Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers Phase 4 is LIVE! UPDATED


The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are now going into their third Phase of play in our silly lil games. What madness will this final Phase will bring? Let’s take a look at the new content for Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers!


For the overall information for the Entire Event, GO HERE.

Keep in mind we put up the LIVE posts as soon as we can after it hits our games, however we do still have to play through the game ourselves to pull info and verify accuracy of content before supplying it to you. Be patient and keep checking the post and refreshing it as we will update it as we play along. Also I’m starting this live post, not Bunny as she’s unable to do so, and I don’t have access to Bunny’s test game to get verified info as quick as she does. Lotty & I are pulling what we can from our games as quick as we can, but please remember we’re just ordinary players like yourselves.

I know there will be lots of questions about the new Zeo Crystals (rainbow coloured crystals) and the MegaZord they will be used to create, but it’s going take time to pull these details, so please be patient. And don’t worry if you’re not seeing the MegaZord in your PowerCon Command Centre, as it won’t appear until you’re at Pt 4 of the main Questline. 

First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to have completed Ranger Danger Pt. 8
  • Players will need to be on the App Market Version 1.43.2 or higher in order to see the event.
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s complete.
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more.


Info per the iOS App Page for Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff

What’s New in Version 1.43.2

Get ready to do some “mighty morphin” with the Griffin Family when the Power Rangers come to Quahog!

– Defend Quahog against kaiju attacks!
– Help the Power Rangers fend off Rita Repulsa!
– Use new character-combining features to build Zords!

All work and no cosplay make for a dull Quahog. Pick up your Power Con passes and play the “Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers” event now!

*This event is not available in these countries: Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam; Israel, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and Afghanistan.


Leaderboards went live in Phase 2, you’ll find a post on them HERE.

Power Medals (These are what you will collect around the game to move up the Leaderboards):  Zord Tasks OR Battle Kaiju

The Ranking Prizes are:

Prize #1: Mystery Grand Prize
Ranks 1-500

Prize #2: Zords United
Ranks 501-1000

Prize #3: Zordan
Ranks 1001-5000

We still cannot confirm if prizes #2 & #3 are decorations, we’ll tell you any info as we get it.


After starting New Main Questline, a Side Questline with a Clam Offer appeared.

Crystal Clear
Peter Started

Buy $9.99USD worth of Clams and get 8 Zeo Subcrystals free! 


White TigerZord Statue: 200 Clam IconClams, $55 & 35xp every 10hrs, Always Drops Blue PowerCon Hat


Mastodon DinoZord Den: 28 PowerCon Coins

White Battle Bike: 100 PowerCon Coins

White Ranger Cutout: 32 PowerCon Coins

PowerCon Photo Op Wall: 44 PowerCon Coins


White Zeo Subcrystals (6): 48 Clam Icon Clams

White Zeo Subcrystals (15): 102 Clam Icon Clams

Zeo Subcrystals (3): 150 Clam Icon Clams

Zeo Subcrystals (6): 255 Clam Icon Clams


White Ranger: 270 Clam IconClams. Can clear Black Ranger Cosplayers & Combine with the White Tiger Zord

Green Ranger Chris (Costume):
32 Dragon Power Coins (Uncommon): Clear Putty Cosplayers OR Green Ranger Museum
21 Sword Of Darkness  (Uncommon)Defeat Green DragonZord
30 Dragon Sword (Common): Titanus Bounce House OR CLear Black Cosplayer
10 Dragon Dagger (Always): White TigerZord Cockpit

Black Ranger Cleveland: Main Prize in the Power Ranger Mystery Box, this costs 150 Clam IconClams per try (more details on this mystery box and it’s prizes later in post) Can  combine with White Tiger Zore.


This will be the Main Currency you will be collecting throughout the Event. You will find the Counter for it in the Top Middle of your Game Screen.

PowerCon Pins: Red Rangers OR Putty Patrol OR Questlines OR Zord Tasks OR Fight Kaiju OR Carl Wear A PowerCon Wristband OR Neil Goldman Sell Knockoff Wristbands OR Lyle Worship Alpha 5 OR Diabeto Roll to PowerCon OR Cleveland Jr Fear Cosplay Monsters OR Steve Smith Visit PowerCon


These are the New “Bad Guy” for this Phase of the Event. They appeared in Pt 1 of the Main Questline, Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers. I started with 2 on my play area, but soon had 4 in total.

Black Ranger Cosplayer: You will need to use Characters to clear them from the play area. Just tap on them to see who and chance payouts

Characters Used:
Blue Ranger Joe
White Ranger

Time for Task: 2hrs

Chance Drops:
+1 White Zeo SubCrystals
+1 Dragon Shield

Spawn Amount: Spawn every 4 hours up to 4 MAX.


