Quahog Heat 101: Bowling Alley Rooms

Hey there Addicts, fancy a bit of snooping?

It’s time to play a game of cops and robbers on a host of investigations to see who you can catch. Hopefully there won’t be any nasty surprises and just lots of Punks and Tiny Tom to boot.

In this post, I will be going over the Basics of the Bowling Alley area, the Rooms, and the various Rewards.

For more information on the Main Event, go to the Event Page HERE


In order to gain access to all the Bowling Alley Rooms in the Event Area you need to be in Phase 4 and at Pt. 1 of the main Questline Mission Possible.


There will be 3 Rooms available to you.  You’ll find more info on each room later in the post.

The rooms are: 1: The Rental Counter; 2: The Bowling Lanes and 3: The Snack Bar.


In order to send your characters on Investigations to the various Rooms, you will need to earn Police Tape.  Here is where you can get it.

 Police Tape (Rare): Get from Mort Repurpose Crime Tape OR Chris Investigate Scary Woods OR Jerome Enjoy The Lost and Found OR Erik Estrada Snack On Chips OR Brian Bury Evidence OR Discount Detective Agency OR Purchase from Store


image  Lifeguard Lois image 

There are 6 characters, 5 are freemium and 1 is premium.

They are: Miami Cop Peter, Lifeguard Lois, Aerobics Bonnie, Pamela Anderson, Workout Bruce & Miami Cop Cleveland (premium).  Different characters can go on Investigations to different rooms, more on that later.


Each Room has a different Cost and can use different Characters that will be used to go on the Investigation and gain Rewards. However they all take the same time to complete, 1 hour and 30 minutes. You send the character/s off, and then wait the 1 hour and 30 minutes to see what they find.  While they are gone, the Characters cannot be used for anything else as they are essentially on a “Task” and vice versa. Each Room has a Guarantee to give you at least 3 Donuts for the Investigation. You will find full details on how investigations work in the Phase 1 Investigation post HERE. Bowling Alley investigations follow the same process just with different characters, costs and rewards and I’ll talk about those below.

So let’s get to the important stuff and let’s take a look at the individual Rooms.


The Rental Counter
Cost of Investigation – 3 Police Tape
Who you can send on Investigation – Confused Dazed Brian and/or Miami Cop Cleveland
Time of Investigation – 1 hour and 30 minutes

Chance Payout:
3 Donuts (Always)
3 Punks (Chance)
Tiny Tom (Chance)


The Bowling Lanes
Cost of Investigation – 4 Police Tape
Who you can send on Investigation – Pamela Anderson and/or Miami Cop Peter
Time of Investigation – 1 hour and 30 minutes

Chance Payout:
3 Donuts (Always)
5 Robbers (Chance)
Tiny Tom (Chance)
4 Card Shark (Chance)


The Snack Bar
Cost of Investigation – 4 Police Tape
Who you can send on Investigation – Workout Bruce or/and Lifeguard Lois
Time of Investigation – 1 hour and 30 minutes

Chance Payout:
3 Donuts (Always)
3 Party Guys (Chance)
3 Punks (Chance)

There you have the Basics of the Bowling Alley Room Investigations and all they can offer you in Phase 4 of the Event.

What do you think of the Bowling Alley? Have you tried your luck at it yet? What results did you get from what combos?

~ Russian Tigger

3 responses to “Quahog Heat 101: Bowling Alley Rooms

  1. will have WorkOut Bruce after the last 3 weights drop! & once again i MAY jus be cutting it close again with unlocking Pamela Anderson before Monday’s deadline.✌🏼❤️


  2. There’s a chance of 4 sharks too in the bowling lanes


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