Quahog’s Excellent Adventure Phase 3 is LIVE!!

Party On Dudes!

The Telephone Booth is active once more (it’s not the Doctor’s sadly), and this one will take you on an Excellent Adventure with two Wyld Stallyns. It’s time to go on a Quahog Excellent Adventure!


You can find the overall TinyCo FAQ post HERE

First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to have completed Pt. 8 of the Phase 2 main Questline More Excellent Adventures
  • Players will need to be on the App Market Version 1.48.3  in order to see the event. (Live so far on iOS & Google, the others take about 24hrs+ to update… iOS may need to search for it on main App Page)
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s complete.
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more.

Keep checking back as we update the post while checking and verifying all the content as it hits live in the game.


***The Buildings for this Phase can be found for in the Mayan Playspace – you’ll find full details below***


***The Decoration for this Phase can be found for in the Mayan Playspace – you’ll find full details below***


None so far in my game.


You will find the option to buy Mayan Time Capsules with Renaissance Time Capsules in your Shopping Cart, the costs are as follows:

8 Mayan Time Capsules: Cost 25 Renaissance Time Capsules
24 Mayan Time Capsules: Cost 60 Renaissance Time Capsules


Death Goddess Consuela: 240  Clams, has 3 individual tasks that always drop Colonial Time Capsules, Renaissance Time Capsules or Mayan Time Capsules.

Mayan Warrior Brian: New character costume for Brian, you’ll find this in Al Harrington’s – can clear Tropical Birds
20 Mayan Masks (Common)Brian Dress Like A Local
10 Soccer Balls (Common): Chris Get Picked Last For Soccer OR Mayan Stadium
8 Sling Shot (Uncommon): Joan Of Arc Lois Reject The Call OR Mayan Munitions
9 Steak Tartare  (Uncommon): Mort Step Into The Phone Booth OR Eat Your Heart Out

Tehuantl: ***TIMER WARNING*** Will appear to unlock once you repair Tehuantl’s Temple. He is timed so only repair this building and place him once you’re ready. Be aware Pt. 3 of the main Questline will require you to repair this building, so don’t complete that part until you’re ready.  Once placed you only have 7 days to unlock him.
36 Bows & Arrows(Always): Clear Mayan Warrior
24 Feather Shield (Common): Clear Tropical Birds
18 Obsidian Arrow Head (Uncommon): Connie Dig For Buried Treasure OR Bonnie Shop For Souvenirs
14 Mayan Day Keeper  (Uncommon): Lois Pencil .in Doomsday OR Mayan Calender Kiosk
10 Fertility Statues(Rare): Herbert Grab A Piece Of History OR Stone Carvings


You will trigger them and learn about them once you reach Bogus Journey Part 1, You will find them in the Mayan Playspace and you will need to use Character tasks to clear them.

Tap on one wandering around to bring up the Payout and Character used info, and tap on GO to be taken to Character. Or… just pull up the Task on the Character themselves. Please note you must pull Jerome from Tan Lines or the Inventory to use him.

Characters Used:
Mayan Warrior Brian

Task Time: 5hrs

Chance Payout:
+7 Feathers (Always)
1X Feather Shield (Chance)

Spawn: A few times a day up to a MAX of 6 at a time on your game play screen


You will trigger them and learn about them once you reach Bogus Journey Pt. 1. You will find them in the Mayan PlaySpace. They are the one on the horses. These are more your “target” Bad Guys.

Tap on one to bring up the Mayan Headdress Screen. Drag the “MayanHeaddress” around until you have the Mayan Warrior in center of your target screen (you will know he is targeted as he will turn purple), then tap on the Tick to launch a Mayan Headdress at him. You can only take out 1 Mayan Warrior with each Mayan Headdress, so be careful and don’t waste Headdresses.

Chance Payout:
1X Bows And Arrows

Spawn: They will appear a few times a day up to a MAX of 8 in your game screen at one time

Mayan Headdress: Craft in Mayan General Store


In the lower right corner of your game screen, you will see 3 additional icons next to your shopping cart. The one in the middle being the Phone Booth. You will use this area to “travel” to places and acquire items to further help you along in the game.

As the game progresses, more locations will unlock for you to travel to. The first location you will see will be Colonial America, the 2nd is Renaissance and the hired is the new Mayan area.

To go to the Mayan Playspace, just select it from the Phone Booth Time Machine screen, the button will turn to a green “EXCELLENT”, tap on green button, you will now be taken to an alternate play area.

You will notice MANY hammers to “repair” places as you progress.

Mayan Locations: 

General Store (Craft Area): Here is where you can trade items, such as Feathers to use in the Mayan Playspace. It will take 1hr to turn 3 Feathers into a Mayan Headdress. You can create up to 6 Mayan Headdress at a time. Each one will sit until the one before it is complete, then autostart creation. (Please note you can also still trade Tea Bags for Tea Crates and Plague Rats for Plague Wine in this area).

