The Best of 2016 Mini Event – The Beasts of 2016 Mystery Box

Hey there party animals!!!

If you’ve ever wondered about fantastic beasts or maybe thought about where to find them, well here’s your answer, they’re in the The Beasts of 2016 Mystery Box.

The Beasts of 2016 Mystery Box  costs 150 Clam Icon clams per try and the prizes should you wish to try your luck are:

THE BEASTS OF 2016 mystery box

PAC-MAN  (full character) 
HEAVY FLO (full character)
CLEVEMIRE (character costume)
BILLY FINN (full character)
DAGGERMOUTH (full character)
BILLIONAIRE PETER (character costume)
WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST (full character)
BIG BAD BRIAN (full character)
CHRIS THE GIANT (full character)

We can’t give you any odds on these, they really are a game of chance as to who you will get, so the decision is yours whether to spend your clams on these fellow addicts.

Did you chance your luck? Were you lucky? Did you get what you wanted? Share your luck, good or bad, in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger


32 responses to “The Best of 2016 Mini Event – The Beasts of 2016 Mystery Box

  1. Assuming this was some kind of glitch but I was scrolling around my screen and saw a lock blinking at me amongst my buildings, click, and I have Penelope! Pleasant surprise. Anyone else have any surprise characters unlock?


  2. I really wish TinyCo had separate mystery boxes for premium characters and outfits, instead of lumping them in with previously-unlockable content. The Adorables box just appeared, containing at least two previously clam-only characters and outfits
    I had no intention of getting in the first place.


  3. This box allowed me to get Heavy Flo and now I finally have all 251 characters and 164 skins 😀


  4. For me, the first ‘best of’ box was almost entirely costumes, which I never pay clams for. The second box was entirely new characters. When I get literally one more clam, I’ll be able to get Pac Man too and close out that box.

    BUT i just realized that if TinyCo starts a new event later this week and loads the screen with tasks, I might actually have too many open quests, given that I currently have 5 or 6 character questlines still open. (Can’t use the dart-earning characters until I have all the tokens needed. I think I can get whatsiname too, but it will really depend on luck/dropped tokens.)

    Does anyone know what the max number of open questlines is before it fails to allow new ones to trigger?


    • It varies in our games but at times when Bunny has tested it she’s been unable get new Tasks with 11 already open, but another time she had 15 before no more dropped. I’ve a few building up also, hopefully get some cleared before the next even gets too busy


  5. Emptying the last mystery box wiped out my remaining clams, so giving this one a miss. Only missing out on PAC-MAN, Heavy Flo, Billy Finn and Wicked Witch, so not a big deal.


  6. if i place argo ship i will get billy fin for free


  7. I don’t care for any of these characters at that price.


  8. isn’t clevemire (thats quagland!) a skin for cleveland? how is “he” a full character? cuz i have cleveland and i got that skin during the event it was introduced from.


  9. I must be getting old… a couple of these I couldn’t even remember whether or not I already have them!

    Just pac-man, heavy flo and big bad brian available in my box… would definitely go for them if only I had enough clams.


  10. I was able to skip this box by default since I earned or got all these during their times. 😀

    The other box though… Can someone clue me in as to where Fat Brian came from originally? I can’t seem to find him on the site search… My GF and I both missed him somehow. Astronaut Peter was a super plus after his (rigged?) Box originally. 🙂


  11. Read in another post & like others, had not unlocked Billy Finn during the original event but had the Argo Ship. It was in my inventory, so I placed it & nothing happened. No unlocked lock. So I closed out the game & restarted it… there he was. Thanks to Russian Tigger & Bunny for all you do for this site!


  12. Need Bertram, Blackbeard Stewie, and Borg Human Rupert, plus Christmas Quagmire’s House. None of which was offered. I did need Hercules and managed to snag him though.


  13. Troy Lawrence Thornhill

    I didn’t open the mystery box yet, but when i looked through my town, i saw a character with an unlocked golden lock above its head today..and it was Billy Finn…weird! So I got Billy Finn free somehow.
    I was curious if this has happened to anybody else?!?

    I ended up getting the only 2 characters left in my game, Heavy Flo and Big Bad Brian… for a grand total of 168 characters (with no cash spent)! still crossing my fingers for Kaplan


  14. Clevemire is an outfit for Cleveland, not a full character.


  15. The Beasts of mystery box Daggermouth 150 clams yes, just for the chance at him no! The Best Of mystery box Cheerleader Bonnie 150 clams yes for sure I would but just for the chance at her nooooo! Just put them up for sale and let people buy what they want. No mystery there.


  16. Do we know if this second mystery box will be last that celebrates/remembers 2016?


  17. Meh I would have preferred a chance to get all the characters from this year and Bertram! Still don’t have him


    • Yes, Bertram. That is who I mentioned when this event began. 👍

      I already had all of these characters and costumes, so nothing in this for me. When I opened my game, I saw mention of another box. So I went to the store and tried to find it. I went through everything trying to find it. When I couldn’t – that’s when I realised “I probably already have them all then”. Now looking at the list, I do have them all. If you already have everything from a box, they should make it so that the message does not appear in your game and then confuse you. 🤔


  18. 150 Clams for a character is cheaper than their typical costs, but it’s still $6 for those that have no use other than stashing in Tan Lines. They should try 50 Clams per and see if they don’t come out better.

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