Rocky Times in Quahog Phase 2 Is Live!


Ready for Round 2? Got your girl, a kid, and a robot maid??!! Phase 2 of Fight Club has hit our silly lil games and with it more Fighters… for the Club. Lol

Let’s begin the new Training Session with Rocky Times in Quahog Phase 2!


First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to finish Phase 1 Main Questline, Boxing Ring of Dreams
  • Players will need to be on the App Market Version 1.47 or higher in order to see the event. (Live so far on iOS & Google, the others take about 24hrs+ to update)
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s complete.
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more.

Keep checking back as we update the post while checking and verifying all the content as it hits live in the game.



After starting the New Phase, a Clam Offer did appear in my game.

Big and Strong
Peter Starts

Buy $9.99USD or More Worth of Clam, get 5 Milk for Free! 



Ivan Drago Banner: 195 Clams, Always drops x5 Headgear every 20hrs



Crate of 2 Milks: 70  Clams
Crate of 4 Milks:
119 Clams
Crate of 10 Milks
: 263  Clams



Clubber Lang: 270 Clams, Helps drop Vodka, Fully Tasked, Comes with Questline, Voiced (sounds like Rocky Clips)


Blunderlips Chris

96 Barbells (Always): Mighty Mick’s Training Gym OR Total Knockout Mystery Box
7 Championship Belts (Rare): Quahog City Music Hall
75 Folding Chair (Common): Herber Host Musical Chairs OR Chris Take a Chair Shot OR Float like a Butterfly Malt Shop
32 American Flag (Uncommon): Lois Make Chris’ Costume OR Joe Sing the National Anthem OR Bruce Hoist the Flag OR Sting Like a Bee Honey Shop


Ivan Drago (Character): 800 Russian Vitamins


Boxer Stewie (See Mystery Box/Costume): Fully Tasked, Comes with Questline, Helps fight Lightweight & Middleweight Boxers



This is COMPLETELY separate from the Character you can earn to unlock in the Shopping Cart. This is a “Boss Guy” that you will Fight similar to Previous Events.

He will be triggered after you start Pt 2 of the New Phase 2 Questline. At that point, Peter will prompt a side Questline for From Russia with Gloves. Similar to Boss Guys, you will battle him to the highest level possible before he goes into a cool down and resets. The higher you can battle him, the better the rewards.

Here is what I saw in my game…

Ivan Drago: Requires Vodka to defeat

Vodka: Clam Purchase from Shopping (verifying) Cart OR Blunderlips Chris Sneak Alcohol OR Tough Egg Smoothie Bar (verifying) OR Clubber Lang Get Punch Drunk (4hrs)

Timer: 24hrs. You can defeat him up to his highest level possible or until the timer runs out, whichever you hit first.

Fight Time: It took me like 2 seconds, a couple bottles hit him, and it paid out. Not sure if this is a glitch, but that’s how it happened in my game.


1X Level
Requires: 1 Vodka
Payout: 5 Russian Vitamins

2X Level
Requires: 3 Vodka
Payout: 18 Russian Vitamins

3X Level
Requires: 5 Vodka
Payout: 30 Russian Vitamins

4X Level
Requires: 8 Vodka
Payout: 56 Russian Vitamins

5X Level
Requires: 16 Vodka
Payout: 128 Russian Vitamins


Cool Down Timer: 9hrs (He recovers back at 1X Level)



These are the next “Bad Guy” to appear in the game. They will show up right at start of Phase 2. (I had 3 wandering my game to start)

Middleweight Boxer: Requires Characters to clear them from Play Area

Characters Used:
Boxer Peter
Boxer Stewie

Time: 6hrs

Chance Payout:

Spawn: They show up a few times a day for a MAX of 4 Total allowed on your Play Space



This will be your new area to “Fight”. You will be prompted to place it in the New Phase 2 Questline, Get Your Bell Rung Pt 1

Once place, you can tap on it to see what Boxing options you have inside.

Fight Requirements: 2 Milk per Match

Milk (Common): Clear Middleweight Boxer OR Total Knockout Mystery Box OR Clam Purchase from Shopping Cart

Characters Used: (only one at a time)
Boxer Peter
Rocky Balboa

Time: 20 seconds

Chance Payouts: Payout Chance will vary by the Character(s) used
+1 Championship Belt
+1 Gym Pass

+10 HeadGear (Always)



After starting the New Phase 2, you will trigger a Side Questline called, Feeling Punchy.

This will direct you to the Training Gym again to learn about Accuracy Training. (Strength Training was the first)

Essentially, the Accuracy Training will have each Target on the Punching Bag numbered. You will have to hit them in the EXACT NUMBERED ORDER to get your payouts.

So… watch where you tap (I know my Fat Fingers are gonna be tricky) and count like you are in Elementary while tapping the numbers. Lol.