Tehuantls Temple: Here is where you will find Tehuantl. He is timed so only repair this building and place him once you’re ready. Be aware Pt. 3 of the main Questline will require you to repair this building, so don’t complete that part until you’re ready. 
Unlock Requirements: 10secs, 3 Time Capsules

Mayan Man Peter Statue: This will help drop the Mayan Time Capsules needed for other items in the Mayan Area
Unlock Requirements: 10secs, 300 Clams

Mayan Carriage: This will help drop the Feathers needed for other crafting Mayan Headdress in the General Store
Unlock Requirements: 10secs, 180 Clams

Mayan Stadium: Chance drop of 1x Soccer Ball
Unlock Requirements: 10secs, 35 Time Capsules

Mayan Calendar:
Unlock Requirements: 10secs, 30 Time Capsules

Jaguar God Statue:
Unlock Requirements: 10secs, 35 Time Capsules

Eat Your Heart Out: Chance drop 1x Steak Tartare
Unlock Requirements: 10secs, 80 Time Capsules

Mayan Munitions: Chance Drop 1x Sling Shot
Unlock Requirements: 10secs, 70 Time Capsules

Phone Booth Crash Site: This will be in the Center of the Renaissance Area. You will most likely see Characters on tasks at this location, $10 & 10xp every 24hrs

Calendar Kiosk: Chance drop 1x Mayan Day Keeper
Unlock Requirements: 10secs, 120 Time Capsules

Stone Carvings: Chance Drop x1 Fertility Statue
Unlock Requirements: 10secs, 100 Time Capsules

RETURN TO QUAHOG: Just tap on the Phone Booth Icon in the lower right corner of the game screen. You will see option for QUAHOG appear in the Phone Booth Time Machine Screen. Select it, then the green EXCELLENT button.


Think of this as a “CHECK LIST” of items you will unlock, tasks you will perform, or things you will need to do to help earn Mayan Time Capsules and other items for the Event.

You can get to the current Achievements Check List Screen by tapping on the Time Capsule Icon in the lower right corner of the game screen and Week 3 Tasks will appear – please note it’s also  worth completing Week 1 and Week 2 tasks as you can trade Time Capsules in the store.

Once you complete an Achievement, just tap on “CLAIM” button next to it to gain your reward.

To go quickly to location of Achievement you need to complete, tap on the “GO” icon next to it.

Here is the list of what I currently see in my game for this Phase Achievement Check List (as you clear one or progress through Main Questline, another will appear until at least 60 show up and are completed)…

Headdress To Impress! Pt.1
Collect 2 Mayan Headdress from the Trading Post (General  Store)
Reward: 6 Time Capsule

It’s A Trip Pt. 1
Trap 1 Mayan Warrior
Reward: 3 Time Capsules

Gone To The Birds Pt. 1
Clear 1 Tropical Bird
Reward: 2 Time Capsules

Gone To The Birds Pt. 2
Clear 2 Tropical Birds
Reward: 4 Time Capsules

Mayan Moments Pt. 1
Have Brian Dress Up Like A Local
Reward: 3 Time Capsules

Mayan Moments Pt. 2
Have Mort Step Into Phone Booth
Reward: 3 Time Capsules

Bogus Journeying Pt.1
Complete Part 2
Reward: 4 Time Capsules

Bogus Journeying Pt.2
Complete Part 3
Reward: 6 Time Capsules

Ancient Architecture Pt. 1
Unlock Tehuantis Temple (Warning placing this activates the 7 day timer for unlocking Tehuantis)
Reward: 4 Time Capsules

Tea Party Four Pt. 1
Clear 4 Generals on Horseback
Reward: 1 Time Capsule

Tea Party Four Pt. 2
Clear 2 Redcoats
Reward: 2 Time Capsule

Plague Wine & Dine Pt. 1
Craft 2 Plague Wine in the General Store
Reward: 3 Time Capsules

Plague Wine & Dine Pt. 2
Attack Genghis Khan 1 Time
Reward: 2 Time Capsules

WEEKLY PRIZE: If you complete all the Achievement Tasks, you can also unlock a Weekly Prize. This weeks prize is an Animated Mayan Big Cat God Decoration.

There you have the overall basics to get you through the third Phase of the New Event. Where are you so far? Anything particular you like the most? Suggestions or tips to fellow players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger


38 responses to “Quahog’s Excellent Adventure Phase 3 is LIVE!!

  1. I followed the order of buildings from the Achievement tasks and it’s worked out pretty good. Got Brian this morning and just need 10 Shields for Tehuantl with just over 3 days left on the timer (I started him as soon as the quest came up.

    I will say drops for Fertility Statues were very bad only get 2 in the 3 days it took me to unlock the building, once I did they dropped from Herbert and the building every time.