Here is where you will use Materials acquired to Craft Buildings & Decorations that will help get you Items you will need during this Phase of the Event. Just scroll through the list of available items and tap on the one you want to see what it’s cost will be (it will be highlighted in Yellow).

Green Ranger Museum : $40 & 25xp every 6hrs, Chance Drop x2 Dragon Power Coins
32  PowerCon Pins
10 Thunderbolt Keychains
1 PowerCon Hat

34 Green Souvenir Cups

Dragging Dagger Display: 
164 PowerCon Pins
1 PowerCon Hat
10 Thunderbolt Keychains

Black Ranger’s Hip Hop Kido Dujo: $20 & 15xp every 2hrs
144 PowerCon Pins
1 PowerCon Hat
32 Thunderbolt Keychains

Titanus Bounce House:$30 & 20xp every 4hrs, Chance Drop x2 Drayon Shield
68 PowerCon Pins
3 PowerCon Hat
4 Red PowerCon T-Shirts
16 Thunderbolt Keychains

White TigerZord Cockpit: $20 & 15xp every 2hrs, Chance Drops x2 Drayon Dagger
228 PowerCon Pins
2 PowerCon Hat
36 Thunderbolt Keychains
3 Blue Shark Plushy

White Ranger Armory: $30 & 20xp every 4hrs,
98 PowerCon Pins
1 PowerCon Hat
42 Thunderbolt Keychains

MegaZord Cockpit: $3p40 & 25xp every 6hrs, 
422 PowerCon Pins
7 PowerCon Hat
4 Red PowerCon T-Shirts
12 Thunderbolt Keychains

Command Centre Stage: $45 & 30xp every 8hrs, 
386 PowerCon Pins
9 PowerCon Hat
24  Thunderbolt Keychains

3 Green Souvenir Cups

PowerCon Hat (Rare): Defeat Green DragonZord OR White Tigerzord Statue

Red PowerCon T-Shirt (Rare): Defeat Flame Kaiju OR Pterodactyl Dinozord Statue

Thunderbolt Keychain (Rare): Power Rangers Command Center (Kaiju Battles) OR Clear Putty Patrol OR Clear Red Ranger Cosplayers

Green Souvenir Cup (Common): Kaiju Battles OR Tyrannosaurus Dinozod Statue

Blue Shark Plushy (Rare): Defeat Water Kaiju OR Triceratops DinoZord Statue


***Please note this is still in progress, updating info as quick as I can***

Just like Phases 1, 2 & 3, here is where you will use your Zeo Crystals to make your Quahog Characters turn into Zords so you can Attack Kaiju, Green DragonZord and MegaZord to gain Materials needed for the Event. For Phase 4, the White TigerZord  and MegaZord will be added as well as other Characters to use to combine with them. So 2 new Zords, hence the 2 types of new crystals.

White Tiger Zord  (also known as the White Zord): Comes with 3 Energy – Appears at Pt. 3 of the Main Questline

White Zeo SubCrystals Used to Combine: 3 White Zeo SubCrystals

Characters Used to Combine/Increase Energy
White Ranger~ +5 Energy

Basic Tasks 

Task: Leap Across The City
Time: 45 Secs
Cost:  Energy
Payout: 1 PowerCon Pin & 2 PowerCon Medals

Also has 2 Attack Tasks for attacking the Green DragonZord – more on this later.

MegaZord: Comes with 3 Energy – Appears at Pt. 4 of the Main Questline

Zeo SubCrystals Used to Combine: 3 Zeo SubCrystals

Characters Used to Combine/Increase Energy
Red Ranger Peter ~ +2 Energy
Pink Ranger Lois ~ +2 Energy
Blue Ranger Joe ~ +2 Energy
Green Ranger Chris ~ +2 Energy
Black Ranger Cleveland ~ +2 Energy

Basic Tasks

Task: ???
Time: ??
Cost: ??
Payout: ??


***Still in Progress****

You started to see Kaiju during Phase 1 in The Family that Cosplays Together Pt. 6. The first one you saw was the Earth Kaiju. For Phase 2 it was the Flame Kaiju and during Phase 3 the Water Kaiju, now in Phase 4 we will be introducing the Green Dragon Zord.