Accuracy Training: Requires 4 Gym Passes per try

Timer: 25 Seconds

Payout: Varies by how many you clear. (I got 2 Barbell per Punching Bag I cleared, but still verifying)


This one is a little trickier. If you hit the wrong number, you will get a RED X instead of a GREEN CHECKMARK. However, you still will have to tap ALL Targets to clear out that bag and get a new one. So, gotta keep going even if you mess up.



In Phase 2, you can now be able to earn 1 Gym Pass along with 40 Gloves when you use Peter to Box in the Ring.



Once placed in your game, you can then tap on the Building to see the current items available to unlock for your game and their Material Costs.

For this Event, it looks like you have to open them one at a time and in order. Here is the list of items for Phase 2.

Quahog City Music Hall: (More info above)
1 Glove

Float Like a Butterfly Malt Shop: $40 & 25xp every 4hrs, Chance Drop x3 Folding Chairs
13 Gloves
16 Headgear

Sting Like a Bee Honey Shop: $45 & 30 every 8hrs, Chance Drop x3 American Flags
45 Gloves
37 Headgear

Foreman’s Bar & Grill: $45 & 30xp every 12hrs
40 Gloves
16 Headgear

Black Ribeye Steakhouse: $60 & 40xp every 10hrs, Chance Drop Vodka (Verifying~ mine dropped them)
88 Gloves
39 Headgear

Tough Egg Smoothie Bar: $45 & 30 every 8hrs, Chance Drop Vodka (Verifying~ mine dropped them)
106 Gloves
62 Headgear


Gloves (Uncommon): Clear Chickens OR Boxing Matches OR Various Questline Rewards

Headgear (Always): Quahog City Music Hall OR Ivan Drago Banner



Remember, these are optional. It is up to YOU to decide if you want to spend your precious Clams for a Chance at the prizes inside.

Here is the items you can attempt to win at the cost of 160 Clams a try…

Boxer Stewie
Mike Tyson
175 Clams
Andy’s Bar
Ring Girl

40 Barbells
15 Gym Passes
5 Milk
8 Steak



55 responses to “Rocky Times in Quahog Phase 2 Is Live!

  1. So I’m well phase 2 but now I’m stuck. Never had this problem before. I can’t recall now what part I just finished but recall at the end Lois asks Rocky if he has any clothes he doesn’t want anymore. I think it was clearing 2 middleweights and something , fight in the ring maybe? Anyway now when I tap Peter’s exclamation mark the game instantly crashes! Tried many times and restarted my (android) with no change. Messaged tinyco but it’s the weekend so that’ll take awhile. Any ideas here? Anyone else having this problem?


  2. anyone else notice that now that going to the boxing ring is part of the main questline that the steak drops have been non existent? have put peter up to get the steak 5 times and no drop. before I have to admit I was getting good drops, like 4 out of 5 times, but this is ridiculous. need peter for so many other things and now wasting time on this.


    • RussianTigger

      I’ve had Boxer Pter trying to get Milk so not tried for any Steak drops as I had some in reserve. Hope you got what you needed.


  3. Personally I think the no milk dropping is due to the clam offer. I have noticed milk dropped fine until then. LAME Oh and this isn’t the first time that happened. It seems to every clam offer in each event. Don’t expect much milk until the offer expires……………….


  4. No milk so far – feeling calcium deficient.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. How do you get vitamins for Ivan Drago?


  6. so I started Phase 2 this morning .. I’m playing normally and I sent Peter to fight a lightweight (because i still need robes for Rocky) .. then I got the Exclamation Mark for Peter’s daily Stewie Buck tasks .. i clicked on Peter to accept the quest and 39 clams were taken from me to end the boxing task !!!! (which was raised to 4 hrs but now I see was reduced back to 3) …. I was scammed out of 39 clams !!!!!


    • the funny thing is he didn’t even drop 2 steaks !!
      i sent a msg to TinyCo but they didn’t respond yet (been almost 10 hours)


      • RussianTigger

        The steaks aren’t an always drop, but I know that’s not the point, point is you lost some hard earned clams, and getting some steaks would have at least softened the blow a tiny bit. Hope TinyCo can refund them.


    • RussianTigger

      I had that issue during the Power Rangers event a few times, clicking for the daily challenge would throw Peter off his task, but it thought it just cancelled the task rather than used clams to speed it up, I honestly never noticed either way.


      • they’re refusing to give back the clams but im relentless ..


        • omg Consuela is on Sale for 225 clams
          guess how much i have : 224 !!
          if i don’t get one clam from the Stewie Bucks daily (because i didn’t get from Ollieland) or if Mort TV didn’t appear for me I’m going to flip !!!!


        • RussianTigger

          And they relented 😀😀😀


          • they refunded me half my clams for Clybber because i complained about them removing the boxer quest and how when you get the banner for purchasing him it said 2x vodka bottles always but only ever dropped one its fixed now.


            • RussianTigger

              Glad they refunded half the cost, think that’s a fair solution if you still want the charCter.


              • i agree I wanted him regardless but felt like it was unfair that they changed him without saying and the whole vodka thing but its ok they fixed vodka thing so i commend thier customer service.