  2. Feather shield drops are stated as common but I have gotten only 1 so far but gained more obsidian arrowheads which are uncommon. What gives? 😐


    • They are not as common as Tinyco thinks. I’m more behind on those than anything! Worse than rare…


      • Agreed. I’ve gotten 6 out of 30 possible drops. That certainly doesn’t equal common in my book. I’m just now close to unlocking Warrior Brian. At the current ratio it doesn’t look promising even doubling the chances.


    • Update. 3 days left in timer 7 feather shield gained! Only need two more arrowheads. This is ridic.


  3. oh goodie i can start the timer on Tehuantl since there are no exclusive buildings to drop items .. and i’m close to repairing the Stone Carvings anyway


  4. Hi, everyone. I’m not on Phase 3 yet, but I’ll be there in a couple of hours when Da Vinci finishes his task. I’ve got a quick question. What would you recommend to do first? Go for the buildings which drop Brian stuff or the ones which drop Tehuantl stuff?
    In other news, I finally got Evil Monkey!!! I feel like pulling Chris out of the event to keep him doing the joined ‘scare Chris’ task. That’s hilarious.


    • RussianTigger

      Yeah to Evil Monkey!!!!

      I’ve placed the buildings for Mayan Warrior Brian first, I started Tehuantl timer quite quickly and he’s now got 5 days left, I should unlock 1 of his buildings later today, not sure when I’ll get enough for the other, but apart from the fertility statues drops have been good, and I’m about unlock building to help with those. Seems achievable even with me starting his timer then changing my mind to unlock Brian’s buildings instead of his first. Basically why I changed tact was without Mayan Warrior Brian I probably won’t be able to clear enough Tropical Birds to get the 24 Feather Shields for Tehuantl


  5. I just started phase 3 today and I accidentally repaired Tehuantls Temple because I saw it only cost 3 and I can get 4 back from the achievements, so I figured “why not” Lol. I didn’t put 2 and 2 together to figure out that Tehuantls Temple would start the timer on Tehuantl, Lol. So, I remembered what I had read from a commentor, on this awesome site, and decided to try it. I shut my WiFi off, which made Consuela pop up disconnecting me from the game. Pressed the home button, on Android, which exited me out of the game. Then I went thru the steps of force closing FGTQFS. I turned my WiFi back on, started the game and kazamm, Tehuantls Temple wasn’t unlocked anymore. I just wanted to thank whomever wrote that and also re-pass that trick along.


  6. sucks im still trying to unlock di vinci 😦 im going to be way behind in part 3 oh well at least i got bill and ted so im happy


  7. Those were your Brian do anything or contribute in anyway?


  8. Here we go again… Mort has not dropped one steak since phase 3 hit. What is up with these drop rates? Feel like I’m not progressing at all.


  9. Do you have a list on how much of what item drops when working on Tehuantl’s costume? For instants with clearing the birds does it only drop one feather that you need for him?


  10. Hello, could you please direct me to where my question is I cant find it. I wrote in the a.m. and it was waiting to be moderated and now I cant find. Please help 🙂


  11. my Consuela is not dropping the red capsules. I have sent her on 2 5 hr tasts (yes I purchased the costume) and she drops nada. if I thought she was going to be this useless, I never would have bought her!


  12. i moved on to phase 3 but i still need 3 achievements to unlock the Monalisa from Week 2 .. and im still working on them .. (clear plague doctors , get plague wine , unlock pied piper) … so now i can’t get yellow capsules anymore ??


  13. Do you think they will extend the event? My game didn’t unlock till Saturday so I’m pretty far behind. Would be nice if they did since it was an error on their end.


  14. Will they give us more time? I didn’t even get to start the event till Saturday because of the bugs and lack of it unlocking on their end. Pretty silly it’s ending on a Wednesday when it didn’t really start till Saturday. UGH.


  15. Whatever you do, DON’T buy consuela until you get to phase 3, she shows as a character that will drop needed capsules for the the renaissance to help unlock the needed buildings to get stewie’s character freed and week 2 quest line completed but then you will be very disappointed to learn that her capabilities to drop said capsules do not become active until phase 3 is live in your game! In other words she can’t help you get to phase 3 any faster! I’m asking tiny Co for a refund now on her costume! Didn’t want others to fall into the same trap!


  16. so the trade in for the blue capsules is gone and now they are useless? I had some left over……….


    • RussianTigger

      No you can still trade with Colonial American Time Capsules for Renaissance Time Capsules, but you can’t do it whilst you’re in the Mayan PlaySpace, go to Quahog or the Renaissance Playspace and you’ll find the exchange in your store again.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Hello fellow addicts, does anyone know how long death goddess consuela tasks that create time capsules are?


  18. Have noticed that the Mayan Empire can be visited through the General Store before it’s unlocked… can’t really do anything interesting whilst there yet though!

    Liked by 1 person

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