Green Dragon Zord: Will appear in the Lower Right Event Area
Initial Heart Meter: 2
Timer: 1 hour
Chance Payout: PowerCon Medals, PowerCon Hat, Sword of Darkness & PowerCon Pins
Cool Down: 1 hour

Characters Used: White TigerZord OR MegaZord

White TigerZord Tasks

Attack Dragon Zord – 2 Damage
Time: 45 Secs
Cost: 2 Energy
Chance Payout: 1 PowerCon Pins & 3 PowerCon Medals

Attack Dragon Zord – 4 Damage
Time: 45 Secs
Cost:  4 Energy
Chance Payout: 3 PowerCon Pins & 7 PowerCon Medals

MegaZord Tasks

Attack Dragon Zord – 8 Damage
Time: ??
Cost: ?? Energy
Chance Payout: ??

Attack Dragon Zord – 10 Damage
Time: ??
Cost: ?? Energy
Chance Payout: ??



2 Heart Level
Chance Payout: 8 PowerCon Medals, 1 PowerCon Hat, 1 Sword of Darkness & 1 PowerCon Pins

8 Heart Level
Chance Payout: 22 PowerCon Medals, ?? PowerCon Hat, 6 Sword of Darkness & 10 PowerCon Pins

10 Heart Level
Chance Payout: 60 PowerCon Medals, 6 PowerCon Hat, ?? Sword of Darkness & 25 PowerCon Pins

20 Heart Level
Chance Payout: 120 PowerCon Medals, ?? PowerCon Hat, 6 Sword of Darkness & 45 PowerCon Pins

30 Heart Level
Chance Payout: 180 PowerCon Medals, 10 PowerCon Hat, ?? Sword of Darkness & 65 PowerCon Pins

***We are trying to get the amount of drops for each item at each heart level defeat, but please remember apart from PowerCon Pins PowerCon Medals, the items are only a chance drop, not always so we can only y give you the drops that what we are seeing in our own games ***


The second Mystery Box of the Event is launching into our games. Keep in mind these are CHOICE ONLY. In other words, it is YOUR choice if you want to gamble your precious Clams for each chance spin of the Mystery Box wheel. Prizes will vary by player.

Here is what you can potentially get from the Mystery Box for the cost of 150 Clam IconClams a try.

Black Ranger Cleveland

PowerCon Merch Booth – Always drops Sword of Darkness

150 Clams

175 Clams

20 White Zeo SubCrystals  

20 Red Zeo SubCrystals

20 Blue Zeo SubCrystals

14 Pink Zeo SubCrystals

Now this is the order in which Bunny won items as she took her chances in the Mystery Box. Again, these are BUNNY’s results… you personal results can and will vary. Please note as she already had Blobulous Chris, Multiplier Quagmire, and the Robo Brian decoration  so they were not in her mystery box as prizes.

20 Blue Subcrystals
175 Clams
Power Con Merch Booth
20 Blue Subcrystals
20 Red Subcrystals
150 Clam
20 White Subcrystals
20 Red Subcrystals
14 Pink Subcrystals
Black Ranger Cleveland

There you have the overall Basics running through the last Phase of the Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers Event. As I said I am still updating so keep checking back.

What do you think of it so far? Any item(s) you are looking forward to? Any suggestions for fellow Players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger


49 responses to “Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers Phase 4 is LIVE! UPDATED

  1. Why is there no week 4 prize?


    • They do t usually drop until later than this on a Monday. Just keep checking your game and here, we’ll post when it launches.


  2. Hey all… first time I post here.
    Did I miss something or is it impossible to get the new costume for Joe and/or the Blue Ranger without spanding clams?
    Still stuck in week 3 because of this. Thanks for replying and… happy easter.


  3. Just got blue ranger Joe however the timed blue Power Ranger is looking doubtful as it’s so difficult to collect enough crystals to fight the water kaiju. Still need 3 of the drops from defeating it with only 2 days to go.


  4. Wait, and I apologize if this is not the place, but is it possible TinyCo is listening to us as the Peter Rabbit costume is being offered for 90 clams for the next event? Must be a mini-event, they can’t be that generous…


    • The Easter Bunny Peter costume has actually been in the game before, it was released last Easter for 120 Clams. So it’s more an Easter treat than a peak at the next event. But 90 Clams is a nice price for costumes, I’d like seem more priced like this.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I must have passed on it last year as I didn’t have it in my closet, LOL!

        Any speculation on the next event? I’m hoping we get a break – Chris has been clearing cosplayers the entire time and has about 40 hours of task to complete other side quests…

        And as usually, great job throughout this event – hopefully Bunny’s doing better, too!


        • I’d like a break, like you got a lot Quests to clear, Chris is going to be a busy boy. No idea on next event, we’ve had 2 big evens one after the other so I’m thinking its time for something a bit shorter.


