stuffers. Pointless prizes in my opinion at this stage of the event. They replied after my last one saying they can understand the frustration that players are having and that they’ll pass the message onto the developers. Whether that means we’ll get better drop rates in the next 5 days remains to be seen… but I can’t see it happening.

    I really want Rupert but i haven’t had a triangle drop since boxing day. I do, on occasions (like a rare or epic drop rate), get a red bear to clear bonnie, but these are so few and far between that to get the 3 bears required to clear her has taken me nearly 2 days recently.

    Black Jesus is a pipe dream. I’ve got no chance of getting the beach balls (because of bonnie!) so the robes are

    This event started off great, the characters involved and the premise of it all is/was great. i was even up to date by the end of each the week/phase, by the time phase 3 hit i was a few days behind, now it’s hit phase 5 and im still right at the start of phase 4.

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  25. Ahh phase 5,you tease me so,with all your trinkets n baubles, I’m never to know.

    Happy new year everyone!

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  26. So the only ways to get Robo Fuel is to Attack the Negatron with robots you get from the Robo Receptacle. The only way to get robots is from the present plaze, which is dropping the robots about as well as it dropped the bears! Even if you were willing to drop a few clams on the present plaze, there is no way I would drop 65 clams for a shot at more stuffers and care packages! Really? 65 clams for a 4 hour task? That is TinyCo giving even the premium players a huge middle finger!

    This last event of the season is the perfect ending to the worst year I can remember in the last 50!


  27. I did manage to get to week 5, but this is where it will end for me. Don’t have mayor west yet, so won’t be able to complete this week. Not to mention the drop rate of ghostly gifts and stocking stuffers, which are not useful at all. Curious to see if i will even be able to get a robot out of the pakages if i even get one.


  28. Just saw on shop that Black Jesus drops x2 clam is it achievable by doing tasks or once in every 24 hour


  29. I don’t think I’ll ever get to phase 5, which wouldn’t be the worst thing ever but I really want rupert. I only have 8/15 of the triangles to get him, and can’t move on without him. those puffy presents rarely drop, and when they do, the bears are shy, and if you’re lucky enough to get a bear, the triangles are rare too… Yikes!
    Don’t even get me started on the beach balls. I feel like I’m running in mud here. That last challenge was a joke, I only got one bear during the whole thing.
    On the bright side, maybe they’ll fix the bug before I get there. Silver lining, right?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Same here. I have 10/15 triangles for Rupert and can’t justify spending class on him as it will be too late to help with the event. Should get him eventually even though the care packages don’t drop often (maybe 6 a day), they often don’t contain bears, and then clearing holiday blues rarely gives a triangle. Black Jesus is a long way off and it’s the robes from the baby that are the main problem. Never cleared more than the first two levels of the baby attack as Bonnie is constantly trapped and rarely drops beach balls.

      Liked by 1 person

  30. Well looks like I will be just hitting this week by the end of the event. Just going for Black Jesus and Rupert at this point. Still need quite a bit for them to unlock.

    I couldn’t get a green bear out of 20+ packages so I missed the week 4 prize after easily getting the first 3. Grrrrrrr……


  31. clam building no longer dropping clams


  32. Thanks Bunny about the glitch info. I emailed you my screenshot and hope its fixed soon. I really really want Negatron!!! Keep up the excellent work!


  33. Just got to phase 4!9


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