  7. Already feeling foolish for continuing to play, what with all the long tasks to get something to be able to do something else, it took 6 hours to get NO milk! I still need 5 robes for Rocky too.


    • 6 hrs and no milk here too 😦 starting over .. it’s now 9:35 pm my time .. so it’ll finish at 3:35 AM ..!! i’ll have to wake up at a crazy hour .. and the main questline is HORRIBLE and now we have to unlock Drago too ? how ? with millions of items needed still for Chris !!???


  8. Apparently they raised the time needed for clearing Lightweight boxers to 4 hours, even if you’re still in Phase 1 =/


    • RussianTigger

      Yes and sparring at the Boxing Gym is now 1 minute not 20 secs


    • Maybe they are sick of us complaining and making it harder and harder! It’s really getting way under my skin. I still need 5 robes for Rocky, as we know the steak is not a guaranteed drop, so gotta keep up with that before I can send him in for a 6 hour milk task.
      Buy the way, I did send him on that one last night, of course, no freaking milk! 6 hours!

      I need to be sent to the time out corner…


      • RussianTigger

        I’ve had no milk from clearing 2 Middleweights, just thought I’d tell you that so you know you’re not alone 😉


        • Cleared 3 middleweights, dropped milk once, and this is a common drop


        • Yikes…4 hours into fighting my first one…I didn’t notice the increase in the Lightweight time, and I did fight three times in the ring and once with Rocky and all four were 20 seconds…at the time…whoops, not any more…shoot, I wish they wouldn’t change those – what difference between 20 and 60 seconds? And why an hour more – granted, steaks seem to be an always drop, so maybe they wanted to make it a little harder…


    • Looks like it has been put back to 3 hours, but have noticed that the drop rates for the steaks seems to have tailed off completely, use to get 2 almost every time but last 4 attempts haven’t got one.


  9. The timing for light-weight boxers has been moved form 3 hours to 4 hours.


  10. The middleweight boxers are in my game, but it won’t let me clear them. I tap them, the box shows up with Peter, takes me to his task list, and there’s no option for middleweight boxer task. What’s up?!


    • RussianTigger

      Is it working now?


      • Just checked again, still not in the task list to clear 🙁


        • RussianTigger

          I’m not sure if you need make sure you click the Go box on the quest line task or what that’s causing delay for some players, but Pt. 1 requires you to clear 1 so Peter should show the task as soon as that triggers, however there’s also few little side questlines, make sure they are all triggered also. Please message TinyCo if still not showing in Boxer Peters tasks.


    • Same happened to me, I think you have to get into Part 2 of the main quest line – once I got there, I could send Peter in to fight middleweights…


      • RussianTigger

        I’m not sure if you need make sure you click the Go box on the quest line task or what that’s causing delay for some players, but Pt. 1 requires you to clear 1 so Peter should show the task as soon as that triggers, however there’s also few little side questlines, make sure they are all triggered also.


  11. Lightweight boxer clearing task is now 4 hours instead of 3. Just sent a message to tinyco about this. Not cool.


  12. For Blunderlips Chris you stated he needs 7 Rare (rare) instead of championship belts. :). Excitement for the new phase got to you.

    Not liking the sound of the headgear requirements. I won’t spend my clams on the mystery box for a 11% chance of getting Boxer Stewie or on a banner (5 headgear every 20 hours seems harsh considering the price). I thought this game was called the quest for stuff not the quest to make you spends clams for stuff.. I fear how the next phases are going to be costly too.

    So I’ll have just Boxer Peter to clear middleweight boxers. Hopefully this won’t be as slow to earn enough headgear as I think it will. No doubt he’ll be required to do other main questlines too.

    I enjoyed week 1, still waiting on protein powder for Rocky, but looking at the phase 2 it looks like turning into a grind.


    • RussianTigger

      Phase 2 with no premium buts is looking like a real sucker punch of a slog. I’ll see where I am after the weekend. Sometimes things go better than anticipated.


  13. I’ve not had any middleweight boxers appear yet, has anyone else had this problem? Is there something I need to do to trigger them?


    • Are you into the new phase fully? In the new Questline that calls for you to clear them? Tapped on “GO” by that requirement?

      If yes to all, then just wait a lil bit. Spawns hit at specific hours during day. You may have just missed it or just about to it. Wait and they’ll appear.

      If you answered no to the above… play til they’re all yes and they should come. 🙂


      • I’d done everything, looks like I just had to wait a bit. They’ve literally just appeared and I’ve been waiting for around 6 hours


    • Shawn Heidingsfelder

      I have middleweights even though I havent finished pt 8 yet. Still lack placing the building. They don’t have anything but coins and xp as rewards, though. Normal when you haven’t progressed far enough to get the task to unlock a character yet.


  14. Middleweight boxers did not appear in my game yet. Also clubber lang can clear middleweight boxers


    • Spawns seem to hit on specific hour points… so keep an eye out for your Spawn time to trigger…as long as you’re fully in Phase 2. 🙂


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