      • Seeing the talk about the Easter Bunny Peter costume maybe hinting at the next event or mini-event i was just wondering if we’ve had an American Gigolo event on Quest for Stuff?

        When I went into the Help & Support function in the game, American Gigolo Peter flashed up for about 2 seconds before being replaced with the usual Mighty Power Griffin Rangers FAQ tab.
        Just a glitch? Or something more?


  5. I think green ranger chris is impossible to get if you are a freemium ( obviously not impossible if you don’t sleep) But those swords are really just a ******** from tinyco. I have the white ranger and I still get like 3 a day so I don’t think I will get him. 😦


    • I thinking getting the ?Zeo Crystals to bring the MegaZord into play will help, as you can get more than 1 sword when they drop at the higher heart levels, 6 at the.8 heart level for example. So work on getting him into play for DragonZord attacks as this will help.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. The drop rates for the zeo crystals are unforgivably terrible. I saved up my crystals, and since this phase began I have beaten the earth kaiju all phases from beginning to end 3 times, the flame kaiju 2 or 3 phases twice, same for the water kaiju, and I have gotten…1 zeo crystal. And I got it before the quest to get 3 came from, so it doesn’t even count towards that.

    WTF, tinyco?


  7. I have defeated the Flame Kaiju down to zero twice and not received a single crystal. What gives?


    • I’ve completed the Earth 3 times at all heart levels and got 0, 1 from the two rounds of defeats on Flame Kaiju and 1 from defeating Water Kaiju through the heart levels. Tough drop.


  8. It was nice to finish Phase 3 a day early… I thought it would be hard, but I think it’s been the easiest week. That is, besides the Blue Ranger who I had to shell out 43 clams for to get the last Triceratops.


  9. This has been a poor event for freemium players. Just 2 new characters to get, both timed and one with extra rare drops. Not surprisingly I didn’t get the red ranger despite collecting as often as possible. It’s a joke.
    TinyCo need to realise people don’t play games like this for the pure fun factor. They tap into a collector need. Once you think there is nothing to collect the value drops massively.


  10. I have used all my crystals to attack the green dragon zord, so I’ve attacked maybe 3-4 times using the White Ranger, and not one cap has dropped. Why Tinyco? Why you have to be so cruel?


  11. Always a crappy catch. I seem to notice during the last few events, that the last week is pretty pointless to finish. It’s usually a costume with no new freemium character. No point in finishing really.


    • I think player feedback for less content in final phases as has been acted on by TinyCo with regards to what we now see at the end, I think they could offset it by giving a 50 clam reward for those who complete the 4 Phases main Questlines. That way those at the final Phase have a little spring in their step towards the end.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Right! I like the game, obviously. It’s just that the rush to finish the last week comes with no gratification. I’m like why did I just stay awake for 48 to finish that? Lol ok insomnia is to blame also. But I used to want to finish, now I’m like Uhm, let’s see.
        On the other hand, maybe it’s so others can catch up and not miss out on freemium content. If we are way behind already with no chance to finish the last week, I’d think more people would complain. So I see both sides. I realize they have their reasons.


        • Yes I think it gives those who progress slower a chance to try get things but I definitely agree a little finish line incentive for us hardcore insomniacs would be great.


    • also they gave us a character to try for 1st week, but having 2nd week have no character maybe helped not having to trigger that 1st week character for a few days and basically having 2 weeks to work on it. same with weeks 3 and 4 with the blue power ranger. ended up needing one triceratops toy with time running out on blue. paid 42 freemium clams. maybe if i’d have known no character for week 4, I should(or could) have waited to trigger him later in week 3. I triggered him after 2 days figuring that I didn’t want to be working on him too far into week 4 if another character to work on.


    • My two main issues have been, 1) price of characters/costumes – TinyCo is leaving clams/money on the table at current prices. Cut the prices in half, and sale will go up 3 – 4X IMHO, i.e., more than they are now,,,and 2), no incentive to ever finish an event quest…I have a couple of times when I could, but lately I’ve just gotten what I’ve wanted, and just be done with it…a clam or character incentive would go a long way…again, JMHO…

      Liked by 1 person

  12. needing only 1 blue spray paint& 3 powerLance toys then i’ll have Blue Ranger Joe!; 3Days 16hours left to unlock the Blue Ranger in which all i need are 4 more science exams, 4 more juiceBar smoothies,& 4 more stuffed Triceratops toys so…it’s looking like i’ll be cutting it super short ONCE AGAIN! when will this end OMG the pain& torture i cannot deal anymore am i like cursed or something?!…cause i am NOT the one who disturbed and dug up the cursed tribal skull graves in the backyard jus so i could pee in it unlike somebody…*COUGH COUGH* um yes Peter i’m lookin at YOU haha so i don’t know what the hell is goin on😂🤣


    • 😀😀😀


      • oops wait update!: Lmao.i just got the last blue spray paint so only needing 3 more powerLancer toys then i’ll have Blue Ranger Joe YAAAY!!!…also because of how little time we have left here in this event,i’m really only wanting the “Yellow Ranger GreenHouse” out of everything else now so working on that mainly. if i manage to get anything else other than that unlocked as well, they will jus be a lil extra bonus to me Lol.✌🏼❤️


  13. personally I think tinyco has to fix something. Zeo crystals are supposed to be uncommon. I was saving my subcrystals and was waiting for attack to see what they wanted from this phase. so I started attacking flame and earth Kaiju from their start. I managed to defeat both from zero to maximum and both are now asleep. zeo crystals obtained? TWO. I cant even attack with the megazoid! I believe I got both crystal when both Kaiju’s were at lowest heartrate. To me this seems less than uncommon. could it be you can only defeat them once, get a crystal, then wait till they sleep/wakeup and attack again? ridiculous. contacted tinyco


  14. The middle level for dragonzord is 10 hearts. And good news on hat drops – once I received all of Chris’ sword of darkness from battles – then the hats dropped. I ended up getting 1 from the first (2 heart battle), 2 from the next and I think 7 hats from the 10 heart battle. So I was quickly able to purchase all 3 buildings that dropped items needed for Chris. Realistically should have green ranger Chris by tomorrow. Part 5 of phase 4 is to build the megazord – so I’d hold off wasting any Zeo crystals until then. Plus if you only have 3 rangers available – max damage you can do is 8. So it’s not even worth using megazord to battle until you’re at the 10 heart level, otherwise you’ll be wasting energy.


  15. I received one hat and one sword at the 2 heart level.


  16. A wee bit frustrated that with one day left on the timer I have been only able to collect two stuffed toys despite collecting at least five blue crystals a day and burning through those every possible way. But then I saw where the Blue Ranger isn’t even useful in the final week (other than water kaiku which I don’t need since I have 30 fish banked from all my attempts). This is an area where TinyCo has to get better; luck should be a factor in how fast an item is achieved and not whether you get the item or not. This is what drives people away from the game and I refuse to spend clams on something that I should have received just through normal gameplay.


    • Ah, my fave response from TinyCo… “Thank you for being a patient player.” Last few for me dropped in the last day with last one being an hour before timer died. Keep at it!

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Oh and tiger zord is even up on cost and damage – 2 energy does 2 damage and 4 energy does 4 damage.

    Nice thing is it doesn’t take long to get white crystals and dragonzord turnaround time is really quick.

    Oh and part 4 requires us to get the green museum which needs 1 hat. But only way to get daggers for green Chris is to get white tiger zord cockpit which needs 2 hats (plus that other stuff). Since hats drop is pretty rare – I’m going to get the tiger zord cockpit first – before moving along with phase 4. Plus putty’s drop coins for Chris – usually about 2-4 for every new spawn.


  18. Well I sprung for the Cleveland black ranger mystery – and it was a mystery:
    Got white crystals, then building to drop swords (not really necessary since you’ll get these all from dragonzord battle), then 150 clams, then 175 clams, then pink crystals…and I decided to try 1 last time – got white crystals – so I’m done trying.

    White crystals helped a ton early on – defeated dragonzord up to level 30. The last 2 levels were 20 and then 30 hearts (I forget what the middle one was – maybe there were only 4 levels). Anyway – bad news – didn’t get a single hat for completely defeating dragonzord – at any level. So seems like these will be similar to stuffed triceratops drops – still need 1 more of those.

    Also defeated both earth and flame kajui about 15 times total – and only had 1 rainbow/zeo crystal drop – after last flame battle – again odds aren’t great.

    Oh and yellow Bonnie was not available to combine to megazord – which is really poor since she was a premium purchase.

    I did buy the white ranger – so can amass a lot of white crystals each day – but you’d need 12 crystals and white ranger in order to beat at 30 heart level (can do max of 8 damage per 3 white crystals). Haven’t used the megazord yet to see those attack odds. I have 9 crystals (got the special clam buy since zeo crystal drop rate so poor). But it’ll probably be best to use that in combo with tiger zord.


  19. Definitely disappointed to see that the White Ranger is an overpriced premium character, I was hoping to finish off the Power Rangers set for some free clams. Oh well, still enjoying this event more than any I have played previously! Thank you for the information drop